‘Harry Potter’ fan rebellion of 2008

Aug. 15, 2008 | 7:32 p.m.

Harryp Here’s a short story I have in Saturday’s Los Angeles Times:

Call it "Harry Potter and the Revolt of the Muggles."
A day after Warner Bros. announced that it would be pulling the sixth "Potter" film off of its Novemeber release schedule and instead releasing it next July to take advantage of skimpy competition in the summer, fans of the massively popular franchise were lighting up the Internet with their rage. Thousands of fans signed online petitions, others organized boycotts and assorted protests, and a vast number expressed their reaction with tears or clenched fists.
At Petitionspot.com, more than 12,000 fans had signed a demand that "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," in post-production in London, be returned to the long-promoted November date. In comments posted, it was clear that Warner Bros. Chairman Alan Horn had, for a day at least, replaced Voldemort as the main villian in the hearts of "Potter" fans, who often call themselves Muggles, which means a nonmagical mortal in the Potter parlance.
Fans such as 25-year-old Brooklyn resident Patrick Allen promised marches on the corporate offices of Warner. "They are doing this for no other reason than to make more money," he wrote in an e-mail to The Times. "This is ridiculous, and I assure you that the millions of Harry Potter fans who have been looking forward to this release will not stand for it. We don’t want to be pacified. We want the movie, as promised, this November."
The "Potter" films, based on the books of J.K. Rowling, have grossed more than $1.4 billion in the U.S. alone. As of press time, Rowling had not commented publicly on the postponement. Warner Bros. this summer released "The Dark Knight," now the second-highest grossing film ever, and "Half-Blood Prince" will now be released in that same mid-July slot next year.
There is a lot of anger over this move, and it’s going to be interesting to see if there’s a backlash against Warner. Denise Martin here at Hero Complex gave you the rundown Thursday on the early tumult, and it’s just getting worse today. The problem is, what can fans really do? Certainly they could boycott the film, but I have to wonder if they will hold on to that kind of resolve between now and next summer. Also, some of the youngest fans of the movies just want to see it so badly that they will line up no matter what.
Where is J.K. Rowling on all this? David Heyman, the producer of the "Potter" films, told me during my set visit this year that he and Warner Bros. consult with the author and the key decisions about the franchise (she was, for instance, in favor of splitting the final book into two films, Heyman told me, and that move would not have been made without her assent).
There’s so much fan-love for the franchise, Warner Bros. probably assumes that it can do this now, take some heat and then come back next summer with a massive success in a fairly wide-open summer because of the recent writers strike (so many films were postponed or called off that next summer will be the lagging indicator of that Hollywood shutdown).

That said, Warner Bros. might be playing with fire here by putting money ahead of its faithful consumers. As I said, there are a lot of angry people today. Here some e-mails I’ve gotten:


Horn’s move makes no sense. Because The Dark Knight is so successful, he’s going to space out the next Harry Potter movie because it’s a guaranteed success? He’s worried that he’ll have a strong fiscal 2008 but fall short in 2009. Maybe a smart move for WB’s stockholders but without loyal audiences, Warner Brothers wouldn’t have anything to give their stockholders. Horn and Warner Brothers should focus on making better films instead of manipulating the numbers and manipulating their audiences/customers in the process. If I knew there was a chance that my seeing the latest Batman movie would delay the next Harry Potter film, I would have waited for Batman to come out on DVD or skipped it all together. Knowing this kind of blatent disregard for the movie goer is going to be the standard business practice for Warner Brothers will give me no option but to boycott future Warner Brother films.

Sincerely, Richard Lohrey

This one from Francois Tuvul:

You love your money not your fans! and we’re not your fans we are Harry Potter fans, if it weren’t for JK Rowling you would have never make a penny off Harry Potter!!  Bring it back to November 21st or we’ll boycott your movies! We have 10,000+ signatures


And this from Allison Cardinal:

Mr. Boucher-

I think in the interest of two-sided journalism, it would be interesting if you went to a couple of dedicated Harry Potter fansite – my favorite being Mugglenet.com – read some of the comments that were posted about this article (not against your writing, but against the statements of WB) and write another article about how exactly the fans are responding to the WB’s bull… attitude towards the series and the fans.

Not only has the WB and David Heyman failed to produce films that merit the money it makes (and thankfully Hollywood hasn’t also been blinded by the crappy film-making and awarded it any kind of acclaim it most certainly doesn’t deserve) but it can’t even keep 12 year olds happy.

I, for one, would love to see the fans get a voice for once instead of the guy with a big paycheck and a publicist.

Just a HP fan who mourns the day JKR gave rights to these people

And one Joanne Munie:

Hey Geoff,

Thanks for printing that article in the LA Times. It gave me a huge laugh
to hear what WB President Alan Horn had to say, wish I could believe a word
of anything that fell out of his mouth, but I don’t.
It is much appreciated that the press is getting this story out — I for one
am a very unhappy Potter fan today. I will go see the movie, but the luster
has worn off for me now. This was my favorite book and now I’m so
disappointed I can hardly stand it.


Tony Tribby in Virgina had an interesting take:

Hi Geoff,

Next time you are speaking to a movie studio rep who is whining about money they lose to people downloading their films off the internet, you might want to point to actions like this as one of the reasons why.

Yes, they are a business, but they also must be aware that a large share of the revenue they reap from vehicles like the Harry Potter franchise is based on the intense loyalty of the fans–who can also choose to walk away when they are so blatantly reminded that, to the studio, all they are is a source of revenue. This move is going to chill the excitement of those fans, and I’d wager the resulting loss in repeat viewings is going to offset whatever revenue gains they expect to pick up by moving the film to next summer.

I also expect to see a petition soon where people will at the very least pledge to boycott the movie on opening weekend.

Tony Tribby
Alexandria, Virginia

These are just a few of the e-mails; there’s a huge crush of them in my queue. Thanks for writing in, and we’ll keep on top of this.
— Geoff Boucher

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

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94 Responses to ‘Harry Potter’ fan rebellion of 2008

  1. Philboy says:

    I am supremely disappointed in the delay of this film. The actors are getting too old to play the part. By the time they finish the last film Daniel Radcliffe will be 30 for god's sake.
    Get the next movie back to November and finish the films before we all get too old to enjoy them any longer. If you really want people to be excited and go see it, think about the fans for a change.

