How to follow ‘Dark Knight’? Angelina Jolie as the purrfect Catwoman

July 21, 2008 | 1:53 p.m.

Jolie An open letter to Christopher Nolan:

Dear Chris,

Congratulations on the avalanche of rave reviews for “The Dark Knight” as well as this staggering box-office success that’s unfolding right now. It is, in my opinion, the best comic-book movie ever, and I’m genuinely happy for you and your team. Now, though, you have a big problem: What can you possibly do for an encore?

Warner Bros wants to keep this gravy train running, especially since the “Harry Potter” is moving toward a franchise expiration date and the fact that Bryan Singer’s Superman reboot fizzled. But where should you start? That’s easy: Call your best wardrobe designers and have them start envisioning Angelina Jolie in Catwoman’s black-leather body suit. (What about the recent birth of her twins, you say? No problem. I’m guessing that new-mom Jolie will be back in lean, cat-suit shape by, oh, next week or so.)

I’m not sure anyone can actually top Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker (and you don’t dare bring any other actor in portray the Joker) but it would be catnip to fanboys everywhere if Jolie was lured to your Gotham to be Catwoman opposite Christian Bale’s Batman. And frankly, you have some serious limitations on where you else to turn for your next Bat-baddie.

When I visited with you a few weeks ago at the Warner lot in Burbank you told me that the franchise was best served by villians without supernatural or wild science-fiction origins. That eliminates Man-Bat, Mr. Freeze, Bane,Killer Croc and Clayface, as well as Poison Ivy’s large-scale, killer-shrub tricks. Maybe you could turn to Hugo Strange and his monster men; they have some science-fiction elements, certainly, but the lurching, feral monster men wouldn’t require the big CGI scenes that you’re trying to avoid in your taut crime films. And, as one of the very first Batman villains (Detective Comics No. 36, way back in 1940, pre-dating the Joker), Strange would dovetail nicely with your push to take the hero back to the unsettling spook-show qualities of his earliest incarnations. If you do go Strange, how about handing the lab coat and spectacles to Ben Kingsley, who showed in “Sexy Beast” that he can match anyone’s glower?

What other villains? I know we won’t be seeing an flame-throwing umbrella: You mentioned when I saw you that the Penguin is “not very interesting” to you and the sour look on your face summed up your disdain for the waddling Oswald Cobblepot. I guess you could go with the Riddler (maybe Eddie Izzard, who has untapped menace beneath his eye-liner?) if you jettisoned the lime question-mark suit.

The best option seems to be Catwoman and the best Catwoman seems to be Jolie. I’m guessing we won’t be seeing the Rachel Dawes character in the next film (ahem) so it’s time to get Bruce Wayne a new most “Wanted” woman. Hey, maybe you’ve already got the litterbox ready: I caught that quick line in “Dark Knight” about the danger that cat-claws pose to the crevices in Batman’s body armor. Nice. Here’s hoping she and her lover-foe Batman end up fighting their way out of Arkham Asylum together or some such fight-and-flirt scenario.

Thanks for listening and, again, congrats on “The Dark Knight.” One last thing: If for some reason Halle Berry’s agent starts clogging up your voicemail with messages, don’t bother returning the calls. Just trust me on that one.


— Geoff Boucher

Photo by Martin Schoeller, from Los Angeles Times archives

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275 Responses to How to follow ‘Dark Knight’? Angelina Jolie as the purrfect Catwoman

  1. Andrew says:

    Halle Berry killed Catwoman…please just leave her to rot. There are so many better (realistic as Nolan likes them) Batman villains out there…Riddler, Clock King, Bane. Jolie would ruin a batman film…leave her out!

  2. Ted says:

    wow i couldn't even think of a worse idea than jolie as catwoman.

    • aaron says:

      agreed thats the worst idea ive ever heard and i will write off this new batman at dark knight
      and batman is my favorite superhero of all time
      get a no name or something

    • Miksha says:

      I agree..JOlie should not play Catwoman..Anne HAthaway will play the character quite well i think..she has big boots to fill in though

  3. Joe says:

    Terrible idea…..Catwoman has too much baggage from her previous incarnations. Also Angelina Jolie cannot act and Nolan fules his films with excellent actors.

  4. Dan says:

    Wow, what a horrible idea this is.

  5. Jon says:

    Jolie is not the solution to everything. Better to pick someone fresh.

  6. ucrazyman says:

    Catwoman?!? What a way to ruin a perfectly good series. I haven't seen it, but I thought two-face was being set up for the next movie? Anyway catwoman is the worst idea ever…lol

  7. vigo says:

    agree,with christian bale and angelina jolie the movie would be great.

  8. manda says:

    I highly doubt Chris Nolan would think right now about a possible catwoman. And if he was, I'm sorry but Angelina Jolie would not make a good catwoman at all.

  9. Gideon says:

    The thing about superhero movies is they have to escalate. Much bigger booms and more on the line in Dark Knight than in Batman begins… the story, etc was also much bigger. So we're going to go from Joker and Two-Face to Catwoman and…. uh… burglary?
    Nolan has a lot of points after this last one, but I would hope he could keep up the current momentum if not getting bigger (and I really don't believe you need to get bigger, but you can't go down unless the story is going to be more psychologically complex which I just don't see with Catwoman.)
    I could totally see him doing a Mr. Freeze… it's true that he's a bit sci-fi but he also has one of the best back stories of any Batman character and can be dealt with maturely.

    • Erryn says:

      You obviously don't know a lot about Catwoman. They did a revamp of her character and she is now much different, she isn't so much a bugurlar anymore as a Hero of the slums. She is almost Good/neutral now instead of neutral/evil. She also has a much better backstory aswell

  10. Kenan M says:

    yes jolie would be good choice ……. but we have other option as well
    1. Kate Beckinsale
    2. Milla Jovovich
    3. Carrie-Anne Moss
    4. Famke Janssen
    5. MEGAN FOX
    6. Anna Paquin

    • Kevin B says:

      there is only one person that could play cat woman and that is Natalie Portman…. She has the right look, the right body type and the right moves. Natalie Portman all the way!!

  11. Why not another actor to play the Joker? Somebody will play the part again one day, why not in the next movie. You can put that makeup on someone else and it would be a closer match than the Rachel Dawes character ever was. The jokers in Arkham now, let him meet Harley Quinn, and bust him out, love changes a man.

  12. Christian says:

    "I'm not sure anyone can actually top Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker (and you don't dare bring any other actor in portray the Joker)"
    Seriously? We don't think any other actor can do the same job that Ledger did? I think he did a wonderful job – but isn't that why it's called acting? To say someone can't perform the same way is just insane. Don't make the part off limits just because your placeholder who you deem is only worthy of it is gone.

  13. sean says:

    Please dear God, do not put Jolie anywhere near Batman. Like every Jolie movie, she will ruin it and it will crash and burn. When was the last good Jolie movie?

    • John Silver says:

      The Good Shepherd…but she wasn't the star, and she definitely wasn't her typical self in that one, so i totally agree (i'm the tenth thumbs up).

  14. Carry says:

    I would vote for Jessica Alba as Catwoman versus Angelina Jolie.

  15. Liz says:

    Yes on Catwoman, boo on Jolie. I couldn't think of a worst casting choice – besides Katie Holmes (and they've been there, done that). I wouldn't mind seeing Scarlett Johansson in the role, though she's far from looking hispanic. Maybe Rosario Dawsom? ANYONE, really, but Jolie.

  16. Apollo! says:

    What about Harley Quinn? She definitely needs to be int he third film as well. But that woudl probably mean Joker would have to be there as well.

    • Jane says:

      Before the death of HL I was wishing that Harley Quinn would be in the 3rd one, she has never been played in a movie and its sad as she is a fab character to work with :(

  17. Christian says:

    It's exactly this kind of limited thinking that keeps the entertainment industry down. Angelina Jolie is nothing but hype, bereaved of talent. It's hype that makes men think she's attractive, but she's not. It's hype that makes men think her breasts are large, but they're not. (And should Christian Bale paste her one in that turgid kisser, who wants to see bovine collagen all over Batman's gauntlet?) Small-minded, suggestible, and hormonally distended men are unable to separate the undeserved glamour with which the media imbue her from what they're observing on the screen to expose a profoundly expressionless, uninspired, almost begrudging performer. The simplest test is to study her performance in 'Kung-Fu Panda': without the benefit of looking at what the gossip tabloids have programmed you into believing "attractive," the viewer is confronted with the inundating woodenness of Jolie's drone despite Pixar's dazzling best efforts. A Batman sequel featuring the most popular girl in school will mark the steady decline into banality. Geoff, love your jizz rag though you may, but do not confuse it with quality and keep it off the silver screen.

    • christina says:

      First off, I am a woman and I happen to believe that Jolie is a very promising actress. I have enjoyed EVERY movie she has been in. She puts her heart into her roles and it shows. Here a just a few of her wonderful roles I have enjoyed……
      Original Sin, wonderful movie, Mr. & Mrs Smith, off the charts, Gia, heart-melt performance, Gone in 60 seconds, awesome, Girl Interrupted, love it, Taking Lives, breathe taking, The Bone collector, edge-of-my-seat good, Wanted, fan-f*ckin-tastic
      I also believe she is beautiful from the inside out. She uses her public figure to do a lot for the world. She has received wide recognition for her humanitarian work. She she has pledged $5 million to set up a wildlife sanctuary in the north-western province of Battambang, Cambodia. Jolie and Pitt donated $1 million to relief efforts in Haiti following a devastating 2010 earthquake, Jolie visited Haiti and the Dominican Republic to discuss the future of relief efforts. She also donated $100,000 to the United Nations for the 2010 August flood relief operations in Pakistan. Not to mention she regularly attended World Refugee Day in Washington, D.C., and she was an invited speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos (municipality in the district of Prättigau/Davos in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland) in 2005 and 2006 . I can keep going, but I am sure you get the picture. I feel beauty is something within and she has a wonderful soul.

      • Jay says:

        two things? 1) was it beauty within that made her wear billy bob thortons blood around hear neck? and 2) wanted was HORRIBLE, mr and mrs smith was only good because of the gun fights.. gia was good cause she got naked… taking lives was a good movie UNTIL she stabbed herself in the belly (even if it was fake, it was demented) so really your "good" list of her movies has been peared down to gone in 60 seconds (meh) and girl interrupted (not the lead) so yeah, shes good if u like crap.. AND she would kill the franchise.. shes disgusting to look at.. cant act worth a damn.. and what does her helping haiti mean for the batman movies?

      • Ari says:

        Uhm, I don't wanna give you a thumbs-down just because it must've taken you a while to type that. But really, dude. You sound like her agent.

    • Kal says:

      Pixar didn’t make Kung-Fu Panda. Fail!

  18. Myron says:

    No. Absolutely not. What ruined the first Batman franchise is that it became a haven for A-listers to show they could be superheroes, and for the studio to just cast the biggest names they could. It became a game of "Who can get a spot in the latest 'Batman' movie?" And the storyline suffered. Jolie would be a distraction from whatever Christopher Nolan wants to do.
    Movie franchises suffer when their handlers begin to view them strictly in terms of the "gravy train" and nothing else.
    I do agree with you Geoff, that Batman is the best comic book adaptation ever, which is why I'm surprised you would want to lower it a notch (or several) with an overexposed star in a rather tired role.

  19. Scott says:

    Rhona Mitra would be an excellent Catwoman. Need someone relatively unknown

  20. mark says:

    Love Jolie but think Jessica Alba would do better !!

  21. Beth says:

    How bout Jim Carrey as the Riddler?
    or someone else i know suggest Robert DeNiro

  22. Kitty Kat says:

    Hymm…such narrow minds and very ageist. How about Cher? Great actress, great bod and it would be alot more interestingi to see an older hot catwoman after the much younger Batman. Let the mind games begin…Meow!

  23. Ryan says:

    How about Cate Blanchett as Catwoman? Duh…

  24. MJA says:

    That's a horrible idea. Nolan needs to focus on recruiting an actor to play "Robin" and needs to bring back the classic Batmobile. Those should be his priorities. Also, he might as well find a new actor for the Joker. With the makeup, outfit and special effects, they might be able to recreate Heath Ledger's memorable performance.

    • FERRELL says:

      disagree… no Robin!!Thank god Nolan already..and Bale agreed there won't be a Robin in his movies.and what's wrong with the Tumbler?why try to find someone else to play Joker ?(No matter who they chose)he will NEVER be as good as Heath Ledger's absortion into the psyche of the Joker!!

      • AOC says:

        In case you didnt know. They blew up the Tumbler on set of the movie. So there needs to be a new batmobile, and not some ugly tank anyway

    • Paul says:

      Nolan's trying to focus on making a "real world" Batman. So no crazy, unreasonably long Batmobile.

      As far a the Joker, they can't use the character again. The makeup, outfit and special effects didn't make that performance. Heath Ledger made that performance.

      They should have Hugo Strange (Ben Kingsley) and Catwoman (Rhona Mitra) as the villains in the next movie.

      • dragon says:

        I think bringing Hugo trange into the mix is an excellent idea. I also think bringing the riddler in would b fabulous. Johnny Depp would b amazing as the Riddler. There will NEVER b aother actor who could perform the Joker as amazingly as Heath Ledger did, I don’ care what any1 says. Having a catwoman WOULD b awesome but NOT Jolie. She’s over rated n over used. Nolan’s choice of Anne Hathaway has made me not want 2 watch the next installment. What were u thinking nolan?

  25. cashaw says:

    I say give Hallie Berry another try with a good, or Jessica Alba. The role of Dark Angel has pretty much trained Alba to be catwoman.

    • Paul says:

      Rhona Mitra would be the perfect choice (as long as they keep her old school and don't go the "magical cat/superpowers" route the way that Hallie Berry dreck did.

  26. Michele says:

    Angelina's has other things to do. I do agree she would be an great catwoman. Anything to erase the stench of Halle Berry in that role.

  27. frank1569 says:

    Here's a different theory:
    When Fox and Bruce are discussing the new Batsuit modifications, Bruce asks if it will resist dogs. For no apparent reason, Fox replies that it will resist cats.
    Why would he say that? Because it's a set up…?
    Later, Rachel Dawes(who never appeared in any Batman comics and is a Nolan creation,) is supposedly killed, but we never see the body, or hear about body parts (or anything else) being retrieved, or see a funeral. Why not? Because she's not dead…?
    And Wikipedia points out: "There have been many versions of Catwoman's origins and backstory seen in the comic books over the decades." Which means it's open territory. Wiki also mentions this: "The character has been one of Batman's most enduring love interests, and has occasionally been depicted as his one true love." Which is exactly how Rachel Dawes has been portrayed.
    Hence: Maggie Gyllenhaal will return as Catwoman.

