‘Breaking Dawn’: Summit, step up your game

May 20, 2009 | 12:29 a.m.


"Twilight" star Robert Pattison has confirmed that a fourth film in the franchise will move forward. Hero Complex newcomer Emily Christianson has some thoughts on who might be best behind the camera for the "Breaking Dawn" adpatation. Here's her list of possible directors…

"Breaking Dawn" will see the light of day and that's exciting news for "Twilight" fans who thought it couldn’t be done.

With countless challenges ahead for anyone hired to helm the project, Summit would be well advised to take their buckets of cash and invest in a director who knows makeup, special effects and young love and won’t balk at the thought of a rapidly growing vampire baby. Not to mention inheriting the vampires and werewolves of past directors Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz and David Slade.

Who is worthy of such a challenge? We’ve thought of six so far….  

Peter Jackson: The "Lord of the Rings" series — "The Fellowship of the Ring,” “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King” — and “King Kong”

The New Zealander carries emotional story lines and dialogue to full tilt. With the help of the Weta Workshop and his Oscar-winning friend Richard Taylor, the makeup and design effects would be a cinch.

Guillermo del Toro: “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Hellboy,” “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” and “The Hobbit”

With "Hellboy," he dressed a grown man in latex prosthetics for a movable and realistic look and then commissioned dozens of individual creatures for "Hellboy II." A dozen or so werewolves and some vampires would be a walk in the park for this director, who’s overseeing “The Hobbit” next.   

Len Wiseman:Underworld,” “Underworld: Evolution” and “Live Free or Die Hard”

If Slade (“30 Days of Night”) can direct “Eclipse,” then Wiseman could definitely lend his vampire and werewolf experience to “Breaking Dawn.” He would have to leave the goth garb behind, but bringing along his wife, Kate Beckinsale, for a vamp cameo would be even better.

Andrew Adamson: “Shrek,” “Shrek 2,” “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and “Prince Caspian.”

Mixing fantasy with reality is his forte, which would be a natural progression from what we’ve seen so far. From a live-action Mr. Tumnus (James McAvoy) to the computer-generated Aslan, Adamson's got enough tricks up his sleeve to make Renesmee look real.

Sam Raimi: “Spider-Man" 1-4, “Drag Me to Hell,” “The Evil Dead” and “Army of Darkness”

Raimi is where horror meets sci-fi, and he doesn’t shy away from romance. His humor and camp could do wonders with Jacob’s sometimes snarky attitude in the final book. He’s also the most qualified for Bella’s gut-wrenching birth scene.

Alfonso Cuarón: “Great Expectations,” “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” “Paris, je t’aime” and “Children of Men”

A fav director among the Harry Potter filmmakers, he was also the one to bring Lupin (a.k.a. the werewolf prof) to the big screen. Cuarón disrobed (in the most innocent sense) the teens and made them more relatable to audiences, which "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer would surely appreciate.

— Emily Christianson



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Photo: "Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart and director Catherine Hardwicke. Credit: Stefano Paltera for The Times

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55 Responses to ‘Breaking Dawn’: Summit, step up your game

  1. Jazzed says:

    Breaking Dawn should be 2 movies. Only logical to film back-to-back. What about the Weitz brothers? Makes sense as they've worked in tandem before and also have the ability to tweak dialogue/story too.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Alfonso Cuaron – love the idea of this! We need someone who can do sexy/romance, strange relationships, quirky humor, disturbing moments – sound perfect for the director of Y Tu Mama Tambien and Children of Men. Say no more.

  3. Connie says:

    James Cameron would do a great job. You might remember him, he did a low budget, cute little love story with some great special effects called "Titanic".

  4. Arthur says:

    Andrew Adamson and Alfonso Cuaron and maaaaybe Guillermo del Toro could pull this off. but everyone else on this list would just ruin it. this series isnt action oriented, at all. Sure, the other directors listed here have experience with special effects and make-up, but that doesnt mean theyll do justice to the Twilight books.

  5. angel says:

    I think taht len wiseman would be grat to direct Breacking dawn.

  6. Alicia Martin says:

    I would have to say that Len Wiseman & Guillermo del Toro would be my choice. The movies they have done in the past gives them a lot of experience with weird effects & all that good stuff. & yes I do believe that Breaking Dawn should be either 2 movies or one really long movie, there is too much in that book that needs to be in the movie. Too much that shouldnt be cut out or worked around. & hopefully New Moon & Eclipse wont have a lot of stuff cut out. but man I cant wait for them all. its such a good series so thank you Stephanie!!!

