Comic-Con: Josh Brolin tries to explain ‘Jonah Hex’

July 24, 2009 | 10:38 p.m.


How to describe what you can expect from “Jonah Hex”? Star Josh Brolin says it is “a phantasmagoria of insanity.”

He has it about right. Judging by the trailer unveiled today at Comic-Con, the movie is equal parts spaghetti Western, blockbuster action film and zombie-fest.

Brolin plays Hex, a facially disfigured cowboy bounty hunter after a man who plans to free the Confederate South with an army of the undead. (Yes, zombies.) Megan Fox plays his love interest; John Malkovich, his nemesis.

“I like that the studio was a little nervous about it,” Brolin said. “It’s a circus, and there’s an absurdity element to it.

“It’s a movie that looks like a $70-million film and yet we had less than half that to do it,” he continued. “This wasn’t a big paycheck by any means, so the actors that did it did for the love of insanity.”

Even babe du jour Fox says she was game for heavy action. “I told [co-star Michael Fassbender] that if you need to smack me around, go ahead. Its only going to help.” (Fassbender replied: “And I said, ‘Leave your fetishes at home. We’re here to work.’ “)

— Denise Martin

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

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One Response to Comic-Con: Josh Brolin tries to explain ‘Jonah Hex’

  1. arlen says:

    How could you get it so wrong? The Director stated specifically that there is "NO army of the undead- NO zombies".
    Denise- did you miss where Hayward told the crowd that? Where you even actually there for the screening?

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