Guillermo del Toro (and James Cameron) follow Lovecraft passion

July 29, 2010 | 7:25 p.m.

Steven Zeitchik at our sister blog 24 Frames has been following Guillermo del Toro on his path to “Madness.” Here’s an excerpt from the latest dispatch…

Guillermo del Toro Comic-Con Mountains Madness

Guillermo del Toro all but winked at us the other day that he’ll make his adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s 1931 novella At the Mountains of Madness his first movie since things went awry with “The Hobbit.

Mountain Madness Lovecraft

When we asked him in an interview on Friday whether it would indeed be his next film, as we were hearing, he flashed an impish grin and said, “We’ll see.”

This morning, sources tipped that “Madness” would indeed be his next movie, and it’s been something of an open secret in Universal circles that this is the one the auteur would go with. Now Deadline is reporting that it is, and, in something of a surprise, that James Cameron will produce, and that it will be in 3-D.

Fans have been calling for “Madness” for years, and in a way it’s a perfect move at this moment. With the director losing two years on “The Hobbit,” it’s now two years and counting since he last directed a picture.

His fans — and no doubt Del Toro himself — don’t want to keep waiting. “Madness” is difficult material to shoot, both narratively and logistically — it’s basically a monster movie set in Antarctica — but it is a movie that could be made with relative ease in other respects…


— Steven Zeitchik


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3 Responses to Guillermo del Toro (and James Cameron) follow Lovecraft passion

  1. Plymouth Rock says:

    Another great author who was friends with Lovecraft in Providence was C. M. Eddy, Jr. He wrote stories in Weird Tales. He has two short story collections out –
    The Loved Dead and Other Tales
    ISBN 9780970169921
    Exit Into Eternity: Tales of the Bizarre and Supernatural
    ISBN 9780970169907
    Also a collection of his memories of Lovecraft as he knew him as a friend and fellow author –
    The Gentleman From Angell Street: Memories of H. P. Lovecraft
    ISBN 9780970169914
    Check them out at any bookstore or at –

  2. Will Hart says:

    More Lovecraftian Items Have Been Posted on Flickr!
    Greetings from Fullerton, California!
    I'm still fleshing out the descriptions, notes, tags, and more, but I have added the following Lovecraftian collections to my Flickr Collections page at:
    "Eldritch Leanings: A Lovecraft Fanzine". I wanted to get these issues from 1976, 77, 78, and 79, with their articles, comments, letters, and photos (including the color versions for the very first time) up on Flickr before I begin posting the Authors/Letters/Photos Collection that will contain material that references Eldritch Leanings, or that illustrates people mentioned in Eldritch Leanings.
    "The H.P. Lovecraft Panel at IguanaCon 1978". This collection also includes a few prints not used in Eldritch Leanings; and the audio tapes will be soon be converted to mp3 format to be made freely available at a web site near you.
    "Esoteric Order of Dagon Members". This collection includes several sets of E.O.D. members at various events; the first set posted was E.O.D. members at IguanaCon in Phoenix in 1978 (including several photos not used in Eldritch Leanings). Thirteen sets have been started in this collection as of the time this note is being written.
    I have also added a couple of temporary/secondary photos of the original Cthulhu Mobile from 1978 in the Cthulhu License Plate Collection too.
    These new items bring the California Cthulhu / CthulhuWho1 / Will Hart Lovecraftian Flickr Collection size to 1181 items for viewing/downloading; and I hope everyone will find something of interest there.
    Please post comments, or send email if you want to see even more uploads like these.
    Will Hart
    a.k.a. CthulhuWho1
    a.k.a. California Cthulhu

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