    • Guest says:

      Leave it to fanboys to also be conspiracy theorist.

    • GiGi says:

      OMG, I had the same idea. I really do hope her character has a purpose. She just was "killed" off but nothing was seen after that. Nolan is a very interesting man, he envisions things with his characters that we have only just got little glimpses of.

    • AOC says:

      Its time they move away from Rachel Dawes. Batman/Bruce Wayne is a Playboy Billionaire, he never sticks with 1 woman for so long. Look at the Burton(good)/Schumacher(horrible) films. Each movie he had a new love interest. Its starting to get stale that they have had Rachel in 2 movies now, please not a third!

  28. Nomad says:

    Rather than Catwoman .. develop the "Breaking of the Bat" Story Arc .. where Bane cripples Bruce Wayne and he has to re-train himself to overcome the very person he handpicks to replace him as the Batman ('Azazel the Assasin") – much better fit with the dark mood of Begins / Dark Knight
    More on story:

  29. ConanLibrarian says:

    Jessica Biel

  30. Todd Martens says:

    Hey Geoff,
    Enjoyed the piece, and as fond as I am of the Catwoman character, I'm rooting for Harley Quinn if there's another Nolan Bat-movie. We haven't seen her before in a movie, she's had a nice comic life since debuting in the animated series, and there's some continuity with her Joker-influenced stylings.

  31. Steve says:

    No Catwoman
    The next villain will be the Riddler
    there are so many things that can be done with the riddler.
    Chris Nolan take the Riddler and make an amazingly complex story.
    No question
    Thats where its going

  32. Movie Patron says:

    Dumb idea!
    Ranks right up there with Superman being a deadbeat dad and Lois Lane being a knocked-up, unwed mother from the last Superman movie.
    Just say "NOOOOOOO!"

  33. Nomad says:

    How about Breaking of the Bat – Bane cripples Bruce Wayne who must then retrain to overcome the person he picks to replace himself as the Batman (Azazel) …
    More on the story arc:

  34. Biff Savage says:

    This is a horrible idea. Like Robin, Catwoman should never again be linked to Batman.
    There are dozens of better villains to use. Kingsley as Strange would be grand. As would the Riddler, however i think someone more unassumingly insane, work better than Eddie Izzard someone random like Jason Schwartzman or Jude Law for Riddler is my vote.

  35. Frosty says:

    I concur, Keep Jolie away from Batman, Please!
    For that matter, keep CatWoman away. How about start a budding relationship with Robin?
    Think of how they modified Sandman to make him scary and a real person. Isn't there any villians that you can do the same thing to?
    I'm not much of a fanboy, but I would hate to see Jolie in Batman. I was happy to get rid of Holmes with "The Dark Knight." We don't need any "large" actors. I know that point is disputable, but I think Nolan has a good thing going right now.

  36. Caitlin says:

    No way! What about Talia? One of Batman's most interesting and passionate love interests, it could bring back the Ras Alghul element. Or, even better, what about Sasha and the Checkmate entity? Both of those could be viable stories without being overly supernatural. Catwoman must be a last resort! Catwoman, perhaps coupled in a small role, with one of these women could make an interesting story, but she should just pop in and out, if at all, like she does in the comics.

  37. Walt says:

    I must veto the catwoman idea for some of the reasons listed prior to my post. For the next film, get someone to play the Riddler in a diabolical way (more like joker, less like jim carrey (who was great for that prior film, but these are much darker). Get someone who looks similar to Ledger to play Joker briefly (Mark Wahlburg would work, but would need help getting the character down). Joker's only scenes would be when batman sneaks into arkham to consult with him (like in silence of the lambs) in order to catch the Riddler. Make the entire movie one giant mind trip. This is the only way I can see the next film living up to the current one.

  38. Eric says:

    Yes Jolie as catwoman is horrible. She is just a pretty face. Terrible actress. Nolan needs to do something new, never done before, so it is harder to compare it to previous batmans and thus destroy the series if its not perfect. Not every actor is capable of redefining a character like Ledger. Which means we need new villians. There is at least a hundred different villians from the comic books. All of them are less interesting than the joker, so it really is impossible for the next sequel to measure up to TDK. The difficult part is intertwining the villians and the heros in a compelling drama story interspersed with action and explosions.

  39. Dick Grayson says:

    You are joking, right? I may have considered Jolie when she was decent ("Gia", "Girl Interrupted"), but with the rash of bad acting and false bravado we've seen of her, she will destroy any credibility in the Nolan Batman series. I think everyone is missing the big picture. All the "villains" in this series have some semblence of humanness and reality missing from the first 4 films. If you are going to consider Catwoman for the next series, then get someone who can at least act. Charlize Theron and maybe Carrie-Ann Moss would be my only two candidate to fit the part.

  40. Murphy Brown says:

    No. I don't think Angelina Jolie would make a good Catwoman.
    I'd like to see either a Mr. Freeze or a Riddler in the third one. Mr. Freeze would be great because of his background story, plus he has his awesome trademark freeze gun. Yes, he is a little bit too sci-fi, but I bet Nolan could make him work. The Riddler would be cool because Nolan could make him into a mobster kind of guy, and have him wear a green fedora with the green jacket (with a faint ? on his tie).

  41. Erik says:

    Thank God Christopher Nolan doesn't listen to nonsense like this. Jolie as Catwoman is pretty much the worst idea ever, considering the fact that Jolie couldn't act her way out of a paperbag. She would have fit nicely in the Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher "visons" (I use that term loosely) that trumpeted style over substance, but she would stick out like a garishly hideous thumb in
    Nolan's realistic universe. This is an idea I would expect from a dimwitted Hollywood exec.

  42. Bosque says:

    The breaking of the bat storyline really wont work I think. This film is going to need to include a focus of Batman's relationship with the cops, and I really don't think that can mesh very well with that particular arch. Also, as much as I love Harley, I don't see the Nolan brothers using her. Any storyline with her absolutely needs the Joker, and I have a feeling they are not going to recast him for the next movie. If the DID use the Joker again… I am still not sure they would use Harley. She seems a little too comedic and light hearted for the series. If anyone could make it work though, the Nolans could.
    Honestly, I really think the Ventriloquist or Riddler are going to be the best fit here, providing that *SPOILER ALERT* Harvey is really dead. I really think a well done Riddler combined with the Batman v. the Police dynamic could surpass even the high standard this movie has left for it. I could maybe see Catwoman as a side villain, but not as the god awful (but very hot) Jessica Alba, nor as Jolie or Barry. I could maybe see giving Maggie the role, but it would be a stretch I don't think the brothers are willing to make, no mater how good she is.
    Oh, and correction for one of my associates above: Kung Fu Panda was Dreamworks, not Pixar. Pixar did Wall-E.

  43. Junior says:

    You have bad ideas. Next time keep them to yourself.

  44. Nate Crawford says:

    Wow. You and Joel Schumacher should get together an host seminars on How To Ruin a Film Franchise.
    I can't believe you even SAW The Dark Knight if you're making comments such as these.

  45. Matches Malone says:

    Terrible idea. Jolie is not the answer to everything. And mind telling me how Bane is supernatural or Sci-Fi? And why cant someone else play The Joker? If you wanna be a casting director, be one. Dont try to do it through your poorly written articles.

    • dragon says:

      Ledger created an intense character which. Do not believe could b out done. Yes some1 may b able 2 play Joker but not near that caliber. The Riddler could b pulled off by 2guys 1 being Depp & the other being Pitt. Pitt isa good crazy man as is Depp. If only Eartha Kitt’s daughter had her voice o they could find a woman with that voice n the ability to actually pull off acting truly like a cat. I don’t expect 2 seea good catwoman again.

  46. Simon says:

    What a disgusting idea, I hope you were kidding.

  47. Izzy says:

    Jolie is a brilliant idea! I LOVE her commanding strength — she'd be a great panther instead of some made up kitten! — Nobody touches her on-screen charisma — otherwise I'd cast Michelle Forbes or Carrie-Anne Moss — no freaking ingenues please!!!

  48. Mazzy says:

    What about Batman meets that Yuppie Psycho Murderer Patrick Bateman from American Psycho?

  49. Ivy says:

    Jolie? Alba? Halle Berry? Enough of the Method actresses, they can only play themselves doing different things. Should Catwoman ever come back, or any other villain, it has to be someone strong enough to carry the movie with the same suspense and strength Bale and Ledger does, otherwise the movie will be lopsided… see Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and the Hall of Lame Batman movies.
    After taking Batman to such new heights, weak actors and actresses need not apply.

  50. Dan Hutson says:

    A better role for Jolie would be Talia, Ra's al Guhl's daughter and Bats' sometime lover. Check out the Denny O'Neil/Neal Adams books from the '70s and you'll see what I mean.

  51. BigDragon says:

    Angelina Jolie? No. Halle Berry? No. I've seen enough of them. Let's try someone new. I want to see a movie — not a Hollywood career publicity stunt. If they were to put Catwoman in the next movie, I'd actually want the actor to play and fit the role. Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry nearly always come across as themselves instead of the character they're supposed to be. There are so many other villains worth attention too. However, I do agree that with the loss of Rachel Dawes' character, this would be a great time for a female villain.

  52. Mandrake says:

    There's always aright way to do any of the above. Look at Nicholson vs. Ledger vs. Cesar Romero. But any of hte over-the-top cartoony characters won't fit in with this run. Batman needs criminals that relate to the everyday person – which is why his movies have focused around criminal gangs – the kind we see in our urban cities all the time – with the supervillains – Joker and Scarecrow – thrown into the mix.
    Robin and Catwoman could be done well but it would be hard to pull off. Two Face could return, we could see the Mad Hatter or the Riddler.
    But I echo others who said this Jolie would not be a good Catwoman. Don't get me wrong. Angelina is hot beyond measure and I would like to see her in a CAtwoman costume but not playing the part int eh movie. Let's see someone no one here has ever heard of instead. Oh and she better be flexible enough to do her own acrobatic stunts.

  53. Rob Reyes says:

    I disagree that Angie is the perrrfect Catwoman, the slot has already been filled. When I saw Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman I dreamed of her for a week…. As Catwoman she was not only lethal but the raw sexuality she exudes is what men dream of… it's what keeps us chasing a dream… she set the pole pretty dang high and I don't see it being reached any time soon!!!

  54. Korey says:

    What about Johnny Depp as the Riddler. He can transform any character and you could even make the riddler a dark character and we all know Depp can play a dark character. Take Sweeny Todd for example. Possibly make the Riddler into a psychotic person who can only relate things through riddles. You don't have to use the suit that was used in the comics. Maybe transform it into something different

  55. Tina says:

    Yeah, go ahead and drag in the Catwoman and feel free to put Brangelina in the film.
    As long as you don't mind having people like me boycott the movie because we actually enjoy the current high caliber acting and the return to more 'real' villains as opposed to what was on tv in the 60's and that horrible George Clooney version. They've already screwed up once with the George Clooney fiasco and nearly killed off any hope of bringing Batman back to the big screen. I'd really hate to see them do it again.

  56. mike says:

    this article proves that la times writerss should not be allowed to have any input on a comic book movie….ever.

  57. Mary H. says:

    Absolutely horrible idea, "how can we RUIN the next Batman movie?" Put Angelina Jolie in a starring role, please, this actress is so over-hyped. A lot of people are just damn tired of hearing every move she makes, and now selling her babies photos to the highest bidder takes the cake… sick of her!! Don't put her in the next Batman unless you want to ruin it!!!!!!!! Put an unknown in the role, but one that can act? Not Jessica Alba, and definately NOT Megan Fox…gosh, talk about a Jolie wannabe…. with all the actresses out there, you would think they could find one that could act.

  58. Popadopolis says:

    Here's a different theory:
    When Fox and Bruce are discussing the new Batsuit modifications, Bruce asks if it will resist dogs. For no apparent reason, Fox replies that it will resist cats.
    Why would he say that? Because it's a set up…?
    Later, Rachel Dawes(who never appeared in any Batman comics and is a Nolan creation,) is supposedly killed, but we never see the body, or hear about body parts (or anything else) being retrieved, or see a funeral. Why not? Because she's not dead…?
    And Wikipedia points out: "There have been many versions of Catwoman's origins and backstory seen in the comic books over the decades." Which means it's open territory. Wiki also mentions this: "The character has been one of Batman's most enduring love interests, and has occasionally been depicted as his one true love." Which is exactly how Rachel Dawes has been portrayed.
    Hence: Maggie Gyllenhaal will return as Catwoman.
    Posted by: frank1569 | July 21, 2008 at 08:33 AM
    Bravo! I really think the next villian should be the Riddler, but I can't deny you make a strong, and damn compelling argument as to why it could and maybe should be catwoman…

  59. john law says:

    No on Jolie. Although her personality is fairly feline. Is there a unwritten rule I am unaware of that stipulates only an established villain can take the screen. I'm sure with enough pre-film hype, the public with be as familiar with whatever villain they come up with. If you want to remain a purist, stick with the comics.
    And an absolute NO on ever bringing the Joker back. This is Heath's legacy and the best performance of any actor, ever. Maybe I'm little caught up in the hype, but to bring the Joker back would overshadow the entire movie and cause bias before the first take is filmed. If there is enough unused footage of Heath, the Joker could be incorporated in the movie in some capacity. To do anything else would be foolish, and in my opinion, disrespectful. Seriously, what would be the point?

  60. Jay K says:

    Every time I see a list of Batman villains people suggest for C. Nolan to use, I always think of Lyle "Lock-Up" Bolton as a good choice for the big screen, but no one ever suggests it. Think about it: he's a lesser-known villain, sure, but you could definitely pursue an interesting storyline with him, in regards to where to draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable use of force in upholding the law, and when or whether torture is ever acceptable. It's especially relevant for our society, what with the "War on Terror" and all.

