Bryan Singer on ‘X-Men’ return: ‘I’ve been talking to Fox about it’

Oct. 13, 2009 | 3:50 p.m.

Bryan Singer at Valkyrie premiere

Over the weekend, the AP had a short story from Busan, South Korea, where filmmaker Bryan Singer made it sound it like his return to the “X-Men” franchise may be more than just a rumor. Here’s an exceprt, links added by me: 

“I’m still looking to possibly returning to the ‘X-Men’ franchise. I’ve been talking to Fox about it,” Singer said at a talk at South Korea’s Pusan International Film Festival.

“I love Hugh Jackman. I love the cast,” he said, referring to the Australian actor who plays Wolverine.

Singer said he enjoyed making science fiction and fantasy movies because they allowed him to discuss serious issues through entertainment. He said the “X-Men” series, which follows a group of mutants with superpowers who struggle to fit in with humans, is about tolerance and social structures.

He said he likes to “trick audiences into thinking they’re seeing fireworks, but they’re learning about themselves and listening to what I have to say.”

Singer directed the first two X-films with deft success but then left the franchise for a somewhat disappointing trip to Metropolis. Would the Marvel mutants fare better with his return? Check out our in-depth look at the future of the franchise, which answers that very question. 

— Geoff Boucher


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Photo: Bryan Singer at “Valkyrie” premiere. Credit: Associated Press


2 Responses to Bryan Singer on ‘X-Men’ return: ‘I’ve been talking to Fox about it’

  1. gary says:

    Singer is a TV director who got lucky with "The Usual Suspects", and the actors made that movie good. His direction and camera placement is no better than what you'd see on a Desperate Housewives episode.
    Isn't he a desperate housewife himself?

  2. Maria Gold says:

    I believe it will be good to get Bryan Singer back to the Xmen franchise. The first 2 movies were a huge hit and I feel his contribution in the forthcoming sequels can only add to the current series.
    best wishes

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