Doctor Who in the house: David Tennant at Comic-Con and the rumors are flying

July 14, 2009 | 2:22 p.m.


Is David Tennant coming to Comic-Con International to say goodbye … or to announce the start of something big? The time traveler is on the clock when it comes to his signature role — the announced plan is that he will leave the character behind after a series of specials that will air on the BBC next year — but there has been speculation across the Atlantic that he is coming to San Diego to announce a Doctor Who feature film. Could it be true? It seems unlikely to me, but (ahem) time will tell.

The Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con promises to be one of the must-see moments this year, and we’re pleased to report that the Sunday morning session (July 26, 10 a.m., Ballroom 20) will be moderated by Los Angeles Times television critic Robert Lloyd, whose dry wit is a perfect fit for the occasion. “Doctor Who” creative force Russell T. Davies, director Euros Lyn and executive producer Julie Gardner will all be on stage also. Do you have a question for the good Doctor or his compatriots? Post it here in the comments section; Lloyd has agreed to bring the best questions with him to the stage.

— Geoff Boucher



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117 Responses to Doctor Who in the house: David Tennant at Comic-Con and the rumors are flying

  1. Liam says:

    My question is for the upcoming 'The Waters Of Mars'. Is the cloister bell there to add effect in the trailer, or is it indeed actually within the episode itself?

  2. Joanne Langford says:

    After Hamlet, 1939, St Trinians etc what other treats do you have in store for us? Besides the rumoured movie?

  3. Melanie T. says:

    David, we know that you were a big fan of Doctor Who before you were cast as the Doctor. My question is, as a fan, how did you feel about the Doctor having a romantic relationship with his companion?

  4. Ssince both yourself and Julie Gardner have made the movie to LA, can we expect future collaborations between you and she, given her position with BBC America?

  5. Sarah Maddison says:

    If you had a time machine, were would you like to be? and would you help anyone like the doctor does? Will you be watching at home all the doctor who's in the future and would you return?
    Think you are really cool and would love to see you in a movie The Doctor and me! Good title eh!!! lol xxx love and very best wishes David and Russel xxxxxx

  6. Lisa says:

    to DT
    Are you going back to theatre anytime soon? What would you rather do a new modern play or another Shakespeare? Or do you think you will be doing more tv / cinema?
    A couple of years ago you stated in an interview that you would like to play Hamlet, Berowne and the Doctor. What roles would you aspire to play now?
    Can you see yourself doing more sci fi in future? What would be your ideal sci fi role? Apart from Doctor Who what other sci fi do you like? (I hear he doesn't like Star Trek)
    Is Michael Schumacher really The Stig?
    To RTD
    Are you moving to America?
    What will happen to the fortysomething follow up to Queer as Folk that was mooted while ago?

  7. Harriet says:

    The return of old characters, such as Donna Noble, for the specials have been revealed due to sightings of the actors on set. However have all the return characters been revealed or are there more which you have been more careful about keeping under wraps?

  8. andrea maslanka says:

    Seeing that the 2009 specials have already been filmed and with the David's Doctor to regenerate in the last of the specials, If a Film is to be in the works in 2010 will it Star Matt Smith?

  9. Lilly says:

    Who picks your clothes when you do interviews and talk shows? Fire them.

  10. Joanne H says:

    For all panellists: Has your time on "Doctor Who" lived up to whatever expectations you had when you started work on it?

  11. Ebony says:

    For the entire team, especially RTD:
    Is there any classic Doctor Who villain that perhaps didn't work out, but that you wish you would have gotten the chance to work into the new series?

  12. Carolina says:

    This is a quetion for David Tennat: 'What is your speciality dish?'

  13. Gabriella says:

    Doctor Who is a big hit in UK, also a hit in US and Australia. But in countries like Italy it has very little following, although with the new series the fans are growing in number. Is there a chance that the Doctor Who production will pay a closer attention (in terms of TV broadcast and / or DVD releases) in Italy as well as in other countries where DW fandom is just starting to form?

  14. Katie Lazarou says:

    So, who would win. A pig with a cannon or an army of mice with toasting forks?

  15. Paula says:

    Does anyone else think this plot is similar to Pitch Black? Alien desert planet, multiple suns, group of abandoned people (on a bus here, in a spacecraft in Pitch Black) being attacked by large flying things with razor sharp teeth?

  16. JoAnn O'Brien says:

    If you could play any character in the Doctor Who Series other than "The Doctor" who would you play and why?

  17. David Gold says:

    You're obviously sworn to secrecy when you receive your latest scripts, but is there one person (outside of WHO staff) that you simply MUST share some of this stuff with, in a giddy fan-boy sort of way? Who do you talk to?

