Emma Watson may not be a Muggle after all

July 31, 2009 | 11:38 p.m.

Emma Watson

Here’s a kooky tidbit from our sister blog, the Dish Rag, which specializes in Hollywood gossip…

Emma Watson, who plays Hermoine a talented young Muggle-born witch in the “Harry Potter” series, has a real witch hiding in her family tree.

According to Ancestry.com, English records show Watson’s distant relative was Joan Playle of Essex County, England, a 16th-century English woman convicted of witchcraft in 1592.

Details are sketchy — naturally — and Playle’s conviction remain a mystery. She was unmarried, which often led to witchcraft accusations. During the Elizabethan era, poor, homely, old, widowed single women were often declared to be witches.

But Playle was not executed.and was instead excommunicated from the Church of England. She was one of only 270 known individuals accused of and tried for witchcraft in all of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Research also revealed Playle was convicted in the parish of Great Waltham in Essex County, a town approximately 50 miles northeast of London and about 100 miles from Oxfordshire, where Watson grew up…



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