‘Harry Potter’ release moved (again); Adam Lambert as Spidey, and more on Everyday Hero headlines

April 15, 2009 | 4:25 a.m.


Muggles revolted and wizards cast ‘crucio’ spells on Warner Bros. when it announced that “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” was being moved to summer from last winter. Well, nothing so painful this time, but Harry, Hermione and Ron will be coming back to theaters July 15 instead of July 17, most likely to take advantage of a Wednesday release date, rolling into the weekend with momentum.

More “Potter” newness … This Thursday (April 16) from 6-6:15 p.m. PST, there will be a new worldwide satellite “Harry Potter” trailer released.  We’ll try to find a way to get it to you.

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An “American Idol” as Spider-Man on Broadway? Our sister blog Culture Monster had this to say about an MTV tidbit recently posted:

… a Friend of Culture Monster alerted us to this MTV interview with theater casting director Bernie Telsey, who is working on the upcoming “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” musical.

According to Telsey, who casts just about everything on Broadway, Spidey’s team was already


familiar with Adam Lambert and had put out a call to him to come in to audition some seven months ago. “He’s someone we know because we cast him in ‘Wicked’ and knew he had that kind of range.” Apparently Lambert had to pass on the invitation because he was set to go on “American Idol.”

Adam has shown an amazing range this season (including tonight’s ‘Born to be Wild’ performance), so despite being stuck in an “Idol” contract for a year or so, it’s still possible that he may swing overhead in the future.

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Got your Comic-Con pass yet? It may be over 3 months until San Diego is deluged with costumed masqueraders and stargazers, but tickets are already going fast. The four-day pass is sold out, Saturday is sold out, and Friday is closing out quickly. The 40th anniversary Con hasn’t released much, or anything, yet about its lineup, but you may as well be ready. Or just make your way out to Florida for the Super Con.

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  Zac Efron as Jonny Quest (rumors continue)?

Well, he’s playing a 17-year-old in “17 Again,” but playing an 11-12-year-old would seem to be a stretch for the “High School Musical” alum.  Geoff already wrote about it, but rhe news/rumor is still being reported, complete with news that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could be getting in on the action as Race Bannon. Obviously, they’d age Zac and bulk up Race, which could irk purists.  Another retread, but I’d go see it!

— Jevon Phillips

Photo: Warner Bros. / Fox / Handout



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