  18. Rich H. says:

    "Who" cares? Dr. Who is a no-budget campy joke. It makes classic Star Trek look like Amadeus.

  19. Gus Gonzales says:

    In keeping with what could prove to be a Who/Torchwood tradition, will the good Mr. Tennant consider serenading the attendees with a bit of song?
    John Barrowman's and Naoko Mori's impromptu rendition of "The Last Night of the World" (Miss Saigon) was the highlight of last year's Torchwood panel.
    All Best from Austin Texas!

  20. donna coulson says:

    omw im well shy asking a question to my favourate actor and 10th doctor anyway here goes to you david tennant what has been your favourate episode of doctor who so far? and also when the doctor says molte beine what does it mean? thanks you are the best im so gonna cry when you leave as the 10th dr you will always be my doctor yepee^^

  21. Dawn says:

    I'm the same age as Russell, a huge Doctor Who fan-girl since I was tiny, and I was just wondering…
    Can you tell me why Doctor Who is so brilliant??
    Even though (for me) it's the end of an era, a fabulous era, will you all still be watching the programme every Saturday now that you are no longer directly involved?
    Also – any chance of David appearing in "Much Ado About Nothing" because it's a play I haven't seen yet on stage…with him as Benedict (Doctor Who and lifelong Shakespeare fan – yes it does happen)!!! Please drop hints to maybe the RSC et al. David (if you have a space in your diary!)

  22. Dawn says:

    ps – can you say to Russell something I was dying to say to him when I stood next to him at the Welsh BAFTA's in Cardiff but was too shy to speak – Russell T.Davies I BLOODY LOVE YOU! I am so going to miss YOUR Doctor Who!

  23. Dawn says:

    'm the same age as Russell, a huge Doctor Who fan-girl since I was tiny, and I was just wondering…
    Can you tell me why Doctor Who is so brilliant??
    Even though (for me) it's the end of an era, a fabulous era, will you all still be watching the programme every Saturday now that you are no longer directly involved?
    Also – any chance of David appearing in "Much Ado About Nothing" because it's a play I haven't seen yet on stage…with him as Benedict (Doctor Who and lifelong Shakespeare fan – yes it does happen)!!! Please drop hints to maybe the RSC et al. David (if you have a space in your diary!)

  24. Sharon Hanson says:

    After having gone through so many regenerations of the Dr., and loving some and not interested in others for the past 40 years, I am hopeful the new dr. will be as good as my favorites. I never thought I'd like David Tennant but he really grew on me. I'm just waiting for some of the old questions being answered…like when did he get married and how did he end up with a grandaughter (first dr. had a young girl who called him grandfather).
    How did Galifry die and why can't he go back in time and viist…even though he knows it will end. The new series have more human aspects of compassion and caring than the ones of 30 years ago. But the old dr. refused to ever kill anyone.
    The new special effects are amazing. My children laugh at the old special effects from the 60's and 70's.
    I'm very grateful that Sarah Jane came back — after all, she was "abandonded" by the dr. in South Croidon (can't spell) and we never knew how she found her way home or what year it was.
    This is a series the whole world can enjoy generation after generation! I first saw Dr. Who in 1975 in London on TV in "Horror of Fang Rock" with my still favorite doctor.

  25. Jenna says:

    To RTD:
    Are you going to make Torchwood season 4? I have to know!!
    PS Feel free to bring any characters back…

  26. Grace Hoover says:

    To Everyone : If you had a Tardis, where/when would you go if you had the choice of going into any book/movie/real world?

  27. Grace Hoover says:

    To Everyone : Where/when would you go if you had a Tardis and had the option of going into any book/ movie/ real world ?

  28. john Roe says:

    Dr. Who will diagnose all of comic-con with Asperger's Syndrome in an announcement that will absolutely stun the crowd.

  29. Brian says:

    David Tennant coming to Comic-Con to announce a "Doctor Who" movie? Uh… do I need to mention that he is one of the names that has been floating around for months as someone who would make a good Bilbo in "The Hobbit"? Do I also need to mention that both Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro will be at Comic-Con, and Del Toro has said the announcement of who will play Bilbo is imminent? I'm just sayin'…

  30. Nancy Gross says:

    Did you at least get a Map of LA this time round? :)

  31. Robert says:

    I like to watch…Billie Piper !

  32. Joe Internet says:

    This is the first time I think I have ever seen Dr. Who mentioned on the front page of a major newspaper. Cool beans.

