A ‘Matrix’ marathon this weekend? Whoa

March 26, 2009 | 10:28 p.m.


Ten years?

It’s hard to believe that, on the last day of this month, a full decade will have passed since Neo broke through The Matrix and changed the perception (and ambition) of special-effects flicks forever.  Jammed with both adrenaline and ambition, "The Matrix"  and its sequels left audiences awestruck and, coming two years after the odious Joel Schumacher camp-fest of "Batman & Robin," it signaled that the future of successful fanboy films was to get smarter, not dumber.

Matrix_logoAndy and Larry Wachowski directed the “best comic book movie ever made even if it’s not a comic book,” according to "Constantine" producer, Michael Uslan, and the film’s influence still echoes; there may never have been a greenlight for "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" without "Matrix," and certainly not one for "Watchmen."

Forget the symbolism, who could forget seeing Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith out-twist a bullet for the first time? Even Keanu Reeves looked surprised.

The movie is, of course, best seen on a big screen and if you live in the Los Angeles area this weekend is one you should circle on the calendar. The Aero Theatre in Santa Monica (1328 Montana Avenue, 323-466-3456) will screen "The Matrix," "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions" on Saturday (March 28) beginning at 5 p.m. Admission is $10. After the first movie, film historian and author Eric Lichtenfeld will host a panel discussion with "Matrix" editor Zach Staenberg, costume designer Kym Barrett and supervising sound editor Dane A. Davis. We also heard some other folks associated with the film might be showing up….

–Alicia Lozano

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5 Responses to A ‘Matrix’ marathon this weekend? Whoa

  1. Celsius1414 says:

    Got the box set with all three movies, Animatrix, and approximately four centuries' worth of special materials, especially for a marathon on the 31st. Can't believe it's been ten years already.
    I've been thinking about the difference in decades, whether 2009 is really *that* much different than 1999 when compared to 1989/1979, 1979/1969, or especially 1969/1959.

  2. Ninja says:

    whoa'd a minute! Those special effects were being used by chinese filmakers for years before we saw them in the west in the Matrix. Just so's you know folks.

  3. Hollywood is notorious for stealing other people's ideas as you can't patent ideas. Yes, these innovative and cool special effects were used for years, decades really, in the Orient with Kung Fu films.
    I loved the first and second Matrix but the third was a massive disappointment. The Keaunu character Neo dying was a real downer. If he had developed Neo-in-the-Matrix-like capabilities in the real world and destroyed the machines, that would've been better.

  4. Hollywood is always looking for a great idea and they're not against re-writing or "re-ideaing" someone's work if it suits them. I loved The Matrix with its cool script, music, kung fu fighting scenes but what it's real genius is that it's an amalgam of the best from other things. The script has the "messiah" figure with Keanu reminiscent of Jesus. The kung fu was stolen from kung fu movies although elegantly so as it works so well in this story, and you got the typical good versus evil motif that works to perfection. The only bad thing about the trilogy is how it ended. The first two, though, were avante-garde and really cool.

  5. John P. Hereria says:

    Sxean Lee-David is mentioned on Lana Wachowski's IMDB account as being one of the collaborators on the first Matrix movie. See here:

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