Dan Aykroyd says ‘Ghostbusters 3’ may start filming in winter

May 19, 2009 | 10:57 p.m.
Dan Aykroyd


I just visited with Dan Aykroyd over at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip for an interview for an upcoming feature in the Los Angeles Times (you’ll be able to find it here on the Hero Complex as well). We talked about a wide range of topics, but I didn’t want to wait on this update about the third “Ghostbusters” film, which is moving forward after so many years.

Aykroyd said Sigourney Weaver is on board now, as are the original squad of ectoplasmic specialists — Aykroyd, Bill MurrayHarold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. Murray’s presence was the pivot point in making a third film happen. He holds a one-fifth controlling interest in the property rights and has been seen as the most reluctant to return to the paranormal comedy. Aykroyd said that is true but that it’s more nuanced than the public portrayal of the situation.

“I don’t put not making the third movie on Billy. We can’t do that. I’ve been very busy. Harold’s been busy, Ivan’s been busy. And a third script really didn’t coalesce properly. And Billy, you can’t blame an artist for not wanting to do the same thing again. He did two of them, for God’s sake. Although I’m the biggest cheerleader as the originator of the concept but I’ve never begrudged Billy not doing a third movie. I never said he held it up or that he refused. Hey, listen, he’s an artist. You can’t force somebody into it. I’m sorry he never read my third draft because I thought it was pretty good but, look, now we’re at a point that there’s a story that he can accept and that’s going to work, and I think we’re going to be in production fairly soon. We could be in production by winter.”

The script is by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, the writing team behind the upcoming Jack Black/Michael Cera movie “Year One” (directed by Ramis), and Aykroyd is enthused about its premise of a new generation of Ghostbusters taking over the duties of the aging team. Aykroyd said he wishes Ivan Reitman would return to direct the third film in the series but that he’s “too busy as a mega-producer” to take it on; his second choice is Ramis, who, of course, co-wrote the first two “Ghostbusters” films with Aykroyd and has numerous directing credits, most notably “Groundhog Day” and “Analyze This.” “He has a lot of things going on, but it would be wonderful to see him do it.”

Aykroyd says he believes the movie will move forward but that he has also learned that “at any second everything could blow up.” The details of story are still in play, but Aykroyd said he’s hoping for a five-member “new generation” team with several female members. “I’d like it to be a passing-of-the-torch movie. Let’s revisit the old characters briefly and happily and have them there as family but let’s pass it on to a new generation.”

Who does Aykroyd think would be good in the jumpsuits? Aykroyd mentioned two names, Alyssa Milano (who is a voice in the upcoming “Ghostbusters” video game) and Eliza Dushku. “I think they’re amazing,” he said. “And I’m excited about the whole idea of getting this done.”

–Geoff Boucher


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77 Responses to Dan Aykroyd says ‘Ghostbusters 3’ may start filming in winter

  1. ejhickey says:

    Dan must need the money. probably got burned by Madoff

  2. Andrew says:

    It would be great if Jason Reitman picked up the reigns from his father and directed this one, but I doubt he'd be interested.

  3. Don says:

    Gosh Darnit! Can somebody in Hollywood Pleeezzee come up with something ORIGINAL?!?!?
    Is there absolutely no creativity left anymore?!!?

  4. JVH says:

    And what about Rick Morranis and Annie Potts??

  5. Originalist says:

    Female Ghostbusters = FAIL

  6. Ben says:

    We don't want new recruits damnit!!!!
    We want the Ghostbusters!!!!!

  7. Kimmy says:

    I am scared to see Dan Aykroyd in a Ghostbusters suit. I am not really judging, as I cannot get into the clothes I wore at 12 yrs old when the first movie came out in 1984. Perhaps some things should be left alone.

  8. cathal says:

    I think Harold Ramis would be a great choice of replacement for Ivan Reitman. He definatley has the experience of directing this kind of thing.

  9. WhoCaresAnyway says:

    I think everyone is too judgmental and sentimental. With all the crap I've seen over the last few years; I'd be happy to see this. I mean, it's not going to be anything to wait overnight in-line at the theater for.. but come-on. It will be entertaining.. and that's all that matters. Paying $15 for some popcorn, a soda, and some candy… THAT'S something to complain about.

  10. RegularGuy says:

    "Ghostbusters 3: No Ghoul Like An Old Ghoul"
    Great. Three old guys in their Hoveround electric chairs looking for the handicapped entrance to a ghost-infested building. 'Cue the stunt double'
    I can't wait.

  11. Daylights says:

    Alyssa Milano? He's kidding, right? Let's just hire the entire cast of Charmed and call them Ghostbusters….
    I don't like where this is heading….

