Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the way back in ‘The Expendables’

April 19, 2010 | 12:50 a.m.

Times film reporter and 24 Frames blogger Steven Zeitchik asks the question we have been asking ourselves ever since the trailer for “The Expendables” hit theaters: Will he really be back?


In the recently released trailer for “The Expendables,” the action movie directed by Sylvester Stallone about a group of aging mercenaries on a rebel mission in South America, big-screen graybeards such Stallone, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke (along with the more youthful Jason Statham and Randy Couture) are plotting a coup when an unexpected face suddenly materializes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, apparently taking a break from the budgetary troubles that have dogged him during his governorship, appears on screen with Willis and Stallone, utters a crisply satirical line (“Give this job to my friend here — he loves playing in the jungle,” he says about the “Rambo” star) and, as quickly as he appeared, turns and walks away.

As the governor prepares to beat a retreat from Sacramento at the end of the year, the scene dangles a tantalizing possibility. Forget low approval ratings, tax hikes and an education crisis — fans and entertainment-business insiders are asking more pressing questions. Is his appearance in the Aug. 13 release “The Expendables” — a testosterone-drenched shoot-’em-up summer movie, if testosterone-drenched shoot-’em-up summer movies were cast in action-film retirement homes — an acting swan song before Schwarzenegger stalks off to a new political adventure (a post in the Obama administration, perhaps)? Or is it a trial balloon for another foray into Hollywood?

Since landing in the governor’s office nearly 6 1/2 years ago, Schwarzenegger has taken on a task that can seem as mercenary as any in “The Expendables.” In fact, after all the political powder kegs, legislative trench warfare and spray-and-pray news coverage, he may have wished they’d given this job to his friend. (Or his enemy.)


— Steven Zeitchik



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11 Responses to Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the way back in ‘The Expendables’

  1. andrew wang says:

    I like Jet Li. I will see this movie.

  2. Sam says:

    Sorry Sylvester, Forest and Lionsgate – I am a state employee and will not see anything that Arnold is in for the rest of my life! I would encourage all state employees to boycott anything involving him and his egomaniacal ways. "The Expendables" – perfect title. That's what he thinks of us.

  3. David says:

    Maybe if the 'state employees' did their Job in solving the budget crises instead of political bickering and stance taking the Governor wouldn't have cut pay.
    The problem is simple the state can't spend money that it doesn't have.
    This looks like a great movie and I can't wait to see it.. Who can beat this all star lineup directed by Sly himself!

  4. Nancy says:

    yesssssssssssssss. I have and always will believe in the terminator. I love your movies and i pray to GOD that you will keep on doing movies.
    Leave politics to the politicians, you are best know as one of us, from the movie place.
    i am not an actress but i know when to appreciate good acting.
    GOD BLESS YOU and please return we need you in the movie theaters.

  5. Ugur Goeren says:

    The Expendables is the perfect movie with the perfect stars.
    Never stop Stallone !!!

  6. Dr. Pepper says:

    State of CA SEIU Local 1000 and all managers and supervisors please boycott the Expendables because Arnold says we are expendable. Organize a boycott at your neighborhood movie theatre opening day August 13th to avoid $7.25 per hour threats and now, more furloughs starting on August 13th, bad luck day for "The Expendables" investors. We are valuable, Schwarzenegger is expendable.

  7. Derek says:

    What are the state employees supposed to do about the budget crisis? That's like asking a receptionist who works for BP to do her part in cleaning up the oil spill. It's the people in charge who can fix these kinds of things.

  8. yourstateainttheonly says:

    CA isnt the only state in peril. Please, despite Arnold not being the best in governing, the guy still is a human being just like Bill Clinton who was forgivin and still kept his job after sleeping with an intern at work! Where I am going with this is that if Sly and Bruce can overlook his shortcomings and still keep him as a friend, then so should you. The guy took on a job that I would like to see any of you complainers do better!
    I just saw the movie and it was awesome and the funny thing is, you'd all enjoy Arnold's scene! Lighten up people, the state I live in the governor isnt the best and our state isnt out of the red either, but if that person had a small part in a movie, it wouldnt stop me from seeing a movie with my favorite actor along with all the other actors. Dont take it out on Sly's movie all because he still will have Arnold as a friend. If I had a friend who was the best but didnt do their job well as my governor, that is no reason to break the friendship. At least Arnold does it right in being a great friend. Cut Arnold some slack, I dont support a lot of the things he believes or has done, but I still enjoy him as an ordinary person and there are far worse people in the movie industry that I bet you already have given your money to. By the way, Arnold did the movie for free!



  10. Yashraj says:

    hello sir.,,how r you,,,i m yashraj….i have been watching your moives for 12 years…i am a big fan of you sir,,[Sylvester Stallone]….. u r my heart,,,bcoz i live for u….sir i wanna tell you somthing…… ..its not a joke …. i wanna work with in your moive….as you do…..really sir …i m living for this time…..plsss sir….take me in your movie……any role….but i m work with you….i wanna do somthing for….nothing pay to me….just hold my hands….that's need you…that's is calling you …plss….Rocky…give me chance to fulfil my dreams….to watch and work and walk …with you……pls…john…its a heartly pray to my god…pls….hold my hands…you can….but i cann't….bcoz…i m a small person….u r the title of this planet …so your hands can reach me…….touch me…..but i cann't… pls….sir…..if u r listening …then….put me.inside with you…plss……i m praying…..bcoz …i live for u…and wanna see you in real life……..i m 23 years old…..plssssssssss………..sir……..plsssss…..i will wait for you……your's loving dear…..

  11. il be back says:

    this is why they should let action stars direct more movies…seriosly this has like every action hero i can think of except john wain and chuck norris

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