  2. Teri says:

    As a Harry Potter fanatic, I will not boycott the Harry Potter films, but if Warner Brothers does not come through and release the film when they first agreed to, I will boycott all other Warner Brothers films, and anything connected to Warner Brothers. I think if all of the Harry Potter fans agreed to that, they would have to change their plans, and release the film as promised!! Warner Brothers knows that Harry Potter fans will go to the movie whenever they release it, but I don’t think they realize that if everything else was boycotted, they would stand to lose a substantial amount of dollars. Just a thought!

  3. Stefanie says:

    What a way for WB to show that MONEY is more important than fans of this movie!
    My children (4 of them) and I WILL NOT be seeing this in the theatre if WB holds fast to its plans to release this in 2009.
    And the message WB is showing kids? Money first…loyalty last.

  4. Bry says:

    Uhm, hello? The sole reason that Warner Bros. even MAKES the Harry Potter films is to make money. They're not doing it for any other reason, so why would they NOT move it to next summer if they truly believe it will perform better at the box office? They know the fans will go anyway, making the film a lot of money. And that petition with 12,000 whole signatures? WB wouldn't even blink if 12,000 people didn't see the 6th Harry Potter flick. Release dates change all the time, these fans just need to stop whining and have some patience.

  5. Lillie says:

    Of COURSE money comes first to Warner Brothers. Are people really naive enough to think otherwise? They wouldn't have made the film unless they expected it to make them money, and now they instead to position it to make the most money possible. Hollywood's had a hard enough year without scutting potential profits over timing. Suck up and deal with it.

  6. Angela says:

    Yes we are angry and we will protest Warner Bros!!!!!!1
    You will only lose money from this. HP fans pay your bills. Don't mess with the people who pay your bills
    Also you can't make up for anything with these new pics on mugglenet.com. A major part of the fandom hates you right now and teasing thrm with pics that you were too busy to shell out in May along with the teaser trialer is a bad idea. So a late teaser trialer with the WRONG date and a late release
    I will laugh when WB loses its money, you guys have messed up bad and with the wrong people

  7. Morder says:

    Please…all the harry potter fans will still watch the movie not matter when it comes out…this delay will make no difference no matter how many people protest

  8. Tarbi says:

    All i have to say is BIT TORRENT why give them millions when they cant respect costumers that don't care about profit!!!

  9. Person says:

    show it on the planned date or me and my 2,000 friends wont watch it on 2009

  10. JDFR says:

    The movies suck compared to the books anyway. Frankly, how any fan of the books can be an equal fan of the films is dismaying. None of the Potter films has been worth a Neat's pizzle. So, why are we so outraged? Are we looking for homosexual inuendo between Harry and Dumbledore now that JK Rowling decided to insist upon the old wizard's sexuality, post factum? – that is, in a discussion after the final novel and before children? I understand Harry is appearing nude in the next film: http://www.wizardnews.com/channels/harry-potter-m
    So, then, where exactly is Dumbledore? Peering through a magical hole in the wizard wall?

  11. Steve J. says:

    It's no surprise that a business sacrifices loyalty for money. That's what they teach hopeful businessmen in college, money comes first. I don't start boycotts or petitions, nor am I a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, but I am sorely disappointed with Warner's greed.

  12. Not A Fan of Boy Won says:

    I think it sounds like a bunch of spoiled brats, who think that if they throw a tantrum, they will get what they want. In response, I think WB should give them all a lashing, or at least tell them to "cry more."

  13. Eric says:

    Capitalism at its best… -_-
    I'm not much of a Potter fan myself but this really disrespectful. It would be one thing if they had never announced a November release date… However they *did*, and now they are changing it to obviously rake in more money.
    Way to figuratively slap your customers in the face WB.

  14. DrDUH says:

    Geez – Can't any of you folks realize then you're being manipulated
    It's a Marketing ploy to keep the movie in the news and pique interest
    (Like "New Coke")

  15. Ken says:

    Warner will suffer from a temporary "image" problem, but fans will still pay to see the movie regardless of when it's released.
    Look at how many Star Wars fans were upset when Lucas made important changes to the original movie, like having Han shoot second instead of first. They still lined up to watch the other Star Wars episodes.
    It's not like fans can go see an alternate Harry Potter release from a different studio.

  16. Robert Williams says:

    It's possible that the release date has been pushed back in order to keep it far apart from Daniel Radcliffe's Broadway debut this fall in Equs. The play has VERY adult subject matter, including pretty explicit sex scenes, and Radcliffe's part includes a good deal of full frontal nudity. Given the uproar that resulted from the M. Cyrus pics in Vanity Fair, where all the actress bared was her upper back it's easy to see how WB could be squeamish about the potential media reaction to Harry Potter's pecker being in view, on stage eight shows a week.

  17. Aislinn says:

    Thank you so much for writing this article! I, like most fans, am nothing short of crushed; if only they understood how important this series is to so many people and that this really does feel like a huge betrayal to the very people who have made these films and books what they are. I do wish this film all the success it deserves, but I think dangling one release date in front of an enthusiastic audience and then yanking it away just as it was within hailing distance was very unprofessional and unclassy.
    I think that petitions and boycotts are futile, but it does help to read these articles and the emails of angry fans who share my feelings. I hope everyone will continue to voice their responses to this cheap stunt–not because the WB will ever know or care what we think, but because if anything eases the disappointment, it's knowing that millions of people are feeling it with you.

  18. Jason says:

    Good god. All this fuss over one of the most mediocre children's books ever written? Oh, have I uttered blasphemy? Nonsense! While I applaud J.K. Rowling's success, it's frankly not deserved when one compares her work with that of Lewis, Tolkien, or L. Frank Baum. None of those authors became billionaires, yet they were far better writers. The hysteria Rowling's books generate is only ridiculously outpaced by the size of her bank account. I mean, really! People who can't wait a few more months for a movie, a movie WHOSE STORYLINE THEY ALREADY KNOW, really ought to get lives. Or therapy. Or both.

  19. casey says:

    Given the long lag time and the intense curiosity and animosity from the online community, will this be the most downloaded movie of all time? Certainly it will leak to the web before Christmas.

