FEARnet fans hope to scare up support

May 18, 2009 | 1:51 p.m.

Videodrome television

Some fans are angry about their horror TV getting axed.

A lot of you already know the FEARnet brand — it’s the name of both an on-demand television venture and the companion website where horror fans can access videos of original programming, red-carpet coverage and streaming (and splattering) films such as “Near Dark” and “Saw III.”

Anyway, I heard from a fan named Mark Lindsey, who is part of a grass-roots effort to hold on to FEARnet, which has been evicted (or is that exorcised?) from the offerings by Time Warner Cable as well as a smaller carrier called Bright House, which reaches most of its customers in Florida, which is an especially scary place. (How scary? Well, Marilyn Manson and I both graduated from high school in Broward County in 1987.)

The Hero Complex is a great admirer for obsessive and uppity fans, so here is a message from Mark:


Time-Warner decapitates FEARnet! 

FEARnet, the premier horror channel and online video network, has been removed from Time Warner Cable and Bright House Cable services. FEARnet offers its  subscribers on-demand access to all the best horror, thriller and suspense content 24/7, both online and on TV. True horror aficionados have taken up a Facebook Petition to reinstate FEARnet on Time Warner and Bright House, and I’d like to ask for your help in spreading the word.

We have opened up a Fanpage on Facebook for fans to voice their support to bring back FEARnet. Our first goal is to recruit as many signups as possible. With your help, we might just be able to bring back to the air the best content in VOD horror programming.

If you would like to learn more about the FEARnet campaign to get back on Time Warner and Bright House, feel free to contact me at your convenience.  Every new member to join our fan page strengthens our efforts, and your help would be invaluable in spreading awareness of this grass-roots effort to save quality horror programming on a major cable provider.

You may also call to find out about FEARnet availability in your area at (877)-FEAR-247 – we can connect you to your local cable company to request FEARnet be added to your service.

This ends this truly horrific public service announcement …

— Geoff Boucher


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2 Responses to FEARnet fans hope to scare up support

  1. Chuck125 says:

    Have to admit, I'm not gonna lose a ton of sleep if FEARnet is kept off my Bright House listing each month, but I applaud Mark Lindsey’s efforts anyway, especially if they fly in the face of Brigt House.
    As a resident of the “especially scary place” – Tampa, FL, I’ve had to deal with Bright House’s crappy service since I moved here, and them eliminating FEARnet only adds to the horrible impression I get from a company that clearly doesn’t care about its customers.
    Also what’s with the intestines-stuffed TV?

  2. D. Pickett says:

    Please bring Fearnet back to Verizon FIOS, it's the best horror channel ever and I love on demand where I can select any movie i want to watch as well. I don't want to miss the Halloween countdown either. BRING IT BACK, The other channel does not compare to FEARNET!!!!! and I'm sick of the dog fighting advertisements too.

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