Beyonce wants to lasso the role of Wonder Woman

Nov. 07, 2008 | 10:05 p.m.


Wonder_woman_by_alex_ross Beyonce_photo_by_kevork_djansezian_

Beyoncé is ready for an Amazon-sized challenge — the pop superstar wants to be the first actress to wear Wonder Woman’s famed red, white and blue bathing suit on the silver screen.

"I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman? It would be great. And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right?"

Beyoncé says that she has met with representatives of DC Comics and Warner Bros. to express her interest in a major role in one of the many comic-book adaptations now in the pipeline following the massive success of "The Dark Knight," "Iron Man" and the "Spider-Man" and "X-Men" franchises. Beyoncé’s acting to career to date has included a comedic role in "Austin Powers in Goldmember" and two notable music world roles, the first as a quasi-Diana Ross character in "Dreamgirls" and as the defiant and heroin-addicted Etta James in the upcoming "Cadillac Records."

"After doing these roles that were so emotional I was thinking  to myself, ‘OK, I need to be a superhero,’" Beyoncé told me this week when I met her for an interview in a suite atop the Rivington Hotel in New York. "Although, when you think about the psychology of the heroes in the films these days, they are still a lot of work, of course, and emotional. But there’s also an action element that I would enjoy."


The recent success of sophisticated comic-book adaptations is the main reason for Beyoncé’s interest, she said, but her focus on Wonder Woman was intensified earlier this year when she saw Lynda Carter’s costume from the 1970s television show on display at the Costume Institute’s “Superhero” show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Beyoncé is in amazing shape right now (she had gained more than 20 pounds for the James role and came back from that leaner than before), but she said the Wonder Woman costume is an unforgiving one.

"I would definitely have to keep it right for that costume. The way that Lynda Carter wore it, she was sooo fine. She was amazing. I saw her costume at the Met. Her waist was unbelievable. It was pretty crazy, actually, her proportions. But I love Wonder Woman and it’d be a dream come true to be that character. It sure would be handy to have that lasso. To make everybody tell the truth? I need that. It would come in very handy."

The 27-year-old Houston native also recently finished work on the Scott Shill thriller "Obsessed" and, in her role as a woman whose husband is being stalked, she got her first experience with a staging a brawl for the camera.

Lynda_carter_as_wonder_woman"I play a wife fighting for her family and I have this big, big fighting scene with Ali Larter, who is an incredible actress. It took us days just to film it. I had my boots on and, wow, I got into it. So I really want that now. Now I have to do an action film. It’s like dancing and choreography. And the superhero movies now, they’re not corny, not corny at all, so that’s what I want to do. And I would love if it could be Wonder Woman."

It”s not clear if anyone will be able to deliver a Wonder Woman project anytime soon, however. The heroine, who debuted in 1941, is by far the most iconic superhero who has yet to reach theaters. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Hulk and the Fantastic Four have all had multiple bites at the Hollywood apple and Captain America and Captain Marvel, both of whom were featured in 1940s serials, have adaptations now in the pipeline, as do Thor, Flash and Green Lantern.

"Catwoman" and "Elektra" both fizzled at the box office, which certainly didn’t help the cause of female costumed characters as properties. In 2005, Warner Bros. announced with some fanfare that Joss Whedon of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame would bring the pride of Paradise Island to the screen but even his considerable affinity for strong female characters didn’t help him deliver a script that stirred studio chiefs. Still, earlier this year Warner president Jeff Robinov said that a solo Wonder Woman project remains one of the studio’s future plans as it mines the DC library.

If not Wonder Woman, what other character, either Marvel or DC, could Beyoncé want to portray? With a laugh, she said: "I’m open to suggestions!"

Well, anyone?

— Geoff Boucher


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Credits: Wonder Woman by Alex Ross, courtesy of DC Comics. Beyoncé in concert photographed by Kevork Djansezian of the Associated Press. Beyoncé arriving at the premiere of "Dreamgirls" in 2006, photgraphed by Matt Sayles of the Associated Press. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the 1970s, image from Los Angeles Times archives.

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174 Responses to Beyonce wants to lasso the role of Wonder Woman

  1. D says:

    girl can't act

  2. Citizen says:

    I will start a RIOT if that happens. First, she whines about the measly 20 pounds she gained to play the 200-lb + Etta James, who is infinitely more talented than Beyonce, and now she wants to play another one of my heroes?
    Ugh! Would this woman just go away!!!

  3. Bobby says:

    I am fully in favor of this. Primarily because I would like to see Beyonce in the WW outfit. Green light!

  4. Lindsay says:

    She is NOT a good choice for Wonder Woman. Please studio execs do not give her the role!!

  5. jim says:

    I hope they dont do it. I used to watch the show when I was a kid. Its better to get a no name actress, than spmeone with a over sized ego. I like the original show. I hope they dont mess it up with a lot of hype.

  6. El Grito says:

    Does anyone recall that Linda Cordova-Carter was Mexican? We need to really think before we start saying that barriers are being broken when they already have been.

    • Fido says:

      She was a white Mexican, which is a lot more common than most people think, but that's only because they don't sneak across our border looking for day labor jobs.

  7. Misha says:

    I cant stand her acting and her songs are too poppy for me. If she gets the role of wonderwoman i'm boycotting and starting a petition

  8. Adrock says:

    Yes please!

  9. memo says:

    Anyone but her! Nothing against her, but she does not have the talent to pull this strong role off. She should stick to selling music and cosmetics. Would Lucy Lawless "XENA" be too old?

  10. Lee Bradley says:

    If they go with a woman of colour then Rosario Dawson got dibs on the part – she's Artemis in the upcoming Wonder Woman animated direct to DVD movie, plus her attitude about the character is great!!!

    • Silly Person says:

      Rosario Dawson is gorgeous, but she doesn't have the hips. I remember reading an interview with her where she said that her own mom jokes that she's "only Latina from the waist up."

  11. Roy says:

    This would be as good of an idea as Halle Berry as Catwoman–wah wah wah…
    Not even for Vixen would I cast Beyonce… Halle Berry would be a good Vixen–too bad she already starred in Catwoman…

  12. jp says:

    PLEASE! If there are any studio heads or anyone with any power over this possible casting. I beg of you, along with all of the other men who were young boys in the 70's and 80's….NO BEYONCE!!!! You might as well cast Jessica Simpson while you're at it.

  13. I don't know to be honest. Wonder Woman is an icon, a role model for women around the world. It's like running for president when it comes to casting for fanboys like me. It's not just, "Will they put butts in the seat?" it's, "Do they live up to the character they're playing?"
    So, Beyonce as Wonder Woman? As lovely as she might be in the costume, I just don't know enough about her to figure out if she's the right fit.

  14. Steele Bracelets says:

    hell no!
    listen i understand beyonce's fascination with wonder woman, heck, which little girl didnt? but please if she wants to play a comic book character, pick one that fits her, not the other way around. that is exactly the mistake they made with halley berry's catwoman. have they not learned anything from that?
    if beyonce wants to be part of this wonder woman project she could probably play nubia, who was wonder woman's sparring partner at paradise island and at one point did help wonder woman in her missions.
    if a starring role is what she wants then heck she can take vixen. the character is closer to her own personality and lifestyle, not to mention she can wear a skintight animal pelt/print for a costume.

  15. PS: She looks like Tina Turner in that picture.

  16. Jack Brooks says:

    Dear D: You said it.
    Wonder Woman is supposed to be a female Superman — beautiful, intelligent, forceful, but also moralistic (in spite of the costume!). I would vote for that "Ziva" gal from NCIS.

    • stonehedge says:

      Please, Wonderwoman needs mucsle and an actual chest, and a face that is not asymmetrically weird.
      Cote De Pabo has none of that.

      Beyonce, Halle Berry, Lucy Lawless, would all be much better.

  17. This is a joke, right? Beyonce is a great singer and she does have a certain sass but there's NO WAY that she could pull off the role of our favorite Amazon princess.

  18. Can't act. No. Look what happened when you let other bad actors take the roles of super-heroes. Fantastic Four: Fail Superman Returns: Fail. Catwoman. EPIC Fail.
    Who would be good? I honestly don't know. It's not that easy of a role, and she's got to look PERFECT. Jessica Biel's got the body for it, but that's about it. Can't think of any one else. Jennifer Connolly twelve years ago?

  19. Ti says:

    I would be okay with Beyonce as Wonder Woman!

  20. NativeNYker says:

    As If she had any of the originals' attributes!!
    Yes, a black Wonder Woman would be fabulous so long as you – Beyonce, aren't that black woman! Wasn't Halle Berry's Catwoman bad enough? She wasn't anywhere near Ms. Eartha Kitt's class and she played the "i'm black" card to get that role and she trashed it!
    Beyonce wants a suggestion? Hows bout Wonder Weave!

  21. Alexa says:

    First there's the rumors that Will Smith will play Captain America (false, as it turns out), now Beyonce wants to play Wonder Woman? I'm sick of this "Isn't it time for a black [insert white superhero name here]?" Why don't actors and actresses of color, I don't know, try to get more superheroes of color on to the screen? There's a lot of really cool black superheroes that I would love to see movies of (Even though I don't think Beyonce's right for any of them). Where's my Luke Cage movie, dammit?

