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Oct. 07, 2008 | 7:20 p.m.

Reb_brown_as_captain_america_black_It’s Tuesday here at Hero Complex and we find ourselves muttering those sublime words penned by Walt Whitman (or was it Stan Lee?): "O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells; Rise up — for you the flag is flung — for you the bugle trills…" We’re pretty sure Whitman wasn’t writing about Reb Brown (in photo, right) the former boxer and USC ballplayer who brought Captain America to life (sorta) on TV back in 1979. Who will will carry the shield next? That seems to be one everyone’s mind

"The "First Avenger: Captain America" will be released in 2011 and based during the World War II era in which the hero was created… [Production Weekly, subscription required]

…and there’s no "Captain America" director or star attached yet (or at least not publicly) but there’s plenty of eager discourse on the matter both here and here… [Film School Rejects and Screen Rant]

…and there’s already a terrible fake trailer for the movie [You Tube]

Marvel Studios moves into Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach with plans to make four films there (including Captain America) [Los Angeles Times]

There’s talk about "Lethal Weapon 5" which reminds us that, oh, yeah, there actually was a fourth one wasn’t there? [ICN Movies]

More news…

Reb_brown_as_captain_america_3Liquid (the new venture that sprang from the ashes of Virgin Comics) signs a deal with Mandalay Pictures to bring "Ramayan 3392 AD" to the movie screen; Sony also is working on an online game [Hollywood Reporter]

Heard those rumors about Johnny Depp as the Riddler or (yikes!) Cher as Catwoman? Here’s the reaction of David S. Goyer, the writer who will be toiling on the next Batman film: "It’s all B.S. All of it." [Splash Page, MTV]

Steve Carell will be in a "Get Smart" sequel and how much do you want to bet that it’s going to be cleverly titled "Get Smarter"?   [Variety]

Screenwriter Travis Wright defends his bid to make a "Blade Runner" sequel, fantasizes about the movie’s opening night and asks fanboys everywhere, "Who wants to be there with me?" The silence is deafening isn’t it? [Slashfilm]

"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson announces that he’s gay. Millions of "OMG NOOO!" text messages ping across the globe before adults can explain "British humor" to their distraught daughters. [MTV]   

David Strick has 27 behind-the-scenes photos from the set of "The Unit". [Hollywood Backlot]

— Geoff Boucher

Photos: Reb Brown as Captain America in the 1979 CBS live-action movie. From the Los Angeles Times archive.

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