  33. Janice says:

    To David and/or Russell: Some fans have complained that the New Who has too much human drama in it and should get back to 'proper sci fi' with no romance, no complicated family relationships and no soul searching reflection by the Doctor — and if there are any women in it, they should be old fashioned eye candy (screaming a lot might be a plus). What do you say to fans who who do not want the new aspects you have brought to the show — who seem to want the old show back, only with better monsters?

  34. Amy Knight says:

    My question is for David Tennant. If you chose to stay in California longer, would you want to visit Disneyland? I hope one day you'll come to Florida and visit Walt Disney World. It's a little bigger and has more to offer. You're always welcome in Florida, David!

  35. Tammy Smith says:

    To David Tennant: are you aware that a sizeable amount of Doctor Who fans find you sexy?

  36. Given that many DW fans are (quite rightly) obsessive about their show and how the various other media (books, audio plays) fold into the Canon of the Whoniverse, I'd would like to hear from the panel if there have been bits they've stuck in the new series just to tie up issues from the classic show and other sources (or wished they had).
    On the reverse, is there anything that will always be a firm 'No comment' to keep up the mystique?
    Related: just how old is the Doctor anyway? (my own personal pique :)

  37. Eides Gottfried says:

    My questions are for David:
    Being a fan-boy, you had familiarity with the worldwide popularity and cult status of Doctor Who and had a pretty good idea of what you were 'getting yourself into' when you assumed the role. What has surprised you the most of your experiences that you were not prepared for nor expecting related to playing The Doctor? Do you think that being a lifelong fan of the series impacted your take on the role of The Doctor and influenced your decisions on how to play the role in every detail from choice of costume (wearing high-top basketball shoes or trainers as you refer to them, seems to be obvious) to your quirky mannerisms and various facial expressions (especially the quick, often mischievious smile)…or did everything just happen naturally?
    What inspired your style in the very personal and intimate manner in which you taped your video diaries during your tenure in the role? Were they intended to be your way as a Doctor Who fan to personally communicate with other fans what it was like to be able to mix business and pleasure?
    Will you remain affiliated in some capacity with the larger Doctor Who franchise, be it perhaps returning to play an alien monster in a future episode for some jollies? Or continue with your amazing readings of the Doctor Who audiobooks with all of your different accents? Or, even, assuming there are no contractual restrictions prohibiting you from doing so, participate in an occasional Big Finish recording as you had prior to assuming the role of the tenth incarnation of The Doctor?
    Something tells me that as the self-confessed fan-boy, besides the role always having a special place in your heart, you will remain an ambassador for the Doctor Who genre, as have most of the prior gentlemen who have played The Doctor. I look forward to being able to hear your tales at fan conventions in the future…I've had fun watching your performance in the role and having the role played by someone who is my contemporary.

  38. Barbara Rice says:

    If you could re shoot one scene, which one would it be and why?

  39. Lisa N. says:

    Question for David Tennant: It seems as though the Doctor has always been a character that exudes great confidence – since you've expressed that you've always wanted to play this role, and now you have, do you feel that you have continued to extend his confident side, and that in turn this character has given you confidence off stage?

  40. Jenna says:

    HELLO! I'm wondering…..can you swim?!
    -Jenna, Australia.

  41. NC Hanger says:

    For DT:
    We know from previous interviews that your heart lies with live theater; would you consider spending the time in the States to take up a role on this side of the pond?
    Also — for RTD:
    As someone who's worked in the genre, and clearly has a love for it, with the "mainstreaming" of science fiction in just about every media (film, TV, books), where do you see the future of the genre in this age where so few new media projects even get a green light anymore? Will science fiction have to be "dumbed down" more for the public in order to garner the funds for production? Or do you think it can stand its ground?

  42. To David:
    Considering that you have a strong background with both Doctor Who and Shakespeare, and even though the two are vastly different, which Shakespearean character would you say The Doctor is most similar to?
    What was the most challenging aspect of playing The Doctor? (Besides the hours, of course!)
    To all:
    Have you ever had any major disagreements with each other? If so, is it anything you are willing to share?

  43. Pete Bottomley says:

    To the Legend That Is the Davies…
    Obviously you have spent the best part of five years (probably longer) working and writing for Doctor Who… now that you're moving on, what lessons will you take with you from working on such a high-profile show and will you apply them to your next project?
    To the Legend That is the Tennant?
    Assuming your last day on Doctor Who has been and gone… did you steal anything from the show? Will we be seeing David Tennant any time soon in OK magazine wearing the long overcoat browsing through the corn flake aisle in Tesco? That or a Cyberman head.