  22. DrBeeMe says:

    Are you guys kidding? I am not a Beyonce fan… neither do I like her music… but after watching her as Foxy Cleopatra there is ONE thing you can't say… that she can't act. The girl IS a great actress… you people just need to be a little more open minded.

  23. mario says:

    plz!! not one of ya would pass up a chance to see Beyonce in that red white and blue custom. Say what you want, I would pay money to see that. What do u mean she cant act, so what It aint never stop her before, besides I dont recall Ms. Carter winning any acting awards for wonder woman, popularity sells. So get ready! Go Beyonce!!

  24. oakmonster says:

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
    Um yeah. No.

  25. P says:

    No way! She's no Lynda Carter and certainly no Etta James!

  26. Cristina says:

    wtf! no!! look if this was some other movie fine go for it but when it comes to comic characters its a big deal! there are so many fans and if u dont get the right person to play the part fans will get angery plus fans like new faces someone new its more realistic that way not a famous music artist thats spoils everything its not very realistic its like getting justine timberlake to play superman!!!

  27. Super R says:

    I say give Jennifer Hudson the role. Or maybe Anika Noni Rose. And Oscar and a Tony trumps a bunch of Grammys!
    But seriously, this issue should not be about race. But obviously its become that. If we are to be correct about the roots and ethnicity for Wonder Woman then she should be Latina. Hello, where is the Amazon people? If you can't find it on a map, you shouldn't have an opinion on this matter! But more importantly, There aren't enough Latina roles in American cinema anyway.
    I say give the role to Selma Hayek. Sophia Vergara. Or even dare I say Jennifer Lopez.
    Yes, America is not just black or white.

  28. gina says:

    Since when is April Fools' Day observed in November? Cuz Beyonce has to be JOKING!

  29. Maria says:

    It could work. As long as the role involved very little dialog and lots of body shots… I'd watch that.
    I actually think that physically shes perfect, shes just so "over acty." The way she talks is over dramatic. It worked in Austin Powers, but it would get old FAST playing a superhero. Still, I think she could pull it off with the right cast/director.
    What about Jessica Beil? Very athletic, good actress… plus her body is the kind of body I picture for a modern WonderWoman; tall, toned, VERY sculpted legs and butt. Her or Jessica Alba.

  30. Adrienne says:

    Please GOD no!! No No No No No!! Please go sit down and have some babies, take a break….and i agree she can play another role or another superhero but NOT our beloved Superwoman it would just be WRONG!!!

  31. DE says:


  32. Branimir9000 says:

    Beyonce is so 2005. If she can act, how about Tennis Star Ana Ivanovic?

  33. Wonderfan says:

    I'm a black person, and I will say it. NO WAY! First off, no one can fill Lynda Carter's shoes. Second, I'm wary of this "lets get a ethic person to play a traditionally white establish character" crap. That's taking the PC bit too far. (I still refuse to accept Jessica Alba as Sue Richards). Find a talented white no name actress like they did with Carter.

  34. Duval Stowers says:

    Absolutly NOT! She cannot act nor does she have the athletic physique for the role.If she wants to play a DC Hero,she could play "Vixen" if Warners decide to make Justice League.And say,wasn`t Lynda Carter hispanic? The barrior was broken a long time ago when she put on the outfit.They`re better off with an unknown actress,of greek descent.

  35. sausana says:

    she would be graet at it

  36. Carl says:

    Interesting twist on the Beyonce choice here:

  37. Vivian says:

    Well, Beyonce had her chance to play Wonder Woman. Maybe she will get that chance again next year. on that one special day: October 31—Hollyween.

  38. MizzML says:

    she cant act these kind of strong, bold roles, shes more of a Diva
    she should stick to music, thats what shes good at
    i am black (i am only saying this to avoid sounding racist ) and i dont think that there should be a black wonder woman because its like shaft being white or james bond being chinese, you have to stick to the story and not change it up too much

  39. D.D. says:

    As if going to the press about her ambitions gives her claim over the W.W. role? Is this really the protocol for auditioning a role? It is hard to take Beyonce's words too seriously, as they are inflated as her zeppelin sized ego. A bit embarrassed for her…

  40. jj says:

    She's begging to sing for Obama & now she's begging to be W.W? Don't call us we'll call you!

  41. alaa says:


  42. Joseph says:

    Super R,
    Sorry, you're mistaken about the Latina thing. Amazons aren't the same thing as Amazonians. In other words, Wonder Woman, or Princess Diana, and her people, aren't from the Amazon Basin in South America. The Amazons were a warrior tribe of women in Greek mythology. In fact, the iconography seen on Themyscira (Paradise Island), where the Amazons live in the Wonder Woman story, is all Greek. They worship the Greek gods, for example.
    I love Beyonce, and she should definitely play a superhero sometime, but Wonder Woman is not right for her. Wonder Woman has black hair, blue eyes, and creamy white skin. As another poster mentioned, Jessica Alba wasn't exactly the right fit for Susan Storm, although they blondified her enough to where it wasn't too bad of a fit. When we go to see comic book movies, we go to see the comic book come to life on the big screen. When the movie character doesn't look like the comic book character, it really dampens the whole experience. Going back to Halle Berry…had she played a catlike superhero, it would have been better than actually calling her Catwoman, even though it wasn't the same Catwoman from the Batman comics.
    And lest anyone say it's a racial thing, it totally isn't. The best example for that is the Incredible Hulk. The last two Hulk movies have shown a Hulk that just doesn't quite look right from the comics, and it really makes a difference. And both times, the Hulk was done in CGI. And even going back to the TV show, Lou Ferrigno looked ridiculous as the Hulk…too small. The Hulk is supposed to be way taller, wider, and much much stronger, and all we got was a muscleman painted green. So yeah, it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with getting the look of the characters right to match up as closely as possible with the comics.

  43. Bill says:

    Google Megan's pictures. Tall, stunning, humane and intelligent!

  44. Lee says:

    I`m a chinese student. I know little about your Wonder Woman. but i can see she is really a hero in your minds. whatever, this is the industry of entertainment, so is in China. Every singer acts and every actor sings and all people cheers no matter what they really are and really desreve. All I wanna say is that everyone entertains , entertain us.

  45. Sakinah S. says:

    Beyonce is acceptable as a pop singer but she should not play Wonder Woman. I agree with some of the comments preceding my own such as 1) she cannot act , though she has moments (brief moments) that hint she may have potential 2) it's best to stick to the original character when bringing their story to the screen (I figure E. Kitt played Catwoman due to the t.v. series but she was excellent, regardless). I actually would like to see Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta-Jones. They still look young enough to play the role but DEFINITELY not Beyonce–PLEASE

  46. Andie says:

    is Beyonce willing to bleach her skin to really take on this role and really look like the character? probably not. it's disgraceful the whole ethnic angle. you are playing the character not the other way around.
    i don't appreciate that she is using my hero in order to gain publicity for herself.

  47. MizzML says:

    how bout megan good as wonder woman???
    she might need to gain a little bit of weight,,,
    i think wonder woman should be curvy

  48. MizzML says:

    i duno if i put that but i think i wrote megan good loool

  49. Lisa says:

    Maybe she should learn how to speak, that would help.

  50. Franny says:

    she's not even a good actress, she sucks!, please do not make her poop on my childhood hero.

  51. jade Olubayo says:

    I'm a black woman and I grew up idolizing Wonder Woman as well. With that being said let's stay true to the character we all know and love. There would be an immense uproar if Brad Pitt had played Blade instead of Wesley Snipes. And for those who argue that we should not put so much thought to into the race of these characters, I understand where your coming from but let's call this what it is. Beyonce is trying to full fill her dream of becoming an icon. We all read about it this past week. She wants to transform a real iconic character into her own image and its a bit sad that she is willing to distort a beloved character in the process. Between this and her bid on the inauguration performance I think we've all just about had enough. This is coming from someone who is a fan of her beauty and booty bouncing talents. I would love to see Megan Fox playing this role. She could rock the role of Wonder Woman.

  52. C. Delfin says:

    Stop it with all the nonsense. They don't have to look exactly like they do in the comics. Although, I'm sure it's preferred by most; it isn't necessary. I think it would be interesting if the Amazonians were women of all different races.
    I don't think Beyonce a horrible idea, but it just doesn't feel right. I can see her in a superhero movie playing a Lois Lane/Rachel Dawes type character. Not the actual superhero.
    If they are going to go with a person of color for this my vote would either go to Dania Ramirez or Rosario Dawson. The former more so than the latter.
    And I agree with Jack Brooks, Ziva would be awesome!

  53. steady says:


  54. Jules says:

    As a comic book fan, I would like to see in the big screen someone who resembles the characters I came to love. It is not about racism, it is about being thruthful to the character's original features.Wonder Woman is white and Beyonce is not. It is simple like that. I would not cast a white actress to play the role of Storm(X-men) for the same reason.
    However, if such thing is to happen no matter what, please, pick Hale Berry because Beyonce is a very mediocre actress. Wonder Woman deserves better.

