Josh Brolin answering the call for ‘Men in Black 3’? [UPDATED]

Dec. 09, 2009 | 1:58 a.m.

Recent L.A. Times addition Steven Zeitchik has another casting scoop for Hero Complex:

Josh Brolin could be going from “W.” to K.

With “No Country for Old Men,” “Milk,” “W.,” and, of course, “The Goonies” on his resume, Brolin’s filmography speaks for itself. Now he may be adding “Men in Black 3” to that estimable list.


The actor is being considered for a role that would have him donning the black suit and shades for the third installment of the sci-fi comedy franchise. His exact part is a matter of discussion, but in recent days there’s been chatter in Hollywood development circles of a few possibilities: He could play a new single-monikered government agent, with Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K passing the baton to Brolin’s character. Or he could play Agent K as a young man. Or something else entirely.

Whatever the part, Brolin could be playing against some star power: Will Smith is expected to return in the new “MIB” as Agent J.

It wouldn’t mark the first time J ran missions with someone else. In the second film, his character briefly chased aliens and erased memories with other partners before Jones’ Agent K came out of retirement. UPDATE: According to people familiar with the project, Brolin would
play a young Agent K, with Smith’s Agent J traveling back in time to
meet him.

Sony is currently contemplating a production start for the picture in 2010 (though it has yet to be greenlit). The film, which is based on a script by “Tropic Thunder” writer Etan Cohen and which tentatively has Barry Sonnenfeld coming back to direct, could shoot at least partly in New York.

One issue that still needs to be worked out: scheduling. Brolin has lately given Nicolas Cage a run for his money as the hardest-working man in show business, starring in the comic-book western “Jonah Hex” and the sequel to Oliver Stone’sWall Street.” Both of those films have wrapped, but he’s signed on for a few more meaty roles that could shoot in the first part of 2010, including the Coen brothers’ remake of “True Grit” and the Mafia crime drama “Cartel.”

— Steven Zeitchik


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Credit: Photo of Josh Brolin by Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times


8 Responses to Josh Brolin answering the call for ‘Men in Black 3’? [UPDATED]

  1. Greg says:

    You guys are running 'being considered' stories now? Seriously? What a joke.

  2. Jenna says:

    Sweet!Luv Josh Brolin & he's beginning to prove himself as a worthy actor in Hollywood. WE just have to wait & see if he's bankable & can bring in the crowds into the Theatres.His next few films as a leading man should decide if his talent is boom OR bust.I hope he's cast in MIB3 alongside my other sweetie Will Smith.This will be too much 'eye candy'.

  3. Travis says:

    When, oh when, will Hollywood learn to just leave well enough alone?

  4. Cal Godot says:

    Wow. What news! Brolin's being considered for a project which isn't even greenlit! LOL! Why don't you just give up and write entertainment gossip? It has more substance than this.

  5. atlanta says:

    Who is Josh Brolin?

  6. I am looking forward to watching the third installment of the movie, especially now that Brolin will be on the cast list. It will be exciting to see how he fares against the big names like Will Smith.

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