  61. Perry says:

    Catwoman? Harly Quinn? Riddler? did we learning nothing from the last Batman franchise disaster? I really hope Chris Nolan doesn't read any of these blogs. The ending of The Dark Knight suggests that Batman will now be a fugitive from society. Bruce Wayne will struggle with trying to bring justice to Gotham while being cast as Gotham's greatest menace. The death of Rachel Dawes (maybe) tests Batman's character to resist punishment and vengance as forms of justice.
    The logical follow up to TDK would have Batman's new form of justice employ executioner as well (would love to see the side story of how Alfred and Lucious would handle that)…the only question left is not who will be the next villian, but who will the great powers of Nolan and Warner's bring to hunt the Batman…i'm thinking they need a boy scout

  62. Swayze says:

    Angelina Jolie has proven time and again that she can skillfully and convincingly portray powerfully confident women. She is inarguably capable of the athleticism required for "super-hero" stunts, and possesses the sensuality and desirability that ignites the passions of men, and envy of women. Although I see her more as Wonder Woman than Catwoman, I think she'd be the best possible choice for either part.
    Her roles as Lara Croft, Mrs. Smith, and Fox are all evidence of her ability to fully embody those mythic characters, and bring to life on-screen the sort of complex, fearless, intelligent women, who can not only compete, but dominate in a male-oriented comic-book genre films. Thumbs up to any future Batman project with the courage to cast this talented actress opposite the hero of Gotham City.

  63. Lee says:

    Superhero movies do NOT have to get bigger. That idea is exactly what killed the first Batman movie franchise–they kept trying to get bigger and bigger, until it was all batsuits with nipples. Boo. It is starting to kill Spider-Man, as they wrote 2 1/2 movies for Spider-Man 3.
    Batman can become smaller in the next installment.
    The Dark Knight was a completely different genre of movie from Batman Begins. Batman Begins was a superhero origin story. The Dark Knight was a crime drama. The third movie could be a different genre entirely too.
    We know he will be hunted in the next installment, but by the same token, that will be background to facing a challenge. You could use the Riddler and havea genuine who dunnit (don't use the over-the-top Jim Carrey, Batman TV show version, but an anonymous serial killer. Or, you could put his next adventure against a backdrop of a love story with Catwoman (not a reincarnated Rachel Dawes–boo).
    I don't know why someone suggested that Catwoman has to be Hispanic–she can be, but that's not the nature of the character. And people who suggest not using Catwoman ever just because Halle Barry's film was no good are too short-sighted–would you not have done Batman Begins because Batman and Robin was a bad film?
    And even though someone may replace Heath Ledger, it should not be for the next film. It's too bad, because the film really set up a possible re-match between Batman and the Joker, but you have to give some space to the next actor to put on the clown make-up.

  64. a7colbydog says:

    Folks, Lets lose the cartoonish characters from the 50’s & 60’s. Isn't Batman the world's greatest detective? There are a million story lines out there. We don’t need to revert to Adam West and Burt Ward.

  65. Lynn says:

    I seriously don't get the obsession with this woman. She looks a like a man or a drag queen to me

  66. Celebrity Werewolf H says:

    The next villain will be the Riddler(Eckhart let it slip in an interview). He is also the only major villain that could exist in the world Nolan created, save Penguin. They are also clearly laying the tracks for Catwoman with not only the Batsuit line, but additionally the fate of Dawes leaves Wayne open for a new romantic interest. Catwoman would challenge the Batman outlaw aspects ending DK and Riddler would finally illuminate his detective skills.

  67. Doug says:

    Angelina could use a secret weapon…. The ability to command a huge horde of children to overwhelm her enemies. She's already building her army.

  68. So… no one else picked up on the Riddler's possible origins being planted within "The Dark Knight?" If recent conversations with Gary Oldman are any indication, we already know who the next villain is going to be… and he made a subtle cameo in this last flick.

  69. Bonnie Lee says:

    You should warn people that your blog has SPOILERS!!

  70. Cavazos says:

    For the love of God, NO MORE ANGELINA JOLIE! She would probably use the same accent she used in Beowulf and Alexander. How can someone use the same fake accent in two different movies and get away with it?

  71. oakmonster says:

    Maggie Gyllenhaal will return as Catwoman.
    Um. Ew.
    However IMHO the Batman-Catwoman relationship is a great story development.
    As much as I would love to see Jolie is this role, comments are right that her A-list status would kill it. I would like to see an up-and-coming take this role and start over, but how much faith do we have in someone new to stand up to Christian Bale on screen? Catwoman has be able to handle him, you know.
    Back to A-list. ScarJo did that once already in The Prestige…too voluptuous? Kate Bickensale did that too…too short? Cate Blanchette would totally work if she throws in the crazy from The Bandits? Natalie Portman would be a delight if she could pull off evil. Tilda Swinton may be?

  72. Andy says:

    I don't think Catwoman is an evil enough villain to be part of Nolan's Batman. He seems to like villains who are very psychologically evil, which is one of the reasons his films are so great. The Batman movies before "Batman Begins" were always too comical, I couldn't take them seriously. But now, with Nolan's psychological influence, the movies are great. That said, Catwoman doesn't fit the bill. She can't cause Batman terrible psychological troubles. However, I don't know which villains would work well. Maybe the Riddler, but he also seems too comical, or maybe that was just because of Jim Carrey. I really, truly hope that Two-Face isn't out of the films. He's my favorite villain in all of Batman, and he'd be a great follow-up to the Joker. Maybe Harley Quinn? If so, I think either Eva Green or Marion Cotillard, especially Marion, would do a great job.
    I hope that Catwoman isn't a part of the third movie, and I hope hope hope that Two-Face is back. However, I fear that won't happen. I think Harley Quinn would be the best follow-up to the Joker. Being an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist, she could use the inmates to her advantage. Since she's a psychiatrist, she has the potential to be the greatest psychological threat to Batman. I think she is the best choice for Nolan, and Marion Cotillard would do an amazing job destructing Batman / Bruce Wayne.

  73. sylvia says:

    They have done an incredible job on the cast so far for the new Batman series (Rachel Dawes character excluded, although Maggie Gyllenhaal was a better choice). I've been a huge Batman fan my whole life. I've actually read the comics, old and new, and I think if they casted Angelina as Catwoman I just might shoot myself in the head. I think she might even be a worse choice for a Batman related role than Katie Holmes.

  74. bsb150 says:

    Haven't we gone down this road before? Didn't we learn something from it? Please stay away from BradGelina and Catwoman. Certainly Nolan will come up with something better.

  75. Roy says:


  76. jAMES says:

    Though Catwoman would be a plausible choice (vs. Mr. Freeze and the Penguin), I think Nolan would move towards introducing a Robin-like character… I say Robin-like because obviously the Robin we know from the comics is prissy and the Joel Schumaker version is just lame. "Holy rusted metal, Batman!" But where he left off, Batman is on the run, has established himself as a true hero because of his ability to be an elemental scapegoat, and the Bat,man needs help. Nolan will introduce a supplemental masked hero, NOT an archetypal sidekick, that grounded to Dark Knight, is originally a victim of the Joker's chaotic fallout, tries to hunt down Batman intended on a reward offered by the police, but later, after a flurry of action-scenes will later join forces with Bale. To further the typical complex Nolan story, Batman, in my opinion was slated to battle the Joker in the following third film, but instead will face someone that will defnitely not be Mr. Freeze. I can't wait.

  77. ibis says:

    No catwoman period. Anytime you put a woman in skin tight leather is a sign of hollywood leeching for commercial success rather than quality story-telling. Did you NOT see ledger perform? You honestly think it was his sex-appeal that drove the success of this film? Absolutely not–and that's all you expect Jolie to do if thrown in type of role. Why do you think Spiderman did so well–they hired quality actors like Tobey–the person you least expect in a role much like Ledger's appeal. They have to PROVE themselves as these larger-than-life characters rather and expect the role to be perfectly molded for them. The story's characters are what shines above the actors that play them–and that's what Nolan's good at. Get the hollywood muck out of your head — this audience wants substance over style.

  78. sara says:

    jessica alba as catwoman??? didnt someone say that nolan only places good actors in his movies and people are suggesting "Honey"? She's pretty but a terrible terrible actress. Angelina has an Oscar. hrm…

  79. Valerie says:

    No way. Michelle Pfeiffer will always be the best Cat Woman, hands down.

  80. Trevor says:

    Um, no. Who wants to see the Old Woman who lives in a shoe dressed in leather? Jolie's a has been.

  81. jake says:

    Heath Ledger's performance will be hard to live up to. But Johnny Depp could give a run for his money. He also would make a good Riddler. Johnny is attracted twisted psycho roles and is very good at portraying them. Sweeney Todd for instance

  82. Earthgirl says:

    Jessica Alba!? Are you crazy. They want someone who can act and Angelina Jolie would be a good choice, but so would Kate Beckinsale and Megan Fox. Jessica Alba as Catwoman would be as bad as Halle Berry being Catwoman. Jessica Alba is stiff as a board and also very boring. She plays herself in every character. Acting is being someone else and I am sure they can find another actor that can be the Joker. Okay, Heath Ledger is good but he is not the only person in Hollywood, etc that can act. Granted good actors are few and far but surely there is someone else out there.

  83. Ann says:

    Johnny Depp as the Riddler.

  84. Sushi says:

    The Bane & Azrael story is one of the best in the Batman timeline.
    Especially with Azrael, it would help further develop the reoccuring internal conflict of Bruce Wayne/Batman sticking to his "code" as a symbol.
    If you haven't read the Bane/Azrael saga, read up on it and I'm sure many of you will agree it would provide a great story for the type of Batman movie Nolan is known for.

  85. Dasher says:

    I would not mind seeing a new villian.
    One of the reasons the new Superman tanked was because he was acing off agains "Lex Luthor"
    4 of the 5 films, superman was dealing with Lex and people got tired of it.
    I think a new villian for Batman would be great.
    Someone along the lines of "The Punisher" (I know, rival comics) who is a vigilante.
    Someone, who like Batman, takes the law into his own hands, but he is setting up our hero for all his misdeeds. Batman needs to catch this guy, and clear his name. All while dealing with the fallout of the most recent movie.
    Anyway, that is my take.

  86. Kevin says:

    Is Geoff Boucher a pseudonym of Joel Schumacher?

  87. Dana says:

    My vote goes to Milla Jovovich hands down if they decided to put in Catwoman.
    I'm not much for the thought though.

  88. FDR says:

    Are you out-of-your mind. Put Halle Berry back in that role. She's far more sexier than Angelina Jolie

  89. Georgia Lass says:

    Someone mentioned Batman was the greatest detective. How about a good old-fashioned detective story with a HUGE twist? Joker is in Arkham Asylum and Batman is being hunted. A few of Gotham's major crimelords are having issues with not being on top of the Gotham world anymore (with Gordon now Police Commissioner, the Gotham City Police Force becomes a model organization). Cast Michele Pfeiffer as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Her patients include Joker, crimelords (ala Tony Soprano types), and Bruce Wayne who's battling psychological issues with being the outcast hunted hero (The Dark Knight). Dr. Harleen Quinzel becomes Batman's new romantic interest. While all the therapy is going on, Batman has to solve the mystery of who's behind a series of daring "cat" burglaries. One of the burglaries involved a murder and for some reason Dr. Harleen Quinzel is implicated. Batman solves the murder (some ex-circus acrobat named Richard Grayson committed the murder but not the burglaries – life imprisonment to prevent him from appearing in any sequels). The burglaries remain unsolved and the movie closes revealing that Dr. Quinzel is behind the "cat" burglaries. Michele Pfeiffer as "Catwoman", but no tight leather outfit…just the outfit and tools a professional "cat" burglar would have.

  90. ty says:

    they should have the penguin as a eastern european arms dealer flooding gotham gangs with arms which they eventually turn against each other and him and his goons taking over the streets

  91. Joker says:

    And I thought my jokes were bad, dude you need a different profession

  92. Mark says:

    Are you serious? Everyone is right. She can't act and Oscar is not always right (Marisa Tomei). Additionally, she's too well known. If you sat down with Nolan or have seen both films you'd realize he doesn't make films with intent to pack them with big name actors in the lead roles. He lets his films turn them into big stars. Chris Nolan is an indie-film director and understands it's not always about the big name in the film but the story and direction, which is why he can take lesser known actors, to the mainstream audience, and give them respectable roles in a film that makes you go, "Wow, he's pretty good. Why is he the much maligned brother of Julia Roberts?"

  93. Scott says:

    Jolie – Horrible Choice… and she's much too political for this series. Two words for you: Keira Knightley.

  94. Dee says:

    Halle Berry was already the sexiest cat woman around. Yeah Angelina is good looking but I rather see Halle back in the role.

  95. K. Bowen says:

    Jolie, maybe three or four years ago, before her veins became visible. Acting skill aside, the problem is that she would try to be bigger than the film.
    If I were choosing, I would choose someone in their early to mid 30s who can act or at least who would fit into the noir style. To me, that would be Marion Cotillard or Saffron Burrows.

  96. hector cruz says:

    Hey , why are you so mhostile wtiht tthe catwoman Idea..?
    yes Jolie is a terrible choice, but Catwoman as character is cool, also is important part of Batman mythos, IF a man dreesed like a bat can work why no a woman with a cat suit??
    of course she can be the mani VIllan for taht Role I suggest Hugo strange or black Mask..

  97. Keith James says:

    All I can say to this is:

  98. Doug says:

    Angelina could use a secret weapon…. The ability to command a huge horde of children to overwhelm her enemies. She's already building her army.

  99. JT says:

    jim gaffigan as catwoman, rown kitty wants some candy!

  100. Stu says:

    If you're looking for a good follow-up character for the next movie it should be Harley Quinn. No idea who you could get to play her but I think that's the best option. At least far better than catwoman. Other than her the mad hatter would be the best choice but it might be a good idea to switch it up with a female villan.

  101. Zack says:

    First of all, dude, despite the massive ticket sales, the movie's only been out one weekend. You need a spoiler alert.
    Here's my opinion on the villains for the next Batman:
    It might be a little awkward to explain how she survived the massive explosion, but Rachel Dawes reveals she was only badly burned, like Two-Face, requiring her to always wear a catsuit and eliminating the possibility of being a real love interest for Bruce. Plus she'll be uber-bitter with the Joker, and villain-on-villain violence is always interesting.
    I like the Riddler as a villain, because I believe the appeal of Nolan's approach is to favor the actual over the supernatural. That to me is a defining characteristic of Batman as a superhero, and who cares if it eliminates the stupid comic book villains. Did Batman Begins suffer from not having enough villains from the comic book?
    It seems to me that the Joker's presence in the overall Batman story will have to be dealt with, requiring another actor. But if Heath wins the Oscar, only an actor of extremely high caliber could pull it off. Johnny Depp comes to mind. I would suggest killing him off early (by the Catwoman? Whose side is she on?).
    Angelina Jolie is the most overhyped actress I have ever seen. She would ruin the franchise, which has set such high standards now any script / casting choice will have to be excruciatingly labored over. I personally think Batman should have killed the Joker, which would have contributed to the dark ending and solved some logistical problems.
    PS-my post has spoilers.

