‘Avatar’ poised for a $200-million weekend

Dec. 18, 2009 | 1:16 a.m.


Ben Fritz at our sister blog, Company Town, goes inside the numbers on “Avatar” and its opening weekend. This is a bit of bonus coverage in our blue-in-the-face, 30-day countdown…

Avatar bow and arrow


One of the most expensive movies of all time is poised for a huge box office debut this weekend, though nowhere close to the biggest ever.

Avatar” will likely gross about $80 million from Friday through Sunday in the U.S. and Canada, according to several people who have seen pre-release public surveys. Thanks to largely positive reviews, however, the people said the movie could easily outperform what polling currently indicates and end up even higher.

People close to the studio said executives are concerned about managing expectations for their costly picture going into the weekend. Fox’s domestic distribution president Bruce Snyder said he expects the movie to open to $50 million to $60 million.

Overseas, where the James Cameron-directed 3-D spectacle is opening this week in 106 countries, including every major market except Italy, Japan and China, it will likely sell more than $100 million worth of tickets and could easily collect around $150 million.

That will put “Avatar” among the 20 biggest worldwide launches ever…


— Ben Fritz



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Photo: Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana in “Avatar.” Credit: 20th Century Fox


136 Responses to ‘Avatar’ poised for a $200-million weekend

  1. len says:

    i was planning to go see avatar. i even wanted to find it on an imax screen to get the full cgi experience. but then i read about its political agenda. maybe i'll catch it on dvd. if it's in one of those dollar/day boxes at the grocery.

  2. Sharen says:

    This movie is way to out there on the liberal side of things. Why can't a movie show real life. We may commercialize our lives and the way we live. The American way is the only way. We love life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is the way this show should have been presented to the public. Not anti American. I won't give a dime to this movie. I believe Holly wood has gone to far and will get it's pay back from loosing money on this movie.

  3. Brian says:

    The special effects look great which is half of the movie. The storyline is typical though….evil 'capitalist' (aka Euro-descended American cowboys/Calvary) force indigenous people off of their home land by force. In this movie, I see Cameron decided to use "MARINES" as the evil bad guys. From the trailers I've seen, it is quite obvious of the emphasis Cameron uses 'Marines' in the movie. So from my view point, the movie carries a heavy anti-U.S. Marine Corps message as well as anti-caucasin history/white guilt message as well. The special effects looked great though…..

  4. MiHi says:

    Oh remder unto me a freaking break! HYPE HYPE HYPEHYPEHYPEBULLCRAP and HYPE!
    If this movie was any good, they WOULDN'T need to hammer us mercilessly for over six months!

  5. J. Cameron says:

    With all due respect, this movie looks absolutely ridiculous…if I wanted to go see blue people prance around in fairy tale land I'll rent the Smurfs Season 1 DVD. $500 million dollar bomb.

  6. Thinker822 says:

    Great just what we need another Industrialization bashing ECO damaging portray of corporation and the US. Sure am glad so many people will croon over its special effects (which do look impressive), and ignore the content (which appears repulsive), and make Cameron even more ego-centric and wealthy.

  7. Jack Stack says:

    Avatar certainly scores with the technology and the effects but it is a 3D movie with a 2D story and 1D acting. Cameron's ideological views are presented with the subtlety of a mallett being bashed on the skull and reminded me of a agitprop movie made in the old USSR. And as for Stephen Lang and Giovanni Ribisi!! Well, if there is an award for awful acting I nominate them along with Sam Worthington who has all the appeal of rice pudding. Jurassic Park was a better movie in every way and it didn't need 3D

  8. Donald says:

    I was set to see this film and then started reading Cameron's quotes about its message. Y'know… there were a number of movies I wanted to see this year that I just couldn't find the time to catch in theaters, this is probably going to be one of those films I won't regret missing. Seriously, you're going to charge me how much for the privilege to preach to me for a couple hours? No thanks.
    I hear some good things from friends then I may reconsider, otherwise I'll borrow it from the library when it finally comes out.

  9. Sean says:

    I saw 2012 recently so I think I filled my quota for movies having lots of special effects and no story.

  10. Firsken Medrick says:

    Blimey, it's a bunch of puke it is!

  11. Rob McIntire says:

    Well – – yet another Hollywood effort that can't even make it to release before the news is out that it's just one more effort to denigrate conservative America and exalt Liberalism.
    Sorry, folks. It's time to start voting with our dollars. I, for one, will not be seeing this in the theater, at all. I'll wait for the DVD, or perhaps I'll just skip it altogether. I'd rather sit at home and watch re-runs than toss my dollars at some dork who thinks that spreading Liberalism makes for good entertainment.

  12. harrison pierce says:

    is this movie a bashing of america by a nother left wing nut that has the power of him self , or does it have a real story line with no one or no country in mind ?

  13. Scott says:

    If I want to see America get bashed, I'll just watch some miserable traitor like Barack Obama do it. No need to pay $10.00 to watch giant smurfs do it. Screw you anti-American Cameron and Hollywood weirdos.
    Because of the special effects, I will agree to rent it at the video store for a buck.

  14. slippy says:

    So much for folks keeping an open mind and seeing the movie for themselves. What's all this political -anti- liberal -tea-bagg stuff posted on here and all the HATE ? It's a MOVIE folks -it's entertainment. See it and THEN get your shorts in a knot. I've got tickets for Saturday afternoon in iMAX 3-D and I can't wait

  15. Dan says:

    Lets see….he used the "Colonial Marines" in Aliens as the hardcore, war loving, shoot first, cowboy idiots who got stomped by the monsters in Aliens. Now he uses "Marines" again to portray humans as the evil ones yet again?! Cameron….get a life, a clue and some darn sense you moron. Humans arent the great evil, if we are, then set the example and "off" yourself cause you are part of the problem fool.

  16. Forrest says:

    Upon hearing a rave review about its plot portraying a heavy handed leftist agenda, I've been telling people to go out and see something good instead, like "The Blind Side." There is nothing worse than suffering through a lefty "message" movie (Stop-Loss, Rendition, V for Vendetta…to name a few pukers.) Sadly, until the idiots in Hollywierd wake up to the fact that the majority of people go to the movies for entertainment rather than indoctrination, we're going to keep getting losers like this one. I'm not even going to bother buying the DVD (as I did with V for Vendetta, which I promptly donated to GoodWill, and then upon hindsight, wish I'd pitched in the dumpster instead.)

  17. Dan says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah, Cameron hates the USA, blah blah, Corporations bad, blah blah blah, US Military (Colonial Marines in "Aliens" now Marines in Avatar) bad mean bully who needs to get the beat down cause USA is mean bully on the block, blah blah, humans are the problem in the universe, blah blah….more hollywood propaganda. Cameron, you are pathetic.

  18. Glenda says:

    Message to the IDIOTS in Hollywood:
    #1. I don't go to church because I don't like being preached at!
    #2. I don't go to movies anymore because (SEE #1)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't see this crap movie unless you enjoy "message" (propaganda) movies.
    …and to think that I used to like Smurfs, they were a hell of a lot cuter when they were small and carried a friendly and harmless message. The cartoon Smurfs looked more real than this 3D CGI crap too.

  19. Danny says:

    Great, another hollywood WACKO (jim cameron) bashing the very thing that puts money in his pocket to finance his dirty, filthy, low life, hollywood lifestyle……..Capitalism.
    Hollywood dirt and cowards.