  20. Patti says:

    Warner Bros. has created a huge firestorm with this decision, based solely on greed. I understand they are a business, and I am happy they have had such success with the Harry Potter movies. However, they have published release dates for this movie all over the world just a few days ago. There was a charity event in the UK revolving around the November relase that has to now be cancelled for the first time since 1958, I believe it is.
    Whatever money they planned on making by delaying the release will be lost when fans boycott all the WB movies between now and when Half Blood Prince is released.
    I strongly support capitalism, but to be so shamelessly greedy. Stunning really.

  21. Santiago says:

    The remark about "If I knew there was a chance that my seeing the latest Batman movie would delay the next Harry Potter film, I would have waited for Batman to come out on DVD" strikes me as something a lot of HP fans are feeling right now. While we all know it's about money, all the fans saying they'll boycot WB films or even the HP film when it comes out are pretty hard to take seriously. WB is banking on that fact.

  22. Bueller says:

    I'm going to laugh when it gets released by pirates online before it comes out. I mean everyone knows it's pretty much done now. Also, it's not like these protests are going to do anything. Sure all us Potter fans are mad, but they'll still make money because we'll go see it as soon as it comes out no matter what.

  23. namar says:

    I understand that the WB is a business and like all businesses the main goal is to reek profit. BUT this is different. this is HP. A movie adaptation of the most succesful book series in history. The movies always reap a huge profit. ALWAYS. The fans of harry potter have always been an eager bunch, waiting years at times for a new release of a book. So, this change to capitalize on a "weak" summer schedule and keep revunes high for next year infuriates me. What baffles me the most is that this is [arguably] Rowlings best book, and the anticipation for this movie is the highest its ever been. So yes, moving a movie that is destined to bring WB millions to a later date after us fans have waited long enough since the horrid 5th movie is annoying, disrespectful, and of all stupid. I along with thousands of other fans will be boycotting the opening weekend. The petitions are teeming, the steam is rising… Good luck on Opening Weekend.
    This reminds me of how ABC use to toy around with its LOST fanbase… giving LOST a new time slate each 3 weeks [ok hyperbole]… what happened? Fans began watching it less and less during prime time… WB you just picked a bad fight….

  24. Julia says:

    It's been an extremely upsetting 24 hours. When I heard the news Warner Brothers was doing this I thought it was a bad joke. But it's not.
    WB acts like the fans don't matter, but we do. They think they can take us for granted and do things like this and we'll hand them our money regardless. I guess the box office results on July 2009 will tell the tale. Regardless, it is truly sad that WB think so little of all the loyal fans who have supported the franchise over the years and helped it be as successful as it's been. It's almost insulting that Horn had the gall to say he "loves the fans" when what he really meant to say is "we love the money we make off these nobodies".
    Corporate greed at it's finest. The movie was three months from release and now everyone is left scrambling because a few big-shot executives woke up one morning and decided they could make a little more money by screwing over a bunch of people.

  25. Shannon says:

    WB needs to realize that Harry Potter fans are not cattle lined up to be milked whenever it is convienent for them! This has now gone way past the point of just waiting longer for a movie, it is a matter of principle. The movie is ready, and if WB gave a damn about the very loyal HP fans that have made them BILLIONS already, they would give us the movie. waiting eleven months will only ebb our enthusiasm for the film and give us time to stew in this corporate injustice. They will end up making less money, and I for one will be thrilled. Down with the WB deatheaters.

  26. Sarah says:

    I'm from the UK and this film was due to premiere at our Royal film performance of 2008 (proceeds going to charity). That performance has been scrapped, now considering that advertising packages (for tickets to the premiere) cost between $9,000-$14,000, and tickets to the ajoining cinema (not even the one with the actors in) cost $400, and late night screenings $100.
    Now the charity won't get this money, Warner Brothers are basically making a large donation and than asking for it back. isn' that an Awful thing to do? Plus the charity have to find a film last minute which won't raise nearly as much money (tickets usually cost $100, Harry Potter was an exception), and they have to refund everybody who has already purchased a ticket. This is not morally right!!!

  27. Viurre says:

    WB obviously does not care what fans want. They only do what they want. Harry Potter films have a solid fan base, and can guarantee a certain amount of money made whenever they are released. If any films should be boycotted by HP fans, it should be "anything else WB comes out with in the next year," not HBP (not that I think a real fan would anyway). And I mean anything. Plus, send WB a snail mail Howler. Or ten. Physical mail is harder to ignore. Anyone who feels like this is whining is obviously not a fan. WB is just a fan of money.

  28. steve lubbesmeyer says:

    May be this will all work out for the better, maybe while the movie is on the shelf it will catch on fire. Better yet, I would like to help the energy crises by collecting all the hp movies and books and burning them to make electricity. It might help relieve the evil poison that is inflictiing our childrens minds.

  29. Isaac says:

    Yes! An opening-weekend boycott sounds perfect. Because fans will obviously HAVE TO SEE IT ANYWAY, they can, but while still doing damage to WB. HBP definitely was not my favorite book, but it still pisses me off that they think they can jerk around with the people who pay their checks.

  30. Sarah says:

    WB sucks. It's one thing to move a movie back a little, but 6 – 9 months is completely ridiculous!

  31. Harrison says:

    The Answer is simple
    If the movie plummets in one week, Warner Brothers wil understand

  32. harry says:

    If you were smart (mad fans), the day of the movie release just find the torrent on line and post it on the fan sites so all the fans can download it and really hurt the WB bottom line. It will be on DVD eventually and like my wife said who cares I already read the books.

  33. Big Bob says:

    Has JKR been interviewed regarding this Warner tactic? I for one would be interested in hearing her reaction. Bluntly (IMHO), if anyone can make Warner reverse it's position, that person would be JKR.

  34. Jackie says:

    No 'Clone Wars' tonight. Body of Lies, Towelhead, Rockn'Rolla…who needs it? Oh I'll be at the "Half Blood Prince" 12:00 show but I'll give up the other stuff…EASY. I've got cable.

  35. Kelson says:

    They're not pushing back the filming schedule for Deathly Hallows, right? So delaying the release of this film won't change how old the stars are when they film the final chapter.
    And really, by Hollywood standards they're still younger than most "teenagers" anyway.

  36. Judith says:

    It's really very simple how to get Warner Brothers attention. Quit going to ANY of their movies or buying any of their DVD's…….NOW !!!!! That will start getting their attention first. That is if they got any coming out here in the very near future. Then when Half Blood Prince comes out…………don't knock each other down to go the first night in the theatre or the second night either. Let them wonder if it was wise to hold it back til 2009. Or, just take the lumps/grumble and wait til 2009. Cause unless there would be MASS loss of revenue/movie goers/DVD sales to the Warners movies, all the petitions in the world won't win by what is fair as opposed to their greed for money.