  44. Kathryn Smith says:

    Question for RTD
    When you began writing the doctor did you always know what his regeneration would be like or is it an idea that has developed over time ?
    Questions for DT
    If you had the doctors abililties would you use them for good or personal gain ?
    My favourite speech is the last one in Gridlock "oh you should have seen that old planet" Do you have a favourite bit of DW writing ?
    Thanks for the journey xx

  45. Kathryn Smith says:

    Question for RTD
    When you began writing for David's doctor did you always know what his regeneration would be like or has it developed over time ?
    Questions for DT
    If you had the doctors abilities would you use them for good or personal gain ?
    My favourite speech is the last one in Gridlock "oh you should have seen that old planet" do you have a favourite bit of DW writing ?
    Thanks for the journey xx

  46. Vanessa Hurst says:

    To David, Russell, Julie & Euros:
    If you could choose one 'New Who' creature that you would like to live on (and return in future series/seasons) in the pantheon of Doctor Who creatures, who/what would it be and why? And David – don't say you like them all and you can't choose any one! ;)
    Love to all and thank you, especially to David, for bringing about the embodiment of what I always thought the Doctor should be!

  47. Michelle says:

    My question is about the last episode of Doctor Who in which David Tennant will play The Doctor. Filming has already wrapped up, but will you be needed to film the transition scene between you and Matt Smith or will that be digitally mastered? Also have they started filming the new episodes with Matt Smith? If they have, have you seen any and are they any good?

  48. Zoe says:

    For Mr Tennant: please, as an actor, explain to us your interest in portrayal of madness/insanity (in all guises):
    intelligent eccentricity (Dr Who)
    brain damage (Recovery)
    manic depressive (Taking over the asylum)
    semi (or pseudo??) autistic (Learners) – ??
    ..and Hamlet (descent into madness/grief). A life-changing performance (I was lucky enough to see the RSC version)
    I hesitate to say – you do it so well. Why? How?

  49. Patrick O'Haley says:

    I would like to know if you could come to Dragon*Con? The several Doctor Who fans on the east coast would enjoy it.

  50. Louise Burrows says:

    For David:
    If you could go back to the beginning of your time as 'the Doctor' is there anything in your portrayal of him that you would change?
    To all of you on the 'The Doctor Who Team' thanks so much for giving me and my children, some fantastic memories of Saturday evenings huddled up together in awe of the Doctor!
    You are a talented British bunch!

  51. Eides Gottfried says:

    Another question for Mr. Tennant:
    Prior to your taking on the role of The Doctor, your fan base was exclusively adult, due to the often explicit adult nature of your roles. As a result of Doctor Who, your fan base has expanded to include children as well…of which you are well aware. Knowing that you'd end up being seen as a role model by children, you chose to wear glasses on screen (albeit with plano lenses), to be a hero that you would have liked when growing up yourself…and to try to set an example for children with less than perfect vision.
    Now that you have a large number of children in your fan base, and that you are seen as a role model by children, will it impact your decisions regarding which television or movie character parts you choose to accept in the near-term future?

  52. Anne Clark says:

    For RTD:
    Martha Jones is my favourite companion, but I hated the way she was treated – I hated the crass comparisons to Rose, and the cold and dismissive way the Doctor treated her. In retrospect, do you still feel that it was a good idea to have the ostensible hero treat his loyal and devoted companion so poorly?

  53. Jennifer says:

    to David Tennant
    Since the whole gang is coming to America–Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner & RTD–are you?
    Are you planning on making films? (Dr Who or other films?) What's next for you?

  54. Grace Hoover says:

    Hey, so this is for everyone, if you had a Tardis, where and when would you go if you could go into any book/movie/ tv show or real world place ever??

  55. Jennifer says:

    to David Tennant:
    Since the whole gang is coming to America–Julie Gardner, Jane Tranter & RTD–are you?
    Are you planning to make movies (Dr Who and/or other movies)? What's next for you?

  56. Isabelle May says:

    Hi David,
    Bit of a silly question, but have you read the biography that Nigel Goodall tried to write about you, called "A Life in Time and Space"?
    (i say "tried"; if I'm honest it read more like all the tabloids of the past two years compiled into one book – not a thing I ever thought I'd read nor would ever read again…)
    -Isabelle "Lord iEvil" May

  57. Oooh!!!
    Question for David: What band is better, U2, or Green Day?

  58. Eides Gottfried says:

    Another question for David:
    Prior to your taking on the role of The Doctor, your fan base was exclusively adult, due to the often explicit adult nature of your roles. As a result of Doctor Who, your fan base has expanded to include children as well…of which you are well aware. Taking advantage of the responsibility that comes with being a positive role model, and knowing that you'd end up being seen as a role model by children, you chose to wear glasses on screen (albeit with plano lenses), to be the type of hero that you would have liked when growing up yourself…and to try to set an example for children with less than perfect vision.
    Now that you have a large number of children in your fan base, and that you are seen as a role model by children, will it impact your decisions regarding which television or movie character parts you choose to accept in the near-term future? Did this consideration factor into your recent foray into narrating a handful of educational documentaries and programs?