  20. buff771 says:

    Give me a break about the "political agenda." James Cameron has been working on this movie for 14 YEARS. I'm sorry that a certain Republican cowboy ruined the oval office and found a way to make the rest of the planet hate us even more by invading another 'world' to take control of their 'energy.' If you want to believe that there's a political agenda here, then you should drop down to your knees and start praying to the altar of Cameron for predicting the outcome of the past 9 years.

  21. Iggy says:

    If I spend any money on entertainment, all I want is to be entertained – not "educated", nor patronized, nor preached to, nor brainwashed. Anything with a "message" or an agenda, and my money stays in my pocket. Don't care about this movie, and won't go see it.

  22. sam says:

    I hope it bombs, another left wing crapfiest, Hollywood doesn't think anything is wrong with their overpaid million dollars salaries and lavish lifestyles, they just mind when other people en joy the same benefits, never seen a bunch of bigger hypocrites in my life, to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on something as trivial as a movie, and then to make that movie about American greed destroying the plant and every other liberal boogyman that's ruining the world, these people have gall if nothing else.

  23. Ben says:

    I do not agree with the "agenda" of anti capitalism, yet I'm shocked by how immature you people are. There are movies that portray all sides of life and the world. Capitalism isn't evil but people can do evil things with it. Cameron has made another great film. If it makes you feel good and noble to not go to a great movie because of some pathetic idea of a political agenda, get a life. This is from a republican, and capitalist.

  24. Dee Cee says:

    Rental.. no special effects should compete with fruitless political opining and socialist agenda. If you can't make a perfectly peaceful, loving, happy movie that doesn't overtly accuse and harp on p/c and evasion warfare and captialism is bad anymore.. just give it up.

  25. John Campbell says:

    From the reviews I've read so far there is a sour taste left after finding out that "Avatar" is based in portraying capitalism as bad and socialism as good. Whether this is true or not I do not know as I've not seen the movie. I do find it ironic though that, if the rumors are true, "Avatar" is trying to gain financial success in a capitalist world by capitalist means. I mean after all, If socialism is so great why not have your tax dollars pay for you to go see a movie? Surely there is someone who will make the case for movie going only being for those evil rich and all others, based in gender, race, skin color, minority status, religion, financial status, and the like are all oppressed and we have to pay their way to see this movie just to make it fair. Right?

  26. G-man says:

    Wow. Hey, kids, IT'S A MOVIE!!! A movie none of you have seen and are taking someone else's opinion about. Wait until it comes out and THEN make up your minds. Crimeny.. and SHAREN? It won't be loosing (sp?) and money. You want a movie about real life? Go see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Some people want escapism. Especially from people that eat and breathe all that "love it or leave it" crap. I love America and served in the first Gulf War. Also, I can't wait to see this movie. Does that make me un-American? GOD you people make it difficult to be a conservative. Stop repeating everything Sean Hannity tells you so we won't look as stupid as the people that repeat Keith Olberman. GO JAMES CAMERON!!!! Merry Christmas.

  27. dusty says:

    looks like a bad video game

  28. Dave says:

    Wow. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, I suppose, but I can't believe how many people are refusing to see this movie because of some 'message'. It's only a movie, people, enjoy it for what it is. You're only denying yourself if you miss a fantastic movie because you are too small minded to even listen to opposing world views.
    I remember a time when people watched movies (and even read books) that challenged their own beliefs. Guess that time died, at least for the dittoheads in Amerika.

  29. Chuck says:

    Ahhh, the Drudgies are here in force. Amazing that none of the Avatar pages that AREN'T linked by the DR don't have these ridiculous posts about the left-wing, America-hating, Hollywood machine. Go pay homage to Sean Hannity and Glenn Back elsewhere. Some of us just want to be entertained. Yeah, you love your country more because you didn't go see Avatar. Hysterical! Dolts.

  30. Lara says:

    The progressive community is very excited about how the events of December 18, 2009 will unfold. There are many blogs and websites talking about the Avatar protest tomorrow and there is every reason to expect a significant turn-out. This is a wonderful opportunity to show non-progressive America the beauty and diversity of the human being.
    I would like to remind everyone that ANYONE can take part in tomorrow’s protest. You don’t have to be gay or lesbian. You don’t have to be transgender or bi-sexual. You can be simply curious or open-minded even if you consider yourself to be straight.
    These protests will be non-violent and non-confrontational. Our intention is not to intimidate but to educate. That said, there may be incidents tomorrow. This is will most likely happen in what’s called Middle America. If you live in a U.S. state that failed to vote for President Obama last year, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. If people are hurt tomorrow it will serve as a reminder for the inherent need for Universal Health Care in America. Health Care is a basic human right. If anyone is hurt tomorrow, I am sorry for you and I hope you will be well. But you can play a role in helping President Obama provide all peoples with access to health care.
    We only ask that people please respect our right to free speech and our freedom of expression. Some of us will stand up during the film. Others will sit down in theater lobbies. There is no reason why this should bother you or be a cause for confrontation. This is an opportunity for non-progressives as well: Open your minds and take the first step to being a rational and tolerant person. You can always watch Avatar at a later time or buy the DVD if you wish.
    We thank you for your time.

  31. John says:

    This movie looks like it will bash Conservatives, so I intend to watch it every day and every night for ten years, spending thousands and thousands of dollars on it. What's more, I will tell all of my friends and relatives to watch it.

  32. Eric B says:

    I love it. There are only like three positive messages about the movie on this page and I predicted what ALL of them would say. One liberal made sure he threw the HATE card down. So, basically, we're not allowed to voice our opinion if it criticizes them. That has become the new definition of hate. The others were obvious Cameron lovers who can't stand to see their beloved idol knocked. Please don't try to sit there like the spoiled A#$ brats that you are and tell me I don't have the right to my opinion. If thinking for myself is hatred then call me HATER all day long. Notice how I didn't tell liberals to shut up or stop voicing their opinions. I LOVE when they do. Keep talking libs! It just keeps making you look as rediculous as you truely are.

  33. james says:

    I think alot of people posting here get confused as to what "most Americans" want with looking at a map with a big swath of red colored states and think lots of people (like themselves) actually live there. There's probably more people taking the NYC subway any morning than citizens in North Dakota, I'm sure LA and San Fransico by themselves far outnumber the populations of Kansas or Iowa. Just because you look in the mirror everyday doesnt mean everybody looks like you.

  34. Justin says:

    This movie is gonna flop big time in the U.S. It doesn't matter how good the reviews are the average American is going to find this stupid. Another stupid attempt to bash Bush when it comes to Iraq. We're not that stupid Cameron!

  35. vimmy says:

    This is to "puff". Take it from an american who lived in europe for 6 years in the 1990's. You must understand they have hated us for years. They see our wealth and lifestyle,and believe me they do! Some of my friends over there are the only one's that seem to tell the dirty truth. America has given 20 times over in helping other countries, with money, food whatever. We have energy from Iraq or afhganistan??? Do your homework. We spent billions on Iraq. WE've not ask a dime in return. This movie is just another film to pollute young minds.

  36. Jim in Yuma Az says:

    Why does there have to be a message? shut up and enjoy the movie.

  37. Erik R. Little says:

    Political Agendas? Anti-American? Why can't I not even use the bathroom in this country without some sort of political slant? Just go there, and see a great CGI/3D experience and try, for once, to have a good day in your life.

