FIRST LOOK: ‘Star Trek’ action figures ready to beam up

Jan. 22, 2009 | 9:57 p.m.


Here we bring you a sweet exclusive, the first group photo of the entire cast from the upcoming blockbuster film "Star Trek." Hmmm. Don’t they look a bit … stiff?


OK, sorry. It’s been a long day. Actually these are the nifty, new 6-inch "Trek" action figures from Playmates Toys. They will retail for $8.99 and hit shelves in April.

I love the older Spock in the back row and bad-guy Nero looks pretty good, too, which will please actor Eric Bana, who may have thought his action-figure days were over after "Hulk. "For you collectors, keep reading to the bottom to see the specs and features.

As for "Star Trek" the film, check this out…

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new movie.

Here are the specs and blurb info on those action figures:

Playmates will be reviving over 40 years of history with a new line of
realistic Star Trek action figures!  Recommended for ages four and older,
Trekkies of all ages can look forward to detailed action figures, authentic
playsets, and cutting-edge accessories, all approved by the creators of this
summer’s blockbuster film. The first phase of the new Star Trek toys will
include: three scales of life-like, fully-articulated action figures (3.75”,
6”) and accessories; as well as a special 12” scale of collector figures;
iconic vehicles, such as the USS Enterprise with realistic features and
details. Additionally, the line will include basic role-play toys and deluxe
versions boasting exciting electronic features; amazing and intricate
playsets that are compatible with the 3.75” action figures; and more.  The
action figures will be available at all major retailers beginning April

61600 Star Trek 6" Basic Figure Asst (Warp Collection)
This classic franchise with over 40 years of history will be back in the spring of ’09 with a new line of realistic figures.
These 6" figures are life-like, fully articulated and come outfitted with soft, flexible PVC shirts. 
Accessories include standing base, removable utility belt and a signature movie phaser and communicator.
Kirk in Enterprise Outfit        0-43377-61601-6
Spock in Enterprise Outfit     0-43377-61602-3
McCoy in Cadet Outfit           0-43377-61617-7
Chekov in Cadet Outfit         0-43377-61618-4
Uhura in Cadet Outfit            0-43377-61613-9
Original Spock                      0-43377-61607-8
Pike in Enterprise Outfit       0-43377-61608-5
Nero                                    0-43377-61609-2
Scotty in Enterprise Outfit    0-43377-61621-4
Sulu in Enterprise Outfit       0-43377-61610-8

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4 Responses to FIRST LOOK: ‘Star Trek’ action figures ready to beam up

  1. oakmonster says:

    Frightening that the dolls, I meant, action figures of John Cho and Zach Quinto do really look like them. But good god, they're not even close with Chris Pine.

  2. rabidfan says:

    As a Star Trek fan and a collector of Star Trek toys I am disappointed in this first view of them. I think all the heads look awful. I was really hoping Art asylum would get the contract on this as all of their star trek toys have looked fantastic. Yes they are more pricey but well worth it. Hopefully the 12' toys look better than the 6' ones do.
    At least I wont feel bad about buying them and opening them up for my kids to play with.

  3. richard schumacher says:

    Hey, where's Gary Mitchell? Isn't he in the movie?

  4. Nacho says:

    McCoy, Chekov, Uhura in Cadet Outfit??????

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