‘Harry Potter’ vs. ‘Hari Puttar’

Aug. 29, 2008 | 12:46 a.m.

Hari400_k67dqgnc_2The spell Alohomora may not be able to unlock the entanglement going on between Warner Bros.’ "Harry Potter" and an Indian production company whose new film is called "Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors."

Expelliarmus! The Bollywood company hopes to disarm the WB’s claims, saying that they filed the title over two years ago, and that the title (pronounced Hurry Put-ter) bears no resemblance to "Harry Potter."  Really?  They’re really saying that?  Wow.

Rictusempra! The film, that is supposed to open September 12, is about a boy (the eponymous Hari) fighting two criminals who are trying to steal a secret formula devised by his scientist father.  Sounds like a "Home Alone"-ish adventure comedy that is not on a "Potter" track.  But that name?

Stupify! "We confirm that we have recently commenced proceedings against parties involved in the production and distribution of a movie entitled ‘Hari Puttar’," said Warner Bros. spokeswoman Deborah Lincoln to Reuters in an e-mail.

Confundus! Hopefully both sides can produce an Orchideous spell and make up.  Though the titles are similar, the premises are pretty far apart and wouldn’t confuse anyone.  Hate to go against the little guys, but the producers of "Hari Puttar" should rethink their title.  Naming their property two years ago is probably not going to sway the courts, and they could put that court money towards new promo material!

— Jevon Phillips

Photo: Associated Press

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6 Responses to ‘Harry Potter’ vs. ‘Hari Puttar’

  1. pat says:

    they could've named the movie "hari putter" even if there was no harry potter
    because it's soo common in punjab
    so warner bros needs to chill

  2. stan says:

    only one thing to say is way same punjab think he is like harry potter same old lights on no
    one home

  3. CeilingCat says:

    They named it 2 years ago and that should let them off the hook? Harry Potter books have been around for nearly 10 years now, and the first film came out in 2000, 2001? That means they had at least 5 years to notice the similarity…

  4. zahid says:

    Hari is a very common name in Punjab part of India, it is pronounced "Hurry" and Puttar means "Son" and is pronounced "Put-tar" so I dodn't know why WB is not concentrating on its film production business which seems to be going in the tanks every year as we get technologically more advanced and is wasting time on something as ridiculous as the title "Hari Puttar"

  5. nikita says:

    you're kidding right? 'Hari Puttar' is nothing even close to Harry Potter. Not just by pronunciation, but Hari – a common Indian name, and Puttar – meaning son. So Hari Puttar is basically the Indian Macaulay Culkin. WOW, SO EASY TO MIX THE TWO UP.

  6. ranjeet singh saini says:

    it's copy of home alone

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