  38. Jeff says:

    Dan, don't forget it's the military that screws everything up in The Abyss, too.
    At least Titanic doesn't have any military to speak of. A ship crewmember shoots a last-class passenger trying to flee the sinking ship out of turn, but at least that's purported to have really happened.

  39. Steve Antoni says:

    This film is just more anti-American eco-drivel wrapped in eye candy. If we stay away, we can cause tremendous pain to the Hollywood liberal community. Viva the Revolution!

  40. Jeff says:

    That's not to say I care about any agenda James Cameron has. I could care less about that. An intelligent person would not be influenced by any "agenda" in a work of fiction (even those portrayed as non-fiction, like An Inconvenient Truth).
    I don't like it because I don't like the effects. They are too much like a video game. It's like James Cameron went so far trying to make it look as realistic as possible, that the "real" stuff looks fake.

  41. Rose says:

    So, do they hand out the three-d glasses when you buy your ticket or do you have to bring your own? I read that some movie goers report getting nauseated from the special effects in this movie. Ick.
    Rose Thornton

  42. Dingo says:

    Just think, with all the liberal agenda in this movie, they could have used the money better well spent on the Deficit they compadres they elected in Government office.

  43. Really? says:

    Thank you Ben. I was beginning to think the whole right had gone insane. Really now is it the conservative political agenda now just to bash everything and turn it into this crazy anti-Obama socialism rant. Really people get the hell off of your computers and stop posting some of the most ridiculous bs I have ever had the unfortunate time of seeing.
    Aka stop nitpicking every little issue and trying to turn it against a political party. Get a f**king life it's a movie.

  44. Doug says:

    Who are you people? It is a science fiction fantasy movie, that means it is not real. If you find a political message out of something like this you are more scary then Nancy Pelosi, and that is baaad!!!!

  45. Mystic7 says:

    I can NOT wait to see how happy James Cameron and others of his ilk will be when their dream comes true and they're all slaves to non-white indigenous peoples, living off the land in mud huts and merrily plowing fields with their ox driven plows and singin' Gospel tunes.

  46. Mystic7 says:

    Only a movie, say some of you? Is "Birth of a Nation" only a movie, too?

  47. rebelyell says:

    I think the movie itself and the agend it is pushing is an irony in itself.
    The story basis itself around the destruction of forests, the modernization of technology and tries to translate it to our current status but only through fantastical blue people…
    There is only one problem…Does Cameron not know he would not have the ability or technology to even create such a film or "Titanic" if it wasn't for the forward progress of our society and technology…..
    It almost as ridiulous as Michael Moore slamming capitalism as he laughs al th way to the bank with his millions from duping people.
    Im' just say'n…

  48. dwroberts says:

    I almost never go to movies anymore. Now, to remind me why, here's another piece of anti-American crap from that titanic Hollywood boob King-of-the-World Cameron.
    I hope this cartoon flops like a fish, drops dead in the theater aisles and emits such a stink that no one ever wants to go in a movie house again.

  49. Yawn says:

    Man am I glad I downloaded it for free…
    I will usually go to the theatre afterwards if the movie is good enough to see, but not this one….

  50. Douglas says:

    "Who are you people? It is a science fiction fantasy movie, that means it is not real. If you find a political message out of something like this you are more scary then Nancy Pelosi, and that is baaad!!!!"
    Uh, James Cameron is pretty upfront about this being a message movie. He's not trying to hide any agenda. If anything, he's being pretty blatant about the politics of the film. So to castigate others for objecting to the politics of it is pretty silly.

  51. Jake says:

    Geez people. As soon as something gets linked to Drudge all the goons come out and make everything political and hateful.
    Also, I didn't know that killing natives and taking their land and resources was a conservative principle. I view the plot line as evil and greed vs good, david v goliath, not conservative vs. liberal. But if killing for money is something you folks take claim to, then I guess I didn't know the neo cons as well as I thought.

  52. ItsJustEntertainment says:

    @MiHi you haven't been bombarded for six months, there wasn't even a trailer until recently. People were begging for a trailer six months ago but didn't get one.
    And yes people there is a message in the movie — that whole "To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction" thing. Oh so liberal. Naughty Hollywood. It wasn't anti-American, I'm not even sure there was an America in this future. Countries weren't even discussed.
    It was just a visually stunning movie. Typical sci-fi. Typical action. Nothing more, nothing less. Crazy people listening to who? Fox news? Rush? Whoever tells you what to like and not like. It's only entertainment. Enjoy it for it is. Not everything is political. They're not all out to get you.

  53. Thad says:

    Some people said the Star Wars Episode I was an analogy to George Bush's imperialist ambitions. I saw it as an exciting sci-fi special effects movie. If there was any "message" it was more of a warning against giving a central government too much power. From the outside commentary, I learned more about Natalie Portman's misguided politics than George Bush's.
    Avatar is about the immorality of placing more value on a natural resource than a civilization. If you are arguing that this is somehow an attack on American Capitalism, then you are accepting their premise and arguing on their turf. I do not accept this premise, so I don’t care what “message” they’re trying to send.
    I am planning to see this movie because of the ground breaking special effects and the sci-fi, action/adventure style story full of good guys, bad guys, futuristic technology, supernatural forces, love, internal conflict, and explosions – all in 3D. If you can’t enjoy any of that because of some “message,” then skip it; but this conservative layman is planning a trip to Pandora.

  54. marym says:

    You know it is sometimes conservatives that cause liberals to do some of the crazy things they do. We would not be in the pickle we are in right now if conservatives had not driven liberals to lose their ability to reason.
    Maybe if conservatives could just relax and enjoy a fantasy film without deciding it has some deep political agenda, they might have a good time.
    It reminds me of when a bunch of conservative religious folks decided the purple telatubby was gay and then began boycotting telatubbys.
    Let's all just relax over fictional characters and maybe we can move on to pulling together to get ourselves out of this big mess we are in.

  55. Renee says:

    I'm a huge sci-fi fan from my childhood days and I won't touch this turkey with a 10 foot cattle prod. It's bad enough that this 3 hr America hatefest is so wrongheaded in it's political leanings but to make it in 3-D so you can catch the young teen/young adult demographic is diabolical. It's clear that this movie was made in such a way as to draw in the youth market to you can fill their heads with this propaganda. At least Kevin Costner made "Dances with Wolves" in a more forthright way and marketed it to adults. I would advise all my conservative friends to tell your kids and teens no on this "Dances with Smurfs" movie.

  56. John says:

    Word on the street is that the movie is just more Hollywood self-loathing. Ya know, we're the bad guy, we're evil, people are right to hate us.
    Yawn. Can't they think of something new?

  57. Tyler says:

    I saw this movie here in Germany the other day. If you must watch it, watch it in 3D. Though, truth be told, I found the 3D technology both amazing, and at times very annoying. It was amazing when the camera rested on characters faces, but in actions scenes it was quite difficult to focus and absorb what was being seen. Plot wise this movie was a bust. Dances with Wolves in space with every primitive indigenous culture loving mother earth, bad americans and Marines that killed their mother earth cliche you can imagine thrown in. In summary you either watch this movie in 3D, or you don't watch it at all because the propaganda….err…plot is not worth the money! Definitely not worth the 12 Euro I shelled out to see the premier!

  58. Sticks says:

    Scott, that's a perfect post. I absolutely agree, Obama provides enough anti-American sentiment, why get bombarded by it in 3-D for hours?