  12. John Davis says:

    Are you kidding me? The original one sucked, part two sucked as I am sure part 3 will as well!
    RT <a href="http://www.whos-watching.se.tc” target=”_blank”>www.whos-watching.se.tc

  13. Tradio says:

    Ghostbusters 3? Why not Caddyshack 3? Although it does on paper sound better than the "re-invisioning" plague that has been non stop for the last few years. Guess the tank of originality is now bone dry.

  14. DEAN says:


  15. Jared says:

    Zooey Deschanel would be a better choice for the Dans choice of a female Ghost buster, his choices are good because their way way hot but they really dont have a comedy type background like Zooey dose. I also think Dane cook should play as Oscar that becomes a Ghost buster and this should be kinda a father son/daughter passing of the torch thing with some of the new recruits with Ryan Reynolds, Jack black and Chris rock.

  16. Jon says:

    Once The Office guys finish a proper structure, they should get the great Ben Edlund to add his whimsical touch to the scares and humour.

  17. Rick says:

    I heard Moranis did so well with the "Honey…" films that he's completely retired. I also think that unless they get him they really can't say the gang's back.

  18. free movie downloads says:

    I can't waiting for Ghostbusters 3

  19. primitiveskin says:

    Was ABC Family's The Middleman so little-seen that Natalie Morales isn't on anybody's radar? Her Wendy Watson character is smart, sexy, funny, and she kicks butt. Hell, "The Panhellenic Ectoplasmic Investigation" episode was even chockful of Ghostbusters references! Art Crawl!

  20. poodle says:

    sounds terrible. here's to hoping it never gets made.

  21. Logan says:

    Stop complaining, those of you who are. Aykroyd was the one who created the original two movies, so if he and the others want to do a third one, they can. Stop being so arrogant as to think that someone wants to hear you whine about it. Nobody's gonna make you go see it.

  22. frrrrrt says:

    Please don't do this. Stop bastardizing everything I loved as a child.

  23. John | We Have Conta says:

    I'm not quite sure how I feel about this – even though I'll probably shell out the cash to see it anyway. Hmmmm, I just hope (as people have said here) they don't bastardize another good franchise.

  24. Ryan says:

    All I can say is "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!" That movie was terrible! I do not even consider Crystal Skull as part of the franchise. The latest Rambo; crap!! Just my two cents.

  25. oh god says:

    Will they wear bikinis and pink proton packs… this is a horrible idea.

  26. Scott says:

    Wow what an awful idea. Damn. What is the problem with Hollywood? Think of something orignial for god's sake. Did anyone watch Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Terrible. It failed and so will this….and this from a HUGE Ghostbusters fan.

  27. Scott says:

    What an awful idea. nobody learns. greed, it has ruined more sequels. This coming from a HUGE ghostbusters fan. What a shame.

  28. Scott says:

    NO! Don't ruin such a good series! PLEASE! Learn from the 4th Indian Jones!

  29. JN says:

    Wow.. another awful sounding idea to put a fork in another once great franchise. I'd prefer it if the Ghostbusters went off into the sunset by actually having to save the young upstarts. I mean, seriously, a fan could write up that treatment in about 5 minutes and it would still be better than this tired hack-omedy. I guess Dan finally got someone to run his numbers and finally give the "OK" after seeing the bottom line was still marginally in the black.
    I can't wait until they get around to re-imagining the remakes of the sequels. I figure the next 20 years will not be considered a Golden Age of Hollywood, but rather leaden one.

  30. Admiral_Obvious says:

    Is there a saturation point where these quick cash grabs at people's 80's nostalgia start hitting a wall where people just don't care anymore?

  31. Admiral_Obvious says:

    I thought Ghostbusters 2 already killed the franchise anyway. The first one was the good one.

  32. JoeDrone says:

    The real reason this movie is being made I'm sure is that all these stars have seen even their multi-million $ saving dwindle with the economic meltdown. Suddenly roles they said they were never going to reprise (Bill Murray was on record for saying that) are looking appealing.

  33. Jason says:

    I grew up to the Ghostbuster's and think it is a great idea to make a 3rd. Why not while you still can.. They all are great and age should not matter but unfor.. in this world today if you are not as then as a stick then you are gross. LOL Dan, Bill, and the rest are a perfect blend for another Ghostbusters. PLEASE MAKE IT. And if you think it is a bad idea then don't watch it. I will watch it no matter what. As far a female character try Demi Moore which they all have worked with in the past and have had great results from it. Espic. remember the movie (Nothin But Trouble) lol that movie rocks. Or Strips with bill. lol very good movies. GO FOR IT! YOU CAN DOOOO IT! And good luck, if you need a naturally goofy chacter let me know I can help. Best of luck to you and take care.

