‘Filthy Rich,’ more dark tales from Vertigo

March 27, 2009 | 2:24 a.m.

There’s going to be some nasty business going on this summer when Vertigo Comics launches its pulpy, not-for-kids imprint called Vertigo Crime. The first release will be "Filthy Rich" in August, which is written by Brian Azzarello, the Eisner Award-winning Chicago writer who has shown quite the flair for blood-drenched drama with "Joker," the graphic novel that caused quite a stir last year, and "100 Bullets," the Vertigo series that racked up quite the body count during its decade of compelling gunplay. Here’s an early look at the cover of "Filthy Rich" and three pages of its hard-boiled street tale.   





Looks like something to keep an eye on…

–Geoff Boucher


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All art courtesy of Vertigo Comics

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One Response to ‘Filthy Rich,’ more dark tales from Vertigo

  1. Jon Jordan says:

    I've read Filthy Rich and thought it was a wonderful noir tale. A reviewer in Oregon referred to it as a failed attempt at pulp fiction, how ever this in in no way attempting to be pulp fiction, his definition must be the one based on Tarintino movies.
    Filthy Rich has all the classic elements of great noir and I was reminded of the hopelessness of Double Indemnity. Perfect femme fatale. The art was also perfectly moody for this book.

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