Comic-Con 2009: 10 burning questions

July 21, 2009 | 12:41 p.m.

Gotham question

I understand our next question comes from Gotham. Yes, you there, the gentleman in the cape…

Comic-Con International 2009 begins officially on Thursday and there are so many questions. How will fans react to the strange non-fanboy fare this year (hello, ABC sit-com “The Middle,” yes, this means you)? Will “Twilight” fans and “True Blood” fans be able walk side-by-side in undead amity? And, ouch, how awkward are those panels for “Futurama” and “Heroes” going to be?

Read about all this and much more: Patrick Kevin Day, Jevon Phillips and Todd Martens have 10 Burning Questions for Comic-Con 2009….

CREDIT; Photo by Spencer WeinerLos Angeles Times.

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