Exclusive images: Marvel’s ‘Dark Reign’

Feb. 20, 2009 | 9:32 p.m.

Out of the ashes of Marvel’s "Secret Invasion" storyline rose the Dark Reign.  Norman Osborn, old crazy Green Goblin himself, set things in motion to dethrone Tony Stark as head of SHIELD (actually getting it decommissioned), and taking over as one of the most powerful men in the world.  Legally!  To make sure that he holds on to that power, he enlisted the help of Dr. Doom, Namor, Emma Frost, Loki and the Hood to consolidate his hold over the rest of the superhero community.

Marvel has sent over some exclusive covers as the company gets into high gear with their villain-themed "He lost. They won." ad campaign.  The ‘accept change’ part on the bottom of the images seems to tie it in to the Secret Invasion plot, but maybe it’s just coincidental.



Iron Man is on the run, and will Emma really go back to her dark ways and stab the X-Men in the back? Many more images after the jump.

Mrv4288_dr_teaser_33 Mrvxxxx_dr_teaser_44

Norman Osbourne in the Iron Patriot armor, with Captain America seemingly bowing before him is sacrilege! And Wolverine’s dangerous kid taking his father’s place will set up a huge showdown sooner or later.

Mrvxxxx_dr_teaser_55 Mrvxxxx_dr_teaser_66

Loki’s been setting up some head games with Balder and the rest of the Asgardians, so this scenario is getting more and more possible. Venom’s always been dangerous, so this Spidey cover is no surprise.

Mrvxxxx_dr_teaser_77 Mrvxxxx_dr_teaser_88

The Wasp is dead, so it looks like Hank Pym may be returning as a full-blown hero. He should change his name again. Forget Ant-man, Giant-man or Yellowjacket. Let’s go with something new. Dragonfly!  Maybe not.  And the orchestrator, Norman "Green Goblin" Osborn, gets the twist on words with the ‘They lost. He won.’ spot.

— Jevon Phillips


12 Responses to Exclusive images: Marvel’s ‘Dark Reign’

  1. Felix says:

    Did Marvel identify the artist(s) behind these images? All solid for the most part–not big on the Emma image, just because I had to look REALLY closely to figure out what she was crushing in her crystalized hand.
    Pym's going with the name "Wasp", which along with teaming up with Jocasta, the robot he built with Janet's Van Dyne's personality programmed in, is just all sorts of creepy. But that's Dan Slott's part of all this. The Bendis stories, particularly in "Dark Avengers" #1 and 2, have been good nasty fun so far.
    Thanks for posting these!

  2. Kid O says:

    I like to think there's a fine line between journalism and just acting as a marketing copywriter for a comic book company, and I'm not sure this poster knows where it is.

  3. John says:

    This seems like a humorous play on Obama's "change" theme. These could be photoshoped to read "Obama" instead of "Dark Reign".

  4. jtwonderdog says:

    I love that all of these posters have "He Lost" or "They Lost" but no "She Lost" — even on the Dead Wasp poster. Because it's all about Ant Man's pain, not that Wasp was a hero in her own right. Awesome!
    Jesus, the whole campaign is pathetically telling of just how unaware Marvel is of it's own entitlement.

  5. Tom Galloway says:

    Actually, over in Mighty Avengers, Hank's already adopted his new superhero name (upping the record to 6; Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, Dr. Pym); the Wasp.
    And upon his announcement of same, writer Dan Slott had Hercules made an aside something like "You don't think this means he's going to crossdress?".
    In addition to taking on the name, Hank's also given himself the same implanting wasp cells treatment that he originally gave Jan, so he now grows wings and antennae when he shrinks.

  6. Ron Bailey says:

    Really sweet-looking posters.

  7. Cory says:

    I certainly hope you are joking and don't hold this narrow minded vision out in the world. Comics are as much for adults as they are for children. Try reading things outside of the "spandex" club and you will see my point. Books like Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Blankets etc. are often lauded on critics list of Best Novels for their indepth stories. To assume something is "for kids" or beneath you is only denying yourself the impact of their vision.

  8. Cory- Don't feed the trolls.

  9. Jacob says:

    Comics are for a majority of guys, just like soap operas attract a lot of women and if you can't stand it lady, get out of the kitchen!!!!
    As for the covers, they are amazing and I can't wait for what's next!!

  10. ed says:

    the "he" the posters refer to is from the last series, secret invasion, the invading skrulls were always saying, "he loves you" stating that their god had given earth to them and all they had to do was take it.

  11. Topher says:

    This is probably going to sound like utter fanboyism, but I honestly thought the dark reign series was the best Marvel series in existence (although i have only read civil war, age of apocalypse, secret war, some of siege, house of m, and ultimatum), having all of the super heroes of the universe being stripped off of their thrones and forced to come to terms with the fact that they FAILED, and realizing that they can no longer treat this as the game it has been for them. I cheered inside when Spider-man told Ronin (Clint Bart FKA Hawkeye) to stop whining about the Dark Avengers. That was the other thing that made it so neat was that the villains had their own comic books series this time around, as they preform acts of heroism without the best intentions. Amazing job Marvel, and hopes from an avid fan that SIEGE lives up to this.
    PS Brenda needs to relax, and look at the overall picture rather than elements involved. It was that kind of attitude that has deluded "family movies" from being fun for everyone, to simply juvenile. 8 year olds are not the only ones reading these.

  12. Kid says:

    Comics are for every one who is interested in well drawn images, good told stories and the capacity of dreaming. Maybe it is for children, but haven't we a children inside us? The children that allows us to dream, and to believe there is a better world. You should be more tolerant.

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