Hero Complex Film Festival covered far and wide

June 15, 2010 | 1:06 a.m.

Hero Complex Film Festival screen

The Hero Complex Film Festival was a big deal for us, of course, but we were pleasantly surprised by the wide coverage of the event across the rest of the Web. Check out the links after the jump…

Ain’t It Cool News:

Leonard Nimoy screens Star Trek IV, talks about all things Trek and Quint was there!


Chris Nolan Speaks at the Hero Complex Film Festival




Christopher Nolan Not a Fan of 3D, Will Probably Release a 3D Film Anyway



Christopher Nolan at the Hero Complex Film Festival

The Escapist:

Dark Knight Director Doesn’t Like 3D




Alien Prequels Will Reveal The Identity of the Space Jockey



Ridley Scott Talks ‘Alien’ Prequel Details



Ridley Scott Describes Alien Prequels He’ll Probably Never Make


The HD Room:

Ridley Scott Says Alien Prequel Script is Complete



Christopher Nolan is ‘not a huge fan of 3D’



Christopher Nolan on 3D: ‘Extremely Alienating’



‘Dark Knight’ Director Is ‘Not A Huge Fan of 3-D’


Ain’t It Cool News:

Christopher Nolan speaks out about 3-D, Inception, Superman, Batman, writing and much more from the Hero Complex Film Festival!



Christopher Nolan Talks Inception, Batman, Superman, and 3-D

The Wrap:

Good Morning Hollywood, June 14: Alien Nation


Hero Complex Film Festival

Cinema Blend:

Christopher Nolan Speaks Brilliantly Against 3D


Hollywood News:

Ridley Scott contemplating a Western with Larry McMurtry?


Horror Movies:

Plot Updates on 2 new ALIEN Movies


Ain’t It Cool News:

Space Jockey carcass a suit? A new Larry McMurtry western? Alien Prequels! Blade Runner! Ridley Scott speaks!


First Showing:

Ridley Scott’s Western + More New Info on His Alien Prequel!



Ridley Scott Dishes on Two ALIEN Prequels And Much More at Hero Complex Film Festival



Could Batman 3 be 3D?


The Film Stage:

Christopher Nolan Has Dark Feelings About 3-D



Ridley Scott on His TWO ‘Alien’ Prequels



Christopher Nolan: No 3D, no cell phone, lots of diagrams.


Comic Book Movies:

Chris Nolan On Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Superman & Batman 3  Rumors



Christopher Nolan Discusses INCEPTION, 3D, But Not BATMAN 3, at the Hero Complex Film Festival


On Location Vacations:

Filming News Wrap-Up: Behind the scenes look at ‘Thor’, Les Grossman gets a movie, Christopher Nolan at L.A. Film Fest & more


Hero Complex Film Festival Geoff Boucher and Leonard Nimoy

Digital Spy:

‘Batman 3’ filming date revealed?



STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME and Leonard Nimoy Kick off Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles


Comic Vine:

Has Batman 3 Got A Start Date?


Alt Film Guide:

Christopher Nolan, Leonard Nimoy, Ridley Scott: BATMAN 3 and Hero Complex Film Festival


Obsessed with Film:

BATMAN 3 shoots in March?, Levitt dismisses Riddler, YEAR ONE release date?



Tonight: Leonard Nimoy


Comic Book Movie:

As Expected, Third Batman  Movie to Start Filming In March?


Screen Rant:

Batman 3 to Begin Filming in March 2011?


— Geoff Boucher


Inception poster

Nolan’s dim view of a Hollywood craze: “I’m not a big fan of 3D”

Nimoy’s farewell: “Live long and prosper my friends”

“Inception”: DiCaprio inspired by “complex and ambiguous” script 

Captain America film may lead the way for Marvel in 3D

Bigger than Batman: Nolan takes on “Inception”

“Inception,” the only movie that matters?

Nolan breaks silence on Superman and Batman

Forget crossovers: Nolan says his Batman doesn’t play well with others




2 Responses to Hero Complex Film Festival covered far and wide

  1. Mike says:

    Great coverage, Geoff. And an even greater event. Crossing my fingers that next year the festival will be back!

  2. Johnny says:

    This just might be a hunch, but I'm getting the feeling that Chris Nolan doesn't like 3d.

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