  59. M. Drudge says:

    This looks like an awesome movie. My very large Liberal family will probably spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on this film, maybe a million, after we buy all the merchandise. It's too bad conservatives who linked on to this site from Drudge are trying to sabotage its opening, but even so, I am sure it will earn billions of dollars.

  60. LovinIt says:

    Hey I saw the opening of this movie this morning at 12:01am. I have to honestly say it was an INCREDIBLE Picture taking you to the most incredible planet called Pandora. What takes place there in graphics and animation is nothing short of incredible and amazing. There is no question this movie is revolutionary. The details, the story and every single thing about it pulls you right into the movie. There are sooooo many great parts I wouldn't even know where to begin. This moive is an absolutely MUST SEE for every one of every age. All I can say is OMG!!!!!!

  61. Doug Glass says:

    I'm waiting for the DVD or BR to make it to the rental stores. As much as I like these type movies I simply will no longer pay the prices they demand at theaters. And that goes for the gedunk goodies too. Everybody should do as they please, I simply can no longer stomach the jerks in Hollywood and this is my personal reaction.
    And, given story was lifted from "Call Me Joe" (1957) by Poul Anderson, I think Cameron is being a typical Hollywood miscreant claiming what's his is really not.
    Of course renting it still sends some money to Hollywood, but since most of the industry is drying up and operating on the thin edge, depriving them a certain amount of profit margin is good enough for me. Lack of theater revenue is killing them and the traditional rental profits is not helping and crashing too. Maybe one day Hollywood will get back into the actual movie business, but I bet not. The current crop of executives are not movie people … they're just money grubbing corporate type cloned from the Wall Street crowd we all know and love.

  62. The right is whining says:

    Man… you know that Drudge linked to this… look at all the whining conservatives.
    You people just don't know how to watch movies… you want humans to always be the protagonists… who cares? 99.9% of the movies out there show humans being the protagonists….
    If you don't want to watch this movie, then don't… it's opening in over 100 countries so I'm sure your pitiful little 10 dollars isn't going to be missed by Cameron.
    So Rail… Rail… Rail…. against what you perceive is "Hollyweird" and don't watch it.
    I guarantee those of you who hate it will watch it pirated.

  63. LovinIt says:

    I see some of the comments worried about how they think that the movie portrays the military or anti american. The the truth of the matter it wasn't really the military at all. If they had listened at the begining of the story all the people that had gone to pandora (that planet) were basically hired and voluntiered to go there by a corporation. At best the fighters may have been americans but they were mercinaries at best… Some x military possibly and even then led by an evil x military guy very bad. It is fiction folks get your life in order and enjoy the best thing that's happened to cinema (revolutionary). I did not see any underlying left wing stuff about the movie and I'm as concervative as they come trust me. It was absolutely beautiful in every way. Possibly the best movie ever made. Don't miss it because of some pesimistic stupid people that try to bring politics into a science fiction story. I'm surprised as the guys commenting sounded to be like mis guided republicans. typically we are not that stupid and might I appologize for those idiots who even began to make a negative comment about a masterpiece. It's been a long time since I got my money worth out of a movie ticket.. For this movie had I known how good it was going to be and how much they spent trying to make something so great I would have gladly paid double to get in to see it.
    I will go see this movie again at an IMAX theater.
    Don't believe anyone that tells you there is some kind of hidden agenda from left wing freaks… I saw no tie in to the US government and the thought never crossed my mind the entire time.

  64. mintjulip says:

    buff771, we should have all known that it was President Bush's fault! Everything else is with you nutcases.

  65. JDE says:

    To that guy Ben
    If Cameron is as you claim then he's lying to himself and the world about his beliefs (he's already lied about his directing skills). I will not spend money on eye candy that preaches to me. I spend money to be entertained. Cameron fails that goal once again. So Ben why don't you get a life? The rest of us have one and don't need your guidance.

  66. Paul says:

    Count me as another sci-f fan who was psyched to see Avatar until Cameron started spewing his leftist bilge… won't ever pay to see this now.
    Add Cameron to my list of Hollywood sycophants I will never pay to see ever again.

  67. z says:

    I watched it last night. It doesn't really have a political agenda, the movie is predictable and would be considered well within the standard canon of military industrial villains except for literally about 20 second of the movie where for some reason it gets REALLY DENSE. All the code words are thrown into that one 20 second bit, like to get it out of the way fast or something. Terrorism, pre-emptive strike, daisy-cutter. That's not an agenda–it is a ham-fisted mistake. An agenda pervades something–this just makes the movie stumble, but it carries on delightfully afterwards.

  68. Nealo says:

    Good Lord Drudge readers… can't you guys read a story WITHOUT putting the Liberals are awful commentary. It's just a movie. If you don't like it, stay home and watch Passion of the Christ again.

  69. Big Jim says:

    Grotesque blue cat-people + CGI-infested effects + clumsy political undercurrents = big snoozefest. Or so I am assuming.

  70. D mcglocklin says:

    Saw the movie last night. Incredible 3D animation but that was it. Plot? Cowboys and Indians, Indians win. That's all you need to know. Even my cousin who is a young wide eye's liberal felt he was insulted by the storyline. Unless you just want to see great 3D, wait until the DVD. Oh yeah, you won't be able to buy a 3D DVD, so skip it. For my money, the 3D version of a Christmas Carol was a much better deal.

  71. John D. says:

    Won't be paying for this one. James Cameron can take his Leftwing propaganda and shove it where the sun don't shine.

  72. Bob says:

    The irony is that Cameron is only able to make his movies because of the U.S. military which has allowed him to be free. He would work in a factory or sweatshop if he were born in China and if he could somehow make an anti establishment movie he would be executed. Of course we all know that the communist countries all treat their people (and foreigners) wonderfully. Just look at how nice the Chinese are to the Tibetans. If he were Russian and made the movie he would get some radioactive tea or a bullet to the head as he left his government housing. He really needs to get a clue as to how he managed to get so rich. I also hope that people realize almost the entire movie is nothing but a cartoon and a lot of it looks like a cartoon.

  73. Dave says:

    The conservative terrorists from the Drudge site have linked on this one, and they are now pushing their agenda, for the billionth time. They can put their agenda where the sun don't shine.

  74. Leonidas says:

    Man, some of you are as ignorant as they come. Example: "I did not see any underlying left wing stuff about the movie and I'm as concervative as they come trust me. I Don't miss it because of some pesimistic stupid people that try to bring politics into a science fiction story." Prompted by NBC's Meredith Vieira, on Monday's Today show, Avatar director James Cameron revealed the liberal undertones in his new blockbuster as he told the Today co-anchor the plot centers on how greed and imperialism "tends to destroy the environment…" and how the human characters in the sci-fi flick "are doing the same thing on another pristine planet that we've done on earth."

  75. GMHeller says:

    The list is long of over-budget pictures believed by Hollywood execs to be real dogs and released to great hoopla and fanfare in as many markets as possible in order to recoup as much money as possible before word-of-mouth got around to moviegoers just how bad the film actually was.
    The problem of dealing with word-of-mouth is made even harder today with texters and Internet bloggers capable of instantaneously getting the word out on a bad film.
    The real indicator of how studio execs at Fox view 'Avatar' is that the studio is releasing the film simultaneously around the planet in as many markets as humanly possible.
    Plainly, Fox is worried about recouping its dough.
    Past examples of a studio defensively 'blanketing' a release to recoup a film's staggering costs before word got around: 'Cleopatra', 'Heaven's Gate', 'Waterworld', 'Ishtar', 'Battlefield Earth', etc.
    This is not to say that some films do not later become classics, just that upon initial release they flopped at the box office.