  102. Jane Norberg says:

    You must be kidding about Angelina Jolie. Please don't ruin one of the greatest movie series ever.
    Johnny Depp would be able to pull off the Riddler very well–and he loves those eccentric roles. I vote for him.

  103. Helene says:

    You are mistaken – Angelina Jolie is a celebrity, not an actress. She has no place in a franchise like this.
    I'd absolutely love Eddie Izzard as the Riddler – if you've seen him in The Riches, you know how well he can act, and it's true there is a certain darkness behind his giddiness. If that makes sense.
    I'd also really like to see Barbara Gordon in an upcoming film – but Batgirl is probably too unserious as a character. Maybe if she only appeared as the disabled Oracle, without the Batgirl stuff?

  104. winston says:

    michelle pfeiffer owns the role and will always be the best catwoman in my books.
    all those actresses you all were throwing out, ridiculous!

  105. The Eyes! The Mouth! The Body! The Sensuality and the Litter of Kittens….Who can top these criteria but Jolie? I'm all for the it…..she'd make a great villain….bar none!!

  106. try Aishwarya says:

    I think Aishwary would be wonderful in this film. She's pretty, she sexy and pleasing to look at. She's fresh and doesn't have that stale feeling that comes with actors that have been used over and over. She looks the part.
    I think if you cast her alongside a well known, you'll have a box office blow out.
    See below:

  107. Fletch says:

    Catwoman is not only one of the most important and signifigant characters in the Batman franchise, but one of it’s deepest and most unique figures, in part because she isn’t just another villain. Where Batman is a hero that skirts close to the edge of villainy in order to achieve his interests, Catwoman is a criminal that skirts close to the edge of redemption to achieve hers. Batman and Catwoman are mirrors of each other, which is why they’re drawn to each other. Done properly, she wouldn’t be the villain in a Batman 3. An antagonist, yes, but not the villain, and she’d also be a remarkable character.
    Characters like the Joker, Two Face, the Riddler, Mr.Freeze, and yes, Catwoman.. can ALL seem campy, bad, and just a general bad addition to a movie. I mean, none of these characters could obviously translate to Nolan’s version of Batman. They’d ALL have to be changed in order to fit. Just as Ra’s was. Just as Scarecrow was. Just as the Joker was, And just as Catwoman was.
    Catwoman was closely tied to the very plotlines they’re currently using in the Batman series, so, no, it wouldn’t be stupid, or bad to use her, it’d make an enormous amount of sense for their current storyline. Yea, Halle’s Catwoman sucked. So did Jim’s Riddler(yes, he was like a really bad parody being done in SNL), Tommy’s Two-Face and the less said about Arnold’s Mr.Freeze the better. If a single BAD portrayal of character meant we should never use them again, then there would never have been a Batman Begins.
    The amount of needless hate being thrown towards Catwoman kindof confuses me. I guess everyone has their opinions when it comes to characters. Yea, Riddler would be interesting. So would Mr. Freeze. But so would Catwoman. And she’d fit like a puzzle piece into the story they’re doing, due to her connections to the mob.
    Honestly, I don’t think you can really say you can ‘do’ Batman without being able to produce three elements properly. Batman, the Joker, and Catwoman. They’re the triad that completes the series. Characters like the Riddler, Mr.Freeze, and all the rest, add flavour… but the hero, his nemesis, and his foil.. are vital elements to the series.
    I do agree that I wouldn’t put Angelina in as Catwoman. I think she’s actually a very good actress, I’m not sure what we’re judging acting on if she somehow rates ‘zero talent’. I could see her as Catwoman, but in a setting more like Tim Burton’s Batman, which was more sensationalistic, and less grounded. For the Nolan version, someone else, I agree. Maybe Laurie Holden from the Mist and Silent Hill. Or her co-star from Silent Hill, Radha Mitchel. Rosario Dawson could be interesting. If anyone saw her as Gail in Sin City, she can definetly do the ‘bad girl’ role well. But whomever it is, they’d need to be more than ‘bad girl’, or ‘sexy’, they’d have to beable to channel a moody, inner darkness to match Bale’s Batman. So it’d have to be an actress who’s more than just style or looks, one with real acting strength.

  108. richard says:

    Jessica alba,mega fox(look as porn star,mila Milla Jovovich(ultaviolet and resident evil awful movie) all bad actress .Angelina jolie have 3 golden globe 1 oscar excellent actress .look pictures Angelina 2003 and 2004 wonderful woman e and sexy all.
    Dark Night is very good because Heath Ledger(before the critic Heath it was awful actor now excellent.
    Angelina can make excellent catwoman, does not judge before ,all actor have awful movie and good movie

  109. JJ says:

    Jolie will define Catwoman and make it more appealing. The role fits her perfectly.

  110. maclukey says:

    worst idea ever!!! angelina jolie? seriously? she can't act and the character of catwoman does not belong in nolan's films! to follow a performance like heath's and a villain like joker, nolan needs to cast a nobody who delivers a better performance than anyone could imagine with a villain no one would have guessed? good luck!!!

  111. Bobbie says:

    I posted this comment on the other blog too. In my opinion, I personally think it is a very stupid idea. Jolie doesn't have the intellectual or spiritual dynamism that Catwoman exudes. She can excel in movies that need to be porny or mentally disturbed indies. I am not judging, because there is a market for that. If this were just going to be a silly small-time movie, I would say fine, no big deal. But Batman is a serious blockbuster franchise, and they need to find someone with Michelle Pfeiffer's talent and who doesn't seem to repel people. It doesn't have to be a Michelle copy-cat :) It doesn't even have to be an American actress. I actually think Michelle Williams would nail this kind of role. It doesn't even have to be a well-known actress, though.

  112. Bobbie says:

    I posted this comment on the other blog too. In my opinion, I personally think it is a very stupid idea. Jolie doesn't have the intellectual or spiritual dynamism that Catwoman exudes. She can excel in movies that need to be porny or mentally disturbed indies. I am not judging, because there is a market for that. If this were just going to be a silly small-time movie, I would say fine, no big deal. But Batman is a serious blockbuster franchise, and they need to find someone with Michelle Pfeiffer's talent and who doesn't seem to repel people. It doesn't have to be a Michelle copy-cat :) It doesn't even have to be an American actress. I actually think Michelle Williams would nail this kind of role. It doesn't even have to be a well-known actress.

  113. markus says:

    ANGELINA JOLIE is PURRFECT for Catwoman. She was amazing at "Wanted" OMG can't wait to see her wear those tight black sutis. Love you Brangelina!!

  114. Clay says:

    Seriously, Angelina Jolie is the absolute worst choice for Catwoman of all time. One, she's already played the Catwoman-ripoff character in WANTED, and although the movie wont be anything like the comic, that still counts against her. Two, she's overexposed. Just imagine a year from now when they say "ANGELINA IS CATWOMAN". You thought the hype is bad now just because Heath died, it'll be crazy if they involve her. She would overshadow everything, and then the movie wouldn't deliver because straight up she's not a great actress. She makes shitty movie choices, although then those movies are somewhat successful because they have Angelina there with two guns blazing and her tits popping out. She is an overused equation for cheap success, and she needs to be kept way the hell away from all things Batman. She WILL kill the franchise again, I guarantee it.

  115. Norm says:

    Spoilers be here.
    Catwoman is the perfect follow up to this movie (but PLEASE not Jolie!). Batman would be conflicted about being attracted to her, and she perfectly complements the themes established at the end of the movie, i.e., blurring the lines between heroes and villains. In Frank Miller's Batman:Year One, Catwoman is inspired by Batman to put on the costume in the first place, not unlike the batmen in The Dark Knight (but not wearing hockey pads).
    Other interesting villains could be Hugo Strange on the mob side; The Reaper (who was at one point rumored as the main villain for Batman Begins) as a more lethal vigilante who would hear Batman's new reputation and consider the Bat's attempts to stop him hypocricy; the Riddler as a mysterious person filling the vacuum in the Gotham mob families; but my personal favorite would be Two-Face returning, as he could have survived that fall (Maroni survived a similar fall earlier in the film) and been quietly tucked away in Arkham, part of the cover up to preserve the White Knight of Gotham's image. I'd like to see Harvey again so much that if the "Riddler" took over the crime families, but when Batman finally found him it turned out to be Two-Face, I would be ok with the fact that Nolan is completely rewriting Batman cannon.
    So, Catwoman and one of the above gentlemen, with an emphasis on walking the line between being the hero and the villain. Please no Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba, though. Better no Catwoman than a lame Catwoman.

  116. ghanja says:

    They should introduce poison ivy…they should cast naomi harris from 28 days later and potc.
    I'm really feeling the eco terrorist idea thats been bandied about on other sites…She can also have toxins from her herbal garden. I agree that harlequin could be done extremely well by nolan as the psych who lets all the crazies out. Hell I wouldnt be surprised by a love triangle between catwoman…(natolie portman or anna paquin are really interesting since they have such a great ability and innocent persona) and Naomi Harris (think vodun priestess Tia Dalma from pirates).
    Anyhow, enough with angelina as the only actress that gets sexy roles. I love her but she is a mum now, let her age gracefully…I agree I dont even care that the actress is American, green blue black or white
    If they can pull of what catwoman really is, what poison ivy really is as well as heath did then it will be epic. I dont want anymore pretty but bad acting females anywhere around comic book movies. I thought comics were about the soul..
    Also, the idea that catwoman would be a rich play girl is soooo frkn stupid. CatWoman is poor because she doesnt want to exist in society. She steals so that she has enough to take care of her but thats it. Thats why she has alley cats. Batman falls for her because she isnt apart of his ivy league world.
    Ive also read that the madhatter would be a good idea…but I think his character as a molester who steals children is even to dark for Chris Nolan…I mean it could be done tastefully but…well see.

  117. kj says:

    how bout streisand as catwoman?

  118. domino78 says:

    Ah give Halle Berry a break on Catwoman. She was just doing her job. She didn't write or direct the movie and Warner Bros financed it. So give her a break. I think she would be great with Nolan directing it.

  119. Ljubav says:

    I say NO WAY to putting Angelina into the catsuit. He lips are too big, she's too bitchy, and a little chubby if you ask me. The person would have to be athletic/sexy/smart/seductive all at the same time. Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, and even the hott Megan Fox could pretty much nail being Catwoman easily.

  120. Asaidi says:

    First thing, Angelina Jolie has already done her version of Catwoman SEVERAL times in the past (Wanted, Mr and Mrs Smith, 2 Laura Croft movies, Beowulf, etc). There are much better choices out there if they wanted to go with her for the next Batman movie.
    If they're going to go with what he has gone with in the past – a somewhat well known person who will probably be from another country playing an American (like Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman, Heath Ledger, etc) – I guess one of the obvious choices is Naomi Watts, but I'm not sure she'd be that good. Now that there is a incredible Joker character they'll need to follow it with an incredible villain in the next one.
    Second thing, I really think they could go with the Ridller for a future Batman villain and completely change the character, sort of like they did with the Scarecrow and Ra's Al Guhl in Batman Begins. All they need to do is ditch the green question mark costume and make him a dark character who leaves mysterious riddles about who he's going to kill next, instead of broadcasting it to the whole city like the Joker does.
    As for your comment about the Penguin, Bane, Mr Freeze, etc, I'm with you. They're fairly frivolous characters anyways.

  121. Ralph says:

    Please no, I'd rather not see another Batman than have that lame idea incorporated. Now that the C. Nolan's Batman has become a mega hit, he's really gonna have to become a tough SOB to repel lame ideas like this blogger guy's. All the studios are gonna throw 250+ million dollars at the guy for the next one, as long as it attaches a "star" to neuter it with (no pun intended). Hey, here's a thought, maybe we can give the guy credit for writing a strong new villain or taking one that is sci-fi based and humanizing him.

  122. KatVoman says:

    Angelina Jolie as Catwoman? FAR AWAY from cat like woman. And that's what it needs to be.. Someone young, cute and pale who looks like a cat. Without cat's eyes make-up. Angelina looks like a fish and cats eat fishes.

  123. KatVoman says:

    And Jessica Alba's ethnicity just doesn't seem right. She also has brown eyes. I have 13 cats and they all have green, blue or grey eyes. Catwoman should also have small head, especially her chin and nose. Should not have as big boobs as Angelina Jolie. Not so tall either and definitely not so old.

  124. Scott says:

    The Riddler has some real psychological meat as a character. He is intellectual and obsessive compulsive, leaving clues beyond his control. He is cursed by an infliction of wanting to be pursued. There is a lot there for a great reimagining by a talented actor. I think given the dark world Nolan makes in his films, the Riddler has some potential to be realistic and creepy and human. You have to remove the image in your mind of comedians in the part and think of somebody as complex as Ledger in the role. Think Daniel Day Lewis messing with our minds.
    Catwoman is just a hot woman in a leather suit. It sort of moves the thing into more camp, which would hurt.

  125. matt says:

    I think Angelina would make a great Catwoman!! I was actually thinking Scarlett Johanssen (if she wasn't Vicky Vale) but Jolie seems better, actually. What's all this nonsense that she can't act? WHAT?! Just because she is hot as hell means she can't act?!! Did anyone see Gia, Girl, Interrupted, Playing by Heart, The Bone Collector, A Mighty Heart??? Jolie is an excellent actress and you could totally make her some kind of schitzo, psycho catwoman. Hm….maybe Jennifer Connelly would be a good catwoman!! Oh hell yeah, sorry Angie…you're awesome, but Connelly…that's it right there. Mabye Johhny Depp as the Riddler (or Al Pacino, or Billy Crudup) and Reese Witherspoon as Vicky Vale.