  55. mithy says:

    well, someone posted above about her origins, in the grrek island and worshipping the greek gods and I totally agree that this singer isn't at all a good choice…i'm brazilian and i follow the comics and the cartoons. let's just think…she isn't the wonder woman and i wouldn1t watch a movie that changes completely everything i always liked, not anymore….it happened with other adaptations and it just didn't feel right!!!!

  56. Tupy says:

    This is ridiculous. What is the difficulty of road maps to keep the original palno. You spend 20 years of his life reading, is dedicated to an image, there is a screenwriter and destroyed all the history, when instead destroyed in hit a sequence (Hello the spider man 3, Xman 3, Dare Devil), I wonder what the difficulty of putting equal the story of how faithful?
    I want to stress that it is not preconeito, because the DC has a series of black characters, why not interpret a black character. The same thing with Samuel L Jackson, he is not the same as Nick Fury, misread the story, thanks to that? Lobby, pressure from industry or entrepreneurs? This is ridiculous, as a purported idol, adds nothing other than the history of the world, ground handling, you can change things that have been established for over 50 years. This is a disrespect, shows that this industry there is neither faithful to the public.

  57. Bob says:

    Check the comics: Wonder Woman is supposed to look like, **literally**, a Greek goddess. Beyonce is an attractive woman, certainly, but Greek goddess? Nuh-uh.

  58. Geoff Boucher says:

    If you go back to the classic origin of Wonder Woman, she is a clay statue come to life. That would seem to leave a little leeway about complexion…

  59. CJ says:

    I do not dislike Beyounce', but I don't think casting her as Wonder Woman would serve anyone well. Bottom line, skin color aside, she is too short. There is a woman, Megan Gale, who pretty much looks exactly like what most people would imagine WW to be.
    WB, please do not let this pop singer mess up your potential franchise.

  60. DancesWithWerewolves says:

    Nick Fury is black in The Ultimates universe, long before Jackson was cast.

  61. Shadoworld says:

    VIXEN. She needs to go after the VIXEN character and maybe DC Comics will incorporate VIXEN into George Miller & WB's JLA movie as the Green Lantern's love interest. Green Lantern/John Stewart in the JLA movie was given to Common. That would be a good look. John Stewart/ Green Lantern played by Common and VIXEN played by Beyonce (Google VIXEN DC Comics), they seem like they would have great believable chemistry on screen.
    Plus once Warners gets the script together for reboot of Superman: Man of Steel, Nolan delivers the third Batman movie and Greg Berlanti gets the Green Lantern(Hale Jordan version) movie into theaters and DC/ WB set the stage for the proper launch of the JLA franchise it could be again I say could be the best comic book to movie franchise to date. Green Lantern/ VIXEN/ Hawkgirl storyline could run throughout the franchise as it does in the JLA.
    So not Wonder Woman, she should be chasing the Vixen character. Plus, who would not pay to see Beyonce in the VIXEN costume. Totally worth the price of admission. LOL
    As much as it might upset hardcore Captain America comic book fans, Will Smith would kill the Captain America part. Don't front. Another $100 million dollar opening weekend and he could carry the franchise. Will Smith as Captain America. Better yet, Will Smith as the central villain in JLA movie Darkseid. Darker role for him.

  62. Liz says:

    I am a black woman.
    Beyonce is working my last nerve with her antics and "I will say anything" to be in or take the spotlight. Seriously, she cannot act and her singing is medicore. What people do not realize, is that Beyonce is a good performer and that is about all when it comes to music. A true artist who can bring a crowd to tears with or without a band is Alicia Keys. Now she is raw talent. But back to Beyonce, seriously, can she get a clue and let someone else shine for a minute. People are really getting tired of her. Furthermore, there are too many women who actually look like Lynda Carter, to not get the role. Megan Fox and Nadjia Bjorlin( who is super hot) would be great casting ideas. Beyonce is NOT.
    True enough, we have a black president and that is great. But comparing the two is like apples an oranges. Why ruin something that was successful before Beyonce was even thought of. I also agree that Jessica Alba is a little hard to digest even with contacts and a blonde wig. Somethings people want to keep the same. And being from the generation when Wonder Woman was derived, I want to see a lookalike, NOT Beyonce.
    Maybe she could be Cheetarah or something if they do a Thundercats movie…better yet, she should be snarf =)

  63. DreanOnB says:

    Yeah Right!!
    I'd rather watch Lance Bass as Wonder Woman.

  64. Tina says:

    This better be a joke. She can't act. If and when Joel Silver and Co., get their sh*t together, they better show WONDER WOMAN the same respect Nolan and Singer gave to Batman and Superman, respectively. Beyonce needs to keep her day job.

  65. Bendis says:

    I prefer Nicole Scherzinger.

  66. jacob says:

    two words: EPIC FAIL!!!

  67. Rebecca says: has some other predictions for Wonder Woman:

  68. Graeme says:

    The comic-movie successes have all been due to staying faithfull to the look and feel of the original comics.
    To list a couple of classic failures:
    . Judge Dredd – Sly was badly cast, and he took his helmet off
    . The Punisher (Dolph Lundgren version) – well cast, enjoyable movie. But without the costume it wasn't the Punisher, it was just an action movie
    If they cast Beyonce, they might as well forget the costume, armbands, lasso and plane. It won't be Wonder Woman.
    … BTW. On Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. Read any comic with the black version of Nick Fury. The character was always intended to be played by Samuel L Jackson.
    … BTW2. On Megan Fox as WW. She would be good, but I'd much rather see her as Modesty Blaise.

  69. haha says:

    HELL O THE NO!!!
    omg.. that would be orrible if it happens.

  70. I think Olivia Munn should do it. She did a video as Wonder Woman, but it was more comedic.

  71. michael says:

    hell no.

  72. Denise says:

    Ok so she wants to be Wonder Women but lets be for real nothing against Beyonce but Wonder Women is not a stronge black women she is a stronge white women. Then did not get a black male to play Superman,Batman or any other movie so why do it for Wonder Women. Beyonce can sing and act but to see her play Wonder Women would be a let down to us who grow up with Wonder Women.

  73. Sinestro says:

    hey, she could play NUBIA, the hot black Amazon played by Jayne Kennedy on the series.
    And don't forget, the Marvel character The Black Panther is now a WOMAN.
    Beyonce WOULD look smokin' in the costume as well as in a bun and glasses as Diana, but so far her acting is wobbly…but maybe…

  74. len says:

    Beyonce?? UGH!!! Just because we all love Obama doesn't mean companies should cast the first black woman they find in every important role.
    I don't want to rip on Beyonce but she is so superficial–even her comments point to her thinking of it as a strictly image-oriented role and not the ground-breaking female role-model Wonder Woman is and has been since her creation.
    She has donned an impressively stacked physique in the past (although the industry has made her lose it), and I think she will have no problem beefing up for the role. Certainly better than Beyonce. And more importantly, she is dignified, smart, and eloquent, much as WW herself. She is an actual ACTOR–as in she actually knows how to act. She has 'Zoro' AND 'Sparticus' behind her, and has done beautiful physical work in pieces like 'Entrapment'. She is the perfect Amazonian / Greek Goddess –just look at some pictures of her and try telling yourself she isn't.
    This role is way too important to women to screw up like Fox screwed up 'X-men' with Halle Berry. Black people have always advanced before women, whether it be the right to vote, the presidency, or anything else. Now Black people have a wonderful role model, but where is women's? It is certainly NOT Beyonce, with her being "sooooo fine". We want someone of substance!!!
    Catherine Zeta-Jones, come rescue us from bubble-headed bimbos who teach girls that their worth is determined by their appearance!!!!

  75. D. Hubbard says:

    Beyonce can not act at all. Did you see her in Austin Powers? That was not a serious movie they were just making fun of other movies. She could not even pull that off. Next time you see Austin Powers see how many lines she really had, she was basically was hired for the role to look good in a costume and prace around snapping her fingers and rolling her head … Shazam. Beyonce is a beautiful woman but she can't act to save her life. Please, please, please don't mess with our original wonder woman, it would just be an insult to Linda Carters name. This would end up being another epic movie making fun of our beloved super hero.

  76. natalie martinez says:


  77. ahan says:

    I think wonderwoman should be european in origin. definitely needs an accent. Why not an unknown to play the lead role and cast veterans to play supporting cast/antagonist. it worked for the original superman films. Beyonce doesn't have the acting chops, and I totally expect her to start moving her head from side to side like she did in goldmember.

  78. nerd says:

    SHE CAN"T ACT!!!!!!

  79. Lisa Marie says:

    NO NO NO Beyonce needs to let megan play the role. She is no good for that movie. Beyonce just needs to worry about her music, and leave movies alone.

  80. K M says:

    I am slightly irked at Beyonce for this, I think she is beautiful yet why would she not want to play a strong black superhero that is already established. Changing source material for a person irrates me I would not what a white woman to play Vixen at all. Also the acting capabilities is a nother issue I'm not sure she could do it. Everyone knows this movie is going to be judged so much since it is Wonder Woman and the recent success of Batman. They need to cast either an good actor that we know of or supply a solid script and look for an unknown. I would love the idea of Lucy Lawless, yet some people think she is to old, maybe Megan Gale?

