Comic-Con: Seth Rogen, Michel Gondry unveil ‘Green Hornet’s’ car

July 23, 2009 | 11:43 a.m.

Funny guy Seth Rogen, director Michel Gondry and producer Neal Moritz were on hand after the Con closed to the public to unveil a car who’s shape and mysterious appearance had been enticing Comic-Con participants the whole preview night. Individuals who were manning the Sony booth kept watch over the covered vehicle as onlookers tried to sneak a peek.


With a flourish, the trio lifted the cover to reveal the car, above. The car, which Rogen will drive as the vigilante Green Hornet, is described here by Gondry as we stood around the gleaming vehicle with cameras shooting away in a tight space.

Rogen bounded around the weapons-laden cool car, taking pictures and admiring his ride. “Green Hornet,” like “The Spirit” and “The Phantom,” brings back a golden-age era hero. It hasn’t received the full-on publicity treatment yet, but its presence, and that of Rogen himself, could signal that the film’s creators and stars are revving up those engines, so to speak.

— Jevon Phillips


2 Responses to Comic-Con: Seth Rogen, Michel Gondry unveil ‘Green Hornet’s’ car

  1. delfloria says:

    How to say this?,,,, I have my doubts about what is going on with this project. Though I commend them for harking back to the TV show car they have missed the elements that made the original chrysler imperial an icon of design. The director says in the above interview that they have used a 65 model "like the TV show did". Not so. The TV series used a 66' model which had a flatter overall appearance, Granted all filmmakers must reinterpret designs like this in order to make it their own but why take a step backwards by not extending the roof line like the original had to create a sensation of forward movement even when at a stand still. Why square off the vertical front grill and then thin it down to almost ugly Edsel proportions. Why leave the stock factory front and rear bumpers on the car when the original creators strove to make the Black Beauty a completely original creation by removing them. What I see here is an uninspired half hearted attempt to recreate a classic. Please send this car back to the shop for more work or just start modifying a current Chrysler 330 with the same passion Dean Jefferies had when creating the original. Why do I think I am going to hear some one on the production credit the original to George Barris at some point. Yes, we Black Beauty fans can be as obsessive as Trekkies.

  2. jon rauhause says:

    Does anyone know who manufactured the Black Beauty model for Comic Con??? Someone told me it was <a href="” target=”_blank”> since their group designs and fabricates themed 3-D props, scale replicas and other visual merchandising displays and stuff, but I don't see any pics of it on their website. I can't wait for this movie!!!!!

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