WonderCon 2012: ‘Once Upon a Time’ creators spill a juicy spoiler

March 18, 2012 | 6:05 p.m.
onceuponatime cast WonderCon 2012: Once Upon a Time creators spill a juicy spoiler

The cast of "Once Upon a Time." (ABC)

Fans dressed as Disney characters are never a rare site at WonderCon, but they appeared a bit more frequently than usual Sunday afternoon, thanks to the presence of the “Once Upon a Time” creators at the pop culture expo in Anaheim. Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz took the stage before an audience that had a scattering of Snow Whites, Belles and Maleficents.

The freshman ABC series follows fairy tale characters who have been cursed to live in the real world in the small town of Storybrooke, Maine, with story lines taking place in both worlds.

After a screening of tonight’s episode, “Heart of Darkness” (Snow/Charming fans will love this one), Kitsis and Horowitz chatted about the show, mostly staying tight-lipped about what’s to come, with the exception (spoiler alert!) of one tidbit about the finale: The huntsman will return.

“And I have to warn all of you – he’s grown more handsome,” Kitsis said of the character whose Storybrooke counterpart, Graham (Jamie Dornan), bit the dust in Episode 7.

Meanwhile, the writers have a few beloved characters on their wish list for the show: Ariel, Mulan and Rapunzel.

Kitsis and Horowitz also talked about working with Disney/ABC for the show that is full of new twists on well-known characters. They’ve continually praised the network for how much latitude it’s given to “Once” writers, but Kitsis did reveal one moment that got the House of Mouse worried:

“The day that we had an eighth dwarf and we killed Stealthy, we got a call from franchise that day,” he said.

“Once Upon a Time” episode 1.16, “Heart of Darkness,” airs today on ABC at 8 p.m.

– Emily Rome


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