  81. saywhat says:

    Halle Berry as Catwoman = Beyonce as Wonder Woman …
    Get a real actress please and I'm not racist, but Wonder Woman is NOT black. Stop f-ing with our cultural icons!

  82. newera says:

    Beyonce, being the first black president is a powerful thing; being the first black astronaut is a powerful thing; being the first black Wonder Woman sounds childish. Why don't you take the powers you already have and use it to direct and produce black female superhero films. I'm glad Will Smith didn't recreate, but created black, unique superheros (MeninBlack, Hancock, Independence Day,etc.) Superman is Superman. If they tried to redo him as a black man, then to me it would seem like now we have to jump on the 'first black this and that' everything bandwagon of unnecessary substance.

  83. luvmyheroes says:

    What does she mean by "it's time for that"??? It's not that serious Beyonce! At least not about Wonder Woman. Apparently she's not really thinkin of herself as a true comicfan, but just a celebrity trying to 'breakthrough' a fake barrier. Wonder Woman deserves the right performance for all her long-term fans. Play dress up as WW for Halloween. Leave the big screen for the right look-alike, acting candidate so we will get our money's worth. Love B, but not for this part. Of all the women in the world, I'm sure there's SOMEONE out there perfect for this role.

  84. FRANCISCO says:

    Lynda carter it s not mexican…..her mother is……..but that s not the point..(i m argentinean in spain)……the point is that lynda was great at it -for the role-: beauty and carisma and: DOWN TO EARTH ATTITUDE!……..

  85. Comics&Videogame says:

    The purpose of these films is to bring the comic book characters to life, – onscreen, not to take too much away the ideas of the original creators and writers work/images. WW comics was created in the 40's, then transitioned to the TV series in the late 60's. The comics were still running even in the 80's. Seeing her on the tube was estatic. We fell in love with the one and only, Linda Carter – her outfits, airplanes, lasso, superstrength, and her secret identity. I want to continue this legacy with it being transferred to the Big Screen as we know her. Beyonce is NOT being hated on. It would just be "illegal" to do a total change of WW's history and image, as we grew up becoming to "know her". As another said on this post, we'd be seeing "Beyonce" the singer instead. Who doesn't desire to be Wonder Woman anyway? Let's not water down our great hero too much. Give B another hero. It would be something to see Linda Carter in the new Wonder Woman, as WW's mentor or something…cool!

  86. Steven says:

    Beyonce as Wonder Woman…that makes perfect sense. Of course, the Princess / Demi-goddess of the Greek Amazons from 2,000 years ago was African- American. They had African-Americans in Greece 2,000 years ago right, Beyonce? No? Well they should have, after all it's time to re-write history, isn't it Beyonce?
    Someone tell me she's kidding.
    Megan Gale is the first woman I've seen who actually looks the part and could fill Lynda Carter's shoes visually.

  87. Stizz says:

    Beyonce can pull off whatever she wants… all yall HATERS…… when she get the role, please dont be DI&K EATIN… Please dont do it……. If anyone noticed, whatever B wants 2 do she can put her mind to it…..Last if they want her she in there,…. So HATERS please fall back…….

  88. Jack says:

    I really believe that Beyonce will get the part. The movie has been in limbo for almost 10 years. This might be what it needs to get made. If pepole could put behind the fact that Beyonce is a woman of color, she probably will be an awesome Wonder Woman. From what I've read, she really wants the part. and that is a powerful thing. If they keep the movie tradional, with the costume, and the Diana Prince alterego, the sky is the limit. Remember Wonder Woman is not a real character. Everyone wants to be her. So I cannot knock Beyonce.

  89. sealine says:

    Beyonce can play WW, just the black version of WW named Nubia. That was the original nubia storyline anyway, that she was created from clay like Diana so that both of them would be raised as sister, but Nubia was kidnapped by mars. In any case, I think I'd hate to see beyonce in either role, she's an abyssmay actress, if not for Jennifer Hudson dreamgirls would have been painful to watch, plus there is something about her that I can't put my finger on that makes me very uncomfortable, I always get the impression that she's being significantly less than genuine and this comes across on screen. I agree with others that say that to see a dark skinned WW would not feel like WW it would feel like nubias story, and yes I am black.

  90. theultimatesarahconn says:

    Beyonce has far too big a butt, far too thick of thighs and even knees too! Her body is NOT ONE to be in a Wonder Woman outfit!

  91. Janay says:

    Beyonce' would play good as Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, and Storm

  92. chic says:

    They can only cast her as Wonder Woman if they cast Jay-Z as the new Superman! (reality check). If she is not picked, then let her be an evil Villian with that robot suit she wore at a music award show. Besides, I don't think Beyonce would look right with Blue contacts. Linda Carter had striking beautiful blue eyes, just as Megan Fox does. No Beyonce!! Leave my Wonder Woman alone! – cause you WILL unintentionally mess her up. Hey, why didn't you humble yourself and ask DC comics if they could cast your sister or former DChild members as something? Let it come natural – you striving to be an icon. But apparently, you are not a deep WW fan! We've seen your work. The public is not expressing this for no reason. The majority is saying you should not be Wonder Woman, and this is coming from all walks of life/people. And IF THEY WERE to cast a black woman, personally, if Jada P Smith had the physicque, her acting and authentic assertive aura would make it for me (Get You Sucka;Matrix). Maybe even Vanessa Williams (if not too old) or Sanai Lathan. Just sayin – We love superhero movies…point blank, and WW is one NOT to be messed with. Pick your projects wisely. Get some tips from our well- seasoned acting brother Will Smith. If he can create unique 'black' superhero movies (since you brought up race), why can't you? More projects will come up for you anyway. Look at Janet. She didn't get picked for Dorothy Dandridge, but a role later came up for her in which she was extravagant! Since you like to crawl and shake, there's a Thundercats movie coming out in 2010….

  93. marti says:

    Beyonce Knowles should not play wonder woman because "SHE CAN'T ACT!" she can sing and joggly her a@@ with the best but she simply cannot act! Besides Beyonce is 5'6" and Linda Carter is close to 5'10"…can we get someone that actually will do the costume justice….thats about a 4" difference! What are they going to do put her in CFMP'S so she'll be closer to the height she needs to be….you know if she wanted to play a super hero…why did'nt she put her hat in the the ring as "Storm" from X-men…sho was actually african american. Apparently these idiots that think Beyonce will make a great Wonder Woman have never picked up a comic book in their entire life! If you're going to start making movies about superhero's then at least try to ge someone that actually looks the character. Christopher Reeves played superman and so when they tried to replace him…they got a Nobody!!! and maybe that's what they should do on Wonder Woman. Besides and this goes out to the movie making industry….You remember how big a FLOP "Catwoman" was with Holly Berry….and Holly Berry is a great actress!

  94. Ken says:

    make beyonce, DC COMICS VIXEN, she would be perfect for that role.
    VIXEN HAS ANIMAL MAGIC POWERS for those who don't know.

  95. JaimeLuv says:

    Jaime Murray From BBC "Hustle" and Showtimes "Dexter" would be amazing.
    Beautiful, Athletic, Great acting talent, Robert Vaughn thinks she would be awesome and so do I!

  96. ComicsRCool says:

    Vixen – The Green Lantern's girlfriend is cool!! Now that's talking! Megan Gale is already set for the Justice League's Wonder Woman movie. Great fit image wise <a href="http://!” target=”_blank”>!

  97. stanusapien says:

    Megan Fox for WW!!! Please casting directors pick her! She would be perfect!!!

  98. Brett says:

    First off: Just because Lynda Carter became famous playing the role on television, that does not mean that she is the blueprint for how Wonder Woman should be brought to the big screen thirty years later. Look at how the portrayals of Superman have evolved from Kirk Alyn and George Reeves in the 1940's and 1950's through Christopher Reeve in four big budget movies, to Dean Cain in "Lois & Clark" and then Brandon Routh in "Superman Returns." Can anyone really say that there were resemblances between those Supermen other than the costume?
    Wonder Woman CAN be reinvented for the 21st century on screen; she doesn't have to be a Lynda Carter clone. That being said, however, Beyonce is ALL WRONG for this role. You have to believe that Wonder Woman could kick some serious ass, and though Beyonce is beautiful and can dance up a storm, she simply doesn't look like she could pick many fights and win. A physically imposing actress is what's needed – not just an athletic performer like Jennifer Garner was in "Alias," but someone who looks like a superheroine.

  99. hellyess says:

    Beyonce would be the perfect choice for wonder woman. i hope she gets that role. And haters just go away!!!

  100. Fubie says:

    As an African-American woman I grew up loving Wonder Woman. Too bad everyone thinks Lynda Carter is not young enough. Sean Connery was 007 well into his older years. I guess we are not ready to see the same for women. Just to set the record straight women had the right to vote 89 years ago African-Americans 45 years ago. Let's not dwell on race so much. We are all part of the human race. I love Beyonce to death. She is amazing. Just not for my beloved WW. I think Lucy Lawless would do it justice. I always thought Angela Bassett should have played Storm instead of Halle Berry. Eartha Kitt and Michele Phiffer were the best Catwomen.