  76. Nealo says:

    BTW, how interesting all these comments are from the Drudge brigade who Haven't Seen The Movie.
    Just click over to facebook for your latest marching orders from St. Sarah of Wasilla. I'm sure she's got some further teabagging orders for you.

  77. kf says:

    C'mon guys! It is a MOVIE. Watch it for entertainment and move on. Hollywood is a fantasy land filled with fantasy ideals and images. If you start taking actors polical views seriously or movies as political statements you have fallen into their fantasy world.
    Go see AVATAR or Dances with Wolves or Star Wars or Happy Feet for entertainment and don't give them this kind of policial cred, just enjoy.

  78. Joe says:

    Hey liberals…Everyone here is a "human being" (as Lara says), entitled to and free to express their own viewpoints, even if, believe it or not, they disagree with yours! Your "progressive" (liberal) agenda and your attempt at portraying how superior you all believe you are is as shallow as is this movie.
    Drone-like repeating of words meant to cause us pause (like…"hater" and "homophobe") is laughable. Liberals are the biggest haters of all (just ask all the millions of babies they wouldn't allow to be born – would HATE to see born – because all those extra "human beings" would take away valuable resources that liberals need to steal from others that earn them). Bring it! Call us whatever you feel like…feel better about yourselves yet? The fact is, half of us hate the other half…it's just the way it is…deal with it.
    This movie deserves to be seen for what it is, a liberal smack in the face to America-loving, free people, that worked hard, fought hard, and died to live in a country that would allow this idiot cameron to make it.
    We won't support enterprises that are designed to demean America, its values, or the majority of its citizens. The liberal experiment is failing, the country moves more conservative each year, and that fact is eating you up! My gosh, you even have a Democratic senator that is pro-life…how the hell did you guys let that one slip by? He may even derail the idiot obama's health plan! The irony is blissful!
    As for "G-man," you are un-American, and PLEASE, you are definatily NOT a conservative. Perhaps you were in 1991 in the Gulf, but you are not now. If you don't want to be called a conservative, then please leave us, and join Alan Speckter in moving to the liberal party. Can't wait for you to leave. If your were in my unit, I would've probably gutted you. You're weak, and your thoughts expose you for what you are (so do mine, for that matter, but, I'm on the right side of the argument – you're not!).
    Don't see the movie – don't support the lunacy behind it.

  79. John says:

    All you friggen "conservatives" should just shut the heck up. If you can't see what you people are doing and have done to this great country of ours, your as ignorant as these postings are making you all look and are as guilty of everything that JC is preaching. You people are pushing your agenda on to a free society through your typical bluster and bullying. If you don't like what the Hollywood Liberals are putting out, put your own agenda filled movies out, but I guarantee it would fail, because your conservative bs is not what America wants and that's a fact, you'll see that when the final tallies are rung up on this "liberal" movie this weekend. Money is how Americans vote.

  80. W00t says:

    Who let all the old and fat "I'm scared of new things" white people in?
    Go back to your "Big Hollywood" website. You people disgust me.

  81. Weed Wacker says:

    Will Mr. Cameron give all that capitalistic money made from this film to the poor in countries that are Communist Socialist lead? Anti-capitalist rich people that bash capitalism, nothing for thee but all for me, I wouldn't give a penny to support this puke.

  82. Todd says:

    I saw "Avatar" today. The verdict…… I loved it! I saw no real political message here. There are overtones that the military is bad and our planet is Godlike, but that is no surprise from Hollywood and as a pure conservative who still loves the movies, it was as entertaining as any movie I've seen in years. For those who are protesting the possible political implications… get over it and go see this movie. It's beautiful and history making in the way it was made. You have got to see it in 3D. Very impressive Mr. Cameron. Thumbs up!

  83. Kirk says:

    I hope it's a flop.

  84. Frank M says:

    Saw it last night full IMAX 3D
    AMAZING! I have never seen ANYTHING like this!

  85. Jennie says:

    I am confused why everyone is being so nasty with the exception of a couple. First of all, you are stating it's better to watch the smirfs. I didn't let my child watch that witchcraft and sorcery motivated movie. Second of all, did you people actually see the movie!!!
    I doubt it since, you made the posting before its debut. I thank God for liberalism, because you redneck conservatives would still condone slavery!!! The conservatives have destroyed this country over the last eight years, and the politicians and rich men have become richer, while the middle class has fallen into poverty and you want to rant and rave about liberalism. At least it tries to protect your rights in this country. The conservatives have instituted the patriot act that allows them to take your freedoms. Yes liberalism goes too far sometimes, but it does seek to protect the masses.

  86. If I wanted to be preached to, I'd go to church this weekend for free, not pay a small fortune to bring my family to this movie. I'm unlikely to do either. If the tech is that good, it won't be long before sombody makes another movie with it, one that won't offend my sensibilities.

  87. it sukked says:

    I just saw it at the 10:30 am showing this morning. The first half was good, mostly because the novelty of the 3D alien world hadn't had a chance to wear on you.
    Boring boring boring!!!

  88. sniper310 says:

    3D brainwashing for the BHO bunch…

  89. John says:

    Thank you. That's what I came here for, was to get some reviews about the movie, not to read all this political garbage.

  90. Jman2112 says:

    I saw it when it was called Pocahontas

  91. Greg says:

    I am surprised but not surprised by all the negative comments on here. A bunch of people who haven't seen the movie are instructed by a talking head to have a pre-disposed opinion and they are brainwashed into missing it. How foolish- hopefully this means I'll actually be able to get a seat in the next week!
    And as to what is being said- talk about brainwashing. A movie can present a theme. It's up to you to decide if it maps to any specific experience in your life and to understand what to take back from it. This is a good theme and it does have application in the real world. If your idea of "freedom" is stealing from others without them complaining, good luck with that. Try that with your neighbors and let's see how far you get.

  92. Don says:

    I don't care about movies anymore. Hollywood movies have become over priced and over hyped spectacles produced by a bunch of egomaniacs. Their agenda always seems to be anti-religious, anti- white, anti- American, Liberal Pie in the Sky nut cases. For me, life is hard. Try making a movie about the millions out there like me you fools. Then, maybe I would gain a measure of respect for you again. I know this is politically incorrect for the Liberal Hollywood types, but I want to take a moment to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas!

  93. Capital G says:

    3 hours of fantasy lecture on saving the world from the evil capitalist military machine starring horny SuperSmurfs.
    Lot's of cool blue CG effects for the dead head acid dropping hippies who buy this sort of crapola.

  94. Don says:

    Oh great. A movie about Anti-American Smerfs on Steroids!

  95. RyanVet says:

    @len: You will only watch it from a bargain bin because of its "political agenda"? You mean… respect and care for the natural world? People like you… well… the world truly would be better off without.

  96. Spookk says:

    Corporate America, and America the Sellout both deserve all the trashing they get and more. This country is a hollowed out, steaming pile of crap populated in great majority by idiots who are proud of their ignorance.
    Thank god it's finally losing the power to shelter evil corporations, and corrupt and destroy the planet.

