Watch ‘Batman: City of Scars,’ a $27,000 fan movie

June 22, 2010 | 7:00 p.m.

It’s Tuesday, and the last thing you really want to be doing is working, so let’s take a trip to Gotham City …

Here’s “The City of Scars,” a “fan movie,” although it tests the definition of that term with its $27,000 budget and a 21-day shoot. It was produced by Bat in the Sun Productions, which was founded by Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoenke, a dynamic duo that has produced television commercials, music videos and also worked on “The Deadliest Warrior.”

“The City of Scars” made its exclusive premier on Dailymotion as a fund-raising event for Redeye Inc., a 100%-proceeds charity benefiting underprivileged kids. Check out the fan movie’s official page for details on how to help this worthy cause with a simple text-message donation.

— Geoff Boucher


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7 Responses to Watch ‘Batman: City of Scars,’ a $27,000 fan movie

  1. Ed says:

    I don't get it. Why do people lavish so much time and effort on money to produce a short film that's based on an existing property? These "fan films" are interesting, but nothing more than that. Has anyone actually gotten a JOB off of one of them? The passion and dedication that goes into them is pretty amazing, but what's the point beyond a really high-tech version of drawing pictures of Ace Freeley on your Pee-Chee folder?

  2. friend of A.H. says:

    Well Ed, not everything has to be profit driven or even self-serving enough to think that one would get a job on behalf of a personal project. That's what youtube and most of the internet is all about, passion projects, labors of love, silly creations, etc….creating is what makes us human…I think it's kinda beautiful that these guys love Batman enough to make their own movie with their own spin.

  3. MB says:

    That was pretty good, none of the actors were too great aside from Batman, and neither was the story.
    But it made me realise how practical a modern dramatic batman TV show could be.
    They should do that.

  4. tony says:

    I agree with AH.The point, Ed is for the love of it. If something profitable comes out of it, great.

  5. grxymkjbn says:

    A.H. nailed it. Love comes first. If you do your art for profit. it's just… "art".
    Yes, when art is godlike, profit usually ensues… but there is a lot of worthy art that fails to maximize profits. This does not diminish the art of it. :)
    If you don't understand this, I kinda pity you. Perhaps someday you will grasp it. That day might make you happy. :)

  6. Ethan says:

    batman will always be remembered all the time

  7. Fernando Hernandez says:

    Personally my kids and I loved this film. I wish there were more people out there like this and complete a dream based on comics. It doesn't always have to have special effects to understand the reason between right and wrong and Batman has always shown that. Everyone has personal demons and everyone has their own personal way of dealing with it. Batman is a very complex character and is portayed as such in this fan film.

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