Happy birthday to Carmine Infantino, the flashiest artist of the Silver Age

May 24, 2009 | 10:56 p.m.

If you read DC Comics in the 1960s and ’70s you were probably looking at images drawn by Carmine Infantino or influenced by him. Just as Jack Kirby was the signature force at rival Marvel Comics, Infantino was an inescapable presence at DC, where the Space Age brought a new science-based, cerebral tone that fit his angular style and sleek, kinetic flair.

Infantino was so adept at creating striking images that, after Marvel’s failed 1967 attempt to steal him away, the veteran went on to become DC’s artistic director … then editorial director … and then publisher. One of his first moves in the top post: luring Kirby away from the House of Ideas and onto the DC roster. Don’t think for a minute that talent doesn’t recognize talent.       

Infantino is celebrating his 84th birthday today and here at the mighty Hero Complex we thought that would be a wonderful excuse to dip into the vault and reflect on his singular style. Infantino’s career stretched out six decades but it was his Silver Age work on Batman, Adam Strange and, especially, the Flash, where his elegant lines and eye-catching composition made for a special kind of magic.       

Flash 123


Flash 174
Detective Comics 329


Mystery in Space 75


Detective 339
Flash 163


Batman 171
Flash 135

Detective 347


Detective 365
Flash 105
Flash 131


–Geoff Boucher

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Illustration: The Flash. Credit: Alex Ross / DC Comics  


4 Responses to Happy birthday to Carmine Infantino, the flashiest artist of the Silver Age

  1. Johnathan M. Campa says:

    Love what I see so far on Hero Complex. It's great to have comic fans promoting the worlds (American created) most unique entertainment medium. For all you fans/pros working to give us a good time check out youtube.com/jmdrafics for some different comic book presentations and enjoy yourselves. (This is just for you hard workers and was not sent for posting) thanks for the great site,
    John M. Campa

  2. […] Cheers to Infantino, a Flash-iest artist ever […]

  3. Jim Kealy says:

    Carmine Infantino was very kind to me a couple of years ago when I attended the Comic Con held
    in New York at the Javitz Center.When I arrived at the Center I made my way to the Artists Alley,so
    called because that is where the Comic Book Artists meet with their fans,to meet up with my old mate
    Superman illustrator in the 40s,50s & 60s Al Plastino.As I wended my way who should I spy but
    Carmine looking a little flustered and out of breath,I spoke to him and he said he had visited the mens room and could now not find his way back to Artists Alley.I guided him back to the Alley and lo and
    behold who should he be seated next to but Al Plastino.Carmine related the story of his trip to the mens room and I was invited to sit between them for the remainder of my visit.Carmine confirmed that
    Detective Chimp was his favourite character to draw and that said that sometimes he needed a rest
    from the comic world and would spend some time on the golf course.I told him how much I enjoyed looking at his artwork, particularly Flash and Adam Strange and that I liked Detective Chimp also.
    It was a very nice day spent with a couple of gentlemen of the old school.

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