COMIC-CON 2010: J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon, together at Comic-Con? It’s Nerdvana!

July 07, 2010 | 2:11 p.m.



This Thursday, the first-day schedule for Comic-Con International will be announced, but already all over Los Angeles, studio insiders are playing a game of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” with their programming plans for film and television. One of the interesting tidbits we keep hearing about is the rumor that Entertainment Weekly is hosting a two-man panel that must come close to the elusive state known as Nerdvana: J. J. Abrams and Joss Whedon!

— Geoff Boucher


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10 Responses to COMIC-CON 2010: J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon, together at Comic-Con? It’s Nerdvana!

  1. Emily says:

    I'm pretty sure I dreamed this. Two of my television heroes together on a panel? Yes please.

  2. Ed says:

    Comic-Con has been going downhill ever since it turned into Hollywood South. Each year, I manage to get enthused for it, then I start reading about how this celeb or that celeb, or this movie or that TV show, will be there. There should just be an EntertainmentCon a few weeks before or a few weeks after Comic-Con, and Comic-Con should revert back to its rightful place as a convention about everything related to Comics. I love J.J. Abrams' work, but HOW is it comics related? WHY does "Glee" or "Weeds" belong at Comic-Con? "Tron" is supposedly the next big thing at Comic-Con (which could turn into a "Watchmen" at the actual box office — watch everyone get whipped into a frenzy over it at CC), but why should it be part of an event dedicated to comics?

  3. Bad Robot & Mutant Enemy team-up!

  4. geoff boucher says:

    Ed, there's more comic book stuff at Comic-Con than there was decades ago just because of the scale of the event. And sure there's a huge amount of non-comics stuff but why hold that against the event?
    As for the name, sure it doesn't quite fit anymore — just like term "comic books" doesn't really make sense for a medium that is dominated by superheroes, crime and horror, not humor and funny animals.

  5. Michelle says:

    In the four years that I've been attending SDCC, I must say that the Entertainment Weekly panels are always A+, and this one looks to be no exception. I hope this is confirmed!

  6. Carniphage says:

    Hi Folks,
    I think this would be perfect opportunity to write some JJ / Whedon slash fiction.

  7. Disappointed says:

    This is an exciting rumor. But personally, I think it's really unfair. I really wanted to go to comic-con, but I registered too late to get a deal that ensured I would get to experience the reason I was going there, a chance to watch "Talking With Gods" The Grant Morrison Documentary. And now JJ and JW? THAT IS NOT FAIR AT ALL. Not all of us have the disposable income to fly to san diego when we're moving. NO STARS!!!! : /|

  8. Ed says:

    Geoff, your point is well taken. I think what gets me is that it has become a hip, Hollywood event — there's little feeling anymore that it's just pure fun. It's all filled with grim-looking, angry Hollywood types who are shouting on their iPhones and generally acting like they run the joint. I dread going anywhere NEAR a panel with J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon because it will be so programmed, so perfectly manicured and the people surrounding it will act as if Jesus Christ and Barack Obama are on stage. And then they'll all leave, inundate downtown, and act like people who actually PAY to GO to Comic-Con are the scum of the earth. It's obnoxious. And none of them have read a comic book in their lives. So I guess I am bitter and feeling like it's all become a big, pretentious show.

  9. Brett says:

    Interesting to see these two. One on the rise (Abrams), the other currently in freefall (Whedon). Abrams is the current Midas Touch for Hollywood. Meanwhile, only time will tell if Whedon can rebound from the failures of "Serenity" and "Dollhouse" with his current assignments at Marvel Films.

  10. ZachsMind says:

    Unless they're going to announce working on a project together, having these two men in the same room for a convention Q&A is like having Sinead O'Connor and Celine Dion in the same room to sing about basket weaving. Why not give these guys their own rooms?

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