  34. the worker says:

    Woot!! About freakin' time. GB3 should look pretty awesome with today's sfx. @ the moaners & groaners – srsly, you all think too highly of your personal opinions.

  35. Fanboys = F*gboys says:

    You're all idiots.
    And to the tool who said Dane Cook would make a good ghost buster, YOU ARE KING IDIOT

  36. sarahmas says:

    Hey blogger – do you really think Groundhog Day and Analyze This are more notable than Caddyshack and Vacation? Or are you only like 22 years old and haven't been exposed to the great comedies of the 80's?

  37. Matt says:

    way to crap on my childhood memories. This will be worse then Terminator 3 and 4…

  38. Slimer says:

    I was thinking the whole 'handing the torch over' idea was terrible until I heard those 2 names. Get it made ;D
    And for the poster who thinks AM & ED don't have any comedy background, well I can appreciate that My Name Is Earl and Jay & Silent Bob might not appeal to your sense of humor, but I personally think they've definitely got what it takes. Can't wait. :O

  39. Jenesix says:

    If it's good, it's good. If it sucks, it will just suck. And I personally just won't consider it part of the franchise if it sucks. But why would want to be horrible, or not be made? Their is alot of stuff you could do with this underrated franchise. Dan Knows this and that's why he's is trying. The franchise is dying because there is no change. And when things don't change or grow it gets old and dies. I hope it does great. Just like J.J.'s Star Trek.

  40. Ryan H. says:

    The proverbial "passing of the torch" is so overdone. I understand the desire to refresh and continue the brand, but it's not going to work. What made the "Ghostbusters" movies successful was not just the concept, but the characters (and the actors who portrayed them). I agree with other posters here that the notion of introducing new, younger Ghostbusters or bringing female G-Busters in will result in a big opening weekend for the old fans, and then a quick decline in box office and a DVD release with lackluster sales.
    I have only six words for the filmmakers: GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

  41. John Belushi says:

    Doesn't anybody remember how bad Aykroyd screwed up the Blues Brothers legacy with Blues Brothers 2000? The guy's talent dissipated by the late '80s. He blew his creative wad in that decade and has yet to recover. Somebody get this guy cerebral cialis before he foists another turd on the movie going masses.
    Passing the torch movie? Puh-leeze.

  42. bob the builder says:

    female ghostbusters?? new recruits?? if they're gunna make it at least keep it as original as possible. dont ruin it like the indiana jones bs

  43. Satty12 says:

    I grew up watching the first two movies and the cartoon series and im only 23 but i have been a huge fan all my life even if i didnt start watching until i was 5 i say go for it if it tanks oh welll at you tried Dan and if its great hell ya i cant wait to see it im even saving my pennies for the new game i still play the one for Nintendo the original nintendo.

  44. nate says:

    i love the idea how can you not if you are a real ghostbusters fan seeing one more time these guys play the characters

  45. Jake says:

    This sounds terrible. No fan wants to see a new set of ghostbusters. No one wants a cliched "passing of the torch movie." Either make the movie right, or don't make it at all.

  46. JJ says:

    This movie sounds like a penciled in mustache on Mona Lisa's face.

  47. Firstjump says:

    This sounds great! I've been watching the Real Ghostbusters volume 1 on dvd recently and it has gotten me completely re-obsessed with all things Ghostbusters. I just saw Year One and I think that if this movie has the same writers it will be hilarious. Can't wait!

  48. SJCK1 says:

    Having more than one female or all female Ghostbusters to pass down the torch would destroy the Ghostbusters Franchise. That’s like making the next franchise of Charles Angles or Sex in the City all men. With all the feminizing going on in entertainment today, this would just add to the torture. I’m having a hard time accepting new male Ghostbusters. I wish they would all just strap up one more time. Them being too old is just ageism! If they do past the torch to the next generation, I would suggest only having one female Ghostbuster.
    I can see why Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis would want to add female Ghostbusters today. Dan Aykroyd has raised three daughters, Harold Ramis’ wife is a feminist and he has a daughter. Research shows that men with daughters are widely opened to feminism.. Which is not bad but some men over sympathize with it to the point they become extremist, losing a heavy amount of their masculinity.
    This movie would be a disaster.

  49. Devon says:

    The ultimate cast for the new generation in the Ghostbusters 3 would be:
    Jack Black To take over for Bill Murry as the goofy character
    Ryan Reynolds To take over for Dan Aykroyd
    Orlando Jones To take over for Ernie Hudson
    Jim Carrey To take over for Harold Ramis as the scientist
    And for a secretary Eliza Dushku .
    This would be the shit

  50. hermes says:

    GREAT, pass the torch on the new generation. I would like to see the EXTREME GB guyz and gal… Eduardo, Garrett, Roland and Kylie.. SLIMER RULZ!!!

