Hari Puttar outduels Harry Potter

Sept. 22, 2008 | 11:36 p.m.

In a serious David vs. Goliath win for the little guy, Mirchi Movies, the makers of the Bollywood film "Hari Puttar," stood up to Warner Bros. and, in what turns out to be a last-second ruling, will be allowed to release the film this Friday (Sept. 26) in India.

The studio had claimed that the title sounded too similar to the boy wizard and J.K. Rowling money tree that is "Harry Potter," but the Delhi High Court threw out the case, basically saying that anyone who’d read Harry Potter would be able to distinguish the two films/titles.  Wand, meet gavel.

Attorney Pratibha Singh told the AFP: "The case has been dismissed. The court said that Warner Bros had known the title of the film since 2005 and had delayed bringing the case to court until the last moment."

The case also seemed to hinge on the fact that Warner Bros. knew about the title three years ago, and waited until the film was about to be released to bring up this suit.

Good for the film, the filmmakers and the legal system for giving a common-sense ruling.  If anyone should be mad, it’s the "Home Alone" people!  Here’s a look:

— Jevon Phillips

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2 Responses to Hari Puttar outduels Harry Potter

  1. Glenn from the footh says:

    No kidding…I'm surprised they didn't ask Macaulay Culkin to do a cameo.

  2. Tripping says:

    Warner's lawyers have presented a hit flop show in protecting their IP rights. This show how warner and their lawyers Anand and Anand (the top law firm) serious about protecting their IP rights. Good work Hari puttar.

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