  37. lynnb. says:

    i will absolutely boycott all warner bros. movies. this is terrible, and i can't believe so many children and adults (like myself) are being put through this. It's like saying "the wedding cake is baked, but we'll freeze it for a year". Unacceptable mr. warner bros.

  38. Kitty says:

    Screwing over generations of Harry Potter/ JK Rowling fans is the stupidest thing WB could do. And they will, no doubt, pay for it in the long term.
    What a bunch of total wankers.
    Boycott and petition on. They should hear all the fans' displeasure.

  39. Rhonin says:

    Idiots. This is just the publicity they were looking for before they release the film. Wanna bet it releases in November??

  40. Roger says:

    As an average fan of the series (I loved the books, the movies are just OK) this is enough to make me not see it. In fact, I will download it off the internet and I never do that.
    It would be different if they never gave the November date, but they did. This just shows how greedy WB is and, as a consumer getting screwed over, I choose to screw them back by downloading their movie rather than paying for it. I love the big screen experience and never download movies but I feel WB deserves this. You can't blatently screw over fans for more money and not expect backlash.

  41. Rhonda Michael says:

    I have to say that while I understand the fact the WB is a for profit entity, I also realize that it is the consumers that brings in that profit. What I would like to hear is what J.K. Rowling thinks about this. It would be interesting to see if she agrees with the idea of a push back or not. As much as I hate to say it, I am reminded of how the gas prices are like this in a way. We yelled and fussed about the prices going up on gas but at the same time we continued to pump away and fill our tasks even when it cost $50. People are disappointed and need a venue to voice their concerns, and yes most will go see the movie. To some people it's just a movie but to others this is what they have grown up with. With the end of the books and only 3 more movies left to view it is an end of an era for those who have been with the series since it came out.

  42. kb says:

    I don't know what they are smoking over there at Warner, but whatever exec made that decision will go down in the history books for killing off the Harry Potter film franchise. morons.

  43. Alex says:

    Ahh, bib-dribblers and spoon-clangers unite! Stamp your foot, hold your breath and cry rivers of useless tears: you will *not* boycott anything, you *will* see the movies, the studio will not suffer because 10,000 crybabies won't get their toys this holiday season.
    That is the fact of living with the capitalist beast called globalization; we're all consumer whores and we ain't gonna give up anything no matter how many times corporations do what they want. So shut up and merely change the release date on your iCal program.

  44. Harry says:

    We will be boycotting everything WB!
    Please join us at http://hpagainstthewb.110mb.com or http://myspace.com/hapagainstthewb

  45. Gene Surber says:

    This totally sucks! Shame on you Warner Bros! i know a little girl who has been waiting all year for this film, excited because it was to release on her birthday. And you put money before the fans of Harry Potter???!!! i promise that i WILL NOT go see this movie in the summer. i will instead order it from Netflix and watch it at home, period.

  46. Kat says:

    To those saying that WB wont even blink if 12,000 less people see movie 6, what you have to remember is that people like me normally see the film 20-30+ times opening weekend. For movie 3 I saw it at every available time slot for my theatre!! Sounds crazy I know, but some hard core fans do that and here's one fan that will NEVER pay WB another pound if I can avoid it. I feel disgusted for having encouraged loads of non-Potter mates to go see the movies with me, sometimes in groups of 40! NEVER AGAIN WB…NEVER AGAIN!

  47. Kevin says:

    Are they going to make enough to offset the bad publicity? Rule number 1 is to keep the golden-egg-laying goose happy.

  48. Raging_Anon says:

    I think it's more an issue of Stephenie Meyer than Warner Bros. I assume it's fine now to say that Meyer has stripped the Harry Potter franchise of what dignity it had left so her precious half-baked Twilight movie could get released at an earlier date. I call a Rowling/Meyer conspiracy. Twilight also looks like a bad Direct-to-DVD or ABC Family original movie and shouldn't be getting a wide release like this in the first place.

  49. Pie-piem says:

    Though HBP isn't my most fave movie to watch(coz there's spoiler for us,Ron&Hermione shipper),but i was really shock to hear this news.Not just bcoz we'll have to wait 8 months,but what i can't accept is if DH would be delayed too.More than 3 years await?

  50. Aaron says:

    "Oh my god, I have to wait nine extra months before I get to see british kids run around with wands and cast spells."
    Why don't you guys protest something important, like the oppression of Tibet or the genocide in Darfur, where 2.5 million people are being ethnically cleansed? Don't care about real things do you? You just want to hide your heads in "magic."

  51. Isabella says:

    I too will NOT go to see a single Warner Brothers film until Harry Potter. I am sorry that Warner Brothers feels this way. But instead of being creative and create new quality movies they are punishing a very loyal fan base. I will not stop seeing Harry, that is out of the question, but no money of mine will be going to their coffers with any other movie. Sorry: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 , Where the Wild Things Are, and others very desirable movies made by this crooked studio. I am even sorry I went to see The Dark Night.

  52. Kimmy says:

    I cancelled my book order, Tales of Beetle the Bard. I will buy it in July 2009 instead.

  53. Glenda says:

    My son will not make it until July 2009. He is very sick, is there anyway to get a private screening. I do not think my son is the only terminally ill child affected. Keep your money..

  54. Kat says:

    To Aaron,
    (quote)Why don't you guys protest something important, like the oppression of Tibet or the genocide in Darfur, where 2.5 million people are being ethnically cleansed? Don't care about real things do you? You just want to hide your heads in "magic."
    Posted by: Aaron | August 16, 2008 at 07:09 AM (quote)
    OH Aaron, you are really ignorant are you?! If you want to know what Potter fans do for real world issues go to http://www.thehpalliance.org/ and you will see that Potter fans are very involved in worldy issues. Just because we rant about WBs slap to our face doen't mean that the fandom does not do things to benifit OUR world. So next time instead of going about like an ignorant person why dont you do your research first!

