Comic-Con report: San Diego wants to hit the brakes on pedi-cabs

July 20, 2009 | 1:52 p.m.

Tony Perry in the San Diego bureau of the Los Angeles Times has an article on the chaos and controversy involving pedi-cabs down in the city by the sea …

San Diego on wheels


It’s a beautiful summer day and tourists are enjoying the waterfront delights: harbor cruises, the carrier Midway museum, seafood restaurants, the tall ship Star of India.

A quaint addition to the scene are the pedicab operators eager to pedal visitors to their next destination: a restaurant in the Gaslamp Quarter, perhaps, or the stores of Seaport Village. Or maybe back to their hotel.

But the tourist tradition has become a civic nuisance as the number of pedicabs has soared in recent years. Competition for customers can get ugly and some operators are breaking traffic laws, prompting calls for stricter city regulation.

The issue came into sharper focus this month when a 60-year-old Illinois woman died after tumbling from a pedi-cab in an area where such vehicles are banned. The pedi-cab did not have the required seat belts …


— Tony Perry


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San Diego photograph by Don BartlettiLos Angeles Times. Disney image from the Los Angeles Times archives.

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