Bigfoot, R.I.P.?

Aug. 18, 2008 | 1:31 p.m.

SixmillHero Complex is trying to deal with the overwhelming grief. I’m sure we all are. You surely have seen this news flash by now:

Georgia men claim hairy, frozen corpse is Bigfoot


ATLANTA (AP) — Two men claim they’ve bagged Bigfoot, and they say the have the hairy corpse of the legendary creature stored away in a freezer. Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer say they stumbled across the corpse in the woods of northern Georgia, across the country from the remote regions of the Northwest where people usually claim to see the man-ape.

Still, the Georgia men say DNA will prove once and for all that the frozen creature is Sasquatch. They plan to present DNA test results and photographs during a news conference Friday in Palo Alto, Calif.

David Sarno, a good friend to the Hero Complex and author of the popular Web Scout blog, seems to think that these Georgia men may not be telling the truth. Could that be right? Oh, we pray that you’re right, David!

In the meantime, let us all reflect on one of the truly golden moments in 1970s television history, the epic battle between Steve Austin and Andre the Giant. No, no, it wasn’t a pro wrestling match. It was the other Steve Austin, the bionic hero in "The Six-Million Dollar Man," and Andre the Giant was channeling Sasquatch by wearing spooky contacts and a mangy get-up that reminds me of my Chewbacca costume from Halloween 1977.

You can watch the fight, first aired in February 1976, right here. (Trivia: Stefanie Powers pops up in that two-episode story, which also prominently features the spinning ice tunnel that was part of the Universal Studios Tour for years.)

— Geoff Boucher

Photo of Andre the Giant and Lee Majors from a vintage ABC publicity still.

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12 Responses to Bigfoot, R.I.P.?

  1. Excellent says:

    This is awsom! I just got finished recanting the whole bigfoot as a coverup for an underground alien command center to a work-mate. Wasn't it an android? I remember his boss as being an android also, being able to drink steaming hot coffee. (Steve noticed) I might be fusing a couple episodes together. Amazing what sticks in your head after all those years. Looks like no ones around. Off to watch the original episode! Also..I distinctly remember going through the ice tunnel at Universal as a kid. Wasn't featured in Loagn's run also? Universal recycled most of thier props…the same western town appeared in like 50 different productions. The one with the octogon fountain in the middle of town. You'll know when you see it again…

  2. Obviously, the Georgia bigfoot is a hoax. Don't know why the press lapped that story up. Here's actual new footage of a bigfoot in Northern California. Look close at the end and you'll see a female too.

  3. Steve Wang says:

    The bigfoot's a fake. My friend Chuck Jarmin sculpted that mask for a company called look it up, under bigfoot costume. it's the same head with some fake teeth added. In fact the parody of the bigfoot reunion video posted above uses the SAME mask!

  4. Tom says:

    Is it o.k. to admit that this 6MDM episode terrified me as an 11 year old?

  5. lee says:

    i knew he was real! kinda sucks though

  6. Robert says:

    What the hell they found my wife……..

  7. HeyJoe says:

    Yes, I recall this episode very well, AND the rotating ice tunnel which our family rode through in a tram on a Universal Studios tour around this same time. What a STUPID special effect. Imagine the money they spent building that tunnel and that episode of the 6 Million $ man is the only thing I've EVER seen it used for.

  8. johnnyquest says:

    The real story of the Georgia Bigfoot, Strike Three.
    Steve Kulls officially/publicly declares it a hoax, 19:07 Pacific Standard Time

  9. Skippy says:

    Pure brilliance on part of these two men who showed how stupid the media is and how ignorant people who believe in silly nonsence like bigfoot truly are.
    My hats off to you with this incredible hoax.

  10. hoaxbuster says:

    Kull is not an independent investigator apart from Biscardi, he is a partner with Bascardi and is doing damage control to separate them from Matt and Rick, this ruse was done in 2005 by Bascardi when Bascardi got outed by George Noory from who was pulling the same hoax about having a Bigfoot, Bascardi said in the press conference that he touched, poked, and prodded the creature…watch the press conference. This is larceny by conversion if money has exchanged hands by any of these members of the hoaxing parties. The same type of hoax is being perpetrated by John Lenard Walson and his partner Gridkeeper on youtube right now. I wonder how many times the cop Matt Whitton lied on the stand to get convictions, if he would lie to the world you can bet he would lie to a judge. Tom Bescardi and Kull are Con-men selling snake-oil, giving cryptoid researchers a bad name. to them it's all part of making money anyway they can.

  11. Check out the "Leave Bigfoot Alone" parody video on YouTube.

  12. Eric says:

    The 'fake/costume' bigfoot looks nothing like the original Bigfoot that was prevented last week. One can plainly see the two representations are not the same.
    It seems to me someone is trying to discredit the original photo, here:
    by releasing a video that shows a costume that looks nothing like the original photo, here:

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