‘New Moon’ line controversy

July 23, 2009 | 7:51 a.m.


Lots of people were interviewing the first person in the sleepover line at Hall H, “Twilight”/”New Moon” fan and 17-year-old Kristin (pictured right, and not sure how it’s spelled, but she said it to numerous bloggers and photographers before settling down to eat pizza), but the real story was the controversy brewing around Kristin and her mom and her mom’s friends.

A group of girls, who wanted to be called the anti-Twimoms, complained loudly to Elite security officers about people who were saving space at the front of the line, and older fans — or mothers of fans — who were cutting in line and camping out. The girls proceeded to say that it was also “creepy” that some of the women were so adamant about going to a panel to see a teenager (Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob — apparently the moms were on Team Jacob).

Security told them that each person was allowed to hold three spaces in line and that that was a courtesy granted to them. “You are actually loitering, ” said one of the security guards. The girls countered by saying that if one person can hold three spots, then if one of those people came, then they could also hold three spots, and the line in front of them would increase exponentially.

No real answer from security, but the girls’ protest was noted.  And even videotaped …

— Jevon Phillips


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Photo: Jevon Phillips


21 Responses to ‘New Moon’ line controversy

  1. The "New Moon" panel will be posted on youtube.com/hallhcoverage in its entirety directly following the panel. Check out our Youtube channel to find complete video coverage of every panel in Hall H this year!

  2. Twi-JO says:

    I have no issue with the cutting argument. It is just not courteous and should not be allowed. I do however take issue with these young girls who are making agist-remarks against the mothers. I am a 33 year old woman who is also very much in love with the twilight series as are many many other women my age and older. These girls need to realize that just because they are 17, it is not "creepy" for the mom's to be loving the characters in the book. They aren't there because they love Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson (I do love him too however) but because of the characters that Stephanie Meyer has created for us.

  3. Not a Teenage says:

    I'm sorry but if a 33 year old man were checking out a 16 year old girl it would be very, very creepy. I used to tell them my mom was single. That would shut them up really fast. I don't see the difference. Of course I don't get Robert Pattinson's appeal because I have not been 17 in over 17 years. Let the girls' have their fun. I did when I was their age and worshipped John Taylor from Duran Duran. It's their turn and teen crushes are so much fun. Let them enjoy it, it will be over much too soon.
    If Johnny Depp were there for Alice, I would be all over it even though he's a bit older than I am. Conversely, I do get kind of grossed out when I hear 17 year old girls talk about him. Daddy-complex? Just as creepy.

  4. SteveSanders says:

    Twilight sucks

  5. diana says:

    i just think that is not right for other people to cut in lines when the other people have been their for more days

  6. Seriously PEople says:

    WTF does Mormon Vampires have ANYTHING to do with Comic Books?

  7. ThegirlsRright says:

    The girls are right!!!! All these older women are going crazy over these young boys. I'm 37 and if I said the things these old woman say about these young boys about a young girl they would call me a pervert. It looks like all these cougars are just as bad as men.

  8. Pffff says:

    How in the world is this considered "news"? Must be a slow day…

  9. ELynnJ says:

    Wow, get over yourselves!

  10. ])3/!|_ ])4]) says:

    When did Twilight become a comic? The whole idea of sexually objectifying teens in movies like this is disgusting. Do you see how it bring out the worst in people. Don't you feel that it is wrong for old ladies to be lusting over these teen stars and joining the fanatical teens in their devotion to twilight. The teens are at least young enough to be exited by this. But the adults are engaging in a pedo-fantasy.
    Suddenly, 20 somethings playing teens in movies makes sense to me.

  11. EdwardtheMormonvampi says:

    Twilight-The Mormon Vampire Chronicles has the most twisted and demented fanbase because the author admits part of the allure of the books is to get people wanting "eternal life", which of course the Mormons will sell you if you join their cult. Because SM is a Mormon author she had a worldwide built in fanbase, adding forbidden teenage sex hooked the tweens. Since SM was writing from her own wishful fantasies regarding her own life, she also hooked lonely sex starved grown ups, hence the cougars. If you go to her own website she has a link to mormon.org. The mormon females love her. She is their hero. The females who stalk the stars of this saga all seem to share the same mob mentality.