  59. Sarah Callahan says:

    My first question is for Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner and the rest of the production crew. I was wondering, was the theme of the creation of new life deliberately chosen for Series 4? I noticed this watching the episodes, and was amazed at how often that theme occurs. There's the birth of the Adipose in Partners in Crime, the Pyrovile using humans to remold themselves, the Sontarans trying to use Earth's atmosphere to clone new Sontarans, the birth of Jenny, the birth of the Human/Vespiform, the creature from Midnight living for the first time, and all of this culminates in the series ultimate creation of new life, the half-human Doctor. Did you choose this theme puposely and what was your motivation behind it?
    My other questions are for David Tennant. First I wanted to thank you for being my Doctor. New Earth was the first episode I ever saw, and then Blink some time later, and I've loved the series ever since! Thank you for being such a wonderful Doctor, I'll miss watching you on the show with each new episode, but I can't wait to see where you go from here, which leads to my questions. What are some other roles you've always dreamed of playing, and what will you miss the most about being the Doctor?

  60. Dee says:

    Q: I loved Alex Kingston's Prof. River Song character from Silence in the Library (apologies to Russell T Davies –it was a Moffat script.) and I was hoping to have her time spent with David's Doctor explained. Any chance of this in a future movie?

  61. Lee says:

    David: What styling product do you use on your hair? I've tried everything to keep my fringe up and to defy gravity, but to no prevail. Can you reveal your dark and mystical secret for eternal fringe-strength?

  62. Hi David,
    Are you going to perform Hamlet in the U.S. or do any acting jobs in America or California? Here in Sacramento we have a great theater company that would love to have you do a play. Good luck in your career. I will miss you as the Doctor. I think you are the best other than Tom Baker. My only two favorites. Russell keep writing great stuff. I just want to say why Ianto? Whine, whine, whimper , whimper =-(
    Francesca Poli
    Rancho Cordova, CA

  63. Adam Till says:

    David, You seem to get to kiss all of your companions. Will you be kissing Bernard Cribbins at Christmas?

  64. Jade says:

    Will there be a Spin-off Doctor who with Rose Tyler and the Clone Doctor in the Future?

  65. Trivia says:

    What will you do now that you are no longer the doctor?

  66. Cisco says:

    Hi David – a 'fact of life' about taking on the part of the Doctor is that one then becomes associated with the role until long after the Earth itself is no more – Next Doctor, then New Doctor, then current Doctor Who, former Doctor Who, it just attaches itself to pretty much every mention in the media, just as Doctor Who fans will attach themselves to pretty well every public performance/ appearance you'll make. Being a fan yourself you clearly understood this before you took on the challenge of playing the Doctor – my question is, how do you think you'll feel about this in ten, twenty, or thirty years time?
    Hi Russell – I don't have a question for you, I just wanted the opportunity to say thank you *so* much for doing such a fantastic (had to be that word!) job of bringing back the show we love to TV, and for Bob and Rose which makes me cry at least once a year…

  67. Lilli from Canada says:

    For David Tennant!
    David, you're well known to be a very 'fan friendly', down-to-earth, hard working, very lovable but also very private person ( besides being a stunningly brilliant actor). With all the huge waves of affection coming from your fans and the attentions from the press it must be very hard to have some privacy and peace and quiet time being out in pbulic. How do you cope with that and are you going to change your 'dealing/approaching' your fans in the future?

  68. Rich Flair says:

    Is Dimensions in Time Canon?

  69. Susie says:

    David,and Russell: Who is River Song!? Will we find out later this year? David would you consider coming to Broadway to perform Hamlet or another stage production? As West Wing is a favorite show for you David would you please get with Aaron Sorkin and make more TV magic with intelligence?

  70. Trixi says:

    My question for Lloyd to take to the Comic-Con: David, will you marry me?

  71. Miranda says:

    To all the panelists:
    In season three, there was a Dalek two-parter that was based in New York. What other locations or historical events would you have liked to film that are also based in America?
    Miranda from New Mexico.

  72. Stuart Mitchell says:

    With both David and Russell's tenure's coming to an end, are there any characters from the older Who you wish you could have brought into your time, such as the Brigadier, or even a multiple Dr story with some of the Dr's still alive. I'd love to see Sylvester and Sophie Aldred make a return in some way shape or form, or Paul McGann – maybe thats something that could have been reserved for a movie.