  55. Berenice says:

    Well I will go to see HBP anyway, but also I wanted to see Clone Wars… now I won't go to see it, someday it will be cast on TV…
    I know they won't change it back but at least I won't give much money to WB for this movie, just one movie ticket and no more…
    I'm not sorry I went to see Dark Knight… but I'm sorry that I went to see it more than one time…
    To Aaron:
    The fact I'm protesting for this doesn't mean that I don't protest for other things too… I have the right to do whatever I want "Do not generalize"
    And just for your information there is the Harry Potter Alliance which cares and do something about the things you are talking about.
    Before you make a comment be sure you are not generalizing and you have all the information.

  56. David V says:

    Don't boycott the movie–that simply isn't going to happen. But boycott the popcorn stand. Theatre owners make a lage portion of their profit from sales at the concession stand. Get signed petitions that fans won't buy anything, and theatre owners will get the message loud and clear. And you can be sure thay will pass it on to WB in the strongest possible terms.

  57. TaylorTaylor says:

    Everyone is saying that barely anyone will boycott the Harry Potter films, and I agree. Everyone will be SO anxious to see the film, that they will all go and see it when it comes out, opening day.
    Warner bros. is a stupid genius in my opinion.
    A genius because, they KNOW it's gonna make them even more money then before.
    And stupid because, all the Harry Potter fanatics are gonna tee pee the Warner Bros. office, lol!
    All the fans are seriously gonna go crazy knowing they have to wait 8 more months then expected.
    When I saw this, my first reaction was to laugh. Knowing how everyone else is going to react, and what they are going to do about it.
    As another person said… 12,000 signatures, out of the 18 billion in this world? Not gonna inspire much confidence with bringing the movie back to November.
    I honestly have no suggestions as to what to do.
    I'm not suggesting to wait, because a lot can't do that…
    I'm not suggesting to boycott the film or any other Warner Bros films, because I know most people who say they will… won't.
    I'm not suggesting to sign a petition, because, at the most, 1 million signatures won't do crap.
    So, you are on your own. I personally, am going to wait for the film to come out, be pissed for a few days, and see what's gonna happen.

  58. Christia says:

    Boycotting Warner Brothers, the online petitions, and protesting right outside their doors every day until the release of the movie is the only way to hit them where it hurts. They want more money??? Don't give it to them. Don't buy warner brother products and don't go see their movies.

  59. Melede says:

    Dear Geoff Boucher,
    If you go to the following website that I am about to list then you will see a petition for Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince to be moved back to it's original release date (November 21, 2008). You will noticed that it has over 20,000 signatures and comments from upset fans[ <a href="http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/harrypotter6” target=”_blank”>www.petitionspot.com/petitions/harrypotter6 ].
    Many of the fans posts' that I have read are very negative. To my surprise, quite a few of them want to, not only boycott the release of Harry Potter 6, but boycott every Warner Bros. movie from here on. On HPANA.com, Alan Horn said that they were doing it because they wanted to basically make a bigger profit because The Dark Knight was so successful. But in the end, coming from a fan, I think this plan will backfire. To be quite honest, it shouldn't really matter when you release Harry Potter because it is going to make millions of dollars anyways. And besides that fact, the highest grossing of all the Harry Potter movies was the first, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, which as you well know was release November 16, 2001.
    On another note, many of the fans felt insulted when Warner Bros. mentioned the shortened gap between HBP and DH. What about the abnormally long, two-year gap between the release of the last movie (OotP) and HBP? I've never had a problem with waiting for the movie on a yearly basis before, so most people aren't going to be jumping for joy just because DH is released soon after HBP's ridiculous new release date. We the fans, will be getting no benefit in what we've done no matter how much this outrageous move is sugar-coated.

  60. Chrissy says:

    to some of us this is important,
    some of us have been following the series,
    Its not just a movie, its a impact on people.

  61. LemonFaerie says:

    I am a 40 year old mother of three, and a huge HP fan. I am a daily regular on The Leaky Cauldron.org and part of a group of about 40 people who met there and have become friends through our Harry Potter obsession. We are all furious by this decision. The rage is building, not lessening. WB has seriously underestimated the power of the firestorm they have created with this move.
    We are organizing and coming together to plan strategy. There are already facebook and MySpace sites up to fight this. We’ll have lists of everything related to WB, their partners and their subsidiaries, merchandise, TV shows, events, magazines, everything to avoid for the boycott. The movie itself will be boycotted for the first full week by all of the members and boycotted completely by many, to make sure that WB does NOT see the huge profits they are anticipating from this film. We plan to hit them where it hurts: their wallets. They cannot betray the biggest and most loyal fan base ever in this manner and not feel the repercussions of their actions.
    For all of those people who think that the serious HP fans need to “get a life” or “live in the real world” let me explain something: For many of us, the “real world” SUCKS. Harry Potter is our escape, the place we are happiest and where we can retreat from the things we are dealing with in our “real lives” for a space of time. Many of us have been looking forward to this film as the only bright spot in a horrible year. They have yanked that away from us, AFTER the dates were set, AFTER they finally gave us the trailer with the proper release date listed on it, AFTER the set pictures and promotions finally began. They even canceled the charity screening. All for the sake of making a few more dollars. It is reprehensible.
    HP fans will NOT suck this up and go see it anyway. Oh, sure, some of them will. But this move was the last straw to a lot of people who were pretty upset with WB already, for holding the trailer and set pictures so long, etc. Money drives all trains, that is true, but WB is going to find out this money train is not going to be as full as it would have been if they hadn’t angered their fandom. We are not just boycotting HBP, we are boycotting ALL WB films, plus the ones from their other, smaller companies like New Line. Those of you who think that a fan rebellion will have no impact are being naive. Where does their money come from? The fans! The 12,000+ signatures on that one petition are just a small part of the fandom. Remember the Christmas backlash when stores wouldn’t allow their employees to say “Merry Christmas” or to put up “Merry Christmas” signs? They caved pretty darn quick when people started avoiding them to go to other stores with a Merry Christmas message. The same thing can and will happen here. This is market driven and we are the market. The consumers have the real power here, if they will just grab hold of it.
    Oh, and by the way, Mr. Horn: yanking a movie millions of people are dying to see 98 days from it’s release date is NOT the way you show your fans you “love us.” Trying to “pacify” us now with pictures we are far too angry to appreciate anymore is a mistake. It just makes us angrier. I won’t even look at them, or the articles or anything else, so the effort is wasted. You have screwed up. Big.