  101. Jennifer says:

    You know what… People need to stop beating around the bush. If Wonder Woman was meant to be black then she would have been black in the comic books. She is supposed to be this Greek Amazonian woman. So yeah I think they should choose a woman, that is White, Mediterranean or Latin Decent. Latin is ethnic as it should get. I am sorry; I got really upset when the Honeymooners movie came out. What is next? A Jefferson’s Movie and played by white people? How would black people feel about that!! Or lets give the Roll of the New Foxy Brown to Jennifer Lopez!! How would black people feel about that? No I am not white nor racist; I am Caribbean with Latin and Black Roots. I just think if they are going to make a movie about legendary character. They should stick to the way they are supposed to look… So stop beating around the bush ya'll and say it like it is.
    P.S. For those that keep mentioning Megan Fox, if she gains some weight, that is if she is able to gain it in the right spots lol!! Maybe she'll be ok. But she is too skinny to play and Amazonian woman. If it where me, I would like Lucy Lawless A.K.A. Xena but she might be too old for the role… :o/

  102. Lennaire says:

    Well, I too have to say no to Beyonce as Wonder Woman!
    Yes, she's an amazing singer and continues to be cast in big budget films but all of those films have had one thing in common. They were all musicals or at least wrote some singing in for Beyonce to have something convincing to do.
    Wonder Woman is an iconic pop culture character being the first female superhero. She has a truly unique back story that can't be sacrificed just because someone is interested in color blind casting. Mind, you I'm all for color blind casting but Wonder Woman is not black, nor even of purely African descent. Yet, truth be told nor is she truly white either. She's Greek and they are by no means a universally pale or dark people. They tend to be olive or golden skinned, not brown or pink.
    So, whoever mentioned that Greeks are brown, sorry to have to break this to you they aren't.
    They could cast someone of mixed ethnicity, someone of East Indian or Native American background, someone Italian or someone Middle Eastern. They shoudn't cast anyone that is either too pale or too dark and Beyonce is too dark and her acting skill is not there.
    Though, since this is a Wonder Woman film they need to have an iconic villain for her to fight and Beyonce as the Cheetah may have some merit. She could pull of the over top, sexy feline villain with a little bit of help from a good acting coach. That I am up for.
    That said here are my picks for Wonder Woman ( and a few of the other characters that may be involved):
    Wonder Woman:
    Vanessa Williams ( has already played a character right of of Greek Mythology, is gorgeous, can act and has the right skin tone to be of Mediterranean descent)
    Eliza Dushku, Charisma Carpenter, Tricia Helfer (Kudos to whoever thought of her) or an unknown could work well too.
    Beyonce Knowles, Claudia Black, Kate Beckinsale
    Queen Hipployte (Wonder Woman's mother)
    Lucy Lawless (there's no one better then the orginal warrioe princess in my opinion)
    Steve Trevor (love interest):
    David Boreanaz (if Eliza Dushku is WW), Ewan Macgregor, James McAvoy

  103. Marl says:

    First of all, why does a person have to be a hater if s/he says something negative about Beyonce? I think a few things about Beyonce. I used to like her but now I am beginning to think that she is becoming full of herself. Comments that she has made, more than once, indicates her shallowness and quite frankly, her lack of education. She claims she went to private school…her writing does not prove that fact. Unless she is being misquoted. She really needs to check her grammer as she often uses the wrong verb in sentences. Who goes around saying that she is a star? That is usually said about the person but that was the first thing out of her mouth when Jennifer Hudson, who is a natural, won that oscar. She is obviously upset about that. And most recently, it was stated that she said she came from an upper class family. Does she know what upper class is? She stated that her father drove a jaguar? That does not make you upper class. Upper class Beyonce is someone like the Kennedy's who has old money. Not someone who fortunately had two parents that worked and could provide for music and tennis lessons. And lots of low income people today can drive fancy cars, but they live paycheck to paycheck. Her value system seems to be based on how much money she can make. And what does she really stand for? What are her politics? Does she care about world hunger? the war in Iraq? homeless people? I think that she is interested in nothing but herself! She is becoming quite boring as all she does is smile and has yet to say anything profound. As someone says, if she did not have a co-writer on her songs they would be akin to nursery rhymes. She stated on an interview that she felt she was going to win an oscar for Dream Girls – didn't happen. Etta James -not! WW – not! And yet, she continues to say she wants to win an oscar. Beyonce – why not just let things happen as they are meant to. FIrst of all you need to learn how to act! Keep to dancing!


    Beyonce is UNIDENTIFIABLE as Wonder Woman. She is 5'6", black & thinks fighting is like dancing. She dsnt take the role of playing WW serious & dsnt respect the fans enough 2 know that her playing Wonder Women would be TRAMATIZING & destroying the integrity of the comicbook storyline. There are already plenty of other black superheros that she can portray on the big screen. Storm who marries Black Panther (also a black superhero), Vixen, Misty Night, Nu'Bia- R they nt good enough? Why does she want to portray a superhero from Greek mythology? Why does she want 2 change an already established icon 2 suit her own needs & ego? When you change the most minut detail of a superhero whether it b the costume, their super power abilities, hair, eye color, skin color, demeanor it becomes a Big Deal. It has nothing 2 do with race & more w/poking holes into everyones favorite & beloved superhero. It puts hardcore comicbook fans in a uproar & justified outrage. Hugh Jackman knew this when he took the role of Wolverine & is very serious in how he portrays Wolverine. He is careful to stay true 2 the character in every way, shape and form. He is dedicated 2 the fans. Whomever takes up the role of WW must have the same dedication & consideration in order 4 the movie 2b a success. Your 1st obligation is 2 the fans- mke them happy because they are the ones who care the most. You need 2b able 2 identify w/WW on ALL levels & Beyonce does not. Wonder Woman is already powerful. She dsnt need 2b black to prove it. It's like Kato from Green Hornet being played by Ed Burns, Foxxy Brown by Denise Richards, Zorro by Brad Pitt, Cleopatra Jones by Meg Ryan, Shaft by George Clooney..Could You dig it? Black people would not like it if their favorite superheros were so unjustly misrepresented. They would flip & w/good reason. So keep Wonder Woman the way she was created in the comics & on TV. Beyonce is seriously overreaching & out of her league to play Wonder Woman. She simply IS UNIDENTIFIABLE.

  105. john says:

    you people talking about beyonce not good for wonder woman go to hell!!!!!! i think beyonce would do great as wonder woman she is right, there needs to be a black wonder woman you white people dont be so racist and she would look hecka bomb in the suit to she has the body for it anyways and the lady that played wonder woman she said she wants beyonce to play the role you guys r just a bunch of haters MLK. had a dream, so do i " I have a dream that one day beyonce will play wonder woman halleuijah , she will do great thank ya jesus!, she will look sexy , yes,yes,oh yes, I have a dream that she will not be judge by her color but by the way she plays the role BLACK WONDER WOMAN AT LAST , BLACK WONDER WOMAN AT LAST, THANK GOD ALL MIGHTY BLACK WONDER WOMAN AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Beyonce is UNIDENTIF says:

    To: john | January 13, 2009 at 04:08 PM
    "there needs to be a black Wonder Woman you white people dont be so racist" How is this not racists? You make it that way. MLK and Jesus doesnt have anything to do with this you ignorant reverse racist. You should keep your retardedness down to a minimum. Halleluja! You're talking out your ass. Lynda Carter said at the time back when that she wanted Catherine Zeta Jones to do it. I had a dream you would shut the @#$#$ up! Nobody said this was about race- only reverse racists people like you- get over yourselves. You always hve to make it about race always whinning. Wah, Wah, Wah!!!! If you say race shouldnt matter then it's ok right for Brad Pitt to play Shaft in the next movie huh? Can you dig it? And Meg Ryan can be Foxxy Brown right? if you say yes you know you are lying. Funny cuz you're so BLACk and proud then why do you want to take a "white" superhero so bad? What's wrong with the already black ones? Are they not good enough or black enough tht you need to take one already established? Boo-Hoo. Why Cant you have class and dignity like Will Smith and MAKE YOUR OWN UP?! Will Smith- that is someone to be respected and loved. Instead of whinning he went out and transcended the race barrier with Hancock. He is a positive voice for blck people. What positive thing have you done to help transcend race barriers and not bridge it further with your own ignorance & reverse racism? Have you heard yourself talking?

  107. LOL! LMAO! HA-HA-HA- says:


  108. Abraham says:

    Beyonce….NO! she's gotten to conceited and she's relly changed. her personallity has become unattractive to ever since she got married to Jay-z she has this chip on her shoulder.
    Cote de Pablo (aka Ziva) from NCIS however would be better for the role of Wonder Woman. she's got hispanic roots in her and some of the most be-A-utiful women in the world are from the islands man. she's got the stamina (just check out NCIS if you don't believe me she kicks major a**), the poise, charisma, flexibility, and beauty to pull it off successfully and not with dumb luck (i.e. Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane)
    if not her then i would choose….
    Crystal Lightning from American Pie: Band Camp (remember her guys?) she would be awesome for the lead role too. she's got the whole package (and i don't mean H.I.V).
    either one could get the role and be internationally praised for their performances as the most sexiest, powerful female superhero of all time next in line after WW is of course……uh i forgot oh well i guess she's undefeated muha! ha!ha

  109. Diana Mason says:

    Didn't Beyonce try to get the role of Lois Lane in the last Superman movie? And now, Wonder Woman??? The nerve!!!
    Also, Beyonce should stop obsessing about getting an Oscar (roles in Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records which she co-produced). Stop forcing it! It ain't gonna happen for you Bey! Quit being dillusional!