  126. Haz says:

    People seriously? You're angry at Angelina Jolie being suggested (a bit of a general overreaction anyway might I add) because you think she can't act but will openly suggest Jessica Alba who has less talent at acting than Jolie has in one finger?
    Come on, can we please stop suggesting Actresses by hottness and focus more on combined hottness and actual ability to play a psycho?

  127. Benarchy says:

    I think Angelina would be a great choice as Catwoman. Christopher Nolan is not above casting big names on for his Batman movies (e.g. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine), so people saying Nolan should shun casting the big, well-known name, well too late, he already has done that a couple times.
    Jolie is beautiful and can definitely act in a comic-book action movie, as "Wanted" proved. Plus she has got a powerful presence and audience pull. Certainly, other actresses should be considered, but for any list of a potential Catwoman to not include Angelina Jolie would be crazy. I trust Nolan to make the right decision — afterall, a lot of people thought Heath Ledger was a terrible choice for the Joker, yet as Ledger's performance turned out, Nolan proved himself to be smart and a lot of people to be dumb. Nolan won't let journalists sway his decision and neither will nasty, anonymous comments on a blog.

  128. Chris says:

    Heath was great, but a slightly changed Joker due to Arkham could make it possible for Johnny Depp to slip into the role and give us his take.

  129. NO ANGELINA says:

    Angelina is super hot and is a talented actress (at least in Girl Interrupted) but she plays the same role in every movie. And she is every where!!! Please no no i beg please don't ruin the Batman saga with her face just because she is a big name and will hopefully get more ppl cus she wont. Did u see the movie Wanted -_- im sick of her bad assness to cool for school attitude in every role. Catwoman should be a less heard of name. Please Stay home Angie and take care of ur kids!!

  130. Amanda says:

    Angelina Jolie has had her fun with action movies.
    I want to see someone who's actually a real actress.
    I like some of the other idea's on here,
    but I think Rachel McAdams could pull it off too!
    She's too vamped up.
    Catwoman also needs to have a shy side too you know…
    I think a natural, but striking beauty would be better.

  131. dir en kei says:

    How about ….No!!!
    Angelina Jolie as the cat women worst idea ever!!!
    when i watch Angelina Jolie as any character these days I see her as Angelina jolie!!! she is too much of a big name.
    how about a not so know know actor?
    When i watch a batman film i want to see that character not the actor playin them.
    Hey Hollywood' how about casting a small or no-name actor for once?
    beside no one cat beat the Batman returns Catwomen Michelle Pfiffer!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Abraham says:

    I think it would be a good idea to bring Catwoman (I'm not sure of Angelina taking the role, but all is possible), so as the Riddler, but no villain is best than the Joker.
    Of course, at first it is going to be very criticizable, but that happened at first with the news that Heath Ledger was going to portray the Joker, no one could think of a better Joker than Nicholson's, but thinks change. For my part I'm counting on Nolan to bring back the Joker (if not for the principal villain of the movie at least a good role… not like the one of the Scarecrow in The Dark Knight) with Paul Bettany in the role, I wanted him for the role of the Joker before I knew Ledger was chosen.
    So, well we can expect surprises from Nolan's project, and it would surely be a good movie, maybe not as good as The Dark Knight, but a good one indeed.
    "Long Live Rock n' Roll"

  133. TK says:

    I agree that Angelina has nice face and in that face great lips. Well, that is not enough. She does not have Catwoman-figure. Better candidates are many: Jessica Biel, Amy Smart, Rachel McAdams, Kristen Bell, Kristin Kreuk and so on. I agree that some are young but it depends on the role. I have decades of "studies" on Catwomen starting on Julie Newmar. Movement my friends – how she moves, that is the key. I do hope they won't destroy Batman by choosing wrong Catwoman because for me- Batman is interesting because of his character and love interest – Catwoman.

  134. Manda says:

    While I like both Angelina and Catwoman, I hope they don't give her the part. Catwoman is my favorite character from Batman and I haven't liked a single catwoman since the black and white era. I've always thought of Jessica Alba as the perfect Catwoman. She has the perfect figure and can move the way Catwoman should. Unlike Halle's horrible performance… She looked like she had a steel rod in her back or something.

  135. Naomi says:

    LOL, I lovev the Halle Berry comment at the end of the letter but yeah really Chris Nolan has got no other choice but Riddler, who I think we will be seeing as Johnny Depp is in talks to paly him and Catwoman. All the other villians have elemnets of the supernatural which won't fit into Nolan's darker more realisitc gotham. I also have a feelnig we'll still see the mob lurknig about in some places. Whats good about Catwoman is that she can serve as a villian and as a love interest, it also shows some development in Batman's charatcer. For the past two films Batman has seen things in blakc and white, bad guys=bad and they must be stopped so to bring in a charatcer that challenges his beliefs will be really interesting especially with Bale's version of Batman, who is exactly as I would picture Batman to be. Jolie is th ideal catwoman, she's got lots of enrgy and stamina to do the action things and lets face it she's not exactly an ugly duckling is she? She'll certianly draw in the male crowd along with the female. I say if Jolie is cast is Catwoman, thats great but I say that she should do what Bale did and read the comics to get an idea of the character.

  136. Charles Few says:

    Instead, how about they keep the high acting standards that we've come to expect from this franchise, and NOT hire Jolie?

  137. Gemini71 says:

    If I were directing the third Batman movie, I'd choose Alexandra Maria Lara to play Selina Kyle/The Catwoman. However, instead of making Ms Kyle a cat-lover, I would give her a phobia of cats, and have her use her fear of this kind of animal to make her stronger. Also, I would start the story by showing Selina's tragic progression from victim to villainess, as she uses crime to get back at her abusive ex-husband. Furthermore, I'd only have Selina christen the criminal side of her personality 'The Catwoman' at the end of the film, so that the events in the movie justify the changes that Selina's character goes through. That is why I want an actress like Alexandra in the role, because she has the talent to make cinema audiences invest themselves in the situations that create Ms Kyle's criminal alter ego, 'The Catwoman'.

  138. sassycn says:

    I do not think Angelina Jolie would be a good choice! She is so old news by now, i am so tired of hearing about her and Brad Pitt! Please find someone with more substance!

  139. christie says:

    Sassycn– You think Angelina Jolie isn't interesting enough of as a person? You want some vapid hollywood star to take her place? It's not enough that she spends all of her spare time trying to help suffering children in third world countries? That's not enough substance for you?
    Hilarious. Maybe you would prefer Paris Hilton as cat woman.
    Give me a f'ing break.

  140. otter_03 says:

    Catwoman could be done right… as someone else suggested, she's a kind of mirror to Batman. The ying to his yang. Ditch the skintight leather but keep the feline sensuality.
    For Catwoman to be done right, Jolie should definitley NOT be cast in the role. That would draw the Angelina groupies, but alienate the people who genuinely appreciate the story and substance of the Batman franchise. Jolie's acting is effective in ceryain contexts, but is one-dimensional, and her turn at a Catwoman-like character is "been there – seen that" (snooze).
    An interesting angle — as someone else pointed out — might be if Rachel Dawson/Maggie Gyllenhaal (Batman's "one true love"), came back as Catwoman. I think you could really play into tragedy of her apparent death and give Catwoman a bond with an "evil doctor" who saved her mangled body while experimenting on her, with the result being an insane but redeemable woman with some quirky laboratory-contrived powers who still, deep down, has a love-hate thing for Batman.

  141. Zee says:

    I hate to say it but anyone who thinks Ms. Jolie would be good in any role in Batman just does _not_get_ the Batman "world" or the franchise. Get a blow up doll that looks like her to satisfy your fanatsies, and give the Batman movies the credit they deserve.
    Catwoman has possibilities. If the casting directors were going on looks alone, I think Rachel McAdams would be superb. She has the naturally feline eyes and face shape and a lithe physical build. But Catwoman also needs to have a vibe that conveys a feral, atavistic vein and I don't think McAdams would bring that to the table. The role, if it is ever included in a Batman movie, it would be wide open to a casting call and a newcomer/unknown.

  142. Fred says:

    Does anyone else think that angelina jolie plays pretty much the same character in every movie (wanted, mr and mrs smith, tomb raider(s)) and would spoil this one because they have amazing acting and bring something new to the table rather than the same old same old… batman is greater than this

  143. Benarchy says:

    From just about every depiction of her, whatever the medium or whether campy or dark, Catwoman is stunning. Anyone who respects Batman's world wouldn't have some Plain Jane play Catwoman. On the surface, Jolie is calm and aloof, but there's a darkness that simmers just below the surface. Just like the Catwoman character. Furthermore, Angelina is simply stunning and would be great for the role.
    "Wanted" was a box office hit only because of Angelina. For those who say Jolie can't act, well she has got a friend named "Oscar" who'd disagree. Yes, Jolie acts similiar from film to film, but you know what? Morgan Freeman acts very similiar from movie to movie (except for maybe "Driving Miss Daisy"). Michael Caine acts similiar from movie to movie. As does Christian Bale. And as does Aaron Eckhart. The only person in the Dark Knight who did a complete transformation was Heath Ledger.
    I don't why people are being so unfair to Jolie when she is such obviously good candidate for Catwoman. If a sequel for Dark Knight has Catwoman, and if she auditions and Christopher Nolan likes what he sees, then that's all the confirmation I need. For sure, there are other talented actresses out there who I think could be Catwoman, but for one to deny that Angelina is among them is crazy — one has seriously let hate cloud their judgement.

  144. Benarchy says:

    @otter: Having Rachel Dawes be Catwoman would be contrived and convulted. Thus far, Nolan has slightly tweaked some of the characters in the Bat-universe, but he has basically stayed faithful to the source material (e.g. origin stories and aliases).
    Catwoman is Selina Kyle. She is not an undead or stitched-up Rachel Dawes and the team behind Dark Knight won't defecate on Catwoman by doing that. If they decide to roll out Catwoman, they will be just as faithful to her character as they were to the characters of Batman, Ra's al Ghul, Scarecrow, Two-Face, and the Joker. You can count on that.

  145. AlphaNoodle says:

    Catwomen is actually quite a complex character, and any actor or actress can adjust iof they are encouraged enough, look at heath ledger. I was sceptical at first but when I saw him perform I was blown away. A lot of people were also skeptical but they don't admit it anymore. I think its a good idea. Riddler is not interesting. Catwomen could be a villian that batman could actually love or something. If Nolan picks Jolie as catwomen, then trust him, look how good he's done the Batman franchise, just my cents.
    I think a lot of people just don;'t like Jolie's movie rather than her acting, I think she would be good.

  146. andre says:

    i'm not fan brangelina but…. i think Angelina is perfect for catwoman because she is a Women feline more than any other actress

  147. angel says:

    jolie is the best for catwoman… nothing else matters, i always wanted her to be catwoman before the rumors came out…

  148. brie says:

    i actually like angelina jolie a lot. BUT that doesnt make her a good candidate for catwoman!! she is too huge of a star, and not good enough to pull it off realistically, and not turn it back into the comic book style "character" with blatant in-your-face sexuality, which (while being important to who catwoman is) is not ALL that she is! jolie will make it ALL about the sex factor, she wont be believable enough as a true phsycological troublemaker for 'bats'.
    granted, i can think of a hundred other women that would be way worse -and yet possible-candidates, and while i have total faith in christopher nolan's decision making skills, i have little faith in hollywood execs with clout and power and loads of bad decision making skills!

  149. haters are losers says:

    angelina jolie is PERFECT as catwoman. No one can pull that off as sexy and hot and stilll very tough like she would. although im thinking that she is a really big named star to be with the actors of this movie (meaning it will over shadow them).
    but stop saying she cant act and all those bad stuff coz you guys are just obviously jealous!! goodness.

  150. TheBladedEdge says:

    That’s just it… “I think…” “I think…” “I think…”
    Lots of opinions… lots of rumor, lots of aiming a shotgun into a dark room, pulling the trigger and seeing what you managed to hit when you turn on the lights…
    Angelina Jolie – for all her choices of roles in less-favorable movies – is a strong actress and has the capacity to immerse herself in a role… something most Hollywood actresses today cannot claim. Some can try to make such a claim, but Jolie has the proven history of doing so. That sets her apart.
    Would she be good in a Nolan-esque Catwoman role?
    Would you go to the movie even if she bombed the role just to see her in skin-tight leather?
    If your answer is ‘yes’ to either, then it is (and will be predictably) a solid hit.
    Some say she’d be great in the role… some think lesser known actors would fit better to the role (so as to not draw attention away from our brooding Anti-hero)… to those people I ask: “Would a lesser known actress have the box-office appeal and strength of acting ability to make the role their own?”
    Personally, I say no… but that’s only one opinion in a teeming morass of millions…
    You need an actress that not only has box-office draw… as she will be ‘selling’ the movie based solely on her reputation and her publically-percieved capability of playing the role… but the Nolan-esque Catwoman will HAVE to be and be able to be sexy.
    Some actors out there are sexy… hell… most of ’em are… but can they turn it on and off like a switch?
    No. ‘Sexy’ comes from within as much as without…
    Cher? (HOW old is Cher these days… plastic surgeries notwithstanding?)
    ‘Sides… the exec’s shot that particular rumor down cold earlier this year…
    Jessica Alba? (’cause her past performances in superhero movies have shown that she has the capability to ham it up in a skin-tight bodysuit?)
    Shirley Manson? (just ’cause she wants it?)
    Besides… put ANY woman with a meager amount of acting ability in a skin-tight black leather catsuit and most men are reduced to the intellectual capacity of drooling idiots, ANYway… so… it might as well be someone confident enough to stand opposite a heavy hitter (as Bale has proven himself to be) and give as good as she gets…
    Catwoman = sex appeal… and it will require a very strong and confident actor to pull it off.
    I completely trust Nolan’s choice in the matter… but would not be at all surprised if Jolie gets the role hands-down.
    Also… let’s get a few more things straight…
    Catwoman is NOT a villain (she never really was…)
    (Spoiler alert and prediction!)
    Catwoman has always been a foil for our Caped Crusader (please please please don’t even dredge the Hally Barry Catwoman “movie” into your memories… even the studio execs have divorced it from any other Batman franchise)…
    She may be a little OCD… maybe a bit of the ol’ Kleptomania in there… but she’s nowhere NEAR the crazy-level of Bat’s other villains… she’s an anti-hero, just as he is… and that alone stands her apart enough to not be painted with the same brush as the other villains of the Dark Knight.
    The dichotomy between Batman and Catwoman will be faithfully portrayed by Nolan (Selina Kyle wants Bats, and wants nothing to do with Wayne) and that will be her part… she will be a secondary aspect of the movie… but enough of a rogue-type to keep her part interesting and pay homage to the role she has…
    Riddler will be the villain du-jour (my feeling is… something of a Saw-movie-esque death-trap-style Riddler)… and my prediction (for good or ill):
    Johnny Depp.
    … and Jolie as Catwoman.