  51. Tweekout says:

    I think a passing of the tourch is a great idea…
    I just dont think passing it onto females would be a great idea…(not in a sexist way)
    I just think the fan's would like to see the new generation of HOTSHOT HOLLYWOOD MALE comedians…
    Like Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd ,Steve Carell,Jack Black…ect.
    The new generation of comedic pioneers…
    They shouldnt be identical to the origanal team….
    Soo pretty much a new teem…
    N the new team should get a new vehicle…
    It should still be an echo but of a different car model….

  52. joel says:

    hey i think the should have ghost busters 3 in 3D

  53. GBFAN says:

    I have been excited for a third installment until reading this. This is disappointing. . . Alyssa Milano is hot but I really don't want to watch her as a Ghostbuster.

  54. Aaron says:

    I have noticed, as most of you have, that the movie industry as of late has been making a great deal of their money from pulling on the heart strings of those adults that will go see a movie, regardless of its quality, only because of the endearing childhood memories that are associated with these franchises. It is an obvious and easy move to make money, which happens to be their goal. That being said, I think too many of you are giving the movie makers way too much power over your emotions. The first two movies have already been made, watched and loved or hated. Regardless of whether they make a third and whether it is good or bad is really irrelevant reagarding the first two movies. You can continue to love or hate them. This being said, if you do not want to see the third movie, or choose to hate the third movie, this does not have to change your feelings twords the first two. Now, everyones constant whinning about how this movie should not be made could just effect their decision to do so, and I for one would be somewhat upset about that. I would like to see a third film. I also think that they could knock it out of the park if they choose to. I would much rather let them make the movie and have the CHOICE to see it, rather that not be given that choice at all. Lets also remember that many different people have many different tastes regarding films. Just because this may not be yours, please stop trying to destroy it for the rest of us who would enjoy it.

  55. Aaron says:

    I would also like to comment on the blantent sexism found in some of these comments regarding a female ghostbuster. REALLY!?, After all that has happend in this world over the last 100 years, people can still be that ignorant!? Well, I guess if they can be that sexist, I guess I can go ahead and be stereotypical and assume that these people obiously come from somewhere in southern arkansas where people are uneducated, white folks who still beleive the best way to deal with someone is with a prayer to the almighty and a hanging. Now, if you can see exactly how rediculous that sounds, you know how you sound when you make comments that conclude a woman could not be a ghostbuster! WOW!

  56. Mike says:

    I think it should start off with the original ghostbusters walking into a dusty building (their old building) and holding up their suits, turning on the packs etc.. blowing the dust off the desks and seeing if the containment unit still works, like they had been gone for a long time on their own projects, etc.. Doesn't mean they have to wear the uniforms, but you at least get to see them again.
    I would love to have help written the 3rd movie, or even a fourth!
    Seriously can not wait to see what they do next!!

  57. Bobby Good says:

    Hell Yeah!!! The TV series had the right move by bringing in a "new generation" Ghostbusters in Extreme Ghostbusters (which was awesome) so i think the third film along those lines would be great to see in live action. bring in Dane Cook for sure

  58. KnightHawk says:

    Please make this movie I've been waiting for it way way too long.
    I don't mind the passing of the torch, it has to happen, just do it right.
    As for the new generation including serveral females. Don't do it, don't turn this into a boober t&a movie. You want to add a female GB, that's cool, but don't go crazy with it.
    I want a 3rd movie so bad, unlike with Red Dawn, even if GB3 didn't do that will I don't think it will ruin the previous 2 which were not bad.

  59. ET says:

    I would like to see a third movie,but, are you kidding me with Alyssa Milano? Nobody wants to see Alyssa Milano in anything. Her reflection sometimes doesnt even show up in the mirror. Why on earth would they pass the torch to a female team? What is the point of that? And if that wasnt bad enough,…to a bunch of NOBODY female actors??? Really??? Why??? What are you smoking??? The problem in Hollywood, is that they take something…and instead of simply giving us the "more" we want…they misinterpret that as us needing "extra" or "improvement". If you leave me wanting more…it means I liked what you just showed me so much,..I want more….of THAT. Not a sequel TO THAT which is totally revamped…updated…or otherwise f**k'd with. Its almost like they have this attitude like …"That was nothin….wait til I show'em THIS.." and "THIS"…always sucks. Beverly Hills Cop III….CaddyShack II….and they should have shot Lethal Weapon and put it out of its misery around 20 minutes into part 3….and by that I mean 20 minutes into the filming…..or maybe even the writing. Anyhow…no washed up chick actors please. If you cant get Ackroyd, Murray, Ramis, and Hudson….then dont do it. You dont seem to get it….we dont want simply another film with "Ghostbusters" in its title. We want another movie with THESE ACTORS….TOGETHER AGAIN. Simply having another movie with the title and totally different actors doesnt cut it….and never has. We didnt fall in love with a title. We fell in love with a story and the people who told it.