  62. If you are not a harry potter fan, you really have no right saying "Be Patient". You just don't understand what this is like.

  63. psdnerd says:

    LemonFaerie- I agree with you wholeheartedly. Thank you for so eloquently writng what so many of us are feeling right now.
    We are talking about films based on a series of books that inspired millions of children and adults to become avid readers. The books made being a sci-fi/fantasy "nerd" okay if not outright cool, brought back the fantasy genre to the forefront of popular literature and addressed real world social issues (including genocide, btw) in its underlying themes. I love Tolkein and Lewis (as well as many non-fantasy authors), but none have produced quite the real-world phenomenon that JKR has. That is what makes this no ordinary movie. Albeit the movies (especially the more recent ones) have not been anywhere nearly as entertaining as the books, they are still something we all (HP fans) look forward to for months, if not years. In a world where we are confronted by so much pain all of the time, having this escape/catharsis, if you will, becomes extremely important. This is why you are seeing the amount of outrage that has been outpouring over these past few days.
    I find it really unbelievable that Mr. Horn would not have realized that this movie would have broken records no matter what the release date and that he was taking a HUGE risk in treating HP fans so flippantly.
    I am so sorry for those charities who are now losing out as well as those who are terminally ill and were hoping for some pleasure in their lives. I will certainly not be seeing any WB movies or buying any products from them or their affiliates until the movie is released. Hell, I have such a sour taste about this, I might not see it at all.
    BTW for anyone who does want to send Howlers or emails, addresses have been listed on those Facebook pages.

  64. GinnyOcean says:

    yeah but even IF they did put the movie back to were it was supposed to be *that would be pure AWSOMNESS!* it would have to take Teilight's spot…December 12! cause stupid summit took HBP's!

  65. rahul says:

    way to go wb, thank you so much for finally showing the HP fans what you REALLY think of us. You don`t LOVE US AND YOU NEVER CARED ABOUT US EITHER. I for one am very angry at them for not only alienating fans like that but also killing the excitement that had been building ever since the ootp released and was on fire after the teaser trailer. These new pics don`t feel great anymore.
    HBP will NOT MAKE that much money ANYMORE.
    I`m boycotting all WB movies till july and am not going to see HBP opening weekend. I`m also going to see it only once as opposed to multiple times like I did with the previous HP movies.

  66. ava says:

    If WB wanted to change the release date than they should have done it months ago before releasing the trailer and gettting the hopes up of all the harry potter fans. Secondly, if the movie is already done and is just sitting on the shelf what is going to stop somebody from getting a hold of the movie and releasing it on the internet. 11 months is a long time to try to keep that movie under lock and key.

  67. emma says:

    This year to be frank has been pretty crappy for me and I was so looking forward to something good. The only time I get to go to the movies with my whole family is to see HP. Thanks for ruining what would have been the highlight of my year.

  68. JasonPotter says:

    I agree everybody at WB shoud be keel hauled right now. I hope I can find the Time Warner CEO email and spam him until there is no tomorrow. I want my POTTER back that is all that is keeping me going right now. Very hard year for me. I am on the verge of a total mental breakdown luckily all the people fighting give me hope that something can be done.

  69. JasonPotter says:

    I am so pissed at WB I propose a complete boycott of all WB items, People that put commercials in the WB shows and toys for shows on Cartoon Network. I will not be happy unless on the 21 of November I can see HP6. WB is voldemort and he needs to be stopped. I am having a bad year and needed this movie to keep me going. I am on the verge of emotional breakdown right now anyway.

  70. Foobar says:

    Sure, it's disappointing that the movie's been postponed — for whatever reason — but come on. Be disappointed for half an hour and then move on with your life. If Harry Potter movies are the only thing you're living for, you've got bigger problems than WB is going to spend the energy caring about.

  71. Marlina says:

    Give us HP back in 2008! I swear me and my family and all my best friends are not gonna watch it in theatre if it's in 2009!

  72. eatme WB says:

    Everyone –
    It is not enough to threaten to boycott HBP. We must actually boycott all WB products up until the release of HBP, or until WB moves the release of HBP back to this November.
    Also, send 10 red envelope letters to WB telling them you will be boycotting all WB products until they reverse their greedy, shortsighted, anti-fan, stupid moronic decision.

  73. BJB Digi says:

    I wasn't going to post a comment after seeing how much of a rounded view these others have
    "why don't you protest something important?"
    How can you dismiss the positive effect this collaboration between young, and adult fans alike will have? This is a truly perfect event to set a positive example of standing up for something you care about, an believe in. I think a contributing factor in the "laziness" in terms of protesting with the young adult demographic is because these types of rebellions rarely ever occurred in the 90s. We don't want that garbage Twilight film, we want our Harry Potter! Keep up the fight guys!

  74. Jamie Hall says:

    I am outraged that they are pushing the 6th HP movie back 'til July '09. That is ridiculous! We have waited long enough since the last movie, and now we pretty much have to wait another year??? I just don't see how they can believe that just because the Dark Knight movie was made so much money being released on this date, that Harry Potter will too. I guarantee it will be the same amount of money made in November, because everyone knows the main reason the Dark Knight film made so much money was because it was Heath Ledger's last film before dying.
    I want the HP6 film to be released in November as promised.

  75. lisa james says:

    I would just like to inform the idiots a Warner brothers that even though it summer in America in July- that's not the case here in Australia. I'm very pissed off because it is bad enough hat australia has to wait almost an extra month for Harry Potter to come out- but an extra Year- NO WAY! Also- the videogame is a high profiteering aspects of the Potter franchise as well and many people will not bother to buy the game as it will be old technology by the time the movie comes out- use some damn logic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S- I could have been alot rude but I felt I should keep a civil tongue- Signed- pissed off fan