  12. nicole says:

    look…no matter what age the fans are is of no importance.. we are all fans…we have the love of these characters in common …we are all here for the same reason…get over it!  and as far is the "young teens" who are complaining about team jacob moms lusting over a seventeen years old….maybe they should consider that when they are underage and lusting over edward (remember rob is 23) either way lets all just enjoy the moment cause neither one of us is going anywhere….still three more movies to come!! get over it and grow up!

  13. Chery says:

    You all should just shut the hell up…especially you ])3V!_ ])4]) (whatever that means…Your all are just haters.

  14. melissa0914 says:

    I agree with these girls that something should be done to keep this organized…wrist bans are a good idea, organization… but get over yourselves with the age thing. I'm 26 and have been a Twilight fan since 2005 when the first book came out. I love the character of Jacob too… Just because the actor who happens to be playing him is 17 doesn't mean I would be any less excited to meet him. And girls… aging happens fast. I can't wait for you to watch this when you're in your 30s and still love the characters of Edward and Jacob the way you do now…

  15. Cougarintraining says:

    Arrggggg. These stupid little nits! Don't they realize that one day THEY will be 30 something? It's inevitable, despite whatever immortal vampire fantasy runs through their not fully formed little brains. One day they will be 30 something and someone will call them old, someone will tell them to "move out of the way old lady." I can't wait for that day. I hope they cry. But it's all a bunch of BS anyhow. People should be teaching their daughters not to believe this ageist bunk, which at its core is also sexist. Men are allowed to age in our culture and women are not. As for reversing the situation– Grown men lusting after teen girls in film? This has been the case since…well, since forever… We live in a society that feeds off youth, and discards our wise elders. We have it all bass ackwards. Personally, I think anyone who puts so much value in an autograph is a bit of a nut and all these people need to get lives. But lay off the ageist remarks, remember it will happen fast, before you know it, you too will be "old"….

  16. Sinister Twist says:

    I think that line cutting shouldn't have been allowed PERIOD. If those people weren't willing to wait then they shouldn't have been allowed in the line. The only reason I would think otherwise is if they had some sort of ailment that kept them from waiting- and even then they'd have to have contacted the Comi-Con ahead of time to let them know! That's not fair to the others who waited just as long as the people in the front of the line & weren't able to get in.
    And you know what? The 30 somethings that lust over Edward or the other teen characters are creepy. Heck- *I'M* 30 & I find it creepy! (I read the books for the content not to lust over anyone.)

  17. Sinister Twist says:

    Now I'm not saying that 30-somethings & over can't appreciate the series or the characters, but there's a fine line between someone saying "Oh, he's cute" & someone lusting after a teen character like a teenaged girl.

  18. dtagg says:

    NEW MOON Comic Con 2009 Footage released HERE:

  19. brianna says:

    Cutting in line sucks.
    These girls, however, sound stupid.
    Being pissed because people are cutting is one thing, saying that moms shouldn't be there liking the characters and enjoying the series because they are old is completely irrelevant to them cutting.
    Teenagers cut in line too.

  20. Nyx says:

    Why doesn't security just not let them line up until a certain time? That would make the most sense anyway.
    And who cares if you are older and a fan of something teenagers love. I am sure there are a lot of older Harry Potter fans too. Now, if they are trying to cop a feel or something, then yeah, that's creepy.
    So, exactly where are the comics in Comic-Con? All I hear about are screaming fans for Johnny Depp and the stars from Twilight. It's more like a madhouse then a comic book convention anymore.

  21. madiluck says:

    i am a fan of new moon and I like Bella and Edward getting married in the other movie my favorite part is when Jacob black and Edward kiss and the wedding, graduation

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