‘Wonder Woman’ producer David E. Kelley: ‘It’s way out of my comfort zone’

March 21, 2011 | 11:07 a.m.

David E. Kelley is taking a twirl with “Wonder Woman” and he talked about the show a bit with Joe Flint, who has a Los Angeles Times Calender cover story today on the surprising success of Kelley’s  “Harry’s Law” series.

david e kelley1 Wonder Woman producer David E. Kelley: Its way out of my comfort zone

David E. Kelley (Kelly Falkenberg / For The Times)

Although he has created one of the most memorable female characters in television with “Ally McBeal,” writer David E. Kelley was taken aback when Warner Bros. approached him about making a new version of “Wonder Woman” for NBC.

“It’s way out of my comfort zone,” said Kelley, who is accustomed to writing quirky characters who use their humor and intelligence to beat their enemies. “I’ve got a character who fights with clenched fists.”

Kelley and Warner Bros., which is making the pilot, are trying to keep the lid on the show but they are letting a few details slip out. Last week, the studio released a photo of Wonder Woman’s outfit, which leaves little to the imagination. But Kelley, no surprise, is more interested in the shape of Wonder Woman’s heart and the contours of her character. He decided to say yes to the show because he got curious about what it is like to be an Amazon after hours.

“I thought about the emotional journey and started to get drawn to the character itself,” Kelley said. “Not so much her super powers but what it’s like to go home at the end of the day. It’s very scary to do, hopefully we’re going to pull it off.”

—  Joe Flint


adriannewonder woman Wonder Woman producer David E. Kelley: Its way out of my comfort zone

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13 Responses to ‘Wonder Woman’ producer David E. Kelley: ‘It’s way out of my comfort zone’

  1. The One True b!X says:

    Ugh. Wonder Woman is not about "what it's like to go home at the end of the day". Who at WB thought this was a good idea?

  2. Hank says:

    this raises a number of questions. while Kelley is obviously successful while IN his comfort zone having him helm WW is a big risk that could set WW back even further. why was he approached to take the Amazon back to the small screen? he has no experience in dealing with action shows and does he fully understand the appeal and place of WW in comic book world? i dont think he does. given another character perhaps his approach would work but not the iconic WW. she deserves better. in comic books she's the equal of Superman and Batman . in the world of entertainment shes still second class.

  3. Cory Morr says:

    More like into the danger zone.

  4. cuteview says:

    By the way Kelley the costume WW wears is atrocious…

  5. edgar says:

    Warner's and DC are counting on Kelly's rep, to get Wonder Woman on screen. They are only intrested in that and that only. They are taking a big chance. It's his version, done the way Kelly only knows how. It's formula writing and he is very good at it. The only hope is that it's so bad, it never airs. This could happen. NBC might not invest in a series that will last 6 episodes. They had to learn something from the Bionic woman fiasco. You'll know by late May or June the fate of David E Kelly's Wonder woman. Personally I hope that NBC puts an end to this train wreck.

  6. bmn says:

    Ugh. I hate to be the cynic but this sounds doomed from the start. Conflict (of the physical kind) is crucial to what Wonder Woman is about. That being the case,why Warner Brothers would hire someone who has never done an action series is a bit odd.

    Though, tbs, if he can somehow balance the violence inherent with the character with the more humanistic aspects perhaps they'll have a winner.

    Though looking at David Kelly's history, I am not too optimistic.

  7. BluntHonesty says:

    Yeah, in her own little world she is equal. But WW just does not have the appeal of other heroes.
    Mind you, I would prefer no super-heroes on the small screen, they never get the good ones right, so I can only imagine how badly they will trash such a second rate hero.

  8. hollywood says:

    Nadia Bjorlin or Bridget Regan would've been perfect for this part, not the out of place looking actress Adrianne Palicki that they chose…who isn't even a brunette. She looks ridiculous as wonder woman. There choice of casting has doomed this show already.

  9. Richard Frantz says:

    Please make this show I like what David E. Kelly does with his show and its time for a New Wonder Woman

  10. Cheryl Frazier says:

    Wonder Woman is an iconic figure to women who grew up in an age when there were few strong female role models. To take away key elements of her structure is to take away her character, you might as well call it something else because it will not be Wonder Woman and you doom the project to failure. Please remember she is not some cheesey character she is an Amazon.

  11. Danny Rousseau says:

    I have seen what the new costume looks like and I'd say it's a really lousy start. I don't really mind the latex pants and the lack of stars; I always thought that an amazon from a secret island off the coast of Greece had no logical explanation for dressing up in a star-spangled bathing suit.
    Having said that, I also believe that the cheesy plastic headgear and belt make the whole outfit look like a cheap halloween costume. These are supposed to be highly magical items crafted by the Gods of Olympus themselves, and, in some respect, pieces of indestructible armor!
    If David E. Kelley skipped over obvious flaws such as these, I don't think he has the ability to develop an interesting WW character. If anything, he'll probably try to capture the audience attention by giving Diana Prince most of the screentime, and that will only spell disaster in the view of fans and neophytes alike!

  12. Melik says:

    I love me some David E. Kelly. He has created some of my favorite TV characters of all time, but I think this formula would work better with She-Hulk…(coughs) seriously. This is totally her bag, the comedy is inherent, and she is a lawyer to begin with. Kelly would have a great deal more freedom without bastardizing the character or deviating from the source material

  13. rhonda brown says:

    If anyone know's how to get ahold of david kelley i have some new idea's and a wonder woman series about the lady of justice. i used to watch the show when I was younger. This would be ww grand daughter

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