Why some lady on the web thinks you should shut up and watch ‘Fringe’

July 19, 2008 | 2:35 a.m.


This post in from Christie St. Martins, blogger extraordinaire of Funny Pages 2.0:

Every year, I check out the fall line-up and pray that maybe I’ll get something to fill in the gap between my lost and beloved "Star Trek" series and of course the lulls between "Battlestar Galactica" seasons and their often questionable TV-made movie attempts. Every year, I see a few potential hopefuls that are always squashed for me by cynical bloggers getting the scoop before I see the pilot. You know that, OR I find out that the sci-fi show I was excited about was produced in Canada. Either way, every year I lose a little more hope.

You would think, with the success of the box office for the last eight years for graphic novel film adaptations that they would really try to up the ante for prime-time television. "Heroes" sure, thank you Fox, but guess what? We rather patient and loyal geeks have to wait months and months with only awful reality TV ("So You Think You Can Dance," excluded. Whatever. Mock me all you want, it’s great.) to keep us company.

This brings me to the potential ray of light in my sad geekless televised world, "Fringe." "Fringe" is the fourth TV series created by  J.J. Abrams, of most recent "Lost" fame, that aims to explore mysteries of the paranormal as well as the relationships between the characters while steeped in yummy mythology. I was even one of Abrams loyal viewers with "Alias." (Yeah, I loved "Felicity" too, but this isn’t a sleepover so I’ll keep my mouth shut. Sort of.) Although, I am not particularly proud of the "Alias" years. After the fourth person died, but didn’t really die, because, oh look, they are back in Sydney’s life again, it was just a bit too much. Then "Lost" came around, oh happy day! Plane disaster stories. Delicious.


Lets get this straight. I think "Lost" is fantastic — and fantastically ridiculous. Polar bears, smoke monsters and a group of individuals actually allowing menopausal Dr. Jack Shepard to be their leader? As ridiculous as it is, I stayed tuned. I just sat there, shaking my head in disbelief that this made it on prime-time television every Thursday. I couldn’t help but be impressed. Smoke monsters? Never having to explain it? Brilliant.

Now, I am pretty sure every die-hard "X-Files"* fan will go into "Fringe" with a negative opinion. Hey, I’m a trekkie. I get it. But you’ve got to look at the facts, people. We rarely get sci-fi thrown at us let alone during prime time. Embrace it before you discard it. If Abrams throws in some space polar bears, just nod your head and go "yeah, space polar bears. Makes sense. Sure!" Go with the flow. Take one for the team. Because if you don’t, you know Fox’s track record with dramas. Fox will cancel this bad boy as quickly as "Drive." I WANTED TO KNOW WHO WON, DAMMIT! I DIDN’T NEED IT TO BE GOOD, I NEEDED TO KNOW WHO WON THE RACE.


You think we would have learned our lesson with "Firefly." One has to hope we have learned to be more loyal to our favorite genre. Give it a chance. Plus, don’t you really want to see where Abrams is going with is plane obsession and/or fear? I’m trying to remember if he ever put "Felicity" on a plane. I remember Sydney changing into two lingerie numbers to AC/DC, and I think we all (sort of) know what happened to Oceanic flight 815. Plus hey, if none of this has convinced you yet, just trust me. A complete stranger. I saw the leaked pilot, and it’s worth your attention, people. The "Fringe" series premiere is scheduled for Sept. 9. Be ready and willing.

"Fringe" Goodies to get you stoked:

Fringe Pilot Trailer

Animated Fringe Teasers. (Thanks to Wired )

* mmmm Duchovny. X-Files. Movie. The 25th. Awesome.

— Christie St. Martin

Photos: Fox

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