  7. alicia fernandez says:

    i think the director that has made underworld because i just saw the third movie and i think he can pull this off

  8. Kamberli says:

    I totally think that Andrew Adamson should!! I have seen the movies he has directed and he has done an amazing job!

  9. PJ says:

    Bring Chris Weitz back for Breaking Dawn. The cast speaks highly of him and he's familiar with the cast, characters and story. He'd be my first choice!

  10. Cass says:

    Uwe Boll is only one director worthy enough of this adaptation.

  11. Kachina says:

    PETER JACKSON!!! Though all have great potential to bring incredible direction to an incredible story, Jackson brings something beyond the rest!
    Len Wiseman, second choice, but if put together, WOW!!!
    There were many LITTLE mistakes that even an amateur could pick out on Twilight and though I LOVE the movie, I do not think Hardwicke should even be a consideration!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bring On The Masters!!!

  12. Nelma says:

    I really don't mind who directs the film as long as its good. Alfonso Cuarón did a very good job with Prisoner of Azkaban, and since I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, I wouldn't mind if its him.

  13. Karmen a.k.a Mrs.Cul says:

    I think Cathrine should direct the movies!! She's done a wonderful job at the first movie, put a lot of effort in the second movie now, and I'm sure she'll do good job on the other two movies. And I'm sure she didn't do all that work just to put it to waste. And if you could show this to Cathrine in person i would appreciate it and i think she will too. And Cathrine if you read this i love your work and you should keep on going! Peace out people and god luck Cathrine.

  14. Greta Bella says:

    Gosh… I think they all good enought to direct Breaking Dawn but I'm for Andrew Adamson

  15. vote! says:

    I vote for Alfonso Quaron!!!!!!
    He's the best for this sequel, that's my opinion

  16. J says:

    As long as it is not Catherine Hardwicke. She is terrible.

  17. kelly says:

    After reading the book I feel that Breaking Dawn should be very similar to the old movie The Cell with Jennifer Lopez! I mean I hate JLO but I loved the costume, the colors in that movie wow! It was strange, sexy and dark but not grundgy! The costumes and the set made the movie and if you can make it look like JLO can act you must be good! Underworld and Harry Potter are good but so in the shadows dark! I feel that with vamps from all over the world you really have a chance to get creative with costume and in keeping with the first film make it bright! In the books most of what they focas on is the vamps style well do something about it! If they have money why did they look like they shopped at american eagle! I just hope that the effects are better in the next movie!

  18. Michael says:

    I got a kick out of Kelly's observation about the wardrobe. I wasn't thrilled with it but remember, the school is "Forks" Washington. The Vegetarians NEED to blend in. Bad enough that they are all beautiful. When the Euros and Amazons come to witness, they do not need to blend since they will be nowhere near town. American Eagle ….. I like your style Kelly. Thanks

  19. MrsErika says:

    I agree with Kelly about the wardrobe for the vampires in Twilight. The wardrobe was not very interesting, they better make up for it in NM, especially Alice! It was a real shame that the Cullen family was so sidelined in Twilight. It could have been done so much better. I LOVE the books, but the movie was not at all impressive. I hope someone will remake it in about 10 years. I don't understand why they keep hiring Melissa Rosenberg (is that right?) to do the screenplays, I would have fired her after the butchering of Twilight! Catherine Hardwicke should not be considered for BD, it is obvious she lacked the experience to do a good movie with Twilight.
    I am seriously hoping New Moon is done well because although the book is pretty slow-moving, there is a lot of information that will set the stage for Eclipse. Which is the absolute best book of the series, I don't care what anyone says!
    As far as Breaking Dawn, I am one of those who was not happy with the book and so I don't care to have it made into a movie. But I guess since it looks like it's going to be made anyway, I vote for either Len Wiseman or Peter Jackson. Mr. Wiseman has the vampire vs werewolf expertise down to an art and he is not foreign to the romance part of it. Peter Jackson also has experience working with a lot of special effects and of bringing a fantastical world to the big screen. I also agree that since Breaking Dawn is a huge book, it should be two movies, preferably released no more than 6 months apart. IMHO

  20. kelly says:

    Thanks Michael … Don't get me wrong, wendy chuck did a good job with the costume .. very understated! I do feel that it would rep forks! I just would love to see a little more spice in the clothing for the next few movies! It has to be drastic to make bella look like a seductive new vampire! I am sure by now they have more designer clothing options!
    I mean really what will Alice fill the cottage closet with …. ha ha

  21. Heather Thomas says:

    I think that Len Wisemen because I thought that the did at great job doing the Underworld movies but I don't really care who does it just as long as they stick to as much as the book is possible because Its the best Part of the Twilight Saga's yet..