  110. sagittarius rising says:

    i personally believe that Salma Hayek would be a phenominal Wonder Woman, the real Wonder Woman was of Mexican Descent….you see, i love Beyonce. i have a love/hate type of fan relationship w/her. she's talented as far as being musically inclined. i however, question her acting ability. it seems to improve with time. i honestly believe that the "glory hound" in her invokes her to covet this role for the wrong reasons. she's feening for an oscar which is ridiculous. you will never, ever hear a real actor or actress say " i want an oscar"….a real thespian adores the vocation that they surrendered to and their love for it allows them that opportunity. Beyonce should fall back and just chill. period. take 2 years off and give your fans a chance to miss you and just chill. stop beng a "glory hound"…this is coming from a good place b/c i am a fan. i really am….i just discern a great amount of greed that comes with who she is.

  111. Beyonce is NOT WONDE says:

    Wonder Woman is NOT of Mexican descent! Wonder Woman is of GREEK descent. The actress LYnda Carter who played the role of WOnder WOman on TV was 1/2 Irish & 1/2 Mexcian. Lynda Carter did NOT LOOK typically Mexican and so she fit the description of Wonder Woman so well she became the epitome of what Wonder WOman should look like according to the comics and her name became synonomous with Wonder Woman. Salma Hayek & Beyonce do not fit the description or qualifications necessary to fill the role of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was 5'11-6' tall, of Greek descent, raven haired, sparkling blue eyes, trained in all the martial arts, and an amazonian princess. Though Salma & Beyonce are beautiful they do not have the requirements nor the "looks" needed to fill the role of an already ESTABLISHED ICON. Whether it be the height, skin tone, the "look" of an amazon or the credibility that they are trained experts- they are NOT Wonder Woman Material. Perhaps as one of the Amazons from Paradise Island but not THEE WONDER WOMAN.
    Beyonce wants to run before she can walk. She wants an award and she can't act. She tried to get the role of Lois Lane and failed and so now she wants the role of Wonder Woman. An actress should become her character. A character should NEVER be changed to fit the actress. DC needs to preserve the integrity of the storyline of Wonder Woman (or any movie being done) & cast actors as true to the characters as possible.

  112. Geoff Boucher says:

    I have to say its somewhat odd to hear Wonder Woman purists be so strident, so tradition-bound and so confidant about the character's heritage considering the fact that SHE WAS MADE FROM CLAY in the original comics story. Silly Putty changes color the longer its around, why can't Diana?

  113. Antman says:

    You haters out there need to cease the Beyonce bashng. Beyonce is the perfect Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter/Megan Foxx, both cute, both too skinny. Beyonce's elegance, charisma, sex appeal and physique are outstanding. This movie should be about action. It's time out for all this racial non-sense. We want Beyonce!

  114. Luv the comics says:

    Why change the character skin, or costume, or hair? WW has always been portrayed the same way in the comics & on tv. It has been this way for decades. Why change it now? Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and all the other ALREADY ESTABLISHED ICONS should remain as is. Just like Spawn, Black Panther, War Machine, Vixen, Storm, Shaft, Foxxy Brown, Kato, should stay as they are as well. Would you feel the same way if these black superheros were changed to white? It would be equally as wrong & I'd be pissed! I hate changes in a story like in Batman Forever when they made Batgirl Alfreds niece! WTF! She was commisioner Gorndons daughter & that kills it for me. I hate any deviation when they turn a book or comic into a movie & change it all up just because. I hate it. Just stick to the way it was written!

  115. david j says:

    how are you guys going to player hate like that. i think beyonce would make a great wonderwoman NUFF SAID.

  116. spyder says:

    Well…I do start to agree with Luv the comics. I think a first film should stay true to the comic. But I do think that if sequels and such are created, then I wouldn't mind Wonder Woman being portrayed by different actress of different "races." I mean tv's Catwoman was portrayed by many actresses including one who was black. As for Beyonce, I don't think she can act well. Despite her Sasha Fierce persona, I still think Beyonce tends to be soft-spoken and too gentle when she plays any role. If I had it my way, I would love to have Monica Bellucci become Wonder Woman. She's not exactly young and super skinny…but it's just a little fantasy of mine. As for Wonder Woman being of Mexican descent thing…I think the comments meant that the original tv Lynda Carter is part Mexican or something like that..from what I read.

  117. terry says:

    beyonce cant act

  118. Tom says:

    all I can say about this is hell no!

  119. K says:

    This is my main problem with this sort of thing. I hate that no matter what way I type this, it'll end up sounding racist, but honestly, if you want a black superhero on the big screen? Play a black superhero. I think there absolutely should be more superheroes (and hell, while we're at it, more major characters in general) of different ethnicities out there, but I'd much rather see a new character than have an old one changed so drastically. It's not being "progressive", it's just changing a huge part of the canon. Actors change to fit roles- don't change the role to fit the actor.


    Beyonce is not Wonder Woman Material. What does Bey have to recommend her to be WW? In what way do you relate to Bey as WW?
    1) She can't act.
    2) Thinks fighting is like dancing
    3) She is only 5' 6&frac14;" (1.68 m), WW is 5'11-6'0
    4) She is black, Wonder Woman is not
    5) Bey has brown eyes, not sparkling blue. To put contacts on would only be cheesy like Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four
    Wonder Woman doesnt beg she commands. Bey doesnt understand what it is 2 b WW so how can she portray her on the screen when you have others vastly more qualified? There is no shortage of actresses who look more like WW & have the right quals. MEgan Gale, Jody Lynn O'kefee, Ivana Milicevic to name a few.
    Yes, Bey is beautiful, talented as a singer & dancer, is married to JayZ but that alone shouldnt be the deciding factor to make her "WW".
    Our Wonder Woman that we all relate to from the comics and TV would become UNIDENTIFIABLE
    Why arent black people making their own superheros in addition to the ones already out there if there is such a lack of "representation"? So for that "whites" should be bullied into giving it to Beyonce? Pressured unfairly to be PC and appease the black girls? How insulting for you and me! To say black girls couldnt get it any other way than like that. Would black people be so generous in doing the same if the sitution were reversed? Would you be so accomadationg in making the Black Panther white and played by Ryan Reynolds?
    You have plenty of options available. You have Storm, Vixen, Misty Knight, Captain Marvel/Photon/Pulsar, Nu'bia etc.. common, be real. If they are not good enough why not have the initiative and the PRIDE to start your own superhero that black girls can relate too and represent them? You dont just commodere another super hero that is already an established icon.
    I dont get what is being said because there are many other black superheros Bey can go after but wont because they are not "popular" or lacks what it takes to make them her own. Little does she know if she were smart, she could breath life into anyone of the other black super heros and go down as the first Vixen etc.. & really make it hers so that SHE would be used as the standards to go by like lynda Carter did for Wonder Woman


    What does Bey have to recommend her to be WW? In what way do you relate to Bey as WW?
    1) She can’t act.
    2) Thinks fighting is like dancing
    3) She is only 5’ 6¼” (1.68 m), WW is 5’11-6’0
    4) She is black, Wonder Woman is not
    5) Bey has brown eyes, not sparkling blue. To put contacts on would only be cheesy like Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four
    Wonder Woman doesnt beg she commands. Bey doesnt understand what it is 2 b WW so how can she portray her on the screen when you have others vastly more qualified? There is no shortage of actresses who LOOK MORE like WW & have the right qualifications. MEgan Gale, Jody Lynn O’kefee, Ivana Milicevic to name a few.
    Yes, Bey is beautiful, talented as a singer & dancer, is married to JayZ but that alone shouldnt be the deciding factor to make her “WW”.
    Our Wonder Woman that we all relate to from the COMICS and TV would become UNIDENTIFIABLE.
    People want to call others racists for not wanting Bey as Wonder Woman not knowing they are being reverse racist (or maybe they do know?). Its clear in how you want to change Wonder Woman to black for no other reason than to be black. Her identity is what it is. Instead you should have the initiative and PRIDE to create you OWN black superhero.
    Wonder Woman is not like Catwoman, because there are many actresses who played Catwoman because her storyline is not set for a specific nationality. Catwoman is just a villian. Wonder Woman on the other hand is set SPECIFICALLY to Greek Mythology, is of GREEK descent. She has always looked the same since back in 1941 in the comics, on TV, in the 1974 movie with Kathy Lee Crosby (and she sucked as Wonder Woman so imagine Bey). Really, why does Wonder Woman have to change who she is, her identity?
    Why arent black people making their own superheros in addition to the ones already out there if there is such a lack of “representation”? So for that “whites” should be bullied into giving it to Beyonce? PRessured unfairly to be PC and appease the black girls? How insulting for you and me! To say black girls couldnt get it any other way than like that. Would black people be so generous in doing the same if the sitution were reversed? Would blacks be so accomadationg in making the Black Panther white and played by Ryan Reynolds?
    You have plenty of options available. You have Storm, Vixen, Misty Knight, Captain Marvel/Photon/Pulsar, Nu’bia etc.. common. If they are not good enough why not have the initiative and the PRIDE to start your own superhero that black girls can relate to and represent them? You dont just commodere another super hero that is already an established icon.
    No, I dont get what others say because there are many other black superheros BEY can go after but wont because they are not “popular” or lacks what it takes to make them her own. Little does Bey know if she were SMART, she could breath life into anyone of the other black super heros and go down as the first Vixen etc.. & really make it hers so that SHE would be used as the standards to go by like lynda Carter did for Wonder Woman