  76. Claire says:

    The petition has more than 34 000 signatures now. However, to be more effective we have to pester them with physical pieces of paper. There is a howler campaign going on where you send a letter in a red envelope. Do this! http://www.hbpnojuly.blogspot.com/
    I cannot believe WB did this. Every time I think about it I get angry all over again. Their blatant disregard for the HP fanbase is disgusting. We should boycott all of WB movies and products (and really mean it! Do not just say that you’re going to!). If it was delayed for editing purposes or something along those lines, then I would be okay with the decision. However, for them to just push back the date for the sole purpose of making a profit is appalling and downright greedy. If they were worried about not having a blockbuster in the summer of 2009, they should have pushed back Twilight because that movie has not been waited for as long as the Half-Blood Prince has been nor has it been waited for on a WORLDWIDE basis (and quite frankly, it doesn’t even look that great…probably because the books are not great, I know, I have read them). I mean, what are they going to do about the Royal Charity?
    WB has done this because it thinks that us HP fans are just going to sit back and take it. Lets show them that we know our place in their business. Without us, they don’t get any money! We have the power now lets use it! I’m not asking that we don’t go see the movie at all (which is pretty near impossible if you’re hardcore), I’m saying (like many people on here) to just boycott the opening week. WEEK, not weekend.
    There is another email campaign going on as well that aims at getting the attention of the media as well. http://pottersorder.blogspot.com/
    Oh, and for those that say that we should protest for something bigger should think about what they’re saying. The people actively protesting this decision are probably active in other areas as well. I myself have done numbers of fundraisers and protests for Darfur, abortion, Tibet, diabetes, aids, and other world issues. I didn’t even know about the hpalliance and will now probably join that too. Please get your facts straight before you start to criticize. If anything, this protest should show you that the people are willing to stand up for what is right.
    I would also like the thank you Mr. Boucher for bringing attention to this.

  77. Amy says:

    This delay is just another example that Big Business will do whatever they can to make money. Fortunately in this case the expanse of fans will not hold this against Warner Bros no matter how angrey they are (as I am). The books are awesome but the best thing is seeing what you visualise in your head on the big screen. Warner Bros need to remember they wouldn't be here if it wasn't for people like the fans who are consistantly paying hard earned cash to go and see their films which in Australia are getting more and more expensive, eventually we will not bother to go and buy tickets. I hope Warner is the worst hit.

  78. Louise D says:

    This decision shows a blantant lack of respect of WarnerBros towards the people it relies on completely for their income. If the movie had to be postponed because it wasn't up to standards then this decision would be completely accepted by all Harry Potter fans. But this decision was made for financial reasons,and that's it.
    I find it completely disrespectful. WarnerBros is basically toying with Harry Potter fans.
    I was planning to see the dark knight again, now I will not. I was also planning to see The Clone Wars and Twilight, now I will not. If Warner Bros pushes thorugh with this I will also wait to see Half-blood prince so as to cheat them out of a record breaking opening weekend or week!
    I hope all HP fans (all people who find it unacceptable that large companies treat their much needed customers as poop) will take action! Sign petitions, send howlers and be heard!
    Lastly I want to thank Geoff Boucher for bringing this issue to everyone's attention! Keep up the good work!!!

  79. katie says:

    Below is a list of upcoming WB films send WB a message by not seeing any of them in theaters, stop watching wb network I'm not sure if cable companies can report blocked channels but block it. and/or watch for an hour write up a list of the advertisers and send these companies a letter letting them know you will not be watching the channel so they should spend their money elsewhere, keep signing petitions and tell the people at WB what you think personally addresses below
    Nights in Rodanthe 9/26/08
    RockNRolla 10/8/08
    House of Lies (formerly Untitled Ridley Scott) 10/10/08
    Gran Torino Dec 2008
    Yes Man 12/19/08
    Mama's Boy 2008
    Spring Breakdown 2008
    Trick 'r Treat 2008
    Ninja Assassin 1/16/09
    He's Just Not That Into You 2/6/09
    Watchmen 3/6/09
    The Box 3/20/09
    The Informant 3/27/09
    Untitled Jody Hill/Seth Rogen Comedy (formerly Observe & Report) 4/10/09
    17 Again 4/17/09
    Terminator Salvation 5/22/09
    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 7/17/09
    Where the Wild Things Are 10/16/09
    Guardians of Ga'Hoole 3D 7/9/10
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part One) 11/19/10
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two) Summer 2011
    Wonder Woman TBD
    The Lazarus Child TBD

  80. Zil says:

    Most people are reacting emotionally, angry that they wont get to see their movie. That's understandable. Then from the other end I hear the voice of reason mostly in the shape of
    "Of course WB wants to make the most off the film so shut up about it! What do you expect?"
    What should we expect? That's the real question to me.
    Movies, of course, are big business but movies at their heart and soul are art and entertainment. To all the cool level headed folk out their telling the devoted fans to calm down, think for a minute what happens to an industry based on art that only cares about money. The quality of movies, in general is already on a downward trend and has been for some time. Now I see a public and unabashed decision from executives to can a FINISHED movie for 8 MONTHS based exclusively on money, when it KNOWS how heartbroken it's fanbase is going to be.
    That is a huge warning sign to me.
    The HP franchise has made billions of dollars for WB… BILLIONS! And where did that money come from? The pockets of devoted fans. What I see is fans loyal to thier favorite story. The storytellers then, (and yes, because if their industry, WB has the same resposibility as a storyteller since they, in essence control the distribution of the story) instead of seeing the fans' devotion as a sign that they should be equally devoted, see it instead as an assurance that they can't possibly kill the golden goose. Instead, "maybe if we beat the goose," thinks the WB, "we'll get more golden eggs." No… this is a bad bad sign people. And I HOPE it backfires on them.
    I hope that the movie gets leaked to the internet (which is very likely considering the length of time they're postponing), the boycott idea catches on big time and HP fans get a place in history as saving hollywood from it's own destruction by causing WB to make a fraction in July of what it would have made in November. If that happens then maybe we'll have a chance of seeing some decent film over the next generation or two.

  81. Member of DA says:

    Mr. Alan Horn has responded to the HP fans.
    "Many of you have written to me to express your disappointment in our moving
    “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” to Summer 2009. Please be assured that
    we share your love for Harry Potter and would certainly never do anything to
    hurt any of the films. Over the past 10 years, we have nurtured and protected
    each film, and the integrity of the books upon which they are based, to the best
    of our ability. The decision to move “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”
    was not taken lightly, and was never intended to upset our Harry Potter fans. We
    know you have built this series into what it is, and we thank you for your
    ongoing enthusiasm and support. If I may offer a silver lining: there would have
    been a two-year gap between “Half-Blood Prince” and the much-anticipated first
    part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” which opens in November 2010. So
    although we have to wait a little longer for “Half-Blood Prince,” the wait from
    that film until “Deathly Hallows” will be less than 18 months. I am sorry to
    have disappointed you now, but if you hold on a little longer, I believe it will
    be worth the wait."
    The source of this information is here.. <a href="http://.http://www.harrypotterspage.com/” target=”_blank”>.http://www.harrypotterspage.com/

  82. Sirius Fan says:

    It may be worth the wait for Warner Brothers but for the millions of disappointed fans it wont be. I for one have made the decision to boycott this film and any other WB films. In fact Im going through my DVD collection.. finding all the WB Films and selling them on Ebay. Hows that for making money? Harry Potter Fans united in a way that made me proud when it came to the Darfur situation. And now theyre reuniting in a far stronger appeal. Last I checked the petition at <a href="http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/harrypotter6” target=”_blank”>www.petitionspot.com/petitions/harrypotter6 has over 40,000 signatures! Keep it up guys!