  97. John says:

    Ok people this is freaking insane. I'm a full blown conservative who lives in Ohio, voted for Bush in 2004, and honestly believes that Obama would lead us down the path of socialism if people like us didn't but up a strong fight.
    But this is insane. Some of you Conservatives are going way off the deep end fishing for a reason to hate this movie. I saw Cameron's interview on The Tonight Show and take his words at face value. The movie is an analogy for the human condition. Ever since the dawn of history man has always attempted to gain a foothold over his fellow man, usually in an unjust and immoral way. This movie is attacking America, it is instead making a point that there are those in Humanity that have taken horrible measures to reap the benefits of a resource without any account for another life.
    As for you liberals on here, you sound dumber than some of the Conservatives. Even though they are fishing for a message that doesn't exist, at least their anger sticks to the movie and a supposed liberal agenda. I saw one bleeding heart jabroni bring up Sarah Palin in these comments. Are you freaking kidding me? A few of you elitist weenies tried to claim that people in NYC and California matter cause of your population density and people in Kansas and the Midwest don't. Listen up Libs, if you're gonna attack Conservatives for their opinions, then do it, but don't start attacking them for things that have no basis in this post. You manage to make yourself sound dumber than the person you are arguing against.
    Anyway I'm seeing this movie because I am confident in my beliefs and wouldn't let any supposed preaching get in the way of my desire to be entertained. Then I'm gonna leave the theater and donate some money to Sarah PAC just to annoy more liberals on this site because it's fun to do.

  98. Eric says:

    Aliens featured the Colonial Marines and corporate greed. Did everyone boycott that movie and its political agenda too?

  99. Niko Bellic says:

    Remember what a GREAT movie the ABYSS was? While in college a friend brought over the unedited Directors Edition and I was eager to see what kind of mind blowing scenes may have been left out of the box office release. Any of you seen the Directors Addition? IT WAS HORRIBLE. I could not finish it. what I thought was such a great movie suddenly became one of the corniest and stupid films I had ever laid eyes on. Having said that, I have a hard time believing that AVATAR won't be just as retarded, but i'm into the 3D thing and have an IMAX 20 minutes from my home so I may see it just to geek out on the effects. We'll see.

  100. Jaime says:

    ROFL, why is everyone freaking out about this movie? It looks awesome. This concept of evil corporations pillaging everything is not foreign or new. Wake up, it happens. Corporations take what they want, when they want. That's all besides the point, it's a movie. I've been playing video games since I was a small kid and half, if not more, all involve some sort of evil empire exploiting or attempting to subjugate a lesser species, tribe, nation, etc. Welcome to 2009 fellas, read a history book. This movie looks really great and I know pretty much every friend and family member of mine will be watching it. These are liberals, republicans, business owners, tech geeks, etc.

  101. Chris says:

    This movie is a masterpiece.
    Failing to realize certain conceptions that might indeed be true about our reality in this world and ignoring them, is just plain ignorant.
    Open your eyes, get over yourself and learn something new.
    Choosing not to see a movie just because it doesn't fit in your ideal moral, ethics, and political system is pretty stupid if you ask me.
    You put yourself into this mold, and you cannot step outside of it.
    Well, why don't you? Are you afraid of seeing things differently or hearing the other sides conceptions and trying to at least understand where their coming from?

  102. MjM says:

    Just another mash of comp-gen graphics.

  103. Sean says:

    I think nearly everyone below is an idiot.
    James Cameron himself, his crew, and ALL the PROFESSIONAL movie critics who have seen the movie, have said that the political message in this movie is more than subtle, and is merely an undercurrent in the movie. You could easily watch this film and appreciate it for what it is, without getting excited about a political message that is really quite benign in this movie.
    Also, has anyone forgotten what the political message is in this movie? If you did how could you possibly despise it? It is simply this: "Stop destroying the environment and respect other cultures". How is that bad? I admit, that message happens to reside on the centre-left side of the political spectrum, but so what?
    And you all sound like typical Americans, brainwashed into thinking: socialism=evil, or even worse: socialism=liberal. I'm not saying I'm a socialist, I'm more a libertarian, but I bet none of you can give me a valid description of socialism and its ACTUAL definition. And I bet none of you can tell me the valid definition of liberalism/libertarianism (not classical liberalism btw) and prove to me why it's very different from socialism.
    And btw, I hope you are all aware that the opposite of liberalism is authoritarianism. And authoritarianism is fascism lite.

  104. edwardo says:

    From here, and based on the hype, it looks to be a take off on Star Wars, the early movies. The evil empire attacks the friendly rebels, only in modern terms, the USA attacks the green aliens who just want to live and not extort the natural resources. Updated for new technology, another ho hum hollywood romantic fantasy.

  105. Pauli says:

    My thanks to all the commentators who spared me from wasting $10 and 3 hours on yet more simple-minded uberleftist dreck. No CGI gimmicks could compensate for that.

  106. Jon Watts says:

    I, like many posters here, see the progressive agenda movie genre as increasingly threadbare. Too bad – it looked fun until we found out the story line. I'm all for the environment, but sick of seeing it prostituted for progressive self-enrichment, largesse, and elitist dominion, all at the expense of working people like me. Socialist non-humans of the universe unite! Karl and Che would be proud of you Mr. Cameron.
    Jon Watts, MA

  107. Howie says:

    Hey. I agree with many of the posters here. I would run out and go see this movie if it were not for its obvious (and admitted) political agenda. I sincerely feel that it would distract me from my ability to enjoy the movie. Times are rough right now and money is tight and I can't afford to throw $12 as a movie that I will find jarring and unenjoyable just becuase everyone is hyping it as "the next big thing."

  108. KMA Washington says:

    To John who posted the 11:11 posting. Well said!
    You are 100% correct in your observation that both the Left & right are hyperventilating over this. Settle down guys! Let the hormones settle down a bit.
    I myself am a Conservative, but I like good Sci-Fi. I don't look for political meanings in these movies. I've had many friends over the years who I'm sure are Liberal, but we still have been friends. Fact of the matter is that I'm sick and damn tired of Washington. Period. I want to see the States fight back for control of many issues of the day. It has been proven time and time again that if we allow the Federal Government to get involved, it's apt to get screwed up. Wake up people. Washington is out of control! I don't want to blame the average Joe or Jane on the street for everything. We are all Americans in case you have forgot.

  109. Zay says:

    LISTEN TO YOU GUYS! I can't even finish reading the majority of comments because it makes me SICK that most of you people can't SEE what the message in this film is sending. This is exactly what our military has done. Why is it so hard for you to accept that? Our military is killing innocent people over seas for MONEY. GREED. POWER. And you hate it when someone like Cameron has enough balls to portray what we are doing on the big screen? I swear people hate the truth. We are so stuck on our technology that we only acknowledge the PLANET we live on ONE DAY OUT OF THE YEAR. WAKE THE HELL UP. We HAVE destroyed our atmosphere! We HAVE killed innocent people in the name of money. We kill our animals and hang them on walls as trophies! We don't even thank our animals for the food they bring us. We thank some imaginary "god". We are so detached from our planet that when people like me or anyone else in the world tries to become one with it you ridicule them and call them "hippies" and all that other nonsense. Seriously our human race needs to get over itself and realize how much better our lives would be if we learned to admit our faults and start living on a higher consciousness.

