Exclusive: ‘2012’ poster, art, and a chance to rule the world

Sept. 04, 2009 | 7:19 p.m.

A new poster and art for the world-destroying film "2012" is here. The oceans erupting seems to be the major disaster going on in the film, and here's Mr. John Cusack dealing with what will probably be just one of many watery disasters.


We've seen the action of the poor monk ringing the alarm in the trailer, but the poster gives that image even more weight. Here's a look at it before it's pasted onto a bus stop near you.


While down in Comic-Con this year, I received a mysterious package at my hotel. I had no idea that anyone even knew about the no-budget place where I was staying, much less would contact me with anonymous envelopes.

It contained a thick, clear plastic ID card with my picture on it, a thumbprint, my name and my cellphone number! Kind of freaked me out, but then that's what the promos for "2012" do to a lot of people. The scale of destruction is massive, as are the covert ways of marketing the film.

Now comes word of another campaign that will result in a trip to the Mayan ruins in Cancun. Basically, contestants will register, take skill-based tests, submit proposals to become the next leader of the post-apocalyptic world, then campaign to see who wins. There will obviously be lots of competition, but the winner gets the honorary title Leader of the Post-2012 World, while the top 12 candidates will receive a PlayStation 3 and Sony Webbie HD Camera. Get more info here. And, no, it doesn't say whether you get a plaque, or a nameplate for your post-apocalyptic desk. That'd be nice.

— Jevon Phillips

Photo: Sony


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9 Responses to Exclusive: ‘2012’ poster, art, and a chance to rule the world

  1. Tom says:

    Remakes, schremakes… There is plenty of good science fiction that awaits adaptation for the big screen, with new ways of projecting the future that writers twenty or thirty years ago couldn't have imagined. Let's move on, folks.

  2. ashleigh says:

    i dont think ppl should make a movie called 2012 about the world ending i mean there are so many warnings what ever happend to y2k now this is supose to happen im hoping this is all a hoax and nothing like this will happen in 2012 im praying

  3. Roxanne says:

    Nice article, gotta watch out for the movies in 2012. It will be a nice anticipation to watch our favorite movies remade. Excited about it.

  4. Arcadata says:

    Thank you for the poster. I can confirm for myself that it says "Featuring TIME FOR MIRACLES Performed By ADAM LAMBERT" – yes!

  5. Ted says:

    Poster center bottom credits Adam Lambert's new song – the one Brian May raved about. smart marketing to Lambert fans.

  6. ravengirl says:

    OK, another disaster movie with lots of special effects. But it's also got John Cusack and ADAM LAMBERT singing its theme song. That's all I need to know.

  7. Shirley says:

    OMG Adam Lambert is singing the song to the movie! This is AMAZING! My whole family is going to see this movie that day. I can't wait to see the movie and HEAR THE SONG.

  8. HotConflict says:

    Is the world actually changing in 2012 or is it already started. What did the prophet Muhammed tell the Muslims about the coming changes for the Sun. The Sun rises in the west. Early sign before the coming changes. Watch this video series on Islam and enlightenment.

  9. tfmal says:

    The previews for this movie have been excellent. The special effects are incredible. My friends and I will definitely be going. Was pleasantly surprised to see that the title song was being sung by Adam Lambert. This young man has such potential. Looking forward to November.

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