Comic-Con: Joss Whedon and a ‘Dollhouse’ duo

July 25, 2009 | 3:36 a.m.


Joss Whedon — the man, the myth, the lymph node (he said it!) — presided over a “Dollhouse” discussion that broke out after the screening of the not-so-lost episode “Epitaph One.”

Renewed after speculation of its demise, the show, and probably more so the man, drew a full Ballroom 20 crowd to hear quips such as this dig against NBC’s “Heroes.”

“As long as we don’t send anyone to feudal Japan, we’re OK right?”

Ouch. The episode itself was pretty great. A future — and I realize I’m saying a future and not the future — has the whole world going a bit crazy after the imprint technology has been made public, and a small band of dolls and others fight to survive. When sci-fi/fantasy-minded people step out of the sci-fi world they’ve created to create another kind of alternate one, the results are almost always fun. “Heroes” did it.  “Star Trek” did it many times. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” etc.  For a fleshed-out review of the episode, check out the Watcher.

After the episode, Whedon and producer and star Eliza Dushku took the stage. Both explained how Echo will definitely become more self-aware during the season. Dichen Lachman (Sierra) and Fran Kranz (Topher) joined the duo on stage, but not one to drone on too long, Whedon opened the floor to comments. Here are a few of the questions (some paraphrased) and comments:

Q: Why do you keep killing off my favorite characters?

A: I don’t like people.

Q. (to Eliza) The questioner heard her sing in an episode and asked when her CD would drop. 

A. I don’t know about that. I sing AT people. It’s more like a weapon than a lovely thing.

Q: Joss is asked if they’ve thought about the ethical dilemma of putting someone’s personality and thoughts into a brain dead body.

A:  We talked about a lot of different things when we accidentally forgot to get canceled. …

Comment from Whedon: Science fiction and musicals have a weird cross-section … They do lend themselves to each other in a way that, I don’t know, cop shows don’t!

Whedon also mentioned that Alexis Denisof of “Buffy” and “Angel” fame, and Summer Glau of “Firefly” and “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles” would be appearing on the show. Another Whedon alumna, Felicia Day, was in the “Epitaph One” episode, and will appear in the new season.

— Jevon Phillips

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One Response to Comic-Con: Joss Whedon and a ‘Dollhouse’ duo

  1. m_33 says:

    as much as I would like to see Summer Glau back in Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles season 3, or a Cameron-centric TSCC spinoff, I do like the idea of her in a few episodes of DollHouse.
    Just to see Summer Glau and Joss Whedon working together again (hint: where is this ballet movie already?).
    And… maybe this time she will play 'a normal girl'.

    Oh wait, it's DollHouse… ;)

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