  22. Carolyn says:

    James Cameron, Peter Jackson or Mike Newell. Hands down, Rob & Kristen & Stephenie deserve the best for this capstone to a beautiful saga needs to be a long movie or two, but needs to do justice to this story!!!!!

  23. Courtnie says:

    I want Catherine Hardwicke to direct the rest of the movies! She did a fantastic job on "Twilight" and I think only a woman can truly understand the love between Edward and Bella. Chris Weitz has changed some scenes in movie so that they won't be EXACTLY like the book which makes me mad! Because the movie needs to follow EXACTLY how the book is, if he screws up "New Moon" , I'm not going to be happy.

  24. Samantha Wolfe says:

    Breaking Dawn should definitely not be two movies. It would be cool, though. But still I hold my ground against the whole two movie thing. It's stupid and would be a waste of time and money to do two. But hey, I'm not in charge of it, so my opinion doesn't really matter. But it so shouldn't.
    I don't know about anyone else, but I denfintely don't want to wait another year to see the rest of it. Plus, it would be confusing. I mean, really, why even bother. Just meke it a three or four hour movie, like the Lord of the Rings, or The Watchman, or whatever.
    Just don't, dear God, do two movies of Breaking Dawn.
    As for the directors, for sure, go with the one who made the Underworld Series. They were awsome. Plus, I've heard that Len Wiseman works well with the actors, and has worked with Vampires and Werewolves in the past, so HELLO!! who woulnd't pick him.
    If Catherine hadn't have gotten fired, then I would totally pick her, but since she isn't the Twilight Saga director anymore. . . .
    Thank You for reading. (And if you didn't take time to read this awsome section. . . Well, screw you.

  25. Michael says:

    Samantha's point about making BD into one film has merit. LOTR Return of the King was 201 minutes long. It was nominated for several Academy Awards. BD will need some serious screenwriting. The Harry Potter films are a good example of condensed screenwriting. Those that wish word-by-word translation in to film, need to wait to buy the 3 disk , 8 hour version DVD
    Samantha … no need to be vulgar. You tarnished your message by inserting your signature phrase.

  26. Kelley says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me. Wake up and smell the studio lights, sweetheart – just because Twilight is a fad does NOT mean it has artistic [or literary] credibility [whatsoever].
    As if any of these established, well-respected directors would deign to direct such a travesty.
    Keep dreaming. (Or don't.)

  27. Christine says:

    Sam Raimi and Alfonso Cuarón sounds like they
    could be wonderful for the final twilight book.
    I think they could both do a real good job with special effect too.
    (Like making renesmee more real looking.
    i also think that they would do a good job with renesmee's birth,
    bella's transformation, her first days as a vamp, and
    her being taught how to shield…)
    There is so much potential both of these guys could bring to the big screen!

  28. Carolyn says:

    James Cameron or Mike Newell (Goblet of Fire) or Peter Jackson – these men are capable of really telling a story – and Breaking Dawn, Rob & Kristen deserve no less – this movie will be tough to do and will need a deft touch. Summit will reap the rewards and make an obscene amount of money, if it's done right. If done well, this will be the most beautiful, heart wrenching and different movie than anything you've seen before.

  29. Sandra says:

    My opinion: Peter Jackson should direct Breaking Dawn and make it a 4 hour movie like his Lord Of The Rings. It would win an academy I'm sure. We're ready for some realism and stick to the book drama., thank you. I didn't like the sneak peak of New Moon, where Laurent finds Bella. They should have stayed with the story and made it in the woods with the wolves. I don't know, only one wolf with a vampire, doesn't seem credible. The wood scene would be more exciting (especially for male viewers). Afterall, this is a chick flic and it needs to appeal to the male audience too! But then it's only my opinion afterall.

  30. Ruby says:

    I like the suggestions of Guillermo del Toro and Len Wiseman, the story is very intense and they'd do a good job.
    It needs someone with a dark imagination and those two fit the bill. I that Tim Burton could make it amazing, as well as Tarsem Singh, who directed 'The Cell'.