  110. Michael Asher says:

    I hear the president is a huge fan —

  111. John says:

    Well said, Zay @ 2:51 pm

  112. Vertigo says:

    Assuming they're projecting how Avatar will do based on advanced ticket sales and midnight shows, I have to say that, for such a big movie, I hadn't heard or seen anything which would make me want to see it until about 2-3 weeks ago. Most of the films I went to midnight shows of or saw on opening weekend had had a buzz campaign running months ahead, sometimes 10 months.
    I'll still see it, but how were we to build up enough excitement to justify a midnight show without the usual media lead-up, and more important, how were we to justify buying tickets for it and make a schedule change for it with so little notice, relatively speaking. I think Cameron under-hyped the movie until too close to its release for me to have that same blockbuster fever that is needed to fuel massive opening weekends~

  113. Ironic says:

    Hi Zay, BTW I don't quite agree with you about what our military is doing over there as you have said. What you sound like is a recording of the ABC's liberal news anchor. Our honorary military are over there fighting to help protect the freedom. You forget that terrorist flew jumbo jets into to of the largest buildings in New York and destroyed them. And killed nearly as many people as soldiers that have died fighting there. You see those folks over there openly speak on audio/video tapes telling us what they want to do to us. It's not because our goverment is over there sometimes missing and killing some civilians. It's because in their religion they are extremest and believe that we have to believe what they believe or else die. Yes they want us dead…. Bad people sometimes need to be taught a lesson in order to get them to stop doing bad things. Same reason we put criminals in jail. to get them to stop. I wish we could all live in peace together. and live our lives like we want too… but forcing women not to be able to go to school and learn. Beating them and taking 9 year old girls as wifes and having sex with them isn't exactly freedom. Dude we are fighting a war for the freedome of individuals to live and have freedom of choice in there lifes. The Taliban and Ben Laden want to dominate using religion in desguise to be kings and rulers. They think it's still ok if you get mad at someone for something they did wrong to go over and gang rape the guys daughter for it. That my friend is what we call criminals and thugs in this country. If you want to live like that then go over and join thoughs guys and fight the americans that are there. If you want to be an american then stand up and act like one and stop being fooled by your local news media agenda. I can tell you if those people would say we give up we will never again come over and try to kill you people and started treating their own people with respect we would leave there. We don't need their oil we have all the oil we need right here.. we buy it from them because there isn't a lot else in those deserts to make money off of and survive. You know what I just don't get it… please be together with humans and not use your political crap to tell us what we are suppose to believe when we can see for ourselves what is truely going on here.

  114. Bill says:

    This is an anti-fascist movie. So it's not surprising that fascist apologists are whining.
    The WWII Italian dictator Mussolini once said that fascism would be better described as "corporatism"; that is, a political system where government is the handmaiden of big business. After so many Americans died fighting fascism in the last century, it's depressing to hear some Americans defending it today.

  115. Ironic says:

    You know it’s kind of Ironic what I see going on here. If you take things down to the lowest level we are all human and should love our human race and not destroy it by fighting. I see Democrats hating Republicans here and Republicans saying hatelful things to democrates even going so far as to tell them how hateful they are (but he himself speaking in a hateful tone of voice). I will admit here that I’m a republican (a conservative one) but don’t automatically judge me as being one of these a hole irrational radical republicans that don’t know exactly what they are talking about yet before seeing it. I saw the movie it was wonderful and there is no subliminal message that can be construed in a scifi world. You know it’s ironic but when I watched it I didn’t really even see anything noticible that had anything to do with real politics. In fact what I saw were Blue indiginous (creatures)people who loved where they lived and loved their home and freedom to live on their own planet (which btw was incredibly beautiful). There was valuable metals that a corporation wanted and were willing to kill to get it (so what it’s a bad thing to do) If you could even remotely read anything into it at all it was that the Blue folks gave everything they had to defend and prevent Government/Corporate (however yous see it) run over them. They were fighting for there rights to protect from the goverment running the lives of the people and telling them where they could live and they better get out or die. The ironic thing is I see the blue people having a common goal and even different clans of blue people (like democrats and republicans) came together in the end to fight the things that were sure to come… goverment telling them where to live, what they could do and taking away freedom from the entire race. Wouldn’t it be nice if democrats and republicans could come together to protect the human race from the world governments, even our own that are trying to take over and remove our freedoms and implement goverment ran everything.
    You know at this time of year I personally can’t hate anyone. I love our human race because I’m human and I hope you all don’t destroy it over a great movie… Thing about pulling together and doing what is right for our country and help to save it. Your just all tearing it apart.
    I challenge any of you who have made bad comments about this movie to simply go see it and judge for yourself. After all you are all adults and can watch something and still choose for yourself. But I would be surprised that anyone would not be impressed by what this director has done and these CGI creators.. it is stunning, beautiful and I only wish for this new year is that we could somehow put down our differences long enough to fight for our rights and human race.. Not allow ourselves to be guided by the people in the press that have an agenda of their own.. don’t listen to what people say… see it for yourself and then judge. If you still fell a conspiracy that will hurt our country exists in the movie then you should see a doctor. It’s Scifi…

  116. I saw it says:

    Having actually seen this movie and not being sent by anyone Republican or Democrat I'd like to say something —
    What? How is this movie Anti-American? How is it Liberal? The lead actor is Australian and we hear his accent now and then. There are military uniforms but the military isn't actually a military per se, they are employees of a corporation. Some are good guys, some are not. They show up on a planet not their own to take resources from it in a way that will destroy the homes of the natives. The corporate guys make no real attempt to learn to talk to them so hey let's just blow them up. The few human scientists on the planet decide they'll try to be sure this doesn't happen as they see how bad this is. The scientists want to stop it via talk but the natives don't trust people who have already been attempting to harm them without any real effort to learn their ways. So one guy playing to both the corporate side and the scientists ends up gaining the natives trust and attempts to sort of do both — learn their ways to talk it out and learn their ways to destroy them to just get their stuff, for his own selfish ways since whoever he helps scientists or corporate will get him what he needs.
    In other words, a typical science FICTION movie. Not Anti-American. Messages? Sure, political far left? Not really unless being told that your actions have consequences is far left.
    Eye candy wise it's the most beautiful movie you'll see for quite some time. Story wise it's pretty standard sci-fi.

  117. Christopher says:

    Ok. Please calm down about his movies so-called political agenda. Do not make judgments until you see the movie. Stop listening to what other people who also haven't seen the movie are saying. I saw it and thought it was amazing and I'm not a liberal by any means. This is a movie you can really enjoy. If you think it's going to effect you on a deep level as far as politics go, then c'mon. It is a movie. Science Fiction stories have pretty much always been about promoting social change. Star Trek tried to help in the civil rights movement. Yes, the movie has environmental themes. But when you see it, if you're not pissed off about what the humans are doing, then you really have no soul. And c'mon. So many movies have the evil corporation as the backdrop for their story. It's not an original idea. You seriously do not think we have ever hurt people and destroyed environments in the name of a good profit margin. Living in the United States, we exist in a comfort bubble. We sat by as the diamond industry promoted fighting between peoples in Africa. Companies do it factories across the world. When you think about, maybe his version of the future is not that far off of what we would really do to save our species. So, try to see it. It really is a good movie. It is masterfully done. And stop going on sites bashing it when you haven't seen it.

  118. Jah Kul says:

    Fantastic movie with an awesome message: anti-imperialist.
    The only ones who abhor the message of the film are right wingers. The rest of humanity side with the theme: GOOD prevails over EVIL (anytime of the day).

