Good news, ‘Twilight’ fans: Santa’s coming early this year

Aug. 15, 2008 | 11:17 p.m.

We at Hero Complex were as bummed as anyone to hear that "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was being moved all the way back to July 2009.

But this has resulted in something of an early Christmas gift for "Twilight" fans: "Twilight" will now premiere Nov. 21, instead of Dec. 12.

According to a press release from Summit Entertainment, the move takes advantage of the new opening in the fall release calendar:

"When Warner Bros. decided to move ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ to the summer of 2009, we saw a unique opportunity to slot in our film, which has been gaining tremendous awareness and momentum over the past several months," said co-chair and CEO of Summit Robert G. Friedman. "We by no means are trying to fill the shoes of the incredible ‘Potter’ franchise for 2008, rather we are just looking to bring the fans of Stephenie Meyer’s incredible book series the film as soon as possible from a programming perspective."

Happy Friday!

— Denise Martin

Photo credit: Summit Entertainment


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33 Responses to Good news, ‘Twilight’ fans: Santa’s coming early this year

  1. Tina says:

    Yay!! :D

  2. Kendra Dumbledore says:

    But I'm sad at the same time..I wanted Harry Potter.

  3. Natasha says:

    HP fans are going to HATE us even more now. They get a really late film and we fill in their spot.
    LOL karma!

  4. Joshua Jefferson says:

    I am sad and happy at the same time. I am sad because I really wanted to see Harry Potter but I am happy because I just finished Twilight and it is a good book and I want to see how the movie comes out.

  5. addie D says:

    Does that mean Australia gets it sooner too?!!!???!! OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!
    Haha to Potter, I believed that the producers couldn't handled the Twilight mania so they shifted their date to july next year XD.
    TWILIGHT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Christy Andersen says:

    Oh, please. Moving that piece of rubbish "Twilight" forward? It should be pushed back indefinately after the embarrassment of Book 4. Honestly, I bet whoever decided to option Twilight for a movie in the first place is kicking themselves now they see what they've gotten themselves into – basically a series with an unfilmable ending. Not that it will matter, as this cheesy, badly written rubbish will no doubt bomb at the Box Office. I can't see the actors being stupid enough to come back for a second one even if it doesn't. Twilight has had its day – Meyer killed it off with that trash masquerading as Book 4.

  7. Snaps for Summit. A very smart move in my opinion. And the positive response is very heartening. And it also means that they (Catherine and the cast, etc…) can get started immediately after the release of Twilight on the pre-production of New Moon…
    The three week jump to November also means we get to see Robert Pattinson in this role that much sooner! I'm very excited to see the final result of his characterization of this role……..Plus, with Twilight moving up, it will give his other films, How To Be and Little Ashes a better jumping off point to get their films a wider release. )I'm actually a bit more excited to see the latter two films, than I am about Twilight.)
    However all three of these films will not disappoint any of us who are floored by the talent this actor possesses. I'm looking forward to everything his career brings him. I know nothing short of greatness will come his way!

  8. Jenna says:

    Haha we are taking over the world…now the movie doesn't compete with finals…which sadly would have meant my grades would have suffered….yay!!!! I get it early!!! I knew too that they moved HP because of us…now we have proof…hahaha….this made my already great day better.

  9. Chloe Cullen says:

    Yesterday I was so upset when I heard about Harry Potter, but I'm so glad that if it has to be postponed eight months than we can have Twilight three weeks early! I love both series, but Twilight is my favorite and I'm so glad we're going to get to see it earlier!!!
    I <3 Edward!!

  10. Karla says:

    this has really made my day
    i can't wait to see the movie
    robert here we come

  11. kancky says:

    If it comes out 3 weeks earlier in America,
    does that apply to Australia as well?
    hopefully, that's the case =]

  12. Meg. says:

    OME are u serious I am so excited now I get 2 c Twilight 3 weeks early AHHHHHHHHHHHH…………………………………………………….. yeah Santa is coming early with the best present EVER!!!!!!!! I am so excited I can't WAIT * Smiling Huge * Ha I feel bad 4 Harry Potter fans they probably r so against Twilight right now but I don't care HEHE Twilight Rocks it's the best book ever!!!!!!!! : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D

  13. LISA Masen Cullen says:

    "OME" Please please for the love of all good Please tell me this is true!!! I am so Excited for Twilight !! I am sad about Harry Potter I am a big fan of both however its time for big brother to move over and give his little brother a chance to do well! I think of it this way, Harry Potter is near its end and Twilights at its Beginning. Harry Potter has 3 more movies out of 8 and Twilight needs to do maybe 4 more, (if they split Breaking Dawn in half that is like Harry Potters last book/movie). How I love my amazing Hot vampires!!!
    Thank you LA times for the story and Thank you so much Summit Entertainment.
    True Twihard Lisa

  14. Rosie says:

    If you lucky people in America get Twilight even earlier now, does that mean that the Australia release date will be moved up too? I hope so. But it's doubtful. So, sorry guys, I don't share your joy. =( And Harry Potter is in JULY 2009?!?!?! That's ridiculous. I'm depressed now. Enjoy November, USA.