  151. Silas says:

    I think you should just leave it to the professionals who should be in and star in the next Batman movie. There wasn't a whole lot of support (if any) for Heath Ledger before he was cast, and I can't imagine anyone doing a better job.
    And while Changeling is getting Jolie some Oscar buzz, she's pretty much not interesting and has been phoning in the action star/femme fatale for several movies. I'm just not interested in seeing it tarnish an outstanding series like the Batman series.
    The qualifications of a good Catwoman shouldn't be limited to who you think looks best in spandex.

  152. Muhammad says:

    Am I the ONLY one who remembers that Black Mask and Victor Zsasz exist? For God's sake, the latter was IN the first movie! How can these NOT be the perfect villains for the third film to match (though not top) the Joker's insanity??

  153. Jencedes says:

    I did not think that Robert Downey Jr. would be good in Iron Man. I did not know much about Iron Man, but I just couldn't picture him playing a superhero. When I first heard of Heath Ledger playing the Joker… I said huh? Did I miss something? Same thing with Ed Norton. I love him as an actor (American History X — just beautiful.) As a superhero…. hmmmmmm??? Then I saw HULK and I absolutely loved it. So now I have decided to stop jumping the gun. An actors job is to become someone else. And a movie is at its best when an actor plays out of their zone and surprises the audience with a unique performance (like Heath did in Batman.) Angelina Jolie is a great actress, and if she wanted to, she could pull off a great catwoman. And from now, all I will do is stay tuned. LOL!!!!

  154. Patrick says:

    they need to bring in The riddler, and get Johnny Depp, I would love to see Mr. Freeze.
    but I see nothing wrong with Angelina playing Catwoman, and she's a great actress by the way. People can say what they want, but when they cast Heath ledger and The Joker alot of people were saying he wasn't gonna do good, I bet alot people wish they could take their foot out of their mouths right now. So don't knock it until you see it, IF a third Batman comes

  155. Jordan says:

    I am sooo happy that none of you people are in casting…..

  156. Andy says:

    I second Jordan.
    Part of the draw of the series is the uncanny acting ability of each of the stars. Ultimately, it's about realism (or as real as he can be), and character development rather than big blasts and big stars. Mr. Freeze is the dumbest idea I've ever heard (thanks, Arnold!), with Jolie being a close second. I agree with someone of Phillip Seymor Hoffman's calibur being cast, but don't see him as the Penguin.

  157. Chris says:

    People rag on Angelina Jolie all the time. I think it has more to do with her becoming TOO famous…too (in Hollywood terms) "powerful". Think about it. Men seem to be allowed to reach dizzying hieghts of fame but women are kept on a leash. When they break that leash, people get pissed and neurotic. It happened to Madonna, it happened to Martha Stewart, Rosie O'Donnell, etc.
    I think Angelina brings a chemistry to the big screen. Even if the movie doesn't pull together well, she is interesting. Angelina is almost too easy to cast in the role, though. Her personal life has been a bit gothic, but she has taken on some somewhat successful action roles. That's two of Catwoman's most general qualities.
    Catwoman is a great character, but again…people seem irritated when women are given the lead in action. No, Halle Berry's version wasn't quality cinema, but Elektra, Charlie's Angels, Resident Evil and even further back to Geena Davis in Long Kiss Goodnight. If men would have been placed in those parts, there would have at least been bigger cult followings as in the 80's.
    I'm ready to see a woman kick some butt on the silver screen again. It won't come down to Jolie's acting (frankly she has done some good work such as Gia, but the scripts aren't always what they should be. ) It all starts with a worthy script and you can bet that if they do choose Jolie to be Catwoman, they will get a performance out of her at least equal to that of Christian Bale's.
    I fear that whoever is cast next is going to have the fate of being compared to Heath Ledger's joker and audiences will automatically rip them to shreds. Ledger created something better than any other actor had done in a "superhero" movie. How do you top that? You probably won't. You can only hope that a new Batman universe will be created in the future (one that doesn't involve Arnold as Mr Freeze)

  158. Jason says:

    I have to say that while Catwoman might be decent, I have a tough time seeing how she would fit with everything Nolan has done so far. If she were, it would have to be in a secondary role, and while I like Jolie, I'm sure she's tired of the sex kitten (no pun intended) routine. I'd sooner see someone like Eliza Dushku or maybe the actress who plays Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica; they have the toughness and the sensuality to make it interesting.
    When it comes to story and the main villain, Black Mask would be perfect. Seeing in the Dark Knight the toll being the Batman has on Bruce Wayne now, I could see a psychological theme of "is Batman the mask, or Bruce Wayne?". They touch on it in both Dark Knight and Batman Begins, and since Black Mask is obsessed with the ideas of masks and false identities and the power they give (at least that's the way he was in the 90s comics; DC seemed to jettison that part of the char recently), Black Mask would fit into this theme perfectly. 'Mask is also one of the few chars that is truly as sinister and disturbing as Joker and Scarecrow are. With the deaths of Sal Maroni and the other "normal" crimelords, and the Joker in Arkham, its time another one of the freaks made a move to take Gotham.
    On the other hand, Ra's Al Ghul was pretty supernatural in the comics, and they managed to handle him and Scarecrow's fear gas quite well, so Nolan could definitely redeem Bane or maybe the original Clayface without much hassle too. But I'm still rooting for Black Mask.

  159. Jeff says:

    I think the Riddler or the Mad Hatter could be a good serial killer in the third movie. The third one could be less epic and more suspenseful and more of a psychological thriller. The Riddler could kill specific people leaving clues behind that ultimately tie them to a deeper meaning or goal or the Mad Hatter could simply be a former neurosurgeon who's gone off the deep end and just finds victims and operates on their heads against their will, sometimes killing them other times just leaving them his mindless, motionless tea party guests. Could be creepy. But there's no way you could top the last movie so I say make a different kind of movie so they're not compared to in the same manner.

  160. hoc says:

    Cate Blanchett or Hilary Swank for catwoman,
    Hugo Weaving for the Riddler
    Daniel Craig as Mr Freeze
    Penguin, ummm, ummm…… Tom Cruise. NO!!! Wait…. Joe Pesci.

  161. Ellen says:

    Ok. I can't read any more. :) I'm too disgusted with the ridiculous anti-Angelina… uh… comments. :) Not only is she a huge box office draw, she's an Oscar winner, and four time Golden Globe winner. :) I think Geoff hit the nail on the head. Angelina would be absolutely the best choice for Catwoman.

  162. keltraine says:

    Here's one that no one seems to have hit upon yet, but my roommates and I almost immediately came up with when discussing the movie: David Tennant as the Riddler! Chew on that one for a while, whaddya think, hmm?!

  163. keltraine says:

    Here's one I haven't seen posted yet: David Tennant as the Riddler! He's already gleeful and creepy at times in Dr. Who–imagine what Nolan could do with *him*! Something my roommates and I came up with almost immediately after watching Dark Knight and discussing it. We want a cut when it actually happens in the third film… :P

  164. meltingman says:

    Honestly, people, haven't we seen enough of Catwoman to last our lifetimes? While the death of Rachel does leave the series without a female lead, and I do admit the subtle references to Catwoman in TDK, for the love of god please don't go that route Mr. Nolan!! Two soul-scorching films establishing a vigilante with a conscious, a hero questioned by the very people he is trying to save, and now you give him a love story with Catwoman????? I think the evidence Mr. Nolan has shown us on film proves beyond a doubt that he won't take that dive. He's a smarter man than that.
    All you Mr. Freeze fans, I admit that he is a great villain but entirely inappropriate for this series. Much too comic-booky. And I doubt we'll see machine gun-umbrellas either.
    The Riddler is entirely plausible (with a Nolan makeover), as is (albeit more of a stretch) Mad Hatter. However, with the way TDK left Batman as more vigilante than hero, I think we're in for a villain who grips Gotham by the throat and forces the people to redefine their collective definition of the Batman. While the Joker's psychosis was directed at Batman, the next villain will target the innocents of Gotham directly. Now, apart from the main villains in BB and TDK, the one constant has been the Mafia. In BB a powerful Mafioso goes down. In TDK the Joker hijacks the Mafia for his own ends. Don't be surprised if the Mafia responds violently to regain their stronghold on Gotham, possibly with the guns of HUSH and the maddness of the BLACK MASK. I think, as Bruce Wayne faced his fear in BB and his rage in TDK, he'll face a whole city's worth of emotions in the net one.
    Either way, no Catwoman please.

  165. Spencer says:

    I'd like to see the Contagion series played out. Catwoman could be a jewelry thief in the beginning and later help Batman as he tries to find a cure while dodging the police and fighting crime. It was a very entertaining series. You could introduce new vigilantes who are inspired by Batman, but obviously less talented (ie: Huntress). Have Bruce travel to the supposed pits of Lazarus and fight/fall for Talia (Ras Al Ghul's daughter). Introduce Catwoman and you could have quite the combination here.

  166. WhyNotV2 says:

    A lot of folk mention the "leather/spandex catsuit" thing and it got me thinking…which Catwoman costume would Nolan use? I'd go for either the grey one-piece body suit with the tail as seen most recently in the Batman Confidential comic books (issues 17-21) or the "Catwoman Vinyl Statue" version. google it and you'll see :)

  167. dennis says:

    i don't think anyone can top Michelle Pfiefer as Catwoman.. but who's to say.. Heath Ledger brought back the Joker and i say did a good job ..but i still think Jack Nicholson was the best Joker! … Nolan should bring Robin in the pic and The Riddler ! that would be awesome..he's a maniac villain!

  168. Greg Herder says:

    Forget the villians….Nolan needs to bring this full circle, back to….The Dark Knight Returns, as in the graphic novel. Conflicted Bruce goes underground, becomes a domestic "terrorist" going after the corruption that's in our systems, hunted by the government and haunted by the deaths of friends…

  169. Marionette says:

    I'd like to see more of the Joker character, possibly portrayed by Crispin Glover. Harleen Quinzel brought in as his sympathetic psychiatrist and her mind being broken by the charming Joker. I'd like to see Fairuza Balk as Harley.
    Or maybe going with Poison Ivy, but less "plant critters" and more emphasis on poison/toxins and herbology- whom I think Rose McGowan would play that role great.
    Negh. No Jolie as Catwoman. Even if Catwoman must be used, I think Scarlett Johanssen has the look, but I don't know about the acting talent.

  170. Brantley says:

    I think we're most agreed. No Jolie!

  171. Ariana says:

    No Jolie! Bad idea…there's no way she could pull it off.
    Catwoman could be a good idea if it's done right….not that I doubt Nolan. I'm sure he, and whatever actress he chose, would add another complexity to the franchise.
    I think the Joker needs to come back…he's too important a villian and adds so much to the story and Batman as a character. I think someone else could take on the role. I nominate Christian Camargo (the Ice Truck Killer/Rudy Cooper on Dexter). He's already played a psycho killer who thrives on his foe's struggle between good and evil. His character tries to make Dexter forget his rules and embrace chaos…sound familiar? Not only that, but he even looks like the Joker.

  172. Sam says:

    Jolie!!!???? Perfect Catwoman? Are you nuts? She's old, lost all sex-appeal, if she ever had any, and sucks as an actress. Please, don't even mention that name with Batman. Jolie is past her experation date….she's too old to play that kind of role, a sexy kitten.
    As for bad guys? Hugo Strange. The Croc? Zsasz. Bane! The Batman and Robin movie had a great idea having Bane in there, but he was such an imbecile. There is also death shot, Cain, the new Batgirl's father…..
    Phoenix Rizin I agree with you on most counts. I also believe Depp would be a great replacement for Ledger. Look at his character in Pirates. somewhat similar to the Joker.
    Someone mentioned the black mask and Hush. I'm drooling already. Batman goes after the mafia, as they try to regain back Gotham, and while Batman is fighting the Mafia, Black Mask or Hush come in to make matters worse for the Dark Knight. there are much better stories to be told, rather than remake the previous stories, i.e., Catwoman, Poison Ivy. And from what I see, we are all in agreement in not having Jolie in a Batman movie.

  173. Catwoman – Good idea to set up as a minor character in next and expand on (reverse of what they did with scarecrow) because it helps explore how Bruce gets past Rachel’s death. And like in the novel ‘Dark Victory’, they can interact on both levels (personal and ‘professional’) without knowing that Bruce is Batman and Selina is Catwoman. And good call whoever mentioned Milla Jovovich.
    Robin – Or should I say Nightwing? Keep the origins, but have him meet Bruce as an adult, inspired like the ‘Batmen’ in the Dark Knight but much more capable due to his background as an acrobat. In the interim between his parents murder and meeting the Bat, he takes up a martial art (escrima to match his comic weapons). Also at the end of the movie there’s an opportunity to have him travel to Bludhaven for a spinoff movie (seeing as DC seems to want to ‘darken’ its universe in light of The Dark Knight’s success, they might as well go with a Batman character) as long as Nolan directs.
    Riddler – Already set up. Use the guy who knows Batman’s identity. Changes his name to Edward Nigma to hide from public eye. Stress from almost being killed leads to his trademark compulsion with clues and secrets.
    Joker – While Johnny Depp would make a good Riddler, he is one of the very few I would trust to play Joker in a sequel. He could maintain the direction of the character while not being a Heath Ledger clone. And while I’m on the subject…
    Harley Quinn – Yes! Because with Scarecrow gone I assume Arkham finds a way to move on, and having the young intern there (and having her eventually fall for ‘Mr. J’) would reestablish the facility in Chris Nolan’s universe. Cast an unknown for this role. The enthusiam of a fresh young actress could be played up on screen with Harley as Joker’s excited young protoge.
    Killer Croc – Is perfect. He doesn’t need to be mutating much the same way Joker in this series wasn’t dropped into chemicals. In the opening of Dark Knight, someone likened Joker’s makeup to war paint. Croc could take this futher by mutilating his face and teeth to appear more reptilian (people have done this by surgical means in real life). No backstory needed, he’s just a strong goon that Batman has to use wit instead of muscle to fight.
    Mr. Freeze – Leave the origins. Make-up can be researched to be more consistant with someone who has had an accident wilth coolants. To keep with the realism established, his gun can shoot a mist instead of a laser. Please Mr. Nolan, don’t cast a bodybuilder and say in addition to being a potential nobel prize winner that he’s the strongest man alive. Cast the most average looking or nerdiest actor you can find.
    Zsasz – Disappeared after Batman Begins but could definitely be explored without too much detail later on.