  60. Omar Peinado says:

    I had always thought that would always be the case for this next hit movie.
    I love Dan's aspect as seeing it as "passing the torch" though. I sometimes wonder if it would be a bad idea. It would be rather interesting if we could see "Oscar", Dana's son from the second movie having to grow up to be in the team.
    I would love to see what new equipment they can come up with and who would show up next in the film. There's always a great deal of surprises in the Ghostbusters movies!

  61. krista says:

    Ghostbusters 3!!!! I am so excited, definitely going to see that in theaters!

  62. Joe says:

    I loved Ghostbusters I and like II. And I personally don't mind the remake AT ALL. With exception of a few brands such as LOTR, X-Men and maybe a couple others the new movies in Hollywood haven't been great at all. Just as the remake of Transformers was a hit I would love to see the 2012 version of my favorite movie Ghostbusters return (with all the new animation bells and whistles of course)…

  63. Bill Murray says:

    Eliza Dushku? Seriously?

  64. Ryan William Smith says:

    Hello, I have been a HUGE Ghostbuster's Fan for ever,im 26 years old now,and i cannot wait till the new movie comes out,i even played the game for 360(x-box) that was an easy game btw,lol, kidding!..but,you NEED the same Cast as the GB movies as be4,billy,he is the funny man,danny abit,seriouse and funny same time,Egon,the smart and seriouse guy,the Ernny,the hand man,same them song as well,maybe abit,more POWER into it might be good,and the car,should be abit UPDATED,like a Charger or or a big SUV,cus,u will be carrying the PACKS and suchand maybe make this film more for adults,(but younger kids would still get in so you wont lose money in the making! its true)…i am full of idea's!!!! i could keep going….takwe care guys! cant wait to see it! GB3!….
    yr fan,
    Ryan Smith

  65. ghostbuster_devout says:

    jared. you nailed it that would be awesome. I can see it now. that would totally be the new Busters. ryan reynolds, jack black, chris rock. awesome. of course it probably won't happen but that would be great. and the dude from the office. I don't know his name but you know the guy, the wierd one in the glasses. no disrespect to the guy but I never really watch tv. it really dosen't matter who they choose because ghost busters is the shizznit anyway. havin the hot chicks would be great eye candy, especially alyssa. but I can't help but to feel like the comedy would be lacking.

  66. Randy says:

    My son watches GB I and II constantly and sings the theme from time to time. He would love to see III. Glad they are bringing it back for the next generation. Hope it is put together well.

  67. ian says:

    why pass on the torch? I'd rather see an old original cast with the proton packs on. I'm sure harold ramis and dan akroid can pull it off if they lose a few pounds.

  68. Sean D... says:

    I for one am excited for this movie… I grew up watching the first two (GB 2 noooott my fav but still). I am not excited aboout the idea of the originals only making an "apperance" and passing the torch… Stop that.. No one wants to see that! Make it in 3-D on Imax… FRESH! This has potential to be the best one………. I hope.

  69. I think Dan Aykroyd and other people behind it especially the writers are still working out for out for the second draft of the screenplay.I heard it will be on 2012 but changes still possible.Anyone has an update?

  70. Cyanyde says:

    Make one of the original Ghostbusters die (Bill Murray wants to die in the first reel)
    Then have them come back as a ghost at some point.. awesome! :)

  71. tabby says:

    no females bad idea dan u gotta keep it original or this one is going down the toilet

  72. Jess says:

    I look forward to watching ghost busters 3D

  73. DEBBIE ORTIZ says:


    Ghostbusters 3….are amazing. all posts are really superb and like an old ghoul………

  74. I love ghostbusters 2&3 and I love Dan aykroyd sooo much and I want them to make a new movie but I think they should use the original characters and maybe have them train the next genertion maybe even use their own kids as the next generation and they could try to get Annie Potts and Rick Moranis to join it wouldn’t be a cast without them! :)

  75. […] Milano, and Eliza Dushku, and probably more I’m forgetting right now. A couple years ago, Aykroyd mentioned the latter two in connection with his then-current script, which was a “passing the torch” movie with […]

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