Hello, Yellow Brick Road? Hollywood ponders a return to ‘Oz’

March 11, 2010 | 1:50 a.m.

Steven Zeitchik is the wizard of Hollywood scoops at the 24 Frames blog, and one of the most intriguing ones is about Hollywood producers with over-the-rainbow aspirations…

Ruby slippers


Fresh off Disney’s massive success with Tim Burton’sAlice in Wonderland,” Warner Bros. wants to remake another childhood classic. Like, really classic.

The studio is examining two existing “Wizard of Oz” projects, with an eye toward giving one of them a modern gloss and moving it toward the screen.

One project, called “Oz,” currently lives at Warner’s New Line label. It’s being produced by Temple Hill, which is behind a little franchise called “Twilight,” and has a script written by Darren Lemke, a writer on the upcoming “Shrek Forever After.”

A second “Wizard of Oz” project, set up at Warners proper, skews a little darker — it’s written by “A History of Violence” screenwriter Josh Olson and focuses on a granddaughter of Dorothy who returns to Oz to fight evil. “Clash of the Titans” producer Basil Iwanyk and his Thunder Road Pictures are behind that one. (“Spawn” creator Todd MacFarlane is potentially involved in a producer capacity, to give you some idea of the tone.)

While the idea of a new “Wizard of Oz” movie is said to be in the development, let’s-bat-this-around stage, it’s been advanced seriously enough on the lot that representatives for some of the top directors around Hollywood have been briefed…


— Steve Zeitchik

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Image: Turner Entertainment Co. and Warner Home Video



9 Responses to Hello, Yellow Brick Road? Hollywood ponders a return to ‘Oz’

  1. Sheryl says:

    The very LAST thing I want in an "Oz' movie is the involvement of anyone or anything associated with such absolute drivel as Shrek or Twilight. NO.
    Josh Olson's work is solid–and even though I'm far from a comics fan, I'll give Todd MacFarlane points for being original and quality oriented, despite my general lack of fan-frenzy.
    If we MUST have Oz–I swear, is there nobody in Hollywood with a new idea????–then let it be Olson and MacFarlane's take on Oz.

  2. D. S. Baldwin says:

    Why, oh why don't "they" use the existing Oz literature to create the next classic. Ozma of Oz, Return to Oz, The Tin Man of Oz, are all fantastic stories in their own right and continue the saga in the Land Of Oz.
    No need to rehash the original story!

  3. Susan says:

    I think it would be lovely if technology allowed a CGI of a younger Judy Garland woven into an updated script with some music (please no Rap!)

  4. jack says:

    Whichever "creative executives" thought this up should have the word creative removed from their title.

  5. Seth Clark says:

    You have only to rent 1985's "Return to Oz" to realize how badly this idea can turn out.

  6. diana says:

    Leave that movie alone. You cannot redo a movie that was perfect the first time out. Alice and Wondeland was a cartoon that is different. This movie is a classic, it would be like remaking casablanca or gone with the wind. It should not happen. Is there no originality left in Hollywood. everything lately has been a remake or a re imagining of something that already was done.

  7. My opinon means noth says:

    Why shouldn't "Hollywood" remake Oz? They've remade just about all the other good movies (poorly at best). "Hollywood" hasn't had an original idea since Cicel B. Demile! Don't be surprised if someone thinks it would be a good idea to remake Citizen Kane! HA! I could just see Allan Alda saying "Rosebud"! "No Tresspasing" means nothing in the "Hollywood" of today.

  8. markus says:

    A bunch of brain dead Harvard grads doing their best to ruin another classic.

  9. Darrell says:

    We really need a new Oz movie. The MGM musical is only loosely, very loosely based on Baum's stories, and anyone who thinks making a new Oz would be blasphemy has obviously not read the books.
    If anything, the MGM movie was a sort of blasphemy.

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