  174. Ryan says:

    I too think Jim carey should play in the third movie because he would be the perfect actor and he has the right acting skills to preform as many different characters.

  175. mainstream says:

    i want catwoman and riddler in batman 3. i'm ok with angelina jolie but if nolan has someone better in mind, that's fine too.
    a big NO to talia. people who dont follow the batman books or watch btas probably don't even know who she is.
    Joker >> Ras al Ghul.
    Catwoman >> Talia.

  176. dirt says:

    megan fox has definitely got my vote…she's definitely got the eyes for a possible catwoman candidate…

  177. Fist of Dolemite says:

    The guy who wrote this letter is filled with overwhelming stupidity. I wish him great misfortune.

  178. Suhaib says:

    FORGET CATWOMAN!?!!??!!?!!?

  179. Alex says:

    johnny depp as the riddler would be flat out sensational. angelina as catwoman would also be a great choice. contrary to what most people are posting she is a great action film actress with good success and marketability. put them both together and you may have enough raw material to produce a movie at least as large as the dark night without adding too much more sci-fi elements. lets face it, each movie is going to escalate, and topping the combine joker and two face cambo is going to be very very difficult.

  180. Angela says:

    Why do people already start suggesting actors to play characters that are not even being said to actually be in the movie? Hell, Nolan isn't even signed up for the third Batman movie. And oh lord, the Ledger Joker recasting. Again, why isn't assumed that the Joker would be in the second film? Begins had the Scarecrow, Dark Knight had the Joker and the third film will have another villain. Someone mentioned Harley Quinn. I like Harley as a cartoon character, but she belongs no where near Christopher Nolan's version of Batman. Too campy, would never work with Nolan's version of the Joker. Maybe Caesar Romero's ;)
    Re: Joe
    Yes because Katie Holmes was a regular Meryl Streep…
    I'm not getting all the comments about Jolie not being able to act. She can act. I think her personal life has overshadowed her skill.

  181. ASHTRIN KETCHAM says:

    I do agree with one thing. As much as I love Angie, I don't think she should be Catwoman. Catwoman does want she wants, when she wants, good or bad. That's not Angie's style(espeacially being a mother now of like seven). But I do truely believe she would make a very powerful Wonder Woman–(Sorry Beyonce-Cat Woman is more YOUR style) Angie is so powerful, strong and always has her head up even at the worst times. Diane Prince gave up alot in her past to over achieve alot in her future(Dealing with Superman, and the Justice League, If any one know DC and Marvel like I do then you would know that where Diana is from men are PROHIBITED. If it were up to me to produce the Wonder Woman film I'd have Angie as 1st and Charlize Theron and runner up. Come on people open up your eyes. Beyonce I love you and all, but I am a die heart DC and Marvel fan, and I know people are not going to be too thrilled to see a black Wonder Women no matter how famous YOU are. oh and I am black so don't take it personal.

  182. dramoz says:

    2 villains- johnny depp as ridler
    seymor hoffman as penguin

  183. berns says:

    I don't mind Angelina Jolie, but for the role of Catwoman??? no thanks. Catwoman would be great in the Batman films, but to be honest, in Nolan's realistic portrayal of the Batman world, why on Earth would a woman choose to wear a cat costume for burglaries??
    A new take on The Riddler would be great… and also Bane, it's not that far fetched for a man on steroids to beat on the Bat…
    And for a great love story, what about Talia Al Ghul? she's evil to boot too!

  184. Steph says:

    Jolie would be a muuuch better POISION IVY!

  185. M says:

    Seriously, this is almost as bad as Johnny Depp as the Riddler. NO, I would be so disappointed if Jolie was Catwoman. If Catwoman enters I really think she should be played by a lesser known actress or at least someone like Heath Ledger who could successfully place themselves so much into the role as to be completely different from the person they are or have been in other movies.
    I want Catwoman in the next one so badly but her story with Batman would have to be secondary to another big villian.

  186. T says:

    Really? Why does everyone hate Angelina Jolie so much? I think she's an amazing actress, and to everyone that hates her just because she's "hot", get over it. Yes, I am a straight woman, and I am also able to admit it when somebody is beautiful. Which she is. And I also doubt she's had any work done, collagen or otherwise. Stop freaking out.
    Also, I think she'd be a great Catwoman. I've followed the Batman series forever, and love the Catwoman character. If they decided to include her in the next installment of the Batman series I think it would be an awesome move. How can anyone deny that Selina Kyle is dark enough for these new Batmans? Burglar would be lame, but just another crazy? It works. And Jolie would be able to pull it off.

  187. alice says:

    awful awful idea.
    catwoman would kill the movie, even worst putting jolie or any look-alike actresses

  188. Visitor says:

    Okay fanboys!! Rachel is dead and story needs love story (because its Hollywood and would be outstanding scenes) Trilogy need Catwoman. GOOD actress would be do it very good role like what Christian Bale did for Batman role. Fresh and dark role but there also something more.
    But important thing is: Is there The Joker because this character is important!!

  189. Rebbbba says:

    Now, I think if they were even going to CONSIDER attempting Catwoman.. which they probably won't. But if they did, I think the key-word to describe her shouldn't be "beautiful". I think "edgy" or "unstable". Possibly someone inspired by Batman's theatrics (like how Joker was), only a female. Someone who thinks they are doing good things, but they are actually breaking the law. That would lead to a "what makes me any different than you?", because Batman's being pursued by the police now. Great contrast. I can't think of any good actresses… they shouldn't be sexy or anything, but scary. Manly, even. I mean, The Joker was a freak, and Batman's a freak, even Scarecrow's a freak. It'd only make sense to portray Catwoman as so.

  190. jwaller says:

    I would be the first to laud Heath's performance as the Joker in TDK; it was a performance for the ages, and that is a fact that cannot be disputed. Having said that, the continuation of the franchise really is contingent on this character's recreation in the third installment. There is no plausible way to truly capture Bruce's sacrifice, his suffering in Gotham, and his need to live as Batman without the Clown Prince. The character must be recast (drop the music, Joaquin Phoenix), and I say that (again) with all adoration of Heath's portrayal. I would love to see the third as a collaboration between the Joker and Riddler in an attempt to systematically turn Gotham fully against the Batman (even Gordon, perhaps) while at the same time reigning extreme terror and attempting to expose Batman's true identity.
    Wouldn't it be fresh to see the dramatic and climactic fall of a 'hero' in this genre, instead of a cookie-cutter, everything-comes-together-at-the-end, feel-good ending? This is not to say that the Joker and Riddler (or whoever the villains may be) will prevail in the end, but wouldn't it be poetic and, really, realistic to see good fall with evil?

  191. Amanda Pritchett says:

    although i think Angelina Jolie would make a very sexy catwomen i think she has a great skill for more interesing characters and one that wasnt mentioned in this article i think would suit her well. bring back Harley Quinn. she could come back vengful for the jokers death(if that was the sapposed fate of the Joker, which who could come back and take on the roll Heath ledger so masterfully played) i mean seriously Catwomen has been done switch it up plus i think Harley Quinn goes better with the new dark feel of these Batman movies

  192. slightlyofftopic says:

    is catwoman a classic staple in the batman rogue gallery? would it be hot to see angelina jolie, or any of the other suggestions above (barring, perhaps, cher), in the catsuit? immediately following the joker, does this character have the depth necessary to be of any interest? yes, yes, and hell no. my limited imagination envisions something along the lines of a Nolan origin trilogy; first bats gets the toys, then he learns the rules, and in the sendoff he becomes the icon. the villain that makes the most sense seems to be the penguin; as suggested previously, the characterization could be in the vein of arms profiteer (think fat/evil tony stark). that way we have a formidable competitor in both business and crime realms, a foe for bruce wayne and batman alike. this could really bring the batman character back into focus for the finale, playing off the duality of identities. other characters that could really highlight the dual identity theme could certainly be catwoman and two-face. throw in the continuing 'vigilante on the run' plotline, a capable star for the penguin (PSH, Paul Giamatti, etc.), and some of that nolan magic, and that could be enough to get the ball rolling on batman tres.
    then again, i'm sure this idea is as colossally dumb as some of the others posted here have struck me.

  193. Travis F says:

    That last post touched me. The author preaches from the pulpit of the church of graphic novels; a pure voice fanboys everywhere should treasure. Amen.

  194. DarlieB says:

    Anglina is a better actor than most and when I read some of this "baloney" I want to remind people that they said Keaton couldn't do Batman which he did perfectly, Ledger couldn't do The Joker which he did perfectly …. Angelina is perfect for the part and bring a true wild side that none of them could imagine. For anyone who thinks she can't do disturbed see "Girl Interrupted".

  195. David Candido Osorio says:

    I simply won't see that movie.

  196. John Dingler, artist says:

    Former president Bush is just kicking back in Crawford and giving bad speeches. He could play a mean joker; I like the way he tells jokes, or at least the way impersonators tell them in the campy Bush style. I say get Dubya for the Joker. He played a mean joke on America.

  197. Chris says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This would completely cheapen this franchise. Go with someone lesser known (not to mention a talented actress) to keep with the previous casting approach, here's a suggestion, if you haven't seen the second season of Dexter, watch it and tell me one reason why the actress that plays Lila (Jaime Murray) shouldn't be Catwoman, I think she'd be perfect.

  198. mia says:

    NO WAY !Jolie is awful…she'd be the most horrible catwoman ever..Nolan must place a real actress next to that great great actor Christian Bale!Not that…big-lip Jolie…

  199. suzhousid says:

    what about a new super bad guy ..". the ugly duck"…. starring susan boyle…she could even get to sing a song

  200. Sean McIntosh says:

    i personally favor catwoman to be in the next movie, she looks like a good catwoman but she is too iconic to play her, she'd take over the movie so i favor Rachel Weisz, the brittish accent would work very well and she was great in action scenes of the mummy.

  201. Rebecca says:

    Yuck! Definitely not gonna watch if its Angelina.. NO DAM WAY!

  202. EvCo3 says:

    Hallie berry is the only cat woman for me.

  203. AmbroseKalifornia says:

    Wow Geoff. NINE pages of comments. You sure know how to troll.
    For the record, The Catwoman Jolie sounds like an okay idea to me, but (And I've said this before) Amanda Seyfried would be AMAZING as Harley Quinn.
    Google, and spend all day looking at her. *sigh*
    And Megan Fox, despite the crazy-hotness is too young for Bale, and may not even be a good enough actress to pull of Catwoman. I only look at her pictures.

  204. John says:

    I honestly don't see why they couldn't use Poison Ivy. She's a biochemist isn't she? And you could easily adapt her storylines to something approaching realism, what with things like the anthrax scare post 9-11. Or make Bane a druglord of sorts and not quite so big and perhaps without the mask. But then with that you run the risk of repeating elements of Scarecrow from Batman Begins, which I don't think Nolan would do. Either way, I think Nolan is going to have to embrace SOME of the fantastical elements of the Batman villains if he's going to continue making these films. You really can't avoid them and based on the ones he's used so far (Falcone, Scarecrow, Ras Al Ghul, Joker, and Two Face), he's covered quite a bit and has to do something different if he does #3. He's covered a crime boss, a crazy doctor, a mystical terrorist (I just realized how awesome that sounds and was; Liam rules!), a man who wants to burn the world down, and a man driven in half and insane by tragedy. He's covered quite a bit. So really, he has to embrace the fantastical ones and if he does that, then he needs to put them through his prism (as Nolan likes to say). Whether it's a Mr. Freeze who's a scientist doing dangerous liquid nitrogen experiments or Poison Ivy as an anthrax mailing terrorist or Catwoman as an S and M based serial killer (which IS a Catwoman side we've never seen and I think is worth exploring; do her costume as purple like in the comics from the 90s, which made her hotter, but don't cast Jolie; Jolie has done enough; go for an unknown). The possibilities are endless. Also, if he does do a part 3, then Nolan should end it with Arkham Asylum being bombed and all the criminals going free, almost akin to the Escape From L.A. ending where society re-enters the Stone Age. If he doesn't want to do anymore of them, then that's the perfect ending to his tenure

  205. Ashley says:

    the riddeler – johnny depp

  206. Musicman says:

    Angelina Jolie is not only the best choice to play Catwoman, but she's the LOGICAL choice. Catwoman has to be sexy, seductive & completely insane. Angie could do all of that with her eyes closed. As to whether or not the Joker should be recast, not until the franchise is restarted.

  207. John says:

    I CAN'T STAND JOLIE! She had better not play catwoman! She will RUIN the whole movie! That would be the end of these Batman movies

  208. holly says:

    Catwoman is an awesome character that should be done but perhaps not be the main opponent of the story. Maybe Batman comes across her, but is busy dealing with some other villain to deal with her properly. She could be like a villain on the side since she isn't really evil but she isn't really good either. Maybe they could have some interaction with each other as Bruce and Selina.
    On who should be cast, I’m sorry but it has to be a no to Jolie. There are plenty of gorgeous actresses who are great at what they do and don't have as much baggage (both in film career and in the tabloids). Here are two of my picks, but I am open to other options: Morena Baccarin (Anna on V) and Barbara Mori (Latin American actress, but just needs to work on her English more). Both have the look of Selina from the comics, have played strong female characters that have questionable morals, and for all those fan boys out there, these ladies can pull off the skin tight suite look.

  209. Stan says:

    Yes to Catwoman, hell no to Jolie. Get someone fresh and unexpected. Not impressed with Jolie's chops and anyone who is following the Joker needs to be good.

  210. Cris says:

    Johnny Depp as The Riddler.

  211. Kenzie says:

    Angelina Jolie would be a horrible catwoman. I don't want to be a nitpicker, but her skin tone is way to dark and her lips are too big for the role.