  122. Beyonce is NOT WONDE says:

    To: Geoff Boucher | February 08, 2009 at 01:20 PM …
    "considering the fact that SHE WAS MADE FROM CLAY "
    It is true Wonder Woman is made from clay… so was her sister Nu'Bia..
    Nubia: First Appearance:
    Wonder Woman #206 (1973)
    Publisher:DC Comics
    "After giving Hippolyte the gift of children, the goddess Aphrodite instructed the Amazon Queen to fashion two figures from raw clay; one light – one dark. "
    What I am saying is that Wonder Woman should be portrayed on the big screen in the same way that she has been depicted in the comics, on the tv show and in the memories of all the fans that grew up with her. It's nothing personal against Beyonce. In believe an ctress should fit the character, NOT the character changing to fit the actress.
    It's not about being a supermodel, beauty queen or a popularity contest because in the end the ones who will make or break this movie ARE THE COMIC BOOK FANS.
    It's THEM you need to concern yourself with. THEM you need to please. THEM who need to relate & identify with Wonder Woman because it's THEM who keept Wonder Woman alive all these years. The new generation will only know what you give them so get it right the 1ST time. To make it anything less than what Wonder Woman is would be substandard & UNIDENTIFIABLE ON MANY LEVELS.
    It's about the COMIC BOOK FANS being there from the BEGINNING you need 2 concern yourself with.
    "The city state of Thermyscira was established in Asia Minor. Beginning in a parted Aegean Sea, it takes three months before the Amazons arrive at the hidden Paradise Island, later retitling it "Themyscira" after their fallen home. The Amazons' new home would also be called Themyscira and by the goddess Athena's decree, Queen Hippolyta led her sisters to the shores of the Aegean Sea. Poseidon parted the waters for the Amazons journey to an island paradise veiled from man. The island was situated in what was called the Bermuda Triangle."
    The Greek nations are more closely resembling the european people than that of the African continent just south. The Amazons relocated to the Bermuda Triangle, but are still Greek.

  123. LaMont C says:

    All U haterz need to quit it. Okay yall talkin like yall gonna be the one to pay the actor and actresses in the movie. Just chill out at let the movie companies do what they do. It's not up to you and me to decide who plays who. If you want to be in control of that Then go taking directing lessons and become a director. Untill then SHUT UP and get off of Beyonce. There's nothing wrong with who ever plays the role it's up to the writers to make a movie hot.
    GO BEYONCE!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see you 7/13/09 at 7:30 PM ( Ill be there )

  124. Luv The Comics says:

    There is something VERY WRONG who plays the roles if they are not of the right identity and ethinicity! The writers can make the movie "hot" or not but if it is wrong casted it WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The directors need to get it right as well as the actors, the wrighters, casting dept… people just shouldnt advertise their ignorance.
    I would love to see Britney Spears play Beyonce in an autobiography role since there is nothing wrong in who plays the roles so long as the writers make the movie right. Yes, Bey is not a fictional character but it's the concept of preserving the IDENTITY of the character that is in question here and needs to be addressed. Do not change Wonder Womans identity.
    Yes beyonce, go…go away.

  125. James Wyatte says:

    What a great idea!!!!! We all know what an awesome blockbuster "Catwoman" was. Why don't we take ALL of our childhood heros and put them in one movie, using your idea. That way we can get the "MASSACRE" over with quickly. Why spread it out over several movies and years.

  126. Sean McIntosh says:

    I think she would not suit the wonder woman role. i think she would defiantly suit something darker and abit more sophisticated. maybe she would fit into the batman franchise of the likes of poison ivy or batgirl perhaps if they were to be in the next movie. she'd defiantly has potential to make a good poison ivy,

  127. catwoman says:

    When you REALLY get down to it, Beyonce is all style and no substance. She really can't sing, and her acting is so-so. She can dance better than she can sing and act. She's essentially the product of years of grooming and management by her father. Frankly, I'm tired of seeing her on magazines covers and such. She's over-exposed, IMO. Her as Wonder Woman? No, no, no, no, NO!

  128. Viavocal says:

    I love Beyonce for all that she does with charity and I love her as a performer. I think that Wonder Woman is a huge role for her to take on at this point. She should try to do a few more low end roles to get her chops together because, face it, she's not the most believable actress. However, everyone gives her so much hatred and negativity, but what she does is make money. Not only that, but she gives back, and most music artist, actors/actress', can't say the same. So, thanks Beyonce for your interest, but don't do it.

  129. Batman says:

    How can this woman play a character with strngth and stamina and humbleness when she can"t even walk 45 feet across her hotel just too shop, Use to think this woman was humble with all her money, guess she proved me wrong.

  130. Nope says:

    What's next… A black Abraham Lincoln or George Washington?

  131. James Brown says:

    If they let Beyonce be Wonder Woman, then they should let Adam Sandler play James Brown when they make a movie about James Brown's life.
    Why not a black woman in the starring role of a biopic about Princess Diana?
    Makes just as much sense as a black wonder woman.

  132. Hi everyone,
    I understand you all not wanting to see me be Wonder Woman coz y'all hating but what y'all need to understand is that I got a lot of money and I will buy my role. Y'all can touch ma bootylicious image because am famous and you all are poor useless nobodies hahahaha
    I danced with Michael Jackson bitches and you all couldn't even talk to him so just accept and see my movie so I along with the people that put me in the movie can make millions and continue to distance ourselves from you poor people. When a meteor finally reaches Earth and threatens to destroy it guess who is going to outer space? Me not you. HAHAHA

  133. Big Cat says:

    go ahead. the film will join the ranks of all the other money-losing magic negro films.
    beyonce is a talentless high yellow.

  134. Kodel says:

    I don't think the problem is Beyonce' playing Wonder Woman for some. I think that the problem is a black woman playing Wonder Woman. Linda Carter was cute back in the day, but, she didn't have a body anything like Beyonce's. A true Amazonian woman would be voluptuous like Beyonce'. I can see her playing that role. The last Superman looked gay and for some reason they stuck w/him. No muscles or anything. And nowadays anybody and their mother can play "the Punisher". Beyonce' has a very nice and thick body. Very preportionate, but, if it is something that you aren't confident that you can handle then you would be opposed to her being offered the role. Voluptous women w/confidence scare the white men in the American society today and all who follow w/their idealistic views on beauty. Queen Latifah can play a convincing Amazon because an Amazon is supposed to be voluptuos, confident, beautiful & flawless. Stop being soft in the ass and let it go! Introducing the New World and those ugly, skinny, big nosed, flat chested, old looking, botox & silicon injected, white bitches from Sex in the City don't command the attention anymore.

    • Brett says:

      Boy, do you have it wrong. A true Amazonian, if you want to get technical, would be one-breasted, since Amazon warriors are reputed to have cut off one breast so they could use a bow and arrow without the one breast getting in the way. A true Amazonian would probably look more like an Olympic athlete, which no one would ever confuse Beyonce for resembling. I don't know where you got the notion that Amazons are "supposed to be voluptuous." Now, if we're hewing to the Amazons of the comics that Wonder Woman inhabited, the women would be tall and statuesque, two qualities that Lynda Carter has that Beyonce never will.

  135. X-Man says:

    As Johnnie Mac would say, "you cannot be serious!!!" They made a mistake casting Berry first as Storm and then Catwoman. Storm is slightly older than the other X-Men and second in command. They should have picked someone like Angela Bassett. Catwoman should not have been remade. Yes, I say remade, because Michelle Pfieffer's portrayal of catwoman in Batman is simply AMAZING!!! How can you top that?
    How about Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, or Scarlett Johansson? Would love to see Lynda Carter in a cameo or maybe even play her mother. Or, Lucy Lawless as her mother. It needs to be someone older that can still kick butt as an older woman.

  136. THAT DEAL says:

    Well when it comes to acting the one's in charge pretty much know if this person would be successful sounds like everyone is being a hater of Bee success. I would think she would be better off not exploding her future come ups and she is only setting herself up for let downs because she is a color woman and we have history of evil people against us. I say I think she would be great and it not about her its about the movie editors who is in charge of making her great. Can't we all just get along.