  83. Fanny says:

    The thing is, it's all very very rude. WB is just playing with us.
    It doesn't really matter if it's Harry Potter or something else (except that we are harry potter fans). Just the fact that they can actually so something like that – It's absurd!
    The decision came too late and it's upsetting.
    Just because they want more of our money and it's not like they are broke…
    I hope people will boycott the opening week and WB in general. Sign petitions and send howlers, show them it's not allright to mess with us!!

  84. Radwan Elchab says:

    WB is going down and it's going down hard! all of you loyal fans send complaints to WB in which you will only write the following : "Avada Kedavra!!" .
    A couple of thousand Avada Kedavras flooding the WB inbox should be fun to see on Horn's face!
    Justice shall be served!

  85. Rachel Campbell says:

    I am extremely disappointed with WB. I was so excited as every one else was to see Harry Potter 6. I find it very upsetting that I have to wait almost a year to see it now. I am with all of the people who say I would of never watched The Dark Knight in theaters if I would have known this was going to happen. Please move the movie back to original date.

  86. Kat says:

    You will not get my money!

  87. Cassie Prince says:

    This has to be the biggest show of inter-house unity since the Final Battle, and I have a feeling Warner Bros. are going to regret provoking us. While there ARE other worthy causes to champion, trampling people for the sake of money (particularly by companies who have plenty already) is NOT acceptable and the Harry Potter community (and we ARE a community) is probably the best/largest single group of people who would be prepared to unite under one banner and fight back. After all, the whole morals of the series are of love and loyalty, and against greed and abuse of power. Of course we'll fight back!
    We also have the added advantage of bringing the various individual actors' general fanbases on board (for example, Alan Rickman fans, Robbie Coltrane fans, etc.). Now, if we don't dare to stand and show people that there are still those, across the generations, who will stand up and speak out for loyalty and decency, who will?

  88. peter says:

    if Warner Brothers end up showing the next Harry Potter film in July, 2009, Harry Potter fans should unite and refuse to see the film for the first three weeks when it comes out. That will cause the film industry a loss in millions of dollars. Then maybe they will realise that they can't treat us fans like idiots.

  89. James Kelly says:

    Big name films get delayed all the time. It sucks, but it happens. Get over it.

  90. ChaosPortal says:

    Couldn't have put it better, peter:
    "Big name films get delayed all the time. It sucks, but it happens. Get over it."
    Also, as evidence to my "two-sided journalism" argument in my last post (here's hoping it gets through moderation), look at how much space is taken up by fans ranting about how the world sucks because one movie, ONE MOVIE, is being pushed back a few months. If you can't deal with that, then you need to move to another world permanently and leave ours alone.
    Furthermore, in response to another commentor who said:
    "For all of those people who think that the serious HP fans need to "get a life" or "live in the real world" let me explain something: For many of us, the "real world" SUCKS. Harry Potter is our escape, the place we are happiest and where we can retreat from the things we are dealing with in our "real lives" for a space of time."
    I repeat what I just said. If the real world sucks so bad that you can't wait until the summer, then you need to find OTHER WAYS to make it better. See a psychologist, help the homeless, see a psychologist, find a cure for AIDS, see a psychologist, go help ACCA, or maybe even see a psychologist.
    In conclusion, the world sucks. We know it sucks. The difference is that we can cope and that you can't. Life is never fair, so stop acting like five-year-olds and roll with the punches.
    Signing off again,

  91. ChaosPortal says:

    Wow! Harry Potter hard-cores sure are scary! Anyway, onto the serious stuff.
    Well, I definitely love the letter that reads:
    "I, for one, would love to see the fans get a voice for once instead of the guy with a big paycheck and a publicist."
    In all honesty, and in all consideration of "two-sided journalism" as the sender of that letter calls it, the fans definitely have a bigger voice right now. If I were to look up the articles against this move and compare their numbers and support with that of the articles supporting the July 2009 shift, then I would be finding that the fans are almost the ONLY ONES with a voice and that the "guy with a big paycheck and a publicist" is being drowned out completely by hysterical fanatics. Now, I'm as eager to see the new HP film as anyone else, but I'm not going to boycott it just because Warner Brothers is being smart with its business moves.
    Signing off,

  92. kate says:

    it is now 7 days until HBP comes out and i have still NOT gotten over that they delayed it. I have waited 2 years for this movie, and 7 days is absolute agonnnnyyyyy for me – what with all the posters that they have out and then promos and the billboards, the trailers and the interviews.
    i. cannot. wait. any. longer.

  93. Disgusted in MI says:

    It's less than a month now until the release of HP 7s 1st installment and I'm STILL ticked at WBs for the delay in the release of the 6th one. It was not just that they delayed it, but WHEN and HOW LONG it took them to delay it. Had the upcoming release date been further away, it would not have been so detrimental to delay it for a while longer…or if the delay had been only a few months longer..BUT, WB let it go to less than 100 days left, where sites like the leaky cauldron were doing countdowns and fans, some young like my children, were celebrating the fact that it was then finally into only double digits left until its release, and then…WB socked it to them and delayed it for almost a whole nother year!!!!! CRUEL and unusual punishment to those counting down the days.

    End result? We will never ever truly be able to view WB as we used to, and never really be able to forgive or forget that greedy move. OF course we still see the HP movies in the theater, on tv , dvds…but, any other film WB makes, will never get our money in the theaters, and if we see them on DVD , it will be for a dollar from a rental store or waiting until it shows up on TV. We've had it with WBs.

  94. haha says:

    hey, i remember when this was a big deal.

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