Feliz Na’vi-dad!

Dec. 23, 2009 | 9:30 p.m.

Feliz Navi 2

It’s been a great year for the Hero Complex, with several truly special events, some nice accolades from the outside and a big fancy trophy to put on the mantle. More than that, there were so many things to get excited about this year with films such as “Star Trek,” “District 9” and “Avatar” and comics-world releases like “The Hunter,” “Umbrella Academy: Dallas” and pretty much anything written by Geoff Johns and Ed Brubaker. Now comes 2010, which promises to be an even bigger year for fanboy culture, if that’s possible. Thanks for the support and bookmark the blog and leave a comment or two — we want to be able to say what the Na’vi say: “I see you…”  

Feliz navi

And thanks to Hero Complex pal Kevin Lingenfelser for these yule-spirited Pandora images, and thanks also to Fox and James Cameron for letting us have a bit of “Blue Christmas” fun with the images. 

 — Geoff Boucher

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3 Responses to Feliz Na’vi-dad!

  1. It has been a great year, Hero Complex. Looking forward to the next one.
    Happy Holidays!
    And make sure to tell us about all the neat stuff you get tomorrow!

  2. oakmonster says:

    Now if you can gift-wrap Jake and deliver him to my door, my Christmas is completed. ;-)
    Thanks for another great year. Feliz Na'vi-dad to you too!

  3. Ellen says:

    Merry Christmas Geoff!! :) It has been such a wonderful year! Thank you for such wonderful stories, interviews and events!!! I know next year will be even better, though it's hard to imagine how that could be possible!!! :D The many accolades you and Hero Complex have received have been so well deserved!!! It'll be exciting to see what comes next!! :D

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