  31. cooper says:

    I really think Michael Bay should direct Breaking Dawn, thats my choice. He would make it bigger than it already is:)

  32. marrii says:

    Peter Jackson & Len Wiseman – either one of those two would be a GREAT CHOICE.
    Their special effects OMFG, seriously they'd bring in a TON LOAD of cash.
    Stephenie Meyer deserves the best for her books.
    i loved the books, the movies should be fantastic as well.

  33. susy says:

    Summit has already shown what they really like – the CRUEL stuff:
    1. Catherine Hardwicke – out
    2. Rachelle Lefevre – out
    3. Slade – in
    4. What next to RUIN IT ALL?
    I really would think Slade should be kept away from the series. He's that Volturi-looking horror+torture-film maker. He's is truly OUT of Twiligh genre.

  34. Bella says:

    Um….this list was serious? People for some reason I have a feelng Academy Award winning directors aren't going to want to touch a teen movie… And just because James Cameron directed Titanic doesn't mean he'd do a great job on BD. Then there's all this crap going around about two movies, that's the dumbest thing I've heard. HP could use two movies because there's so much stuff in that book. BD was really stretched out for nothing. I'd be more worried about them actually being able to make a long enough movie out of it. Because once you cut away Bella describing every little thing she sees there's not much left.
    (no I'm not trying to copy stuid Bella Swan that's my real name)

  35. Charlotte says:

    meh. get steven spielburg!

  36. emma says:

    In a perfect world, I would definitely have Alfonso Cuaron as the director for BD. The Prisoner as Azkaban is by far my favorite Harry Potter movie. He's directed fantasy and love stories (The Little Princess and Y Tu Mama Tambien). Of course, Peter Jackson would be great as well, but c'mon. I don't think Summit would be able to get either one of them.
    I'm just so glad Catherine Hardwicke left after the first one. That was my favorite book of the series and she butchered it. The development of Bella and Edward's relationship was completely rushed. They met and two days later were completely in love (even though they never once said "I love you"). So many of my favorite parts were left out. Keep her away.

  37. Paul says:


  38. Micki M says:

    I think that Stephen Sommers could be a possibility to direct 'Breaking Dawn'. – He was the director of:
    Van Helsing – Vampires, Werewolves, Guts and Special Effects.
    Catch Me If You Can – Romance, Drama and Action.
    Deep Rising – Special Effects and CGI…He creates a sea-monster. It looks very real.
    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Special Effects, Action, Romance (A Bit)
    Out of the list I

  39. megan duckworth says:

    i want to be in breaking dawn i would look good for tia.

  40. sierra says:

    i loooooooooooove him robert pattinson i think is the hottest guy ever

  41. Krista Lynn says:

    I personally think Catherine Hardwicke did a bad job on Twilight. I saw the movie before I read the books. It is a good thing I listen to my mother, because based on the movie I never would have read the books. The books where so much better, I've had the hardest time putting them down. I have high hopes for New Moon, I've read that Chris is sticking to more of the book then the last director, I can only hope that this is true.As for Breaking Dawn, if they decide not to go the two movie way they will have to make the movie four hours, Yes I know there's a lot of decribing detail, but it's all very important to the book. If they aren't going to put most of that info in the movie then really what's the point? They will have to go into detail about Jacob choosing Bella over Sam, then the whole Nesse….You can't just fake it the last book will take time, and a creative touch to get it right for a movie.

  42. becky says:

    my vote is for james cameron. not only can he portray an intense young love story but he's an expert with special effects. Titanic????

  43. Camelia says:

    Nick Cassavetes could be great!

  44. Tina Hilgemanq says:

    Only Cathrine Hardwicke can be the one to do Breaking Dawn – She started the circle and made it a huge succes – she must end the circle – Chris Weitz slaughtered the book with his poor direction – and God only knows what David Slade will do to Eclipse – please join the facebook group: Pettion for Cathrine Hardwicke to direct Breaking Dawn and sign the petition on the wall.

