Comic-Con: ‘FlashForward’ producers downplay similarities with ‘Lost’

July 24, 2009 | 10:48 p.m.


The producers of ABC’s “FlashForward” want to make it clear: Their show is not the new “Lost.”

Like the desert-island thriller, “FlashForward” is a heavily serialized drama with complicated character arcs and mysterious back stories that fans will have to unravel. It stars Joseph Fiennes as a Los Angeles-based FBI agent who’s thrown into a vortex after a global blackout causes everyone to see six months into the future.

“Nothing is ever going to be the new ‘Lost,’ ” executive producer David S. Goyer told the crowd at a Comic-Con panel Friday. (Goyer is also a guest blogger for The Times at Comic-Con.)

” ‘Lost’ is this genre-breaking show that was its own thing, unique and daring and challenging,” he added. “I thought, if they’re courageous enough to put that on the air, they’ll be courageous enough to put (‘FlashForward’) on the air.”

The producers showed about half of the first episode, which fans at the convention received warmly.
Co-star Courtney B. Vance is already counting on a hit.

“Since ‘Law & Order’ I have been trying to hook up with another series,” said the veteran actor. 

“I am proud to be part of this 21-year saga,” he added wryly, referring to the ABC show’s prospects.

— Scott Collins

(Photo courtesy ABC)

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3 Responses to Comic-Con: ‘FlashForward’ producers downplay similarities with ‘Lost’

  1. Rebop says:

    FlashForward is the show I’m looking foward to the most. Some characters in the show are not in the book, but I trust the show runners. I read that “Lost” star Dominic Monaghan will be a regular, and I’m happy that Gabrielle Union has joined the cast, too. I saw a few promos that had the first few notes of Adam Lambert’s Mad World. Monday I saw a long preview, and Adam was singing the song. I do hope it’s the theme song for the show. It works with the storyline and the tone is right on. Writers, please respect your audience like the ‘Lost’ writers do. Don’t spoon
    feed us. We’re up for a new challenge.

  2. Dan says:

    I am curious as to if this is not the "new Lost" the writers decided to add in a billboard of Oceanic Airlines. It is insignificant and could be considered simple product placement if it were any real airline. Yet they chose to write in Oceanic Airlines….hmmm.

  3. Shayan says:

    Thought the first episode was good. Nowhere near the unbelivable Lost pilot but still very good.

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