Christian Bale isn’t explaining himself: ‘Privacy is privacy’

May 20, 2009 | 9:30 p.m.

Christian Bale looks mellow here


USA Today has a long (at least by USA Today standards) feature on “Terminator Salvation” star Christian Bale and while he was apparently never asked about the status of a third Batman film, there is quite a bit of ink devoted to his on-the-set tantrum during the “Terminator” filming. The 35-year-old Wales native still is still figuring out the best way to address the interest in his infamous rant without actually explaining it.

“Much as I say I try to ignore it, I can’t help but feel disturbed by the complete lack of desire by most people to actually look into the details and find out the truth. Maybe that’s partly me, because I don’t divulge it. I don’t talk about the truth of the incident. I have a principle that privacy is privacy, no matter if people are telling me, ‘Hey, you really should say something.’ … I’ve got a lot of people telling me I’m doing the wrong thing. But I feel I have to stick to what I believe.”

It’s refreshing that Bale doesn’t have an entourage, that he still drives himself, does his own shopping and seems to disdain the trappings of celebrity. But I wonder if any of that sticks in public memory the way that vicious and abusive rant does…

–Geoff Boucher


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CREDIT: Christian Bale photo by Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times. “American Pyscho” image courtesy of Lionsgate.


2 Responses to Christian Bale isn’t explaining himself: ‘Privacy is privacy’

  1. Tobin says:

    Like he said, Boucher – people such as yourself form their opinion of the incident while only in partial possession of some of the facts. Why would their opinion change because new facts were issued? If Bale were to give in to the greedy gossips and comment further, you'd all opine that it was thin justification for his "vicious and abusive" behavior. "Of course he'd say that," you'd dismiss, and go on complaining about the "vicious and abusive" behavior which did not concern you, did not affect you, and was no more your business than the hundreds of other times Bale was NOT "vicious and abusive" but professional and gentlemanly (times which hacks such as yourself do not report because, oh, it's so boooooooorrrring). Were you anything more than a third-rate gossip columnist whose content primarily derives from the writing of others, you'd have already talked to someone from that set and gotten the whole story yourself. Ah, yes, but it pains you greatly that Mr. Bale gives not a damn for the opinions of first-rate gossips, and certainly doesn't lose a wink or shed a tear over the judgment of such as yourself.

  2. Mal K says:

    Not to mention the fact that Bale isn't Welsh. Even he's said so.

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