  119. Stefan says:

    For everyone who has an issue with his use of Marines, it's not like the US is the only country with Marines, if you identify with them, that's your problem. Also, for anyone who's going to more or less boycott the film for it's political undertones…that's about as liberal hippie as it gets…boycotting is for the weak combating the strong. Are you a weak conservative who needs to boycott the strong liberal? Aw…poor baby.

  120. Rob says:

    I am not an epic movie kind of guy, but the graphics and 3D in Avatar are the best I've ever seen. Specifically, I loved the nature/landscape imagery, and this is the first 3D movie I've ever seen where the 3D actually serves a purpose. The story wasn't great, but it was good enough. There was a lot of political commentary about imperialism, and many parallels to our world today. We filmed an INSTANT movie review the moment we walked out of the theater: http://bit.ly/6prras

  121. urallstupid says:

    It's amazing to see people criticize this film and make sweeping judgments, claiming it's anti american, WITHOUT SEEING THE MOVIE. You people are just ignorant, and don't realize IT IS ALL MADE UP AND IT IS NOT ABOUT THE USA IT IS IN THE FUTURE AND TOTALLY MADE UP.
    If you're really so literal minded you can't spend 2 hours in a theater seeing a sci fi film, then you really need to not have kids and pass on your stupidity to new generations. Not everything is All About You, and All About the USA. Sometimes aliens are just aliens, yo.

  122. urallstupid says:

    Oh and one more thing – Cameron is wildly successful and makes a lot of money for himself and for his companies. What do whiny blog commenters who don't even see the movie and yet put out lies and propaganda saying it has an agenda and don't even know what the plot is accomplish? NOTHING!!!! you are all haters and have someone else doing the thinking for you. Go see the movie on DVD and then pop off, ok?

  123. Kevin says:

    And to think that one little drudge report gets so many simple-minded clones to pour out there rage against a freakin' movie. It astounds me. The odd things is for you folks filled with so much patriotism mixed with piss and vinegar, you really NEED to see the movie. It is about you! It is about your mindless robotic devotion being used to do harm! Please see it. Just for the look in the mirror. If you can't then maybe rent a movie called The Green Wave. That is about you also, and will probably be easier for you to follow.

  124. Burt says:

    I'm amazed to see people who haven't seen the movie ranting and raving that it is anti-American, anti European, anti Marine, anti-capitalist, that it is socialist…. yeessh.
    The hero is an ex-Marine who was presumably injured for his country.
    Colonialism, the powerful exploiting the weak, and other themes which may be reflected in the storyline aren't aimed at one institution, race or country. They are based on factual events and the history of many cultures. They are part of the collective reality of what we are.

  125. Alex says:

    For all of you anit-left bashers….
    Did you watch the movie???? The MARINE is the hero!!!!!!!!!!
    He used his military training for the right reason not the wrong one. The movie is about greed. The story was written 14 years ago and everything Cameron wrote was true. The idiot cowboy Bush invaded Iraq to protect are oil interests and disregarded the human toll that a war would bring. Open your eyes. Even today you idiots are claiming that global warming is some sort of a myth. HELLO??? wake up!!

  126. jon says:

    It was an incredible movie experience. Sure Cameron will get some gruff for picking the Marines to be the aggressors but the depth of the story was incredible. The 3d was the best I've ever seen. If the story bothers people on a political or moral level then that's for them, individually, to digest. I watched it with a few friends and then immediately bought 9 tickets for a showing two days later. I'm taking the whole family next time.

  127. Alex Newton says:

    Serious Business.

  128. John says:

    I just saw Avatar. The aliens are prettier than the humans. Pandora is prettier than Earth. I almost felt myself falling in love with the alien daughter of the Chief. What a beautiful movie!

  129. Jon Watts says:

    Crunch, crunch, crunch….(the sound of me eating crow.) I had posted earlier on the marxist implications of this movie, and in fact they are not there. I went and saw it. I loved it! (this from a conservative/libertarian/constitutionalist)
    The views of the natives on interconnectedness and unified effort are very similar to traditional native American beliefs. I know. The hunting ceremony depicted is almost identical to one I learned from a Lakota elder, which I still do today, hunting up here in Alaska. This native view is far too libertarian to be marxist/socialist (aka authoritarian statist.) Socialism today has taken the spirit from those on the res that wait on "government money." They have created despondence through dependence, exactly what they are seeking to do to us right now, bill by bill.
    As far as the tree hugging goes – if someone destroyed my home, I would fight them too. I understand that part.
    As far as the corporate greed message goes, any kind of oligarchy will assert its will where possible. That's why we are (supposed to be) a republic, where each individual has certain rights, that a majority (or powerful minority) can't take away.
    On the ecology, we have to live here, we can't kill our only home, I agree with that. When that honorable view becomes fakery and snake oil sales for profit and control, that's just as unethical as any corporate usurpation for profit.
    As has been said before, go see it, judge for yourself.
    Jon Watts, MA

  130. Paul says:

    Amazing how Drudge's drudge is redirecting their goop this way.
    If you miss this movie experience out of your own bent world view, then so be it. I can't imagine anything sucking the sour selfish views from your ethnocentric experience here on Earth in America.
    Funny how the idea for basic concern for ecology and indigenous cultures in the face of encroaching, privatized industries guarded by even more nefarious privatized security forces, can appear so intimidating and infuriating to so many, even if in the guise of an epic sci-fi.
    Hide all you want, it's the truth. Has been, is now and hopefully won't be for that much longer.

  131. some guy says:

    i saw this movie but will not see it again more than twice. i don't want a movie telling me that it's bad for a corporation to commit genocide in order to take the indigenous peoples' natural resources for their own profit. it goes against the founding principles of this great country! ; )

  132. Splatter House says:

    my, my, some ruffled feathers from this Film i'm reading……. that proves its well done. rattle a few cages is what i say…..
    to all you crony capitalists out there who fear your World is changing from underneath your feet, its because it is…..you've screwed things up enough. its time for you to come back to earth and its time for America to be a Representative Democracy once again. the Cat is out of the bag…..no, i don't feel your pain.
    Cameron finally broke on through to the other side. Best Film i've seen in a very very long time.

  133. janey says:

    It only takes your own ignorance to completely ignore the essence of the movie. All you pessimists pulling out inferences and messages. We all know very well, there's little truths in everything. This movie was amazing. It WAS mere entertainment.
    By criticizing the plot line of this movie, you might as well criticize Pocahontas. There isn't much of a big difference between of which time period the movie was made. It's not a movie to watch at home on your tiny screen. You need the wide- screen effect with the surround sound cause that's how it entertains you, the colors, the ideas and creativity, and the imagery is what makes the movie so bomb and so worth the money. Not the plot. Find the major highlights of things you pessimists.

  134. Liam Trotzuk says:

    This movie has very little to do with bashing the war in Iraq; it's far more reminiscent of the brutal treatment of the native Americans in America's early years, a crime that no one can say was justified. Sure, there is a bit of an eco message, which does get a little old, but people can cope.

  135. Mike Donahue says:

    Avatar is a wonderful portrayal of the possibilities that could exist for symbiotic life. The story is about the planet Pandora being a whole, a living entity that is being raped as a resource, much as with our earth. I believe it is has the true spirit of America in it's core.
    "The supremacy of the civil over the military authority I deem [one of] the essential principles of our Government, and consequently [one of] those which ought to shape its administration." –Thomas Jefferson: 1st Inaugural, 1801.

  136. Ronald says:

    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Appreciate it!

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