Even Nazi leaders are mad at Warner Bros.

Sept. 09, 2008 | 5:58 p.m.

I find nothing inherently humorous about Nazis or Adolf Hitler, which is one reason why “Hogan’s Heroes” always seemed weirdly unfunny to me. Now, with that weak disclaimer in place, we present a YouTube spoof that uses the visage of the greatest real-life villain of the 20th century to crack wise about Warner Bros. and their decision to delay “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

Ha! Now it must be said this is hardly an original idea. That very same footage (which, by the way, is plucked from the Oscar-nominated 2004 film “The Downfall“) has been manipulated by gleeful fans to fashion mock rants about dozens of topics, among them World of Warcraft, the Dallas Cowboys, BMW motorcycles and the despot’s own ridiculous mustache.

Derivative and inappropriate? Maybe. Funny? Oh, yeah, definitely.

(The video, by the way, was the handiwork of the muggles at HPprogs.com so check out their site if you like this spoof.)

— Geoff Boucher


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7 Responses to Even Nazi leaders are mad at Warner Bros.

  1. randbro says:


  2. jamesingrahm says:

    The guards in Hogan's Heroes were not Nazi's. The were regular army. Maybe get a little history education before you make comments like that.

  3. Geoff Boucher says:

    To Jamesingrahm,
    I don't really look to "Hogan's Heroes" for "history lessons" but thanks for the odd comment.
    And when exactly did I say anything about the guards being Nazis?
    It's not a show I've studied, but my memory is that Nazis popped up all the time and that the word "Nazi" was uttered in probably every episode. Hitler and the SS were used as a running gag, so I don't really understand your point.

  4. StoneW says:

    To Jamesingrahm:
    The Nazi's were a political group and regular army personnel could be party members and in fact many were. Keep in mind that at Hindenburg’s funeral the "regular army" all swore oaths of allegiance to Hitler, not Germany. Also keep in mind that many of Hitler's most loyal military staff were "regular army" and not SS. History lessons are a good idea; you should take one or two yourself.

  5. Thanks for linking to our video!

  6. Geoff Boucher says:

    To Greg at HP Progs.com
    Well thanks for making the video! Keep me up to date on videos you have coming up and I will add a link to HPprogs.com to that post so people can check you guys out…
    I will keep checking in at hpprogs.com, but If you want to let me know directly when you have something you don't want us to miss, you can email me at geoff.boucher@latimes.com

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