Comic-Con: Gerard Butler loves the ladies

July 25, 2008 | 2:05 a.m.

The only girls who weren’t at the Comic-Con “Twilight” session were waiting for the “Rocknrolla” one.

And that’s because Gerard Butler was on the bill.

No, really, the place went nuts at the mere mention of “Phantom of the Opera.”

Butler held court Thursday afternoon while promoting Guy Ritchie’s upcoming crime caper. The film “is so good, it’s better than sex,” he told the crowd. “Well, not [sex] with me.”

He managed to come up with the best answer to a Comic-Con fan question yet. Asked if he had a favorite moment while shooting, Butler replied:

“Nothing but getting a shot of B12 in my arse by Guy’s wife, Madonna. I was sick, and she was a nurse. . . . She was amazing. ‘Drop your pants.’ I whipped my little bottom out and she jabbed me in the ass. It didn’t work because I got more sick, but I appreciated the effort.”

Throughout the panel, Butler chucked chocolates meant for the talent to the crowd. The audience ate it up, and so did the actor.

“It’s starting to be like Sea World in here,” he said. In response to another fan question, this one about what’s coming up next for the actor, he kept it randy: “Halle Berry.”

— Denise Martin

Photo: Gerry Butler at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in 2007. Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

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13 Responses to Comic-Con: Gerard Butler loves the ladies

  1. Just me says:

    Sounds like Gerry at his best. He is a one of a kind good guy which is why his fans are so loyal to him. Gerry you are the best, thanks for the laughs.

  2. Theresa says:

    I love that Gerard can always make me laugh. Cannot wait for this movie – and more stories from Gerry himself!

  3. joan says:

    Gerry is a natural. Good looking ,good sense of humour and a darn good actor, I am so looking forward to RockNrolla. You are appreciated Gerry and love ya ta bits. Joan

  4. joan says:

    Gerry Butler is a top man. Good Looking Good natured and one of the best actors around. Thank you Gery for RocknRolla can't wait to see it. Phantom was fantastic. love all your movies.

  5. Kate says:

    Gerry is the greatest. I've been following his career since THE JURY and he keeps getting better and better. I'm glad the rest of the world has finally realized what a superstar he is.

  6. Robyn says:

    I got to meet him after the panel too and he was just as funny and naughty. One of the younger girls in my group asked if he "would get in trouble if he hugged her" and he replied "no, i'd get in trouble if I had sex with you."

  7. Pam says:

    Gerry, you're a great guy and a wonderful actor. Thanks for being loyal to yourself and staying the marvelous person that you are! That's why you have so many fans! You "RocknRolla"!

  8. Judi says:

    I love Gerard Butler! He's a guys guy and a girl's dream guy! He's down to earth and is such a talented actor! I wish I was there at ComicCon! No matter what movie he does … he'll always be my Phantom! LOVE YOU, GERRY!

  9. I thought I was a fa says:

    I was at Comic-Con. I thought he was arrogant and full of himself. He needs to take a look at himself. Everything seemed like a joke to him. I doubt if this will be shown.

  10. Lisa-luvs-Gerrry says:

    Ah! "arrogant " me arse! This guy is a dream boat … not to mention one heck of an actor. P.S. " I love YOU " Gerry !!!!

  11. I thought I was a fa says:

    All that I said above aside, he is still the best looking guy I have ever seen. He is even better looking in person. I really didn't think THAT was possible.

  12. JohnG says:

    Amazing! A website where a straight male fan of Mr Butler can make a constructive comment without embarrassment!. Thanks girls for holding back! Gerry is one of the best all round talents that has come out of Britain in years. Sorry Jude and Hugh but this guy is in a completely different league when it comes to the range and depth of his acting. The clock scene in Butterfly on a Wheel is inspirational how Gerry layers the anger, frustration and terror in one emotion. Superb performance to name one, but Gerry mate, if you do ever read your fan mail, why don't we see more of you at home? You need to build your fan base there. And thank you sincerely for inspiring me to get back into acting after all these years of professional toil and frustration. Keep up the good work and we all look forward to more. Cheers big fella.

  13. Audra says:

    I missed him while I was stuck in that god-forsaken Twilight Panel. Damn! That Thursday was so miserable. You have to give Gerald points for being able to have such a good rapport with a live audience. So many film actors do not know how to handle themselves when it comes to speaking to fans. I can respect an actor who can handle himself well in social situations.

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