  73. Dom says:

    If there was one story from the original 26-year run of Doctor Who that you could have played The Doctor in, which one would it be.

  74. Eides Gottfried says:

    for DT:
    Since this is your first time appearing at a fan convention such as Comic Con, let alone on a Q & A panel, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least and 10 being the most, please share how terrified/nervous you are going into this session,
    Did you prepare for this session by viewing last year's Doctor Who and Torchwood Q & A panel sessions online onYou Tube to have a better idea what to expect?

  75. Jade says:

    Will there be a New Spin-off With Rose Tyler and the Clone doctor, In the future?

  76. Abigail says:

    David, Will You be Making an appearance on Billie Piper's Show – Secret diary of a call girl, The Series coming up?

  77. Ruth Wheeler says:

    What is the wierdest gift you've ever received from a fan?

  78. Sandy says:

    David, was it your decision for the Doctors hairstyle – the quiff and long sideburns, or was it Russell's"

  79. Nancy G. says:

    To Julie Gardiner or Russell T. Davies: How long on average, start to finish, did it take you to film one episode of Doctor Who?
    To David Tennant: Is is any more difficult, as far as concentration, to act in freezing cold, heavy rain or when being bombarded with fake snow?
    To Eros Lynn: When you have to follow a script, but then on the day of the shoot, find that what you wanted to do, simply isn't possible, how badly can that throw off a shooting schedule?

  80. Nancy G. says:

    To Eros Lynn: If something wentwrong during filming, who was the first one you'd call?
    To either Julie Gardiner or Russell T. Davies: Roughly how long, from conception to final edit, did it take to do a single episode of Doctor Who?
    To David Tennant: Was it any more difficult to concentrate on a scene, if you were working in freezing conditions, heavy rain or being bombarded with fake snow?

  81. Katie Miller says:

    For DT: you have been enormously gracious and generous with your extensive fan base in the UK, stopping to sign autographs and pose for photos. Do you have a person who helps you sign some of your massive amounts of fan mail? And how do you pick and choose your scripts? Also, what type of acting are you looking for in the U.S. … movie, plays, etc.?

  82. Jane says:

    Dear David! I wanted to ask this question for ages: have you ever been to Russia(i`m from it)? I read somewhere that your favourite actress is Audrey Hepburn is this true, if it is what`s your favourite film with her?
    P.S. I am one of your best fan, and i love you very much!
    Dear RTD! I love your Doctor, you are genius! But why have you destroyed Gallifrey?
    With best wishes to everybody, Jane.

  83. Stephanie says:

    Dear David Tennant,
    I think you have done a brilliant job in Doctor Who. How would you rate yourself as the tenth Doctor?

  84. Mary says:

    to David T
    Hello, David! I from Russia. In our country you very much love! We know that you played Hamlet. We very much wish to see this statement at us in the country. Tell, Hamlet can be issued on disks?
    In advance thanks!

  85. Julia Levy says:

    A question for David:
    In "The Satan Pit", the Doctor comes face-to-face with a beast that may– or may not– be the Devil. Rather than attempt to define the creature as he normally does, the Doctor choses to accept that the idea of a beast created before time is simply too impossible to comprehend. This episode caused many of us viewers to reflect on the meaning of "religion", as well as our own beliefs. When you first read the script, did you also pause and attempt to wrap your mind around these concepts? If so, how did your conclusions compare to those of the Doctor?

  86. Sandy says:

    David, do you think you will ever have a chance to come to Australia in the near future, if so what parts would you like to visit?

  87. Bill Rudloff says:

    David, will you be taking an extended holiday in the US at some point? I highly suggest Illinois (not just Chicago, but the whole state) since I live there. But if you want a very unique, maybe even life changing experience, I highly recommend the E-CETI Ranch in Trout Lake Washington. You can check out for more info.

  88. Meg Spille says:

    David and Russell, I cannot deny temptation any longer, I must bridge the gap between ye gods of space and time and genre shows and beg of either of you to consider teaming up on a job of some sort with America's very own Joss Whedon. There could be no better combination. RTD and Whedonverse have indeed grazed one another via Torchwood's guest spot for the brilliant James Marsters, but the universe demands more.
    If this can never be, then merely allow me to present to any of you geniuses this question of utmost importance: If cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who would win?