  137. Mikey says:

    Ya'll need to do your damn history on wonder woman… She is a gladiator worrier, Not some damn white woman.. Over time wonder woman has lost the story of what she truly looks like and is suppose to be… Beyonce got this.. She got tha body and the attitude to play what wonder woman truly is, a dark colored glatiator…GO BEYONCE!!!!

    • Brett says:

      Do YOUR history on Wonder Woman. She's a comic book character, and she was depicted as Caucasian. From the start. And she has been since she was created. The comic book character does not purport to be some fact-based historically accurate book. So your arguments are simply non-applicable.

  138. Mikey says:

    WONDER WOMAN IS NOT WHITE!!!!! You have all been lied to for the last sixty years… The origianal wonder woman, is a dark colored, greek glatiator….


    To: Mikey | August 19, 2009 at 10:40 AM…U NEED TO GET A CLUE.
    Wonder Woman is not a "gladiator worrier" or "greek gladiator" she was a Greek Amazon Princess Warrior. She was gifted by the Greek goddesses and one god. Wonder Woman has ALWAYS been depicted in the comics the same way from the begininng in December 1941 AND portrayed on TV and as: Fair skinned, sparkling blue eyes, raven haired, 6' tall & trained in all skills of MMA. Why should she be different now?
    In 1973 vol.1 #2o4 Nubia, Wonder Woman twin sister made of dark clay opposite of Wonder Woman light clay, was the black Wonder Woman. She was kidnapped by Ares the god of War and trained to be the nemesis of Wonder Woman. Nubia lives on The Floating Island as opposed to Wonder Womans Paradise Island in Bermuda Triangle. Maybe YOU ought to brush up on your history. Or are you trying to misinform and mislead intentionally in order to misguide the unknowing to vote for your highly unsuitable Bey to be Wonder Woman? tsk, tsk.
    Beyonce DOES NOT got this.. AND IS NOT what "wonder woman truly is, a dark colored glatiator". Man, get a clue. Beyonce is NOT Wonder Woman Material.

  140. nightowl says:

    no way beyonce you're not that beautiful enough and hot enough to become our wonder woman just stay in your mansion and don't even try to wear the wonder woman costume! megan fox fits for the role and not you!

  141. NO! TO BEYONCE AND M says:

    I diasgree that Beyonce is not beautiful or hot enough, cuz she most certainly is. However, she just doesnt look anything like our comicbook superhero and she can't act. She is unidentifiable as Wonder Woman. But, she is a very talented singer and dancer. Unfortunately, her success in her musical career does not extend to her acting abilities. Its not hating to say she can sing and dance but not act.
    But but to invoke Megan Fox to be Wonder Woman purely for her hotness is wrong too. She is not suitable either for many reasons such as:
    1) Megan, like Beyonce, can't act
    2) Megan, like Beyonce, is too short
    3) Megan is also too young looking like just out of High School, Wonder Woman is a mature woman.
    4) Megan is too skinny, to frail looking. She would need a more athletic, toned look to her. Not bulk up to look like Chyna because Wonder Woman was strong without sacrificing her femininity. But a toned look like Jessica Biel had in Blade III would be ideal.
    5) Megan Fox stated to British magazine FHM:
    "She's lame. She flies around in an invisible jet, but she's not invisible. I don't get it."
    If she doesn't "get it" how then could she capture WW's essence on film???
    But Megan gets playing a whore in the comicbook movie Jonas Hex, gold figure.
    No, to play Wonder Woman you need a mature actress who is not well known as opposed to a well known celebrity so that the main focus can be on the character itself. To have someone so over exposed like Beyonce or Anjelina Jolie would detract from the movie. You need someone who is at least 5'11 to 6' because Wonder Woman is 6' tall. She should have the looks: Raven haired, sparkling blue eyes (contacts is too cheesy!), fair skinned and have some fighting abilities already in order to be realistic for the fighting scenes. WW was skilled in all the arts of MMA.
    And last but not least Wonder Woman is royalty. No to Beyonce and Megan FOx.

  142. Daniel Cloud says:

    i think Beyonce could do that role and many could await for that!.. she's so talented as a triple threat! She could dance, sing and act.. maybe in cooking too… go Beyonce!

  143. Jenny says:

    If beyonce is cast as wonder woman I think I will be sick. she is pretty, but her acting skills suuuucckkkk. and I just dont think she can pull off an amazon princess

  144. Pete says:

    This is a terrible idea. Beyonce can't act, but that doesn't stop people from landing roles. And no haters, it's nothing about the skin color, she's just a terrible choice. Don't get Megan Fox either. I'm having a hard time understanding why studio execs don't get serious about these movies and give them solid treatments. Halle Berry was terrible as Storm and even worse as Catwoman, and Beyonce doesn't have an 18th of Berry's acting talent. Just do what they did with the original Superman movie: Get an unknown who looks the part and can genuinely pull it off, and get some respected veteran actors in supporting roles. It worked out pretty well for Christoper Reeve.

  145. Joshua says:


  146. Fido says:

    Let me just say this….Catwoman? The Wild, Wild West? The Honeymooners? I want to see a movie about Martin Luther King starring Mel Gibson as the late doctor and Rush Limbaugh as his son then.

    • GhostOfChristmasPast says:

      Oh, I get it. A black person playing a fictional white person whose race was irrelevant is exactly the same as a racist white person playing the most famous and revered black person in American History. Great comment, buddy.

      This article was two years ago, guys. This movie's nowhere near being even close to almost maybe happening. Go cool your heels on Stormfront until the movie starts shooting.

  147. Brett says:

    We might as well cast Beyonce as Eleanor Roosevelt.

  148. tag noken says:

    Seriously, are you out of your mind! Villain maybe but WW, no way!!

  149. ???? says:

    If your going to cast a bad actress for the part, then has anyone considered the girl who played in transformers? She has the dark hair, blue eyes & a cute shape for the WW costume. Just an idea.

  150. Sean says:

    I would love to see Beyonce as a super hero in a movie, but she would really really have to take it serious and really work on it like make it happen. Every time i picture her in playing wonder woman I cant help but laughing I mean I love her to death Im like her number 1 fan and I hope to meet her at least once throughout my life but Its just so funny to me for her to fight real action she would crack me up its just hilarious i dont know how many times I can say it. But If she works really hard she could possibly pull it off she already can pull of the costume but she really needs to get into character… Honestly I Really cant see her playing this part… She should really find something else that fits her

  151. dottie says:

    i say, go for it beyonce, you have my support, she has a olive skin tone, and she would make a sexy as wonder woman

    • Diana Prince says:

      IT's not about the olive skin tone… it's about fitting the part of the character… not changing the character to fit her. She is unidentifiable as WW on sooo many levels.

  152. Diana Prince says:

    Beyonce says:

    ‘A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing,’ Beyonce said. ‘It’s time for that, right? It would be great.’

    Why would Beyonce be great and make history like our president? One is real life.. another is a comic. She wants to change Wonder Woman from white to black for no other reason than because "it's time for it" . Look at all the issues everyone is having with Palicki and she's white. They would use Beyonce's name to get hype because that is all that it would be, hype. What does Beyonce have to recommend her to be Wonder Woman? If Beyonce we're smart she would go for the part of: Storm, Vixen, Nubia, Misty Night and be like Lynda Carter to set the standards for that said superhero for generations to come. Are those superheros not black and powerful enough for Beyonce? No, instead she wants to take an already established ICON … and change her to black for no other reason than because "A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing, " Wonder Woman is already powerful, she doesnt need to be black to prove it. I would have had tons more respect for Beyonce if she would have just simply said: "I want to be Wonder Woman" without bringing in the "a black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing". We already have a black Wonder Woman…Nubia from the Floating Island.. Wonder Woman's twin kidnapped at birth made from the darker clay introduced back in 1973. So again… what does she have to recommend her to be Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman is a character created and deeply ingrained with Greek Mythology. Beyonce, as she so proudly states, is black. Wonder Woman is 6' Beyonce is 5'6. Course, you could use tricks of the camera to fix that if she were a good actress to balance it out.. which brings me to my next point…. like Megan Fox… she can't act. At all… let alone try to connect and bring to life someone as complex a character as Wonder Woman. She's already trying to change WW to black without embracing the Greek side of WW that defines who WW is. Wonder Woman is trained in all hand to hand fighting and forms of MMA… Beyonce thinks that fighting is like dancing. Beyonce is unidentifiable to me as Wonder Woman even more so as Cathy Lee Crosby was to many back in the 70's. I say no to Beyonce.

  153. Gabriela says:

    No she looks nothing like her. She should make her own hero up.

  154. destiny says:

    she's to old

  155. Tashy Tash says:

    Hell to the No!

  156. dregj says:

    she cannot act at all,haven't warner learned anything from the debacle of putting gina torres in the role for the mmo,its sounded and looked ridiculous

  157. stanford says:

    Nobody hates Beyoncé, she doesn't fits the role. These are shoes to fill. I don't think she going get the role, if she do it going bomb big time.

  158. Shauncy says:

    NO. This is not a role she is ready for. I have nothing against Beyonce, but acting is not her strong suit. Please stick to vocals because you can sing circles around most artists I know.

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