  45. Kat Tyler says:

    Catherine made a gorgeous TWILIGHT; it was romantic, thrilling, sexy, beautiful. Carter Burwell's score was perfection, the songs were so great by Muse, Evanescence, etc., including Rob's beautiful, "Never Think."
    NMoon stumbled, in my opinion; was really disappointing. And though all the directors listed are fabulous, Catherine has proven her "feel" for the material. She is the one who cast it so perfectly with this superb cast. She is the one who launched the cinematic fervor for the franchise with TWILIGHT, and she is definitely best suited to film the wedding / honeymoon / birth / transformation / life as vampire / & Volturi showdown. When I imagine the entire Volturi entourage in that baseball field, plus all the vampires, I remember the thrilling baseball game in TWILIGHT, and know without doubt, Catherine would film it PERFECTLY.
    If Catherine wants Breaking Dawn to be 2 films – great. If she wants money and time in which to accomplish her very best – great. We will all wait with bated breath to see what she will do. We wait sometimes 3 years between HPotter films and it's worth the wait; we waited years between the Lord of the Rings films which was no problem; we will wait for Catherine Harwicke to work her magic on Breaking Dawn.
    Please Summit: BRING BACK CATHERINE HARDWICKE!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Tiffany Z says:

    If I HAD to choose a person from that list I would choose Andrew Adamson only because coming from a movie like 'The Witch, The Lion and The Wardrobe' I think he could grasp the beauty, fantasy, and love of BD. But personally I really think they should have a female director…because men just simply aren't capable of the level of emotion needed to fully comprehend the depths of this story. After-all the series is geared towards females and the story is from a women's POV so they need to come up with a list with some women on it and I think Catherine Hardwicke should be on that list too. She really understood the emotional depth of Twilight because she was not just a director she was a reader and fan of the book as well.

  47. Sara Ambrozich says:

    While the above directors are great with action and fantasy, it's only a small part of what makes the Twilight books so good. Seduction and chemistry is what the fans really want to see emulated.
    The movie needs to be directed from a female perspective. Catherine truly understands the Twilight books. She was able to replicate all that passion and longing onto the screen for female fans to experience and enjoy in Twilight.
    New Moon, directed from the male perspective, simply did not deliver the romantic magic that Stephanie Meyers created. It was just too efficient and sterile for the actors to come to life.

  48. Blair says:

    with all my heart I wish they decide to bring Catherine Hardwicke back to direct Breaking Dawn, she is so perfect for this job. Twilight was a million times better than New Moon, that Chris didn't have any clue whatsoever on how to direct New Moon and he ruined the story.
    Catherine should be on charge of Breaking dawn

  49. Josie says:

    No to Chris Weitz. he ruined NEW Moon by letting the cast wear that horrible makeup. i loved the way Rob looked in Twilight and couldn’t stant in New Moon. Even though catherine didnt do a good job with some scenes,atleast she understood the importance of having Edward look great ,so that we could fall in love with him and thus could understand why Bella feels about him the way she does.and in New moon it wasnt that obvious.So i vote for Cathrine as atleast with her , there will be a guarantee that the cast will look good .the way they are supposed to , without those horrible yellow contact lenses etc.

  50. Juli says:

    Catherine Hardwicke. She was given a lousy sum of money to create a film with, and she didn't stick to the book because the screenwriter didn't give her a script that stuck to the book. But the passion, emotion, and heart in her characters are incredible. The connections between them are so intense. It was Catherine Hardwick's work that transformed Stephenie's work into the phenomenon it is today. Twilight the movie brought the characters and the world of Twilight to so many new audiences, who in turn fell in love with it. Chris Weitz's film is very true to the book, however, the emotion, the draw, the intensity between characters is lacking. I don't believe a male director can create that depth.

  51. Courtney says:

    I think Chris Weitz should come back for Breaking Dawn. When I saw the movie, it literally swept me off my feet. The dialogue was great, the makeup was better compared to Twilight. It just seemed so much more realistic. Edward looked awkward in Twilight. In New Moon, you could see why Bella had such a hard time letting go. I think Chris Weitz should come back for Breaking Dawn. TEAM WEITZ!!!

  52. Becky Pallett says:

    I think Breaking Dawn should be in 2 movies. The first movie showing book 1 and book 2, and ending with Jacob seeing Nesie for the first time, then a loud heartbeat fading the picture into blackness, then the next film starting with just Bellas voice talking about the pain of the venom etc.
    I so hope that whoever directs Breaking Dawn keeps to the book exact.

  53. Jozie says:

    Catherine hardwicke!

  54. Heather says:

    M. Night Shamalayan would be perfect!

  55. Leslie says:


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