  89. Kelly says:

    Thanks so much for giving those not fortunate enough to be able to attend Comicon a chance to be able to have our questions heard by the panel. I really appreciate it and really hope that at least one of my questions makes it to the stage. :)
    – Is there an ulterior motive in eliminating every member of Torchwood except for Jack? Will this be revealed in season four of Torchwood (assuming there will be one) or the upcoming Doctor Who specials. If there is not a season 4 of Torchwood, do these events foreshadow Jack's return as a full time companion of the Doctor?
    – Can we expect to see you performing in any more RSC productions in the near future?
    – Who is your all time favourite bad guy in the Whoverse?
    – What sort of roles will you be pursuing in the foreseeable future?
    Random hypothetical question open to everyone – simply because I spent the past week watching Angel and the ensuing debate would be hilarious:
    – Empty room. One caveman. One astronaut. No weapons allowed. Who would win?

  90. Patti says:

    This is for Russell. The Doctor makes lots of promises ("I'll get you out of here. I promise."). Could you talk about that aspect of the Doctor – is it confidence or cockiness or something else? Are the promises a help or a challenge in writing the Doctor?
    Wish I could be there to attend the panel. Enjoy San Diego. We're thrilled to have you in town!

  91. Marlene says:

    Questions for David Tennant:
    1. Which scene was more emotional for you to film – your regeneration scene, or your actual last scene to be shot for the program?
    2. I heard that you wrapped filming "Doctor Who" and then went on to shoot "The Sarah Jane Adventures" and also voice a new animated adventure. Was it strange to say good-bye to the character and then turn around and play him again?
    3. And finally, a question that has no chance of being asked but I'll write it for kicks: I am an aspiring screenwriter and have a screenplay I'm trying to sell. How can I get you to be in my movie? :)
    Thank you to the L.A. Times for this opportunity, and thanks to David for being so great! I hope we can see his upcoming projects here in the States.

  92. Brooke says:

    David, now that you are not going to be the Doctor any more, which I am truly sadden about, would you think about doing more sci fi conventions especially here in America. We would really love to see you on the east coast. We haven't had a good sci fi convention since the 80's.

  93. Rebecca Green says:

    Hiya David
    My question is: What techniques do you use(on stage) to inspire young people to enjoy watching Theatre productions such as Shakespere's Hamlet ?
    Love Rebecca xxxx age 17 (From England, Southampton)

  94. Rebecca Green says:

    This is a message for "donna coulson" even if your question gets answered, "Molte bene!" means "very good" in Italian and "Allons-y!" means "lets go!" in French The Doctor, David Tennant, regually used thease two phrases in Doctor who as he is know to be very good at talking a number of languages !!
    fron Rebecca Green England

  95. Eides Gottfried says:

    Question for DT:
    What motivates you in a specific role? It appears that it is not the 'standard expected answer' of 'fame and fortune', based on various media reports regarding the contract renewal offer you received and declined from the BBC to remain playing the role of The Doctor, which has helped bring you worldwide popularity, as you've indicated a desire to return to your roots in the theater. Are you more intrinsically or extrinsically motivated?
    (I know…when answering evaluation forms during college and graduate school regarding whether or not an instructor motivated me, I would typically answer N/A…feeling it is not the instructor's responsibility to motivate me.)

  96. Audrey Hamelin, 17, says:

    Hi David,!!!!!
    I just want to say how disappointed I am for not being able to come to the comic con this year because my dad couldn't take time off from work to go all the way to California. And if you don't know where Virginia is, it's a long ways away from San Diego :(
    So I have 2 questions for…well David of course
    After about 4 years of being the Doctor, have you learned anything from being this character? In other words has your version of the Doctor taught you anything? For example: like "how to live your life" or something along those lines?
    My second question is probably dumb to say, and excuse me for being all fan-girly
    but if you had room in your schedule next June, would you be willing to escort me to my High School Senior prom(dance)? :p

  97. Kim W. says:

    DOCTOR WHO is a British program which has earned a small — albeit fervent — following in the United States. Have you noticed any difference in the reception each different country's fans gives the show?

  98. NStillman says:

    Umm. They already cast the next Doctor. The actor's name is Matt Smith and he's a young-un.

  99. Lefty says:

    WHAT DID THE DOCTOR SAY TO ROSE ON THE BEACH???? (we all KNOW what we WANTED him to say!!!) What did he think about the relationship between the Doctor and Rose?

  100. Jan Grokett says:

    For David,
    What was it like to work with Patrick Stewart in Hamlet? Will we be able to see the Hamlet you filmed here in the States? I bet you were all superb!!

  101. Colleen W. says:

    My question is for David – When preparing for a scene (such as the end of 4th Season) when you are supposed to be horribly sad and loney, what do you do to get 'to that place'? As follow-up — Do you ever have trouble getting the emotion you want for a particular scene?
    Also, tell Russell T. Davies — He is an evil genius! I wept like I would never stop when Ianto died in Day Four of Children of Earth! The whole series was a true triumph though….
    Colleen W.

