Comic-Con: Paul Bettany talks ‘Legion’ and ‘Priest’ [video update]

July 24, 2009 | 9:21 p.m.

Paul Bettany comes into Comic-Con sporting a trifecta of movies that fanboys are looking forward to seeing at midnight screenings when they’re released: “Iron Man 2,” “Legion” and “Priest.”

We spoke with him at the WIRED Cafe as he prepared to be announced at the huge Hall H for “Legion.” It’s cheating a bit to say “Iron Man 2” is among his films with Bettany only doing minor voice-over work as Jarvis, Tony Stark’s snarky home computer (meaning his home is the computer), but we had to get “trifecta” in there somehow.

“I really have no idea [what I do in ‘Iron Man 2’]  Last time I got called in, I came for really about two hours and laughed all the time,” says Bettany. “I kind of forgot about it. When the last movie came out, I was making ‘Legion’ and everybody called me and said, ‘Paul, are you in “Iron Man”?’  I said, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ They said, ‘Really, ’cause it sounds like you.’  I said, ‘No … oooo yeah, yeah I am!’ ”

So, he moves on quickly. Bettany’s other two films, “Legion” and the filming-in-the-future “Priest,” deal with exploring extreme versions of religious figures — as a fallen priest who kills vampires and other supernatural beasties, and the angel Michael, battling for humanity’s right to live. Bettany talks about weapons in “Legion” and battling other angels.

This will be the first time Bettany has seen any footage from “Legion,” but not his first time at Comic-Con. Bettany came to San Diego two years ago when his wife (Jennifer Connelly, as if you didn’t know!) was launching a film at the Con with Keanu Reeves.  He says that the fervor surrounding that was “extraordinary. Keanu Reeves was like a god had arrive here.”

“My youngest, who was at the time 3 or 4, was meeting Stormtroopers for the first time. So for him, it was really meeting actual Stormtroopers. It was actually a really great time.”

— Jevon Phillips


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