Favreau (kind of) confirms Mandarin in ‘Iron Man’ sequel(s)

Sept. 13, 2008 | 5:34 a.m.

440pxmandarin Favreau (kind of) confirms Mandarin in Iron Man sequel(s)Of course it could all change, and Jon Favreau could throw a twist or two into the film a la Mr. Jackson as Mr. Fury, but MTV’s Splash Page says that the director would probably follow up on his "Ten Rings" terrorist cell hint by including the Mandarin in the storyline.  Problem is, he also said that we may not get to see him in the next film as the crime lord plays a Wizard of Oz role pulling strings behind the curtain.  "Iron Man 3" it is, but we really want to see those rings, Jon. We also really want to see War Machine, which was also hinted at during the first movie and has been referenced a few times by the "Swingers" guy.

At the news conference for the release of the "Iron Man" DVD (get it on Sept. 30), it was mentioned by Favreau that current events could play a role in the next or future "Iron Man" installments.  With the Georgia-Russia conflict, maybe we see Crimson DynamoJustin Hammer would also be a good one.

And, if he goes with the alcoholic storyline, it’d be cool to see Ms. Marvel — who had her own bout with the bottle — get a quick cameo.  Just sayin’ ….

— Jevon Phillips


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Photo courtesy of Marvel.com

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  1. Bob says:

    Seeing The Mandarin, Iron Man's infamous Mad Scientist/Kung Fu super-martial-arts guy would be cool on screen. :-D

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