  102. Jane says:

    To David Tennant:
    You are the best actor i`ve ever seen on the screen. My question is: What is your favourite meal? Who is your favourite character from Doctor Who?
    With best wishes,
    To RTD:
    How do you invent aliens` Doctor Who?
    With best regards,

  103. Claire-Monique Marti says:

    I would like to ask David what he thinks is the best way to go about doing an on-screen Kiss. and has he had any bad experiences?

  104. Missy Green says:

    To DT:
    If you knew you wanted to be Dr. Who by the age of 5 why would you leave after just 4 years? I would personally see them pry you out of the Tardis than leave now.

  105. Annie says:

    First of all, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful show. I only wish I could be @ Comicon! This is for everybody: have you seen the finale and if not, where/with whom will you be when it airs on tv? Allonsy. :)

  106. KiplingKat says:

    I have read Mr. Tennant's essays in the "Players of Shakespeare" volumes, as well as the article he wrote for Telegraph magazine, and was wondering if he has any plans to pursue writing in the future? He has a very engaging "voice" that brings the reader into his personal experience which is a mirror of his keen perceptions of the craft of acting, entertainment industry, and humanity in general.

  107. JEN says:

    Julie Gardner often gives you a special word as a challenge to include in the DVD commentaries. Has she give you a challenge word today, and if so, what is it?

  108. John says:

    As a lifelong american fan (Saw "The Pirate Planet" at age 8!) I'd love to say thank you to everyone for bringing it the show back in such style and I'd love to know –
    For David – Everyone knows sometimes timetabling just doesn't work out, so were there any missed opportunities with possible guest stars that you regret not happening in your time on "Doctor Who"?
    For Russell – You radically changed the format of the show, shifting away from episodic cliffhangers and utilizing teasers – But Torchwood just used what was basically the old cliffhanger format to tremendous dramatic effect. Do you think that, now established, Doctor Who could shift back as effectively?
    For Julie – You know all these people better than all of us, what are YOU looking forward to seeing them do next (Especially as you may have to find a slot for it)?
    And lastly, for Euros Lyn – You've had some incredible episodes to your credit, but was there a script you saw or an episode of Doctor Who broadcast that you wished you'd gotten to direct instead?

  109. Dallas M says:

    My question is for David Tennant.
    Before you finished filming you said that if you could take something from the set you'd like to take a sonic screwdriver. Given that the new production for the 11th Doctor has redesigned the sonic screwdriver did you get your wish?

  110. Debra Selle says:

    For David Tenant:
    What is your most memorable moment or favorite scene from "Dr. Who"?
    What will you miss most from filming "Dr. Who"?
    Do you have a preference – TV or theatre? I saw you in "Hamlet" last year and I must say it was fantastic! ;-) Are there still plans to bring this performance to the big screen?
    Wish I could have been there in person ;-)

  111. parnia says:

    to DT:
    one thing i love about your character is that you give 100% of yourself & your energy to whatever role you are playing. HOW do you do that? what makes you go on with the same energy & joy?
    for example on the set of Dr Who, how come you still have energy to play the doctor so brilliantly at the end of a hard day (full of running,stunts,etc.) ???

  112. Mike says:

    Question for RTD: Is there is a doctor who movie in the works? If so, will it be about the time war? And will the 8th Doctor be in it?

  113. Mary says:

    To Colleen W. (posted a question on July 21) NOT EVERYONE HAS SEEN TORCHWOOD YET!!!! Gaaah! I have been so conscientious about avoiding spoilers. I cannot unsee that comment! WTF?? Sure, sure – just a show – but c'mon! That's not just some tiny little spoilery type thing – that's frickin' massive.
    Dammit. Now I forgot my question. *scowls*

  114. megan L says:

    questions for Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner
    will there be a a 4th torchwood series?
    how long do you expect torchwood will go on for?
    will caption jack and Gwen still be in torchwood?
    will doctor who ever cross into torchwood and will torchwood cross into doctor who again?
    will we ever see Gwen on doctor who?
    question for David Tennant could David Tennant ever come back as the doctors clone who we see in the 4th series final episodes along with billie piper?

  115. Jonathan says:

    To Russell T. Davies: As John Frobisher had to asked the 456 "Why Great Britain?" I'd like to ask "Why Earth?" Why is it that after all these many years of Doctor Who we are still in the dark as to why the Doctor has such a love affair with the planet and humankind?

  116. Lori P. says:

    Have you heard the rumors of you possibly playing The Riddler in the upcoming Batman movie? If so, what are your thoughts?
    P.S. – You are hoooot

  117. Yana says:

    If you become a Taimlord really, what do you do?

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