Edward James Olmos: ‘The Plan’ is not the end for ‘Battlestar Galactica’

July 25, 2009 | 4:42 a.m.

Edward James Olmos, photo by Gus Ruelas AP

A grateful and hopeful Edward James Olmos told an enthusiastic crowd that because of their support, he knew this wasn’t the end for “Battlestar Galactica.”

“When it comes out, it’s going to be huge,” Olmos said. “They’ll have to do another.”

He uttered the phrase at the panel that both introduced the Comic-Con crowd to the “BSG” prequel “Caprica,” and showed them a glimpse of “Battlestar Galactica: The Plan,” the TV movie replaying the entire”BSG” saga from the Cylons’ point of view. The panel also gave out the date for the premiere of “Caprica” — Jan. 22, 2010.

Esai Morales, who plays Joseph Adama in “Caprica,” was on the panel alongside Olmos, head writer-showrunner Jane Espenson, producer David Eick, and show creator Ron Moore (who had more to say over at The Watcher). Grace Park came out later as a surprise guest.

Morales spoke of the bond he and Olmos have, and that despite the fact that he wasn’t up on all of the “BSG” lore, he connected with the character’s nobility and his stranger-in-a-strange-land qualities.

“When he got to Caprica, he had never seen a flower,” Morales said. “At the beginning of “Caprica, “well, you won’t have the same character that you’ll have at the end.”

Morales says that there were three other actors he thought could fill the role, but that he had the spirit, and now when filming a scene, he has been told that “he was channeling Eddie, and that’s a good sign.”

Eick, the quick-witted producer that he is, stepped in. “I think we really made the right choice not going with Jack Black,” Eick said. Morales countered by saying he was glad about that “because ‘Nacho Libre’ had just come out.”

Questions from the audience included one about “Battlestar’s” notoriously tight-lipped set, and if everyone involved had to sign some kind of legal document.

“No, there was really nothing legal to sign,” Moore said. “There were no real penalties for divulging information.”

“It’s just [you would keep quiet] if you ever wanted to work in show business again. That’s all,” Eick said.

Jane Espenson, head writer and showrunner for “Caprica” — who also made remarks paralleling the teen girl at the center of the show to a certain vampire-slaying teen girl — also brushed aside comments about her being one of the only female showrunners in the business.

“A good writer is a good writer and should be able to tell any story that he or she is passionate about,” she said.

Other panel points:

— “It is a [grave] crime that the cast of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ was not recognized in the entire three-year run,” Moore said. “It is criminal.”

— Grace Park on Olmos directing her in “BSG: The Plan”: “Eddie was awesome. He always wanted to take the series further. I’m surprised that there wasn’t more nudity, but it was probably the father-daughter type of relationship they have [that prevented it].”

— The first three people who came to the microphone to ask questions received a branded “Caprica” PSP.

— A question was asked about the linguistics involved in making “Caprica,” a show that will involve many other planets and languages. It was revealed that other races will be brought in, and that they already have “an entire episode planned that takes place on Scorpia,” Espenson said. More from her here:

— Jevon Phillips



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    "It was revealed that other races will be brought in …"
    Did she say this in front of EJO? Wasn't too long ago when he proudly noted that the UN would no longer use the word "race" to refer to nationality or ethnicity.

  10. KnightChatX says:

    I really loved The Plan movie just as the Razor one, I think it was well constructed and made alot of sense and I'm glad they put together these wonderful stories. I don't feel as much for Caprica as much as I did the Battlestar Galactica series, the space battles and fight for survival in space and on planets as well as how the charactors handled tough situations, hoiw they interacted with eachother, and how the choices we make each and everyday and what makes us truely human in the most difficult of times in what we deal with each day is part of Battlestar Galactica's story arch, even though there are moments when Caprica seems to be alright, there's a huge difference in the quality of the special effects, camera motion, music, actors, the way they handle things, why they do what they do, you name it.

    As for the next Battlestar: Blood and Chrome, I'm very excited and looking forward to seeing it can't wait!

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