Bill Murray on ‘Ghostbusters III’: ‘This is my nightmare’

March 02, 2010 | 12:58 a.m.

We’ve tracked the long, spooky path of a third “Ghostbusters” — there was the time Dan Aykroyd sat down and told the Hero Complex that it was just a matter of time before the old gang was all going to get back together and another time he said filming might be just months away. But that was May of 2009 and, by the holiday season, Sigourney Weaver said that if a new movie did happen, that she didn’t expect to be in it and that, in fact, only Bill Murray would be making it back from the original films.

Tonight on “Late Show With David Letterman,” Murray adds some more tidbits to the revival saga and makes it sound like he might be playing a post-mortem version of Peter Venkman this time around…

And, by the way, Murray has his leg in a sling because of a skiing mishap, but that doesn’t explain either his hat or the fact that his voice sounds completely different. Maybe he’s possessed…

I, for one, actually think “Ghostbusters III” with just Venkman, either dead or alive, has more comedy promise than a movie that shoehorns the whole original cast and a new generation of Ghostbusters into a film that will get crowded and creaky before you can say “Boo!” (Sorry, Mr. Aykroyd, it’s just the truth.)

Of course, I’m not sure they really need to be exhuming this cinematic corpse in the first place, but the success of the video game has eliminated any worries that the pop-culture brand might have given up the ghost in the1980s.

And speaking of that decade, just for fun go ahead and hit the play button on this one…

— Geoff Boucher


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17 Responses to Bill Murray on ‘Ghostbusters III’: ‘This is my nightmare’

  1. Hola! says:

    Is Bill Murray well? I don't mean the knee or mentally or anything, I mean medically. He doesn't seem himself, and his voice doesn't sound right. He ok?

  2. gregory Lawhorn says:

    His voice sounds like his brother's, Brian Doyle Murray. His voice changed quite a bit between Caddyshack and his bit role in Waiting for Guffman. I think it's what happens in the Murray clan when the years start piling up.
    BTW, let another Ghostbusters rip. It's not Lost In Translation, but it's gotta be better than The Life Aquatic.

  3. Sheri K. says:

    It's just Bill Murray being Bill Murray. And OMG, the video still stands the test of time!

  4. buggsie says:

    To go along with the hat: he's wearing his right boot on his left (injured) leg.

  5. Cheap says:

    That movie Quick Change with Bill Murray is too funny

  6. EM2 says:

    Bill Murray didn't sound like Bill Murray. He has a distint way of speaking but spoke differntly or something tonight. I was in for a dose of Bill, since he the most funny comedian actor around. Hmm, didn't feel like I got allot, a dose that is. Regardless, he is the best so anything will do. Love you Bill!

  7. kushibo says:

    That video really takes me back. Involuntarily and by force.

  8. Jedda says:

    I like Bill murray, looks a bit strange, and sounds bored with himself, then again maybe this is the real BILL. Gee I hope he's not "packing-up" .

  9. Russ says:

    …and he's wearing his shoes on the wrong feet, anyone else notice that?

  10. Teria says:

    This video is horrible, the cheesy building set. The neon frame around the furniture. How horrible, OMG.

  11. Peter White says:

    I purchased the video game largely on the basis it was co-op campaign (for non video game saavy people, that means you can play the main story with one or more people). That sounded great, but the reality was it was a single player only game … the co-op missions were simply online mini games that you could play. There were other hiccups too, such as the fact you may replay the game after you've completed it … but do not get to use all your earned abilities, instead – you literally replay that section as if it was live (injured, no cash, low health, bad weapons, etc …). The online achievement bugs were the last straw and essentially rob this otherwise great movie / game of all it's replayability.
    The saddest words there ever were, what may have been …
    Forget Ghostbusters … give us another Groundhog Day.

  12. I'm so torn. I'd love to see another Ghostbuster film, but I'd I really don't want them to ***** it up. The recent Game gave me hope, and if anyone can pull it off it would be the original cast… I don't know.
    I just hope they don't write it as a kids movie. The first 2 were made before I was 3 and they were my favorite films as a kid. They were perfect because they worked for both kids and adults. I fear they might "Jar-Jar Binks" the next installment.

  13. Slimer says:

    That music video just blew my mind. I hope it's in the Library of Congress.

  14. I'm not sure they really need to be exhuming this cinematic corpse in the first place, but the success of the video game has eliminated any worries that the pop-culture brand might have given up the ghost in the1980s.

  15. wguru says:

    Just having caught the 4-10-10 'Letterman re-run featuring Bill's guest appearance. I too noticed what one hopes would be Bill's affinity for zaniness (shoes on wrong feet).

  16. I don't want myself to get engaged in this sequel. There is no point in watching Ghostbusters 3.

  17. stooby says:

    nothing can ruin the original. even another sequel. I'd love to see more.

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