Heath Ledger’s Oscar will not go to his parents after all

March 08, 2009 | 6:36 p.m.

Heath_ledger_photo_by_jennifer_s__2Oscar_2 Tom O’Neil over at Gold Derby, the blog devoted to tracking all of Hollywood’s trophy shows, has an update on the status of the Oscar statuette won posthumously by Heath Ledger for his searing performance in "The Dark Knight." Here’s an excerpt from the post that went up Thursday:

[Heath’s father] Kim Ledger told reporters at LAX that he had no plan to give Matilda the Oscar statuette anytime soon. "We’ll keep it for her forever!" he said. Will he ever give it to Matilda? "Oh, yeah, down the line," he replied.

Had he forgotten the deal he made with the academy due to jet lag? Or was the Ledger family planning to chuck all that, keep the Oscar after the ceremony and head back to Perth, Australia, with it?

The matter finally has been resolved — quite differently from what the Ledgers told the media.

Academy spokeswoman Leslie Unger tells Gold Derby: "We expect a representative of the Ledger estate to bring the statuette in tomorrow (or soon thereafter) so that the engraved plate can be affixed.  Soon after that, we expect the statuette (with engraved plate) to be delivered to Michelle Williams."


— Geoff Boucher


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