  15. Cammywamy says:

    OME!!!!! I won't have to wait as long!!!!!!! YEAH! *screams*

  16. Eliza says:

    agh!! oh my god, yay! a;lskdjhgasdgf
    freakin' a that makes me excited haha

  17. TwilightFan says:


  18. pie says:

    gaaaaahh!~ happy happy news! although i love hp too, if the twilight release would be dec. 12 here in the phils, we wont be able to watch it because of the month long film fest.. so yehey!

  19. Nicole says:

    YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Best gift ever!!!

  20. twilight Sucks says:

    twilight sucks.period.

  21. Gaby says:

    YES!!!!!!! This is great news!!!!!! I love Twilight!!!!!!

  22. LL says:

    I read and liked both series but HP was far superior. Twilight is not even in the same league as HP.
    WB moved Harry Potter because they need movies for the summer movie season next year. In addition, they are some greedy pigs. HP fans are pissed and some are planning to boycott the movie next year.

  23. Ali says:

    YES! I cant wait! And even though i'm a fan of Harry Potter i'm more excited about the release of Twilight. I still feel sad about HP because its a movie that Ive been wanting to watch since the book came out. Does anyone know when Twilight will be released in the UK? Sooo excited…

  24. MJ says:

    OME!!!!!!!!! i'm sooooo excited i didn't think that would be possible but 3 weeks earlier thats amazing THANK YOU SUMMIT and Stephenie Meyer for writing really great twilight series i really hope they make the other 3 novels into movies also!!!

  25. Labby says:

    Eek! This is good news! I can't wait for it~

  26. sophie_x says:

    omggg… i hope… prey (even though im not religious) and wish that this is true… is this true? can i come out from under the couch? REALLY?!?! EEEEPPPP!!!

  27. Nemo says:

    please please please tell me that this means that the UK opening date for Twilight will be moved up into 2008 itself instead of jan 09. I cant wait for this movie.
    But if they are seriously considering filming New Moon and Eclipse, thery're gona have to haul ass cos the actors are gonna be gettin older all the time.

  28. Geoff Boucher says:

    There's been a lot of questions about release dates beyond the U.S. Here's the info i could find today:
    South Korea 12 December 2008
    USA 12 December 2008
    Italy 19 December 2008
    Argentina 25 December 2008
    Netherlands 8 January 2009
    New Zealand 8 January 2009
    Philippines 8 January 2009
    Australia 9 January 2009
    Germany 22 January 2009
    Switzerland 22 January 2009 (German speaking region)
    Finland 13 February 2009
    Norway 13 February 2009
    Sweden 6 March 2009
    Venezuela 20 March 2009

  29. Rhiannon says:

    iv been serching the net and from what iv read from newspaper articles and stuff is that the movie is opening 3 weeks earler in the US and for all you here in AUSTRALIA!! its opening on the 11 december!!! It will be the best christmas ever!!

  30. Caitlin says:

    Its hardly great new. This movie makes me sad. There is no comparison to the book. A few words that were barely mentioned in the book are expanded into 20 minute scenes. That alone slaughters the movie for me and don't even get me started on the blindness of the casting office. *Sigh* Bring on harry potter before that trash. I'm sticking with the books, no offense to Hollywood.

  31. Aisha says:

    omg OMG OMG OMG i loveeeeeeeeeeeee twilighttttttttttttttttttttttt all the BOOKSSSS im in love wit EDWARD CULLEN OMG! IM SOOO HAPPY 4 THE MOVIE I CANT WAIT.. I CANNOT!!!!!!

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  33. ashley says:

    I personal am boycotting the movie. Nothing is right. The list i could make would take forever, but I told my friends I would disown them if the saw teh movie. Robert Pattinson is the worst Edward EVER. To alltheose people out there who like him. I am sorry but he is WRONG!! To allt heose people who don't like him, who do you think would make a good Edward?
    I love twilight and am 1 of the 3 of us who brought it to arcadia florida. So It pains me to see it being destroyed.

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