  212. James says:

    Perfect idea… and all of the comments below that say Jolie can't act, lets not forget she won an academy award. Those of you who talk about escalation, it is true… The Dark Knight will be extremely hard to top, if not impossible. People will pick it apart even for being made, even though we would die if it wasn't made. And it is true, when Joker is talking about blowing up the city… stealing doesn't seem like the cat's meow (pun intended). But what it needs to be about is the love story that forms between them. Love is much greater to a man personally, if you put yourself into his shoes. Can he love this criminal? That is why it would be epic. She would certainly be better then the riddler, who would do what exactly? Blow things up? Escalation, not repetition… remember people? And its compelling story telling that makes these movies fantastic. They could make it about Maxie Zeus and i'm sure Christopher Nolan would make it fantastic. The League of Shadows were going to destroy Gotham, Joker was going to blow some buildings up… And Joker seemed much more intense because of the story telling. Two-Face seemed even more intense (my opinion of coarse) just by threatening James Gordon's son. After seeing Batman Begins(2005) I walked out of the theater conflicted. Not because the film wasn't good, simply because I knew at the time there was no way they would top it… I guess the joke was on me. And after feeling the same about the Dark Knight… I guess we will just have to wait…
    Same Bat time, Same Bat channel

  213. Daniel says:

    yes Angelina will be one hot cat .pls this time use the original bat mobile in this movie we miss that car ,,

  214. A Fan says:

    my guess?
    (main) villian?
    The Riddler
    played by either:
    Daniel Day Lewis
    because he's the still the best out there.
    a legend.
    gave many heartfelt speech in praise of Heath's work,
    and more than capable of matching Heath's intensity.
    Tom Hardy
    watch 'Bronson' and Martina Cole's 'The Take'.
    interestingly enough, he's currently starring in Nolan's latest flick… a tester maybe?
    either way, incredible, unforgettable third chapter ensues,
    duration = 3hr+
    ends with the either the death of The Dark Knight,
    or we see him survive (barely) and turn into an aged, violent old man, eaten up by the demons of his past.
    ends up in Arkham where no one knows his "true face".
    makes more money than Avatar.

  215. Dee from the Arkham says:

    I would say bring phieffer back…but other than that, it would be sexy to see jolie as Catwoman….Someone said famke jansen….how about Catherine Zeta Jones??? Another worthy actor for the role would have to be Charlize Theron…or Amy Smart from Crank fame….haha….Anyway Catwoman on the next batman would be a dream come true…Iam watching Burtons Batman Returns as we speak…..

  216. Dee from the Arkham says:

    Catwoman either Catherine Zeta Jones, Jolie, Amy Smart (Crank fame), or bring back Phieffer or a deranged sadistic Charlize Theron, Johnny Depp as Riddler, Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn….Emilio Estevez as the billy the kiddish joker or Gary Busey…hahaha…..

  217. Alan says:

    Catwoman ..a BIG-NO-NO! why ruin the perfect first two parts of a trilogy with extremly bad casting for the third… to me, Nolan knows exactly what he's doing.. and any decision he makes is going to reflect exactly what the nolan brothers wanted to offer since batman begins…that is bringing in a comparatively unknown person (late Heath Ledger) to play the Arch Nemisis..and that too the best incarnation we've seen in a live cinema……and as for the villain in the dark knight sequel, it wont be johnny depp.. it wont be angelina jolie… but i do know… it's gonna be great!

  218. J. L. Collins says:

    NO NO NO!!!! Please, please no GOD no NOOOOOO!!!!! asides from that – her acting is FAR from great. Thanks to the media, I'm simply tired of looking at her. She needs to go eat a cheeseburger – a big one. Those fat lips centered on that shrunken skeletal face will over shadow the costume

  219. Kirana says:

    please not biel or paquin. catwoman needs to be strong and intelligent, independent like a cat, and not just appear to be so as is the limit of those two's abilities. am intrigued by the idea of dawes returning, and as catwoman. nice story arc. i'm sure nolan can overcome the issue of catwoman being destroyed by halle barry's movie.

  220. Kate Smith says:

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  221. Kevin Brown says:

    I say Angelina as Catwoman is hot but so is Emily Blunt and Kate Beckinsale
    as well and why not Leo Dicaprio for The Riddler after all he did star as Howard Hughes and Jack Dawson and Romeo along side Clare Danes plus Dom Cobb in Inception what more do you need. than this killer combinnation of characters could take The The Riddler to new heights into the realm of insanity that chris nolan can make, other Villains that could work and maybe have a cameo are Deadshot, Two-Face [if nolan allows him to be alive],The Mad Hatter [ in a Similar style to The Scarecrow via by using gas that makes people think that they are characters from CS Lewis's Alice in Woderland],Talia al Ghul,Victor Zsasz, The Black Mask,Thomas Eliot – Hush,
    Bane cause he could be a body builder who is a retired wresler who took experimental steroids,

  222. anon says:

    How about restart the franchise as an actual 'dark' version of Batman or just a straight kids film but without the pretense of being a deep or 'dark' version of Batman?

  223. Loser says:

    Congratulations on having the most generic thoughts ever. Horrible idea, and thank god Jolie's too much of an old bag for this to actually happen.

  224. lee says:

    Milla Jovovich!!!!!!!!!!

  225. Scherezade says:

    Get the girl form 'girl who plays with fire' to be the next catwoman. she's an excellent actress who can take on a complex character, and she's beautiful too, albeit in a non-traditional way

  226. T.K.R says:

    this idea is legitimately putrid.

  227. stephanie says:

    Scarlett can't play cat woman. She's already playing Black widow. That would totally ruin both batman and iron man.

  228. chris says:

    marion cotillard as catwoman, please.

  229. Drake Dilla says:

    Nolans Gonna Need A Heavy Hitter to make this third film work, I think he's having doubts of who he can work around, storyline and who can top ledgers performance, Id say Rosario Dawson purrfect, Alba?, maybe, Kate beckinsale unlikely, same for Charlize theron or Famke Jansen, tho she would be a good choice..hmmm….Phiffer was the illest Catwoman ever…so someone that can top that, and can do what ledger did to nicholsens work as joker would be nice…keep it sadistic and dark….a heavy hitter female villain would be nice tho, sadistic and dark…this should focus on batmans love affair with selene…the mob, perhaps black mask as a supporting villain? clayface? The Riddler as main villain, would reign supreme tho…Depp or Edward Norton?

  230. Drake Dilla says:

    Carrie Anne Moss, would be a great choice…hmm shes worked with nolan….shes done trinity….she can do kicks and other stunts…hmm…perfect…mila yunis from sarah marshall, book of eli? hello? in black leather, wow…I think Carrie anne would be perfect cause she would fit Nolans style, she has that mature, yet sexy catwoman feel….other than that Theron….She can do it, peep her on Hancock….she can wear leather and fit the bill as bales/bruce wayne/batmans love interest…..please include catwoman!!

  231. Drake Dilla says:

    Catwoman: Carrie Anne Moss (perfect choice nolan!), or Charlize Theron!!!!!!

  232. Drake Dilla says:


    On the other hand bad girl Rosario Dawson would be top choice!! But that could be too brutal!!! Carrie Anne Moss on the other hand chill and subtle, Charlize Theron…a bit dramatic…..emotional and outta control…hmm…..3 top choices by far…..

  233. Drake Dilla says:

    Man….Depp As Riddler, Cottillard as Catwoman, Bale batman, public enemies hello? that would be pretty sick…..Depp would be top notch….or even Charlize Theron as catwoman, or Rosario Dawson…hot damn that would be sick….I hope Nolan didnt mean that about the riddler not being in it…and if he is, I hope he doesnt spill the beans about anyone…!!!!!!!! Batman 3 lets make this happen!!!!!

  234. GiGi says:

    Wow people how slow are we? The focus will not be Robin, so lets stop that idea. Bale refuses to play Batman if Robin is brought into the picture and Nolan has already stated that he will not bring in certain over the top characters into this series. I do believe that Catwoman is a good villian. And I also believe Jolie would be one of the best ladies to play the part. Especially if she takes it back to her Girl Interrupted form of acting. The ladies that have been suggested are bad. Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Kate Beckinsale, these are all bad choices. They can't even act! I believe that Nolan will go with a choice we will all question just like he did with casting Ledger as the Joker. And we all see how that turned out. If it is Jolie, I would be happy but if not, as long as the actress can hold her own on screen I am fine. Side note, I do agree with the person that commented that Harley Quinn would be a good addition. Maybe she could come to get revenge for the down fall of the Joker. Just a suggestion, but stop raging on Jolie unlike any actress that has been named at least she has an Oscar!

    • AOC says:

      Agreed! Angelina Is a great actor, those other ones mentioned couldnt act their way out of a paper bag, plus Jolie is so much more beautiful than all of them

  235. Maha says:

    PLEASE don't think of the Michelle Pfiefer Catwoman when thinking of Catwoman for this arc. I loved her in the movie, but currently she and her like types are as far from Selina Kyle as possible.
    We need someone with dark hair, athletic, slim, and with short-ish hair. No blondes.
    Jolie doesn't carry the Catwoman look at all.
    Oh and Halle Berry, you killed Catwoman. She's Catwoman, not half cat hybrid.

  236. Maha says:

    Someone named Rhona Mitra? Great choice.
    I know this may not be liked by many, but looks-wise, Megan Fox can be the perfect Catwoman.

  237. Pttttht says:

    Angelina Jolie is gross and Catwoman would never fit a Nolan Batman movie, nor would any actor who is more famous for being a celebrity than for being an actor.

  238. Royhazel Edmonds says:

    Christopher Nolan is naming the third movie "The Dark Knight Rises" which is kinda lame, espcially since this will probably be Bale's last role as Batman as he only signed on for three sequels. Catwoman will probably be a good idea, but Nolan said the riddler isn't gonna be in this movie, which sucks too. I hope whatever villain(s) he picks will make it better than the Dark Knight. it's hard to top it's predecessor but we'll see.

  239. Well.... says:

    Three words: Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    She's not an A-lister, hasn't done much for a while, has good experience doing SOME stuntwork on 'Buffy' and, most importantly, is a brilliant actress in terms of emotional realism; she could easily pull of a psychotic and sadistic Catwoman, although she is perhaps more suited to Harley Quinn.

    Jolie would be a great choice, but too obvious, and she's already tied to a new 'Cleopatra' movie. Bringing back Maggie Gyllenhall as Catwoman would not be a good idea whatsoever. Gellar, or perhaps the impressive Eva Green, could prosper in either of these roles.

  240. CCC says:

    Catwomen needs to be a new Face someone who has not been seen on the big screen Someone fresh..I am Tired of seeing all these big names play superheroes…Or villians Jolie played Tombraider and failed…Jessica Alba is a good choice Though She would make a good Catwomen. Maybe Michelle Rodriguez…She is very Beautiful and she can act better then Jolie…I would rather see Salma hayek play catwomen over jolie. Even this actress could pull it off Monica Bellucci

  241. animal says:

    bring in bat girl and kill gordans son i never even knew he had a son anyway till this movie and let johnny depp play the joker thats the only logical replacement

  242. Glenn says:

    Negative. I say no Catwoman, but if they MUST use her, Olivia Wilde (from the new "Tron" movie) would be a good choice, or Kate Beckinsale would be good, provided she could do a decent American accent.

    For my money, though, I don't think Nolan could possibly go wrong with Johnny Depp as The Riddler. Depp can play ANY character, and he can summon up JUST enough creepiness to make Riddler's narcisism and egomania really pop. Plus, there's NOTHING supernatural or science fiction about a guy who thinks he's smarter than everyone else. Don't we ALL know someone like that?

  243. Stan says:

    Oh. My. God. People are stupid. Angelina as catwoman? Pfff.

  244. Joshua Carter says:

    I'm sorry to say this, but Angelina Jolie is a terrible choice for Catwoman. I would just stick with Hallie Berry from her first Catwoman film… Angelina Jolie has already starred in a lot of Lara Croft "Tomb Raider" Movies, and they are all overrated! I don't want her to screw up the Batman franchise by playing Catwoman. A woman that's already played Lara Croft in so many movies, and then turn around and play Catwoman is really not a good thing in my opinion…. So, I'm asking you to please, just get Hallie Berry to do it! She's not bad at all.

  245. Joshual Carter says:

    Angelina Jolie in my opinion is not a good choice for Catwoman… But! She can make a good Poison Ivy though!

  246. Josiah Lillard says:

    Boucher, i really enjoyed your interviews with Nolan, especially because of the high degree of insight you offered in your questioning. That said, this Jolie suggestion (and even the suggestion of putting catwoman in this franchise at all) really surprised me. In your interviews you seem deeply interested in the heavy dynamics of the first two batman films (Wayne's fear and rage, for instance), and yet you actually think that a good way to end the series would be to appeal to the sex drive of the male audience (not to mention the outrageous feminism of postmodern America)? This is a bad idea if for no other reason than the fact that you simply aren't making any sense.

  247. AOC says:

    I think Angelina Jolie would be great as Catwoman! She's got that badass attitude that would take catwoman to new heights! Plus I think she is a great actress on the whole. And yes, unfortunately looks do count for something when you are putting a woman in black tight leather, and i think that Jolie would fill it out right. Plus his last love interest just died so puuurrfect entrance for catwoman! Julie Newmar (Who played catwoman in the tv show) would agree with Jolie as Catwoman.

    But as for being the main villain in the next batman movie….No. A side villain/love interest yes. I think the main villain should be the riddler.

    If Heath Ledger didn't die (RIP) I could see them doing another movie with him as the joker and Incorporate Harley Quinn. Shes a fresh character thats never been portrayed by another person. But I liked the character in batman the animated series. And if they can find someone else to play the joker I will be all up for this idea! And yes they can pick someone else to be the joker, Jack Nicholson was a great joker, and so was Ledger so they can find someone else to do it.

  248. AOC says:

    Oh also Christopher Nolan already ruined the series with killing two-face off already. He should have kept him around for the next movie. They killed him off too fast. this is an add-on to my last comment

  249. Kevin B says:

    Perhaps Michelle Rodriguez as Cat Woman or Jackie Haley Earle as Egghead??

  250. Ashraf Anam says:

    I hate Angelina Jolie although she apparently fits the Catwoman part of the character. Why not someone who suits Christian Bale because at the end of the day it's Bruce-Selina Kyle romance more than the Catwoman action?

  251. inggrit says:

    megan fox or mila jovovich…
    i think that's a good IDEA…!!!!
    and…i think..keanu reeves… can be a great batman next…
    why not???/

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