Hero Complex: A farewell from Geoff Boucher

Oct. 01, 2012 | 3:34 p.m.
geoffboucher 600 Hero Complex: A farewell from Geoff Boucher

Geoff Boucher at the DC Entertainment panel at the Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books on April 21, 2012, in Los Angeles. (Michael Kovac / Getty Images for DC Entertainment)

First, a farewell: I started Hero Complex in 2008 because it was a place where I could write and read about entertainment of the fantastic and the new frontiers of spectacle imagination. It turns out that a lot of people out there wanted the same thing out of a website, and this one has been a success by every possible measure. The brand has even stretched into live events, print editions and an online talk show.

It’s been a tremendous ride but, after 21 terrific years as a mild-mannered reporter at the great Los Angeles Times, it was time to look for a new challenge.

That doesn’t mean Hero Complex is going away. Far from it, the site’s success is the work of a team, not an individual. Gina McIntyre, my editor during the site’s greatest success, is expanding her role. She’ll be the new lead writer and editor of Hero Complex. She’ll be joined by a squad of familiar names that our regular readers know very well. Rebecca Keegan, Noelene Clark, Jevon Phillips, Patrick Day and Susan King are among the contributors.

I consider the next chapter of Hero’s success to be essential reading and I’m confident you will too.

— Geoff Boucher


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5 Responses to Hero Complex: A farewell from Geoff Boucher

  1. alekesam says:

    I remember when I first started reading Hero Complex articles in the actual paper (alternately thinking,”Who’s this Geoff Boucher guy” when I disagree with some of your points or when you’d get a fact wrong and “Man, many thanks to this guy for speaking to me about and covering things that I love”) before I even knew there was a website for them.

    Good luck in whatever future endeavors you partake in. The best is still yet to come.

  2. John W. says:

    No! As far as many of us out here in the ether are concerned, you ARE the Hero Complex. Whenever the creator of anything hands over the reins of his/her brainchild to someone else, no matter how talented that new person is (or persons are), the thing is never the same, never better. Though it does usually end up bigger and certainly slicker, it never ever ends up being better. Never.

    Sad times, but just more evidence that nothing lasts forever. So, Geoff, you going to tell your fans what you're going to do, or do we just have to wait and see where you pop up next?

  3. Mahiya_Borden says:

    Thank you Geoff for your amazing articles and especially your interviews from Hero Complex festival.

    Good luck on your future job.

  4. Robogeek says:

    Geoff, you are a geek national treasure. Best wishes for continued awesomeness.

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