Happy birthday, William Shatner

March 22, 2010 | 5:30 p.m.

O captain, my captain … William Shatner is 79 today, and here’s hoping he keeps on going boldly through life for many, many more years. To mark the day, let’s revisit one of our favorites here at Hero Complex, the genius philosophy of “Shatner of the Mount” …

Want to see the original interview that was used to make the video? It’s from the extras on a “Star Trek V” home video release and you can watch it right here


William Shatner

William Shatner: “It’s strange to say goodbye”

William Shatner meets his hero

VIDEO: William Shatner sings about Prop. 9

Shatner and “Kingdom of Spiders” hits DVD

VIDEO: “Star Trek” meets … Monty Python?

Starfleet goes Guantanamo? Next “Trek” may have torture themes

Chris Pine takes command: “My name is not William Shatner”

Leonard Nimoy: “Star Trek” fans can be scary

Leonard Nimoy’s camera, in search of human life forms

Leonard Nimoy says his “Fringe” experiment may be ending

PHOTO: Los Angeles Times archives


2 Responses to Happy birthday, William Shatner

  1. ioana says:

    I can't believe that he is actually 79..He was so young when he played in StarTrek, I just saw an episode with him a little bit earlier, the second pilot entitled "Where No Man Has Gone Before". It's amazing how time flies by so fast.

  2. Excellent post about the Shat-man. He is an American Icon and I hope he's around for another 79 years. In my blog